Kelvin’s Kapers April 05, 2018

Here I am at Grand Junction! I’m at the airport for my walk with dad. That’s the Blue Angels taking off behind me.

After my walk and a Burger King breakfast, we headed over to Mom’s new house. Mom and dad went inside, but they left me outside the backdoor.

What’s with that? “Hey, Mom! Hey dad! Someone let me in!”

Dad told me that I would get to come in the house tomorrow after Mom closes on the house. For now we would stay another night in the Motel 6.
I forgave dad when we went to a very cool and awesome bagel shop for lunch downtown Grand Junction.

April 5, 2010 and the Pasqueflowers were showing off their beauty for Porter.

And it was a perfect afternoon for a motorcycle ride.

Sheriff George in 2006 was taking it easy, again, after his run on Basset Back Ridge.

Dad and George had made a darn nice path for the Basset Back Ridge run.

Tomorrow night I’ll be sleeping in the new house!

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Kelvin’s Kapers April 04, 2018

Moving Day!!!!
Yup, I spent much of my day supervising the movers.

I’ll woof to you that the movers were grateful for my help.

At around 3:30pm, it was time to hit the road.

The trip to Grand Junction was only bad around Vail Pass because of the snow coming down. We reached Grand Junction just as it started getting dark, a little after 8pm. Basset oh bassets, I was so happy to climb into a bed at the Motel 6 of Grand Junction. But, we made it! Grand Junction is my new home!

Eight years ago today Porter was up early to catch the sunrise at the river.

After that it was time for his run and then some hiking. All in all it was a typical busy day for Porter.

After his run in 2006, Sheriff George was enjoying the sun streaming through the Ponderosa pines.

You can’t beat the forests around Edgemont for enjoyable relaxation.

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Kelvin’s Kapers April 03, 2018

Can you believe this? Snow! And it wasn’t even in the forecast.

Guess this is the last photo of the castle rock of Castle Rock.

Mom’s ownership of the condo has officially ended today. After tomorrow, I won’t be looking at power lines and McMansions when I’m out walking.

What’s really cool is that I’ll have my own backyard in Grand Junction come Friday afternoon.

Porter had George’s Pasqueflower Patch which saw snow on April 03, 2010. Lot’s of moisture on the first Pasqueflowers as the sun melted the snow.

Basset oh bassets, the wind in the afternoon sure dried up everything…

including Porter’s ears.

Sheriff George would have woofed to you that the warming of April weather sure made the jogs on Basset Back Ridge a fine thing.

After a good April jog George still had plenty of energy to alertly explore all along Elbow Canyon Road.

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Kelvin’s Kapers April 02, 2018

Guess we’ll be headed west to Grand Junction on Wednesday. I’m not sure if I should be worried or excited.

Hope there are some nice dogs in the neighborhood around the new house.

Some nice Basset Hounds for neighbors would be awesome!

Wish me luck!

Porter was enjoying the sun on the High Plains of South Dakota back on April 02, 2010.

He even came up with a song for South Dakota’s plains. “A one, a two, and three!”

“Souu-tthh Dakota! Where the wind comes sweeping across the plains…”

Hey Sheriff George! How about those winds of the South Dakota High Plains?!!!

A basset stands tough to’em!


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Kelvin’s Kapers April 01, 2018

Now that’s it’s Easter and April 1st, I guess it’s about time to show you a cool tshirt.

How about it? Did you know it’s the year of the dog? Did you know it’s really the year of the Basset Hound?

Definitely cool!

Barking of Easter, I’m hoping Oscar is looking around his backyard for Easter rabbits.

Oscar came home yesterday from the vet hospital. That’s a good thing.

“Hey Oscar! I hope you’re having a splendid day feeling good and well!”

Porter was feeling good and well on his first day of April 2010.

You see, the Pasqueflowers of George’s Pasqueflower Patch were on their start to a grand year.

Awww-ww Porter, you look even better than a beautiful Pasqueflower!

Sheriff George would woof to you, “You know what’s one of the most awesome things?”

That would be Pasqueflowers peeping up through the snow!


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March 31, 2018

Back on March 31, 2006, Sheriff George asked dad, after his run on Basset Back Ridge, “How about the motorcycle today, dad?”

And that’s what they did.

Back on March 31, 2010…

Porter asked dad, after his run on Red Canyon Rim Trail, “How about the motorcycle today, dad?”

