Kelvin’s Kapers February 05, 2018

Too bad King of Bones day fell on a Saturday cuz no one got off work for it. On the other hand, if the feds do the right thing and make it a National Holiday, why people would get today off for King of Bones Holiday.


Another morning for the A7riii, what with the temperature being warm for February and the sky cooperating.

It has no problem focusing with the sun shining in front of the camera.

Dad and I have taken a little over 350 shots with the A7riii, so we’re not experts on the camera.

That being woofed, the camera exhibits all the qualities of a top notch camera, and it is easy to use in the sense that it doesn’t interfere the process of the photo you’re taking.
Best camera he’s ever used is dad’s opinion.

It is far and away more cooperative than the other digital full frame cameras dad has used: A7rii, A7ii, A7r, A7, Nikon D800e, Nikon D750, Canon 5DII, and the Canon 5D. The focusing is spot on without worrying about microfocusing when you’re taking photos of a subject less than 4 feet away. The buffer is big, big, so you can keep snapping away without worrying that those big RAW files (88meg!) will slow you down.

Is it more cooperative than a great cropped sensor camera like the Nikon D7200 or Sony A6500? Might very well be for close up shots, cuz though the Nikon D7200 has fantastic focusing, it still has the problems of each lens needing microfocusing adjustment. The Sony A6500 has darn good focusing, but still can miss the plane of focusing even when its focusing lock tells you it has focus (at least, it doesn’t have the microfocusing problems of a DLSR). The big advantage of the cropped sensor cameras is the big DOF, which makes focusing errors less problematic than the full frame sensor cameras. But that hasn’t been a downfall of A7riii (unlike the A7r – awful, awful camera – or the Nikon D800e).

Whew, that was a windy bark session, wasn’t it?
Okay how about Porter on February 05, 2010? It was another day of lots of clouds and snow.

No matter to Porter!

And no matter to the Canon 5DII, which handled the snow and cold with the same aplomb that Porter did (not sure if the A7riii would do as well with the snow and cold).

Oh bassets, oh bassets! Who can ever forget Sheriff George and George’s Pasqueflower patch?!!!!

Dad’s 24th favorite photo of Sheriff George!

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Kelvin’s Kapers February 04, 2018

Dad told me that when he started his early morning run, the temperature was 41 degrees. By the time he got home the wind was blowing hard, the fog had moved in, and the temperature was down to 22 degrees. By the time I got this photo the temperature had dropped even more to 15 degrees.

It wasn’t pleasant out, I’ll woof to you.

Good thing I had my coat on.

Porter didn’t need a coat until the temperature got below 0.

I guess coming from the Jackson area of Wyoming helped him get used to snow.

He was out all morning in the snow and cold back on February 04, 2010. Yet, he still had plenty of energy and was happy enough to do a dance for everyone at the library.

Bark about a special guy!

Well, if we do get snow, I hope there isn’t much and by the time I go out in it the sun will be shiningly warm.

Oh yeah, yesterday I promised to show the detail difference between DxO Pro and Capture One for this photo.

Pixel peeping at my eye 😉
DxO Pro:

Capture One

Yeah, DxO Pro does the better job.

Dad’s 23rd favorite photo of Sheriff George!

May the howls of your favorite basset hound be heard for ever and ever!

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Kelvin’s Kapers February 03, 2018

Happy Game of Bones Day!!!!!

King Porter lives on!!!!

Since the morning had a sunny sky and a mild temperature, dad and I took the Sony A7riii out for a long test of basset portrait photos.

“How do you want to work this, dad?”

“I know! Let’s get down low and up close with the Sony 55mm lens.

“I’ll kinda roll my eyes around.”

“Keep the focus on them dad.”

Okay, here’s what we think of the Sony A7riii: it’s a superb camera for close up shots. The focusing is magnificent with nary any need for adjusting a microfocus for the lens. And, unlike the Sony A7rii, the A7riii handles uncompressed raw files with ease, so you’re not waiting on the camera.
Holy Bassets!!!!
Since we were on a roll with the photo session, we figured it was time to compare the latest Capture One raw converter to DxO Pro, which as you know is our mainstay for raw conversion.
DxO Pro:

Capture One:

Notice that they’re close to each other, but the DxO photo has more red in it, while the Capture One has more color saturation. What I’ll show tomorrow is the detail difference. So far DxO is the clear winner for detail.

