Kelvin’s Kapers July 14, 2017

Remember when I woofed on Wednesday that I was going to the vet for teeth cleaning? Well, doggone it (or should I bark tooth gone it?), the mean vet ripped out my lower canines and 8 other teeth!!!! How absolutely unfair!!! I know that I had teeth problems, but geez, who would guess this would happen. Bassets oh bassets, my jaw sure does hurt.
But a little surgery didn’t stop me from walking and sniffing.
You know, the view from Tower Road isn’t all that bad.

I guess Porter already told you, though, that the view around Edgemont is much different since there aren’t all the signs of civilization as a basset looks off into the distance.

Yeah, there’s civilization no matter where you look around here at Castle Rock. Even up in the sky there’s constant airplane traffic.

There goes one now.

I think the decent thing for them to do as they fly over is drop some treats for a basset as cute as me.

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Kelvin’s Kapers July 12, 2017

Dad and I have been thinking about this blog stuff. We know it will be Kelvin’s Kapers, but what about themes?
One thing that I’m good at is wearing caps.

So how about Kelvin’s Kaps? Will it bring me stardom and fame? Suppose not, but it will get me more treats!

Okay, I’ve got to go. I’ve got a vet appointment. Teeth cleaning, blah. Really! Is this any way to treat a basset?!!!!

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July 10, 2017

A big bassety woof to everyone!
Allow me to introduce myself. I am Kelvin, here to continue the basset tradition on Sheriff George’s website.

But before I go any further I’d like to take a moment of silence for Porter.

Mom and dad miss Porter horribly! Porter was a great guy. It doesn’t take much to get mom or dad teary eyed as they think of all the wonderful, happy times Porter gave to them.
(Thanks to Michael at Wyoming Basset Hound Rescue for the photo artwork!
Read all about Porter in the Wyoming Hound Rescue newsletter Waggin’ Tales:
Waggin’ Tales Summer 2017

So here I am, Kelvin, hoping to give mom and dad more wonderful, happy times.

I’m a newbie at this photography and blog stuff, so please don’t expect me to have a post every day as I begin Kelvin’s Kapers. I’ll do my best, but I’ve got a lot to learn. And, I’ll do my best to make Porter proud of me carrying on the tradition of Porter’s Blog.
Yup, it’s not easy taking photos and keeping up a blog!

This one is for my mom!

She works hard to keep us bassets with plenty of treats! Thanks for rescuing me!!!!!!!

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April 27, 2017

Never a more noble guy than King Porter!!!!
Sad to write that King Porter died today.
Basset speed to your paws Porter basset. You’ll always be in our hearts with smiling memories of all the joy you brought to us each and every day.
Miss you best buddy…always miss you…

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April 26, 2017

Well I’ll be doggone, we got a sunny morning!

It’s about time.

But it won’t be a string of sunny mornings, cuz this is late April in the High Plains.

I’m sure we’ve got more snow coming…yuck!

But for now, I’m going to give a heads up to the sun.

I’m a pretty noble looking guy, if I do woof so myself.

As the day progressed those clouds moved in. I’ll admit they made for a pretty sky.

Of course, we all know what happens later in the day…Game of Bones!
But before we get into the photoshoot, I want to show you the photo on slate mom gave to me.

You’ve got to admit that this is most excellent indeed.

Let me give a little different perspective here, so you can see the latest in the Game of Bones set too.

Notice the two big cows mom put on the set. Plus she added more cow spot background.

Bark about amazing! But then, my mom is amazing!!!!

Add in my crown and we all know who is the REAL King Porter!

And now it’s time to play…Game of Bones!

Today’s aperture disk is a basset hound based on a McCartney basset hound drawing.

Bark about woofs of fun!

I’ll take off the sunglasses so you can see the magnificent Porter basset eyes.

Yea for King Porter!!!!!!

So what is it with all the end of April snow?!!!

Sometimes if it weren’t for the Pasqueflowers, you’d never know it’s almost May.

Even when it’s not snow, that darn snow has caused mud.

Dog oh dog, if only one could enjoy the whole day…

without any snow!

If only.

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April 25, 2017

Here I am again under another cloudy morning sky.


On the good side of things, I haven’t had a major nosebleed for about a week now.

That’s a good thing.

Now if those darn clouds would go away.

That would be very good too.

Even better, though…

would be a Wendy’s triple burger!

Well, well, would you look at this!

Yup, later in the morning we got some sun. Dog oh dog, it felt good to soak up some of those sunrays.

Of course, I still want a Wendy’s triple burger. Guess I’ll show dad that I’m willing to burn some calories so I can have more πŸ™‚

Whew! “Hey dad, I’m going to need some extra energy now!”

And guess what? I did get not one but two Wendy’s triple burgers for…
Game of Bones!!!!

What do you think of today’s aperture disk?

It’s Snoopy on his doghouse as a WW1 flying ace.

And this aperture disk is Snoopy standing around looking cool as Joe Cool.

Another cool thing is a piece of slate with my King Porter picture on it!

I’ll get a sharp photo of it tomorrow during…Game of Bones!

Thanks mom!!!!!

Yes, it’s true, April can be the cruelest month. (Sorry T.S. for this bit of change in your poetic meaning.)

I mean, dog oh dog, you sometimes have to hunt for Pasqueflowers underneath the snow!