And that’s what they did.

Sure, on March 31st it’s too cold for rides to Sylvan Lake and such, but it’s no problem riding to George’s Pasqueflower Patch to photograph the first Pasqueflowers.

Can’t forget riding to photograph trains, that’s always a good thing.

Basset oh bassets, it sure makes for a fine morning when you know that a motorcycle ride is coming your way.

You know what’s another thing that makes for a fine morning? Why, the early sun tickling a basset’s nose.

Heh, heh, that tickles!

I mean…Aaarrrrhhooo-ooo-oo!

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Kelvin’s Kapers March 30, 2018

Sheriff George was having a good time sniffing around Windsong Rise after his run on Basset Back Ridge on March 30, 2006.
Who cares if it was somewhat cloudy, a basset can always concentrate on that extraordinary basset nose for fun.

Porter’s March 30, 2010 day came with plenty of wind.

“Hey dad, this is a lot of work!”

Thank goodness Porter’s hike to the Gold Rocks went through areas protected from the wind. Even better the Gold Rocks had the perfect spot for some rest.

Since there’s all that wind, why not make more by taking a motorcycle ride?

Smart, very smart.

My day? Hey, a pretty good walk even though we had a dusting of snow yesterday evening.

But I was feeling sad cuz my buddy Oscar has been ill and has had to stay at the vet hospital.

I think we should all take a moment to stop and ask the basset gods to help Oscar with a speedy recovery!

Here’s to Oscar getting better!

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Kelvin’s Kapers March 29, 2018

Bark about a Basset Slobber Zone, that would be the drive yesterday once we got to the Colorado border. There was fog, there was snow, there was stop and go traffic, there was a slick road. Dad told me that he’d rather be sprayed by basset slobber than drive through that kind of nonsense.
But, we made it. And of course, this morning I got to go out in the snow.

Notice how fine the morning looks too.

After the long car ride yesterday and the terrible weather of the evening, it sure felt good to stretch my basset legs.

Okay, they don’t stretch much since they’re so short 🙂

Porter had yet ANOTHER beautiful day on March 29, 2010.

And Porter had yet ANOTHER motorcycle ride! This time for a hike to George’s Pasqueflower Patch, which turned out to be a thirsty business with the warm temperature of the day.

The March wind did come up, which helped Porter cool down.

Barking of March wind, how about Sheriff George in March wind?!!!


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Kelvin’s Kapers March 28, 2018

It’s March, so if you have a beautiful day, you have to have at least one day of not so nice weather.
Sure it doesn’t look too bad in this photo, but…

Holy Bassets!, the wind out of the northwest!

As an aside, if you ever have wondered why Basset Hounds have such big paws, well, it comes down to that we need good anchorage when the wind is flying our big ears.

It’s true!

Porter eight years ago today had another beautiful March day.

In the morning he took a hike once again to Cube Stone Meadow.

In the afternoon? Basset oh basset, Porter got to ride the motorcycle again!

Lucky basset!

But wait! Twelve years ago, Sheriff George also had a gorgeous March day.

And he too got to ride the motorcycle!

Lucky basset!

But you know what? Dad packed the car. I’m headed to be with Mom again!

That makes me a lucky basset!!!

Big Aaaarrrhhhhooo-ooo-ooo!!!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers March 27, 2018

Here I am on Howling Rock with a beautiful day coming my way.

You know, we bassets do appreciate a good day.

I mean look at Sheriff George back in 2006. See the alert basset stance? Yeah, that’s indicative of our enjoyment of a fine weather day when the hiking and running are superb.

Okay, I’m not much of a runner…

but I have become a good hiker. And, I’m more than willing to help dad with photos.

Barking of photos, isn’t this a weird looking shot in the burn area from the 2012 White Draw Fire?

And way off in the distance I could see Edgemont and the new water tower. Notice anything missing? Well, probably not unless you know Edgemont well. The thing missing is the old, orange water tower. It’s been taken down.

Did I woof that I’m not much of a runner? That doesn’t mean that I can’t or don’t run! Yup, give me a great day like today and I’ll show you my running stuff.

Isn’t it amazing, too, how the path Sheriff George made in 2003 at the Edgemont airport still is there today?!!!