Porter was showing his portrait work too, though it was 8 years ago.

Porter sure picked a good spot in Ponderosa Thicket with nice backlighting.

In Castle Rock, I can’t always point the camera in any direction, cuz of manmade stuff filling the background. Porter sure didn’t have my problem.

Turn up the cute, Porter!!!


George was also working on portrait photos for dad’s 22th favorite Sheriff George photo.

A beautiful spring day in Edgemont and wildflowers and Sheriff George!

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Kelvin’s Kapers February 02, 2018

Hey, I was asking for a nice sunrise and today I got one!


Bassets oh bassets, you know how much dad loves a good sunrise with a basset in the photo.

Well, there you go dad!

I’ve mastered the pose with front paws on a rock. Yup, it gives that noble basset look. Um, who would have guessed Kelvin is noble? 🙂

Porter sure was giving his posing best ten years ago today.

Come on, admit it! This one made you giggle.

All in all it was a great Groundhog Day to be out hiking and enjoying the scenery.

21st favorite photo of Sheriff George!!! When you got talent, use it!!!

Big aarrhhhooo-ooo!!!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers February 01, 2018

Sure would enjoy a decent sunrise.

Been a no go for great sunrises the last few days.

But! Much of the snow is gone, making for easier running. Yay!

I mean, look at last week.

Holy Bassets that was tough going compared to today.

Taking a look at dad’s 20th favorite photo of Sheriff George, I’d have to say that George sure had fun even in deep snow.

Brings shivers to my paws, it does! No snow for me please!

Then there was Porter. Snow? I love snow!!!!

February 01, 2010 and Porter was not only enjoying the snow, but he was also trying his talents in Ponderosa Thicket.

Porter had a master to emulate…

but Porter started giving it his all for the best photos, and many great Porter photos were to come in the future months and years.

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Kelvin’s Kapers January 31, 2018

Holy Bassets, that Sheriff George sure could give the innocent look if needed. “What? I didn’t do anything bad.”

Oh, this would be dad’s 19th favorite photo of Sheriff George.

Who? Me? Bad?

I guess, um, kinda bad. You see, I was hungry.

Feeling kinda piggy even.

And acting piggy…

you know, doing my hamburger spell…

for a really big hamburger for a piggy me!

Wow oh wow bassets!!!! My hamburger spell brought one giant double cheeseburger!!!!

I made that big old cheeseburger disappear too! The old fashioned way, into my basset hound mouth! Yum!
And then I noticed!!! Oh no!!!! I demanded so much magic from my wand for such a big, beefy burger that my wand broke!!!

So now I’m a wandless Kelvin the Wizard. No more hamburger spells!


On a happier note, Porter had been with dad for a whole month back on January 31, 2010.

He was one happy, bouncy basset with his new home and his new dad; he was one magnificent basset living the good life!


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Kelvin’s Kapers January 30, 2018

Sure wish we would have had a beautiful sunrise this morning.

You know, those type of sunrises I’ve had the joy to photograph…

like this…

or even the sun shining through my ear.

When dad and I take our morning walk, we usually go through some rocks…

and a few Ponderosa pines.

It kinda reminds me of Edgemont, but of course it’s not.

In 2010 Porter was spending all his time in Edgemont…

where the numerous two tracks wind through all sorts of Ponderosa pines and lead to rocky areas. Sure made Porter an eager hiker!

And Edgemont brings lots and lots of gorgeous sunrises!!

Right Sheriff George?

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Kelvins’s Kapers January 29, 2018

Holy Bassets, that snow is still around.

It does make for a comical Kelvin sometimes.

Laugh, laugh, and ha, ha.

I really don’t care for snow.

I wish that I could enjoy the snow as much as Porter did…

and as much as Sheriff George did!!! Yahoo!!!

Dad’s 17th favorite photo of Sheriff George. Arrhhhooo-ooo, George!!!!!

It was on this day back in 2010 that Porter tried on Sheriff George’s cowboy hat.

Definitely too small, so Porter knew that he had to find another hat for his future in Edgemont.

You might be wondering how my wizardry is coming along, now that I accomplished a hamburger spell.
Sigh…not so good. Darn hungry, and once again my hamburger spell wasn’t working.

My friend Nina came to the rescue!!!! Wizard extraordinaire! That’s what Nina is!