That’s just wickedly mean!

Good thing we basset hounds have such great noses.

But it sure is a lot easier to appreciate Pasqueflowers without the snow.

So come on April! Be nice!!!!

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April 24, 2017

Hey, what happened to our sun?!!!!

It was here just a moment ago.

And the forecast claimed sunny skies today.

Not looking like there will be much sun today.

Even worse, the whole week isn’t looking too good.


The good news is that I’m going to get a McDonald’s breakfast this morning!

Mom promised me the breakfast while dad goes to the vet (ha, ha dad!).

What with all the bad weather coming our way, it sure is a good thing that I have…
Games of Bones!!!!!

Game of Thrones gives a suggestion of chess, so mom figured some chess figure aperture pieces would be neat to try.

You can probably guess which chess piece mom likes best.

Yeah, it’s the knight.

I also tried out the queen piece.

The knight does look better.
What looks best are the Wendy’s triple cheeseburgers!

Dog oh dog April!

Enough with the snow already!

There should be sun!

And decent sunsets.

And even if there isn’t a lot of sun the snow should not be covering up the Pasqueflowers.

George would woof to you…

that’s the way it should be!

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April 23, 2017

Well, well, here I am again with the A7r2 and the Sony 90mm macro lens.

It’s about as much detail as you’re going to get out of a full frame camera.

Dad’s getting a little carried away with it.

Hope you like lots of photos of Porter basset close up.

You can imagine what these photos look full size…detail, detail, detail.

Okay dad, that’s enough!

Let’s get a Burger King breakfast!

And that’s what we did!

Pretty good day all in all, but the best part was…Game of Bones!!!!

Hey, isn’t my King Porter blanket absolutely fantastic behind me?

As for the aperture disk of the day…

it’s a grand piano.

Since dad owned a few grand pianos in his lifetime,

it seemed like a nice aperture disk to try.

It looks darn good!

Once again mom comes through!

And Edgemont sure comes through on some of the beautiful April days!

You know, taking a short rest on the early morning run to sit in awe of the scenery.

Catching the trains at Igloo Bridge.

But of course, the best thing of all are the Pasqueflowers!

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April 22, 2017

You’ve got to be kidding me!

And I’m woofing to you that THAT is not dandruff on my head!

In case you’re wondering what the ground looks like…

here it is.

Thank goodness we went for a Burger King breakfast. Yeah, that really worked for me!

Come mid afternoon and look at the miracle!

Couldn’t even tell it had snowed. This is so much better!

And did I play…Game of Bones!?

But of course! And look at my new blanket hanging on the back right.

Now that’s cool!!!!

Though I’ll admit that my mind was on the Wendy’s triple burgers.

Today was another dog aperture disk day.

I really like this one that mom made of a dog riding in a wagon.

Reminds me of July 2014 when I was riding in my wagon after the surgery on my leg.

This one is so nice.

A bushy tailed dog sitting.

And here’s the thing, my mom has been hard at work making more aperture disks! Game of Bones is the Best!

Splendid April days…

bring great rests after the morning run…

bring lots of spring sun with deep blue skies…

bring eager hikes…

to bring Pasqueflower appreciation!

Ahhh-hh, this is the life!

Worth howling for joy!!!!

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April 21, 2017

Well I’ll be doggone! The forecast said clouds and rain today, but look at this sky early in the morning…

okay, let me get my eyes more open…

that’s better.

I can see those clouds…

marching all around me.

I should climb up on Porter’s Perch for some deep blue.

Okay then.

Deep blue!

Now for sunray time πŸ™‚

Too bad sunray time didn’t last. Yeah, the clouds moved in.
Good thing there’s…Game of Bones!
The set is ready!

It’s a great thing to do on a damp and cloudy afternoon.

And look at today’s aperture disks.

Hey, this one sure is appropriate for today and tonight, since we’ve got rain and wet snow.

And this one is me!

Ears blowing on a windy day, February 27th of this year to be exact.

Here’s the picture used for the aperture disk.

I do so love these aperture disk. I do so love Game of Bones!!!!

There’s always that feeling of good things for the day when out on an April morning in Edgemont.

A basset’s ears can hear…

the Pasqueflowers calling!

Yup, get on hiking to George’s Pasqueflower Patch…

and enjoy!

Excellent! Most excellent!

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April 20, 2017

Darn cloudy this morning.

Not much incentive to get up and go when it’s like this.

But my nose is doing pretty well this morning,

so that’s a good thing.

I took the A7rii out again with the super sharp 90mm macro lens on it.

Bark about a lot of detail, though you can’t see it in a small web picture.

But there was a big glob of dust on the camera sensor.

I just cleaned the sensor a few days ago.

What’s with that?

I’ll have to think about this problem.

Okay, I’d rather think about breakfast!


After breakfast I got together with Minion Bob and Squire Squirrel for a little photoshoot.

Yeah, I had to use the Lensbaby Sweet too.

Sometimes clarity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In other woofs, I kinda like the Lensbaby Sweet.

Then when the sun came out I went for a spin in the wind.

Late in the afternoon a package arrived for me! It was a new blanket with King Porter on it!!!
Perfect for Game of Bones!!!!

And of course, it was my mom who got the blanket for me. Thanks mom!!!!