Bark about beautiful days, huh Porter?!!! Can’t do much better than a hike to Summit Tree Camp on a beautiful March 27th day!

Holy Bassets! It’s an excellent day for some talented stick playing!


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Kelvin’s Kapers March 26, 2018

Really a blah morning with spits of snow and ice falling out of the sky.

I’ll woof to you that there wasn’t enough moisture to turn the outdoors in to a mud bath, so I didn’t mind being outside too much.

By the afternoon there were even some peeping of the sun. But I was happier with my visits to the library to see Gene.

Sheriff George’s morning 12 years ago was much like mine. Though the Sheriff never seemed to mind rain or snow.

And Porter’s morning eight years ago was even worse weather with a little drizzle pushed hard by a lot of wind.

But, lucky for Porter the afternoon turned out mighty fine. Yup, Porter got to sun himself at George’s Pasqueflower Patch…

and ride the motorcycle to watch trains.

Lucky dog!

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Kelvin’s Kapers March 25, 2018

It was a hike out to the Cottonwood Bluffs for me this morning.

It’s supposed to snow tonight and into tomorrow, so I best enjoy the sun while I got a chance.

Wonder if the ground will be covered in white tomorrow?

Bassets oh bassets, I’m going to get dad to give me another good walk after lunch.

(He did!)

Maybe it will be like Sheriff George’s day in 2006. Not any snow accumulated on the ground, but it was damp and foggy out around Windsong Rise.

Porter’s day on March 25, 2010, on the other hand, dawned bright and clear.

As Porter and dad hiked through Ponderosa Thicket, Porter told dad that he had an idea for the afternoon…ride the motorcycle!

Porter thought it a grand time riding over to the Wild Burro Bookstore in Hot Springs.

Life kept getting better and better in his new home!

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Kelvin’s Kapers March 24, 2018

Edgemont! Yay! Dad and I took an early hike to Summit Tree Camp.

Beautiful day for checking out the scenery. Dad was telling me to be careful. You know, don’t fall off the cliff.

No worry, cuz I got it under control.

And how about this? Back on March 24, 2010, Porter was in the same spot!

Basset oh bassets, Porter sure looks noble in that photo.

He’s also braver than I am. I mean, look how Porter peers over the Edgemont…

with no fear of heights at all.

You sure can see a long ways from this spot.

Beautiful! Isn’t it?!!!

I sure was a happy Kelvin Basset with the sun and cool weather. Run Kelvin! Run!

We also went to George’s Pasqueflower Patch, but no Pasqueflowers yet.

Here’s the cool thing, Porter was at George’s Pasqueflower Patch too on March 24, 2010.
Since it was nice and warm, Porter decided a nap in the sun was just the thing.

Me? Well, I kept going. Here’s a Find Kelvin photo.

Kinda neat how I could see some fog rolling up the Cheyenne River valley to Edgemont.

Oh, and don’t think Porter had gotten lazy, cuz after his nap Porter hiked to Cube Stone Meadow.

I haven’t been to Cube Stone Meadow yet. Someday.
You know, Sheriff George blazed the trail to Cube Stone Meadow back in 2003.

It’s a place where a Basset Hound can stand tall!


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Kelvin’s Kapers March 23, 2018

You never know what the day will bring when you’re with dad.

“What’s that dad? We’re taking a quick trip to Edgemont?”

Oh Bassets!!!!

But, sigh, I do love Edgemont, but traveling in the car for so long isn’t my favorite thing to do.

Please Basset Gods make the ride go as smoothly as possible.

Some good weather at Edgemont would be a good thing too. I hope it’s better than the weather for Porter on March 23, 2010.
“Looks like clouds today.”

No matter the clouds and fog, Porter always enjoyed himself.

And Sheriff George would have told me that a little March snow isn’t a bother at all!


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Kelvin’s Kapers March 22, 2018

Catching the rising sun is a good thing to do.

Always love the difference between facing the camera into the sun and away from the sun.

Let’s check that on the instant replay.

Too bad it’s a muddy mess once the ground thaws.

Sheriff George didn’t have mud back in 2006. Ah, but he did have snow.

Oddly enough, Porter in 2010 was not dealing with mud or snow. He watched trains in the morning.

In the afternoon, it was a motorcycle ride to George’s Pasqueflower Patch.

Holy Bassets, what beautiful weather that afternoon on the trail to George’s Pasqueflower Patch!