“Listen and watch, Kelvin,” Nina told me.

Lights, Camera, and Action!

“Abracadabra!!! Hamburger appear!!!”

Bassets oh bassets and wow and wow, that Nina is one talented wizard!

“Now Kelvin, promise me that you’ll not become greedy and piggy with the hamburger spell I taught you. Use magic sparingly or you’ll be sorry,” Nina explained to me.

Well, gosh oh bassets, I’m a basset and I can control my appetite…um, maybe.

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Kelvin’s Kapers January 28, 2018

How about dad’s 16th favorite photo of Sheriff George?

Basset oh basset, Sheriff George sure could take cute to the next level for a treat!

Of course, it’s important to note that all bassets know how to turn on the cute to a high degree.

Cute is as natural to us bassets…

as is the sun rising every morning.

Does this look like one darn happy basset?!!!

Sure nuff!

Porter was very used to his early morning runs with dad. Yup, he liked to show dad that he was one tough basset…

even in snow.

Dad and Porter sure were having the best of times eight years ago.
Me? Well, I do enjoy my early morning walks. But, Holy Bassets, I do have trouble with running, especially in snow.

I’m good for a 25 yard sprint, after that…pant, pant…I need a break.

Porter could run five miles and come home looking as great as a perfect day.


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Kelvin’s Kapers January 27, 2018

You know what they say about great minds thinking alike?

Okay, I’m not as smart as Porter was, but it’s nice to see we started our mornings the same even if Porter’s was a January 27, 2010 morning.

From the sunrise start Porter did have some great scenery as he went up Elbow Canyon Road with dad.

No cars yet to disturb the freshly fallen snow!

Yeah, quite beautiful!

From there it was time for Porter to put in the miles.

Me too! I put in some miles too.

Of course, I put in only three miles, while Porter did those ten miles.

The pounds were falling away from Porter. “Hey dad!…

Do I look like I’ve lost weight?”

You betcha, Porter!

Big news today! I got dad a Sony A7riii!

Dad took me out in the bright snow for a couple of test shots.

Looks like dad and I will have a fabulous camera to use!

Woofing of fabulous cameras, there’s no doubt the Sony DSC-R1 took magnificent photos of Sheriff George.

Happy song to the morning!!!! Dad’s 15th favorite Sheriff George photo.

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Kelvin’s Kapers January 26, 2018

Winter can be tough in Castle Rock, but it’s even tougher in Edgemont. Here’s Sheriff George 10 years ago enjoying the sunrise on a subzero day.

Funny thing about this photo, it wasn’t in dad’s top 25 Sheriff George photos back when he posted the 25 in 2012. But dad sure has come to like it since. It might even be in the top 10 now.

You know, there’s a pattern here of getting up before the sunrises in winter, so us bassets can go out with dad into the winter cold.
George and Porter handled it with aplomb. You’d never guess it’s 0 degrees when Porter posed for this photo.

Of course, Porter blasted all around on this morning; his hike taking him to Mathias Peak.

A 5 mile run and a 5 mile hike was all in a morning’s workout for Porter. He loved it!

Me? Ha! I was having a hard time waking up with the sun this morning.

And you know, I don’t even go running with dad, so my mornings are a lot easier than George and Porter’s mornings. It’s usually a lot warmer in Castle Rock too.
Yeah I got it easy.

But it isn’t easy for ME! Okay, I do run for dad some, despite the snow. How about slides of basset running anatomy?

Go Kelvin, go!!!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers January 25, 2018

There’s still plenty of snow around.


Stupid snow…

It sure makes it tough to get around for this Kelvin Basset.

Hey, I look like a big Dachshund in that photo. Well, well…

Get those bassets up early, huh Porter?

Porter had his first hike to the Green Ridge on January 25, 2010.

It’s a long hike, but well worth it! Right Porter?

And now, dad’s 14th favorite Sheriff George photo.

Holy Bassets! The Sheriff is in town!!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers January 24, 2018

In the early morning on Porter’s Perch, I can pretend there’s no snow piled up on the ground.

Yup, I could be strutting along like Sheriff George at the airport with nary a care about ice and snow.

Oh yeah, this is dad’s 13th favorite photo of Sheriff George.

Alas, there still is all that snow from Sunday (ironic that all the snow came on SUNday).