It’s time to serenade my mom with a Porter basset ‘I Love You’ song!
A one and a two and one and two and a WOOF!


Don’t you just love this aperture disk that mom made especially for me!

Doggone April snow!

It’s pretty bad when the only fun on a April day is making a snowman.

April should be like this!

You know, checking out the wildflowers,

and most importantly, enjoying…

George’s Pasqueflower Patch!

Hey! I think there’s a basset hound behind those Pasqueflowers.



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April 19, 2017

Did I woof yesterday that it’s hard to wake up so early with the sun?

I’m trying, really I am, to get awake.

Looking good there, Porter basset!

You know, it really is a fine morning to wake up early.

I do hope dad brought along plenty of treats for this photoshoot.

Heh, heh, he did!

Oops, forgot to mention that I decided to switch the A7rii output to compressed RAW.

Holy Bassets, the A7rii is much nicer to use after making the switch. Now I don’t have to wait for it to write to the SD card with cumbersome slowness.

But, back to those treats dad!

I have to bark that a Porter basset looks so good with a blue sky background.

No wonder I’m so partial to a sunny, blue sky.

Yup, a darn fine morning to be out and about. Even better my nose wasn’t giving me fits.

It was pretty nice for the whole day. But what was really important today was Game of Bones!
Today was cartoon dog aperture disk day.

I like the second one best. Both of them are darn cool.
Mom cut out some more aperture disks this evening. I wonder what will be in my aperture disk tomorrow?
Good stuff!

Dog oh dog, so much to do in Edgemont on nice April days.

There’s always sky watching, cuz April can have some interesting skies.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget the wind!

Holy Bassets, the winds of April sure can make a basset’s ears fly!

And did I woof about trains? Well, Igloo Bridge is a great April spot.

But we all know what’s the best part about April…George’s Pasqueflower Patch!

Most definitely!!!!!

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April 18, 2017

You know with the sun coming up a lot earlier and me having all the nose problems, I kinda have a hard time waking up…

to greet the sun.

But I’m up now cuz I trying out the superb Sony 90mm macro lens for some flash shots in the early morning.

It’s mounted on the Sony A7.

Dog oh dog, it’s doing a great job.

Bark about sharp.

Did I woof “Dog oh dog!”

I’ll have to do this same photoshoot with the A7rii tomorrow.

I’m making some changes to the A7rii in hopes that it shoots better.

Oh and hey, it’s going to be a beautiful April day.



Yup, definitely a day to enjoy outside, which I did, that is until mom said let’s go to Wendy’s and then play…
Game of Bones!!!!

Mom gave me three new aperture disk shapes to try out for this Game of Bones.

This one reminds me of the Ponderosa trees that I love.


This one is me!

True, it’s difficult to tell what it is.

Mom cut the aperture disk using this photo from last month.

Holy Bassets, my mom has so much talent!

Of course the real me is more into the Wendy’s triple burger in front of me than a Porter basset aperture disk.
Yup, it’s all about the cows for this Porter!

Where’s the beef? Hey Wendy’s, right here!!! Yay!!!!



The best!!!!

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April 17, 2017

Hey, another beautiful morning.

Even better, my nose didn’t give me fits this morning.

I could even get in a little get up and go without going into a sneezing fit.

Yup, I’m a happy camper.

Bark about the lap of luxury.

When mom and dad put this sofa out on the patio, I woofed to myself, “What a great idea!”

Little did I know that someone was coming to get the sofa.

And here I thought that I was going to enjoy some sunny days in style and comfort. Too bad.

Midmorning, I did go out to the field to catch some sunrays.

You know how much I enjoy my black saddle getting toasty warm.

Can’t forget the highpoint of the day! Game of Bones!!!!!

Wow, a Wendy’s triple burger right in front of my nose.

Holy Bassets, I do love Game of Bones!

Today I started out with another very cool (and I’m barking VERY COOL!) aperture disk.

Will you look at this?!!!!

Mom made an aperture disk with my sigil on it…

the cow and the moon.

How appropriate for King Porter!

This next aperture disk is worth a few chuckles.


Heh, heh, mom sure knows what a Porter basset loves!

And here’s my mom now working hard with me for another Games of Bones.

Mother of Bassets!

Dog oh dog, nothing like hiking around Edgemont on a fine April day.

So much to see and sniff out.

If you’re really basset lucky, you might even roundup some Pronghorns!

Goodness, goodness Sheriff George at his best.

And if it does rain then get down close to the Pasqueflowers…

and enjoy the water droplets clinging beautifully to a beautiful wildflower.

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April 16, 2017

Whew, I sure had a bad time of it early this morning.

I couldn’t stop sneezing and my nose threw blood all over the place.

Brutal, I’m woofing to you.

Darn depressing too.

But wait, the nose is doing okay again and look at this beautiful day!

Plus I’m darn hungry for the great breakfast that mom said she would make for me.

Yay, yay, mom sure made a good breakfast for me, bacon and eggs and cheese and challah bread. Delicious!
The day was so nice, I got to spend plenty of time outdoors. Mom made sure that I had treats, treats, treats.

You can bet with the good rest and the good things to eat, I was recovered enough to play…Game of Bones!

Behind me is the inside of the card mom got me.

Way cool!

Since it is Easter, I started out with this aperture disk.