And what’s this? What’s this?!!!! The Pasqueflowers have come up!


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Kelvin’s Kapers March 21, 2018

Well, well, a decent sunrise.

I haven’t been too good about catching the sunrises, cuz it’s a little too early now for me to get up and going.

The snow is melting, but there’s plenty of the white stuff. I’ll woof to you that I like to keep my nose to the ground. This makes running in the snow somewhat of a challenge.

You guessed it, sometime my noses catches in the snow and then it’s Kelvin crash time.

I know Porter wasn’t crashing in the snow on March 21, 2010.

Yeah, Porter could laze out in the sun at George’s Pasqueflower Patch, cuz no snow!

Lucky basset got to ride the motorcycle too.

And the evening was nice enough to catch some last minute train watching off of Fiddle Creek Road.

Sheriff George, on the other paw, had a great March run in the snow some 12 years ago.

Ice on the ears, crisp air in the nose, and snow cushioning makes for a fine time on Basset Back Ridge.

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Kelvin’s Kapers March 20, 2018

Happy first day of Spring!

Of course, we all know that you never know whether it will be spring like or winter like on the first day of spring in the High Plains. Porter in 2010 was enjoying a spring like day at Igloo.

Certainly was a nice day for walking…

and checking out the ruins of Igloo.

Sheriff George, on the other hand, in 2006 romped through deep snow.

More winter like for me this year.

No denying, though, the snow sparkled beautifully.

And did I romp? You betcha!

Was the first day of spring worth howling about? You betcha!



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Kelvin’s Kapers March 19, 2018

Porter had been catching a quick nap, when dad asked him where they should do some hiking.
“The Orange Cliffs!” woofed Porter.

Yeah, those Orange Cliffs are really something.

Definitely one of Sheriff George’s favorite places too.

Lucky Porter on that day, cuz he even got a bonus hike to Windsong Ridge.

My day wasn’t such easy hiking. Okay no hiking at all, but a lot of energy burned.

Yup, a good amount of snow had fallen last night.

It was tough going this morning. Guess what? I’m up to the task now days.

Basset oh bassets, I’ve hit my basset stride alright.

That means plenty of giggles for dad.

Whew! I’m ready for treats!

Come the afternoon, the sun was shining and Kelvin Basset was soaking in sunbeams.


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Kelvin’s Kapers March 18, 2018

Well, I’m kinda guessing that you want to take a virtual tour of Mom’s new house.

“Have fun!” I’ll woof to you.
Mom’s New House

Now I’m thinking that I should get the two bedrooms on the kitchen side of the house. The first bedroom with the two windows will be for sunning myself during daytime naps. The second bedroom will be for Basset Hound sleepovers (of course, I’ll want to sleep with Mom and dad in their bedroom when I don’t have friends over!).
As you notice, no frig.

Yeah, I think that we should start looking for one today! You gots to have priorities you know!

Hey Porter, how about a motorcycle ride?!!!

No way Porter was turning down a motorcycle ride on March 18, 2010.

No doubt about it, Porter had turned into a biker basset. Way cool!

As for Sheriff George, he was taking in the views from the west edge of Craven Canyon.

Basset oh basset, what great scenery!

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Kelvin’s Kapers March 17, 2018

Mom’s flying home today from Grand Junction.
I’ve looked, but I haven’t seen her plane yet.

Hold on a moment…my incredible Basset Hound nose is picking up something.

Wow!!!! Mom has found a house that she really likes!!!!!

Using my incredible Basset Hound nose’s reception, here are some photos of the house.

Looks like to me that the house is newly built. I like the kitchen, but no frig. Okay, I’ll tell Mom that I’ll buy a new frig with my allowance money, cuz a frig is only second to the kitchen as the most important thing in a house!

Can’t wait for Mom to get home!

Porter had a nice sunrise on March 17, 2010. Looks like a good motorcycle day!

Of course, he took a trip to Igloo Bridge for some train action.

And for the first time, Porter made a trip into Wyoming on the motorcycle with a stop at the state line.

Hey, that’s South Dakota he’s heading back to. Yay!

I’ll woof to you that being sheriff wasn’t always an easy job for Sheriff George. For example, Sheriff George had to keep the peace when the locals organized protests.

But Sheriff George was the best at his job, the absolute best!

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