Yeah, it’s a rabbit.

You know, the Easter bunny is kind of a silly concept, but I figured I’d do the rabbit aperture disk anyway.

Though just woofing here, Easter would be a lot better off with an Easter basset.

Since I am King Porter, the next aperture disk to be used was a castle aperture disk.

You got to admit that my mom is pretty darn special for making all these aperture disks!
Here’s my favorite of the day.

Since I’m not getting to George’s Pasqueflower Patch, it was so very, very nice of my mom to make…

a Pasqueflower aperture disk.

My mom makes me feel like the most loved basset hound in the whole world!

Barking of Pasqueflowers, come on, come on…

let’s check out George’s Pasqueflower Patch and see how the Pasqueflowers are doing.

Ah, this is the life!

Pasqueflowers are the best!

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April 15, 2017

I gotta woof to you that I don’t so sleep so well.

It’s my nose as you know.

But hey, it’s a beautiful morning today.

And I can still appreciate that! So let’s enjoy it together.

And you know with all the sun and blue sky…

it sure is nice to feel sunrays on my back.

Holy bassets, a beautiful morning sure makes me hungry πŸ™‚

Dad tells me that we’re getting a Burger King breakfast. Yay!

The sun hung around all day, so you can bet I enjoyed some afternoon sun too.

That sun pumped me up for…Game of Bones!
And look what came today!

It’s my blog in print for the year 2015.

Better known as Porter’s Daily Drool 2015.

Isn’t my mom the greatest for getting me this book?!!!

What’s this?

What’s this?

Holy bassets again! Look at all the trains again!

This aperture disk sure made dad smile! It makes for a perfect Game of Bones day!

No matter how you look at it…

we bassets are the coolest things in the world.

And the most photogenic!

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April 14, 2015

Good morning beautiful day!

I had kind of a rough night. Dad stayed up with me in the middle of the night, trying to help me feel better.

I guess it worked, cuz I’m feeling much better this morning.

Feeling better and having nice lighting, I took some time with the Lensbaby 50mm Sweet lens.

It always looks so great in the early morning light.

But then my tummy alarm went off. Time for breakfast!

In the afternoon I did get some Patio Pooching in. Dog oh dog, I do love a lazy late afternoon.

Good thing to get a nap, cuz Game of Bones was up next.

I should woof, “Game of Bones!” That’s much better.

There’s a Wendy’s triple burger on my new plate.

We’re ready to go. But first, how do you like the back of my new card?

My mom sure knows how to make some cool things.

For old times sake, I took a few shots with the old Canon 50D

It still works.

Notice how Squire Squirrel had joined me for this Game of Bones. That’s cuz he wanted to see the new aperture disk mom made.

How about that?

A squirrel aperture disk!

Squire Squirrel thinks it’s the best aperture disk yet…um, to each his own, but it is pretty cool alrighty.

I had a better evening than yesterday’s evening. That’s a good thing.

You know if you’re experiencing a cloudy April day in Edgemont, you can always go out and enjoy the Pasqueflowers to give your day a sunny mood.

And for those days with sun!

After hiking and enjoying Pasqueflowers, you can get on the motorcycle…

and enjoy the Edgemont train action.

Makes for a wonderful day, doesn’t it George?

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April 13, 2017

Let me start out by woofing that it was a darn nice April day.

Yup, blue sky all around!

Terrific lighting to use mom’s Sony 70-300mm to blur the golden grass in the background.

Sure put me in a bouncy good mood.

Even though my nose gets worse and worse, I still enjoy my day!

Won’t be long before Easter rolls on in.

You can probably guess what I like about Easter…

right, little Easter candy bunny?

Heh, heh, I can imagine the feast now πŸ™‚

But, don’t forget I have work to do before Easter. Game of Bones!
I’m so over worked, ha, ha.

How about another couple of Burger King Whoppers?

I wanted to use the crown aperture disk again. This time with MY crown on my royal head.

And even though mom has made plenty more aperture disks, I couldn’t resist using the basset hound aperture disk again.

Holy Bassets, the basset aperture disks are the coolest things ever!

Dog oh dog, I had a rough evening because of my nose…wish me luck.

Mid April is a good time for hiking to George’s Pasqueflower Patch.

But it’s not just the destination.

There are the chair spots along the way, so a basset can watch things…

like the early morning fog nestled into the Cheyenne River Valley.

But ultimately, the finest thing is arriving at George’s Pasqueflower Patch and enjoying those little beauties.

George would tell you it’s a fine thing!

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April 12, 2017

The clouds are moving out now.

This is good.

Yup, looks like it’s going to be an excellent April day!

Especially if dad brought along plenty of good treats!

“Hey dad, how about some treats?”

“I’ll give the best Porter basset cute for those treats.”

Darn good Porter basset cute if I do woof so myself.

Darn good treats too!

(I do know how to work the crowd, heh, heh.)

Since the day was so nice, I did get in some Porch Pooching.

That included some treats from the kids walking by.

As I said, it’s a tough life πŸ™‚

For dinner mom took me to Burger King and got me TWO Whoppers. She wanted them to be part of the Game of Bones set for today.
Great idea on her part, huh?

With the new plate and new card mom got me this week, things are looking pretty good on the set, don’t you think?

But that’s not all, oh no, no! Mom also had some specially made Porter party hats.

All this set work was leading up to a new aperture disk theme.

King Porter, Burger King, and a crown aperture disk!

Hooray for King Porter!!!!!

Hooray for my mom!!!!!!!

Sometimes the morning starts out cloudy.

But then the clouds move out…

and one gets to enjoy things, like deer leaping…

Pasqueflowers under the Ponderosa trees…

sunny road trips around the environs…

and train shots under a pretty sky.

It makes for a perfect Sheriff George day (And Porter too? And Porter too!)

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April 11, 2017

Hot dog! The sun is out, the sky is blue, and my nose is cooperating a little better today.

Guess I’ll do some sunray catching before breakfast.

This is darn nice, just woofing.

But as you can probably guess, breakfast is calling real soon.

It’s a tough life, but someone has to live it.

After breakfast, mom brought out a couple of presents that she received yesterday. Of course, those presents were for me πŸ™‚
How about this ID tag?!!! “House Porter…Dinner is coming,” on the front.

“Hamburger Slayer, the sun and the moon and cows, at Kings Tower Road, Bay of Bassets,” on the back, with my phone too.

Then she gave me a new blanket!

Holy Bassets, that’s King Porter playing Game of Bones!!!!

Darn awesome! Thank you my most wonderful mom!

And guess what else? I got another (yes, another!) present from mom as I played Game of Bones in the afternoon!

It’s a Game of Bones plate! I remember the picture too; it’s when mom had the golden tunnel on the Game of Bones set.

Notice the real burger on the most excellent plate. I love my mom!!!!!!!

And what aperture disk did I use today for Game of Bones?

I’ll let you figure it out.

That’s right, it’s a cow aperture disk. How appropriate, particularly with a burger on my new burger plate!

Dog oh dog, just love those April days of good sunrises…


hiking around…

cooling off under the Ponderosa pines…

catching trains…

catching a great spring wind…

and enjoying a nice sunset.

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April 10, 2017

Race you outside to a beautiful sunny day on Porter’s Perch!

Dog oh dog…

let me worship the sun and blue sky.

Too bad my nose had to have a blowout right away on this beautiful day.

It was rough, I’ll woof to you. I had problems breathing through my nose all day.

That didn’t stop me from having some fun, like stalking rabbits.

Then I had another nose blowout early in the afternoon. Awful!

But that didn’t stop me from enjoying the sunny day while I patio pooched later in the afternoon.

And it didn’t stop me from playing Game of Bones!
So what aperture disk did mom make up for me today? Well, take a look at the lights mom was working on. Can you guess what was on her mind?

Yay! The aperture disk mom made was a Porter aperture disk!

This is so cool!

To make things even better, mom made up another basset hound aperture disk.

This time it’s a basset hound sitting, which I’ll woof you is more the likely pose for a basset hound than standing.

Holy Bassets!!! Thanks with all my woofs mom!!!!

You know, it’s about this time of year when the Edgemont Pasqueflowers really get going.

It’s just about time too, when some of the Cranes stop at the Cheyenne River.

It’s pretty darn good enjoying this April show.

The odds are good, however, that you’ll be putting up with some very, very late winter stuff.

But George never complained about a little winter weather in April, when there is so much to enjoy.

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April 09, 2017

Wow zow, bright blue sky this morning.

I know, I know, it’s April, so don’t expect too many sunny days.

But, I DO expect sunny days, doggoneit!

Shh-hh, what’s that beautiful sound?


It’s the Meadowlark in Porter’s Popular!


I’ve got to hustle over to Porter’s Popular…

so I can enjoy the Meadowlark music…

and bask in the sun!

Most excellent!

Yup, it was a darn good morning with the blue sky, the sun and a Burger King breakfast.
Even better was the afternoon with…Game of Bones!!!!
Now take a close look at this.

It’s mom’s new cutting machine. Look at the cool aperture disk she made up for me.

Oops, I guess you can’t see it very well, so let me put it on the white of my nose.

And look what it produces! Little basset hounds all over the Game of Bones set!


Holy Bassets, isn’t it so awesomely cool?!!! And isn’t my mom the smartest person in the whole world?!!!
Thanks mom!

Dog oh dog, don’t you just hate it when the April morning starts out cloudy?

Add in the wind and things get worse.

And if all that isn’t enough, how about a little snow too?

But there are the good things of April, like knowing the rascally rabbits are out and about just begging for a basset to flush’em out.

And don’t forget those Pasqueflowers even as they push their way up through the snow.

And who knows what the evening might bring?


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April 08, 2017

Well doggoneit. Another cloudy day.

Wonder if I should have stayed in bed.

Wait a minute, it’s warm out and I’ll get a Burger King breakfast and a Wendy’s triple!

Good morning world!!!!

Hey dad! How about this? A basset hound walks into a burger joint. He orders a large cheeseburger and eats it. As he’s paying the check, the waitress says, “I never seen a talking basset hound in this joint before.” The basset woofs back, “And with these lousy burgers, you won’t see anymore.”

Ha! Ha!

Give me a high paw dad for that good joke!

Hey dad, here’s another one. A police officer was sitting his car with his K9 partner in the back seat. A man walked over and asked, β€œIs that a dog in the back seat?” The officer said, β€œIt sure is.” The man responded, β€œWow, what did he do?”

Heh, heh!

Give me another high paw dad for that joke!

Dad then told me that I am the smartest basset ever. I was a little embarrassed by his wonderful compliment.

“Gee dad, you make me blush.”

See dad and I still have the greatest time during our early morning outings, no matter the weather.

We did get breakfast at Burger King. Afterwards mom went shopping and bought a computerized cutting machine. Bark about the Dog’s Woof! She set to work when we got home making up new aperture disks for Game of Bones.
Which leads me into Game of Bones!!!! Yeah, this is what it’s all about!

A Wendy’s triple burger!

I do so love Game of Bones!

And what aperture disk was used today?

A snowflake?

Really dad?

Aren’t we supposed to be thinking spring?

You know, no more snow?

Guess I’d better concentrate on the burger.

I won’t deny that the snowflake does make some nice aperture shapes.

But still, I’ll forget the snow and go for the burger.

It’s so grand to wake up to a fine April morning.

Watching the changing early morning light.

And hiking…

to find the first Pasqueflowers peeking up through the snow.

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April 07, 2017

The sun was a no show this morning.

Yup, it was flash pack time for the photos outside.

I had along the Lensbaby Trio, but I sure wasn’t setting the flash properly, whether in Velvet or…


Bark about blown highlights.

At least the focusing was pretty good.

Thank goodness I was doing better with the standard Sony 18-110 lens and flash.

That’s one sharp looking basset, I might add πŸ™‚

We did get some sun later in the morning.

Dog oh dog, it felt good baking in the sun.

I had a darn good Game of Bones session.

Dad and I liked the paws aperture disk so much, we went ahead and used it again.

I’m woofing to ya that the paws aperture disk is the way to go!

It’s so appropriate for a basset hound.

I wonder if I’ll make it to Edgemont again. You know, just to get up early…

and hangout…


the great outdoors.

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April 06, 2017

Sun! Woof! I’ll take it!

And the snow is gone. I’ll take that too!

The sun looks great without the flash.

Wait a minute, let me turn into the sun.

Yeah, that’s nice on the snout.

Look at all this blue sky too.

Makes Porter’s Perch a perfect place to…


The only thing is that breakfast is calling me πŸ™‚

Don’t go away sun, I’ll be back.

I did come back, but no photos since the high sun didn’t make for the greatest lighting, but it sure felt good letting the sunrays roast my fur.
When I played Game of Bones, I first continued with the tulip aperture disk, since I was in a great spring mood.

You got to admit that the tulips look pretty cool. Way to go mom!

Ah, mom had more aperture disks up her sleeve or in her lens, if you get my drift.

How about this?

A steam locomotive!

This one is for dad, since he’s the train buff.

Of course, the favorite part of Game of Bones for me is the Wendy’s triple cheeseburger keeping me company.

You know what George would tell you about some of the best sunrays?

They would be the sunrays of dappled lighting underneath the Ponderosa pines.

So much easier to enjoy than sunlight barely peeping through the clouds on a very windy April morning.

Or even worse, a cold wintery April morning.

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April 05, 2017

More snow last night.

Doesn’t look like spring, does it?

But it is a good snow for a snow bath!

Let the snow fly!

Now watch a clean Porter basset fly!

And did you notice we got sun?

Dog oh dog, sure nice to see clear blue sky.

Too bad it’s only 21 degrees. Nah to winter!

By late afternoon most of the snow had melted. That was great to see. And the sun was still brightly shining, Holy Bassets!
And Holy Bassets again, it’s Game of Bones time. I was mulling over my script while mom got her cameras ready.

“Okay, ready to go.”

Lights, camera, and…cheeseburger!

Hey, how about the aperture disk mom made?


Kinda brings a spring theme to Game of Bones.

Maybe spring will stay around if the snow quits. Look at the blossoms today.

Then again, we’re probably headed for more snow before the heat sets in.

George sure got used to a High Plains spring.



And maybe even a little spring!

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April 04, 2017

Yeah, yeah, more snow.

What’s a dog to do?

Well, take a snow bath, of course!

There you have it, a clean Porter basset.

So why is it that the Colorado front range has such lousy April weather?

Really, why?

Look at this stuff on my face and head.

It’s not dandruff, I’ll woof to you.

Dog oh dog, I wish that I was in George’s Pasqueflower Patch on a beautiful spring day.

Imagine enjoying a whole bunch of Pasqueflowers.

Yes, imagine.

Dad and I didn’t stay out in the wet snow very long. We came back for breakfast, then got to work trying out the Canon 50mm lens on the A7rii. We wanted to compare it to the Sony 55mm using manual focusing and the Lensbaby 50mm Sweet. The only thing is we used the Lensbaby 50mm Sweet on the A7, so not an entirely fair comparison. The lenses were set to f/2.2, f/2.0, and f/2.8.
Sweet time!

On to the Canon 50mm lens.

And finally the Sony 55mm lens.

Okay, time for pixel peeping.
Lensbaby 50mm Sweet.

Canon 50mm.

Sony 55mm.

I’ve made the comparison before between the Canon and the Sony. This time I used manual focusing on the Sony, figuring I could use it at its minimum focusing distance. I didn’t think the Canon 50mm was doing too well until I saw it on the computer. Holy Bassets, it sure does a good job. Notice how much closer is its minimum focusing distance compared to the Sony.

Okay, that’s all boring technical stuff. I needed a break from it by going outside again for, you guessed it, another snow bath.

Now that I’m a really, really, clean machine let’s rush in to…

Game of Bones!

What do you think of the music notes?

To make the notes pop out a little more I tried some posterizing.

The music notes are good, but they can’t compare to the hearts and stars.

George sure had these stupid April snow days too.

Yeah, feels more like Christmas than April…blah!

Isn’t it so much better watching an April sunrise…

taking an excellent hike in sun dappled woods…

and catching train action at Igloo Bridge with a nice sun?

You betcha!

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April 03, 2017

Wow zow! Another blue sky morning!

That makes two in a row.

Let me lean into the sun for a bit.

Too bad we’ve got another snowstorm coming tonight.

I smell those snow clouds off to the southwest, coming our way.

Barking of smell, I’ve had a bad time with nose bleeds this morning.

Dad did his best to stop the bleeding, but, dog oh dog, it sure makes things a rough go of it.

But you’d never guess that I was having a problem, since I was feeling pretty spunky.

I think it’s because of the sunshine.

And knowing that I’ve got plenty of treats to enjoy today.

Barking of treats, well here they are (or some of them…I’ve got a pretty good supply πŸ™‚

Dad tells me that I should be reading the backs of the packages, so I know the ingredients.

Such silliness, since my nose knows!

Hey, how about Game of Bones today?

I used a very, very special aperture disk that mom made up…


How appropriate for Game of Bones!

Don’t you think?

Since Lensbaby makes so many interesting effects, I decided to try some other effects in post processing.
How about the paintbrush?


Glossy stone?


And finally, colored pencil?

That was fun!
Even more fun was mom’s homemade meatballs for dinner. Bark about the best!

Oh those cloudy April days.

Nice having the longer daylight hours, but it’s too mad so many days in April are laden with clouds.

At least with the warmer weather more critters are wandering around the woods.

Sure does keep a basset alert.

Things become a refreshing green for awhile.

And one of the best things, the Meadowlarks come back to sing.

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April 02, 2017

I might have gotten carried away with the photos today.

It all started with the beautiful blue sky of the morning.

Then the sun started its day.

Here it is. Nice!

Here’s where I got carried away with the Lensbaby Sweet 50.

Hey, hey, delicious!

Yes, indeedy.

Barking of delicious, so was a Burger King breakfast and later in the morning a stop at my favorite hamburger joint, Wendy’s!
The nice day continued with white puffy clouds.

Most excellent.

Did I play Game of Bones? You betcha!

And what’s this in front of Porter’s nose, you might ask.

That would be a donut from a new donut shop in Castle Rock.

Mom and I think the donuts are fabulous, though for this one, we’re not sure if this is supposed to be a rabbit or a basset hound. Still, it’s pretty cute for a donut.

As we all know Porter basset is the star of Game of Bones.

With my aperture star power I did get carried away with my stardom.

Don’t worry, I’ve not let stardom go to my head. I still work cheap, just keep feeding me those Wendy’s triples.

Dog oh dog, imagine this photo if George had had a Lensbaby aperture disk. Wow, sparkling stars would have been way too cool.

George sure had interesting stuff to see on his 2nd days of April.

Not to mention the turbo scents carried on the strong winds of April.

But nothing could beat the sunny warm spring sun!

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April 01, 2017

I wish that when I woof to you that there was snow this morning, then I could happily bark, “April Fools!”

Such is not the case, however.

At least, I could get a snow bath.

Now that I’m clean I think dad should give me some treats.

“Hey dad! How about a couple treats?”

I turned up my basset cute.

Dad couldn’t resist so I got those treats! Yum.

“Okay dad, now let’s go home for breakfast.”

I have dad trained pretty well, cuz that’s what we did.

Before going to my professional life on the stage of Game of Bones, I did get my beauty rest.
Dog oh dog, it can be hard to get a good nap in. First, Squire Squirrel wanted to ask me something.

Then Minion Bob wanted to get warm by snuggling under my ear.

I did manage to get some shuteye, however.
Yup, I was ready for Game of Bones action!!!

How do you like mom’s Game of Bones set for today?

I like the King Porter card behind me.

Looking darn great!

Bring on the main character, Porter basset, and you’ve got the perfect Game of Bones photoshoot.

Of course, what’s closest to my heart is a Wendy’s triple burger!

Holy Bassets, bring on the hearts for the love theme of a Porter basset and his Wendy’s.

In case you are wondering, these photos were taken with the heart aperture disk.

Aren’t these Lensbaby aperture disks a howling good time?

So what’ca think George?

Will the sunrise bring a nice day…

or do an April Fools trick?

No more snow! Right George?

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March 31, 2017

Dog oh dog, not looking like March is gonna end on a good weather note.

I should just sleep through this day.

Wait a dog paw here! If I should sleep through the day then I would miss out on…breakfast…

and lunch…

and dinner…

and Holy Bassets!…I would miss out on Wendy’s cheeseburgers!

I’m awake! I’m awake!

Too bad we get to experience another snowstorm starting this evening.


Good thing we’re well stocked with treats…

and hamburgers.

And Game of Bones!!!

Can’t forget Game of Bones, now can I?

After lunch I did some power napping.

Power napping, because…you know…

to be ready for Game of Bones!

And guess what?

Mom got me my very own Lensbaby Composer Pro with the double glass, so I could try out the different aperture shapes.

What do you think of the stars and moon aperture disk?

And do notice the Wendy’s triple burger next to me πŸ™‚

Mom sure had a great idea when she got these apertures disks.

The snow started when we went to bed…blah.

Does every March 31st have snow on ground?

Sure seems like it!

One can hope for a little sun and color.

It sure seems late in the season for such repetition of snow on this date.

Hey! Wait a barking moment! That’s George on his motorcycle!

I guess some March 31st days don’t have snow. Now that’s a good thing!

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March 30, 2017

Dog oh dog, I missed a decent sunrise.

I just couldn’t get out the door early enough.

Imagine these photos with a beautiful sunrise behind a handsome basset (me!).

Sigh, yes imagine.

Sigh, again.

I did get the golden light while it was beautiful.

Good for me!

I was already with the Lensbaby Sweet 50mm too.

Too bad I didn’t get to the sunrise in time…sigh.

Since the clouds were thick for most of the morning, I tried out the backlighting with the Sweet 50 again.

No matter how I work it, the backlighting isn’t nearly as grand as sunrise/sunset light as the backlight.

It takes a lot more work, too, for the artificial backlighting compared to a good sunrise or sunset.

Well, bust my paws, we did get some sun in the afternoon.

Too bad we’ve got a snowstorm coming tomorrow evening…again!!!!

Good thing that mom took me to Wendy’s and Arby’s to stock up on some hamburger and beef for me, since the snowstorm is coming.

I’ll woof to you that the odds of snow are pretty good on March 30th.

If you had been with George in Edgemont, then you would know that.

That doesn’t mean George didn’t get up and go in the snow.

But it sure was a lot more fun sniffing around in the spring air,

when there wasn’t snow.

So, for March 30th and snow…


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March 29, 2017

Yes, this would be snow and wind…again.

Of course, consider that this is the High Plains, so-o-o, six hours later.

Which would you rather have?

Yeah, pretty easy decision.

Go for the sun and blue!

But if the weather does give you snow then do the things to enjoy it, like a snow bath!

Clean machine.

For a real challenge practice catching treats in the snow and wind!

Hey, you got to admit that I do the treat catching pretty darn well.

Back inside the condo, I practiced my lighting technique.

I wanted to get ready for the Game of Bones tunnel.

How about a profile highlight? Come awake Porter basset.

There’s those basset eyes.

Pretty cool, huh?

And now for the roll of the basset eyes.

Aren’t basset eyes the best?!!!!

Okay, lighting practice done; time for Game of Bones!

Hmm-m, the basset hound sure looks good (that would be me!), but the lighting still doesn’t work well with the tunnel.

Okay, time to remove the tunnel and bring those sweet bovines around me.

That’s better, but the background is probably too busy for good backlighting. I’ll have to think more about this backlighting and Game of Bones.
One thing that I didn’t have to think about was Game of Bones and Wendy’s cheeseburgers! Delicious as usual!!!!

Well, well, this sure makes for a great late March day!

Um, this does not.

Dog oh dog, some March days you have to dig up some color from underneath the snow.

Good going George!

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March 28, 2017

Well, dog oh dog, those clouds sure took up residence today.

Kept spitting out stuff too.

Dog oh dog…sigh.

And then we’ve got that snowstorm coming too.

Feels like it’s almost here. Just look to the northwest.

Dog oh dog…sigh.

Good thing I’ve got breakfast to look forward to…

and lunch…

and dinner πŸ™‚

Dad thinks the eyes on a basset hound are one of a basset hound’s best features. Yup, that’s why he thinks the focus should be on my eyes.
He got carried away today.


The above were taken using the Laowa 15mm macro lens.

Next was the Sony 30mm macro lens.

Yikes! again.

Sometimes dad gets a little too close and personal. What if someone should steal my eye prints for nefarious purposes?

So what happened with Game of Bones today?
Let me woof to you. We tried the tunnel again today.

I dunno, we just can’t seem to get the right lighting for it.

The gold paper makes it really tough.

I tried the flash packs too.

Could be better. Too bad, cuz the tunnel idea is so cool, especially with the Lensbaby circular fisheye.

The snow started as we went to bed…blah.

Now a nice March day in Edgemont is one of the finer things in life. Get that sunrise.

Marvel at the blue sky.

Get some hiking done to appreciate the vibrant colors.

And don’t forget to take a motorcycle ride!

Lucky George!

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March 27, 2017

We’re gonna get sun this morning.

Now that’s a good thing!

The sunglow is coming up behind me.

Heh, heh, I’ll pop my head up…



Time to enjoy it even if the ground is a bit cold.

Warms my mind and my heart, it does.

Then it’s time to turn around and get the sunglow full face.

Dog oh dog, I love this golden light.

We had sun for the morning.

That’s a good thing too!

Feels good on the back, it does.

Too bad it didn’t last.

And what’s worse is that we’ve got another winter storm headed our way…blah.

George wasn’t a big fan of overcast days either.

“How about some sun?”

“You know, something more than just a few blue sky patches!”

So when the day dawns with clear skies…

that made George darn happy.

Even if there was March snow on the ground.

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