Now Porter, yup Mister Tough Porter, took snow right in stride.

Almost four weeks with dad, and Porter could deal with cold and snow with ease.

Whoa, imagine you were a mountain lion and you saw this coming to get ya!!!!

Run mountain lion, run!

But I digress. Okay, once again it’s time for me to show that I can (somewhat) deal with snow.

Go Kelvin, go!!!


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Kelvin’s Kapers January 23, 2018

Arrrhhooo-oo!!!! Time for Kelvin (me!) to show his snow skills.

Here goes!

Hey, I did that pretty well for a basset who doesn’t like snow.

Now Porter was a big fan of snow.

The snow was melting away up to January 23, 2010, but he still got to enjoy a frosty morning.

Spring time for George and dad’s 12th favorite Sheriff George photo.

What a charmer!!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers January 22, 2018

Well, well, finally some success for Kelvin the Wizard!

Before I bark about my success, I want to show you dad’s 11th favorite Sheriff George pic.

Hey, hey, George! You’ve got a happy basset look of concentration there.

Oh yeah, and then there’s Porter’s day on January 22, 2010, which was overcast with a slight chance of snow.
But, how about these two photos of Porter on that day?

Bassets oh bassets, that is one handsome basset!

Time for Kelvin the Wizard! Time for a hamburger spell! Notice that I got a new wand!

With the new wand and the Direwolf chant…

Wolf! Woof! Holf! Haof! Hamburger!

Is it? Is it?!!! Is it?!!!!!

It is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Double arrhhhooo-oo-oo-o!!!!!!!!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers January 21, 2018

Where’s my nice weather of the past week??!!!!

Holy Bassets! This is not much fun.

Dad tells me that I have to tough it out, since 21 degrees with 2 inches of snow and more falling is nothing compared to what George and Porter would go through in Edgemont.
So here it goes…

toughing it out.

Okay dad, I’m ready to go back home now! Stupid snow.

Yeah, I know that Porter went out in some brutal weather, but he sure had a pleasant morning on January 21, 2010.
Look at him checking the early morning air for elk, pronghorns, mountain lions, or anything else interesting.

Bring on the sunshine, I woof!

I just showed this photo of Sheriff George in my January 11th post, but you get it again, cuz it’s dad’s 10th favorite photo of…

Sheriff George. Arrhhhooo-oo!!!!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers January 20, 2018

Basset oh bassets! Sometimes a beautiful evening is the perfect time for a hike out to the Grassy Ridges. And what a time for an alert basset photo!

This would be dad’s 9th favorite Sheriff George photo.

As for me, a glorious sunrise!

Certainly worth ouuing and ahhhing over.

Here comes the sun!!!!


Would you believe the temperature hit 70 degrees yesterday?

Tune in tomorrow, cuz winter will be back with a vengeance.

January 20, 2010 found Porter looking very photogenic in Ponderosa Thicket…

and enjoying the sun at the Gold Rocks.


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Kelvin’s Kapers January 19, 2018

Woofing of sunrise photos, well…

I’ve got to bark to you that…

Porter sure had a great sunrise on January 19, 2010.

Looking good there Porter!

And how about dad’s next favorite Sheriff George photo?

Bassets and sunrise photos!!!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers January 18, 2018

Dad has said this before, it doesn’t get any better for photos than a gorgeous sunrise with a handsome basset!

And I’m the handsome basset!


Flying ears!!!!!

Dad’s seventh favorite Sheriff George photo.

One thing Porter learned early on: if dad is taking photos and the sun is shining, then get a quick nap in, cuz with all the miles a basset has to do with dad, a basset needs any rest a basset can grab.

January 18, 2010

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Kelvin’s Kapers January 17, 2018

Iconic Sheriff George!!!!

Dad’s next favorite Sheriff pic.

Meanwhile Porter was having a cloudy winter’s day in 2010.

Basset oh basset, Porter sure had gotten the camera stuff down now that he had been three weeks with dad.

Now that I’m in the comfort and security of my own home, I can bring up another attempted hamburger spell.
I tried the hamburger spell again while I was in the motel in Grand Junction.

I met up with a Direwolf in Grand Junction. This wolf had no problems bringing hamburgers to his plate.
With his suggestions, I woofed, “Lights! Action! Camera!”

Wolf! Woof! Holf! Haof! Hamburger!

What the wolf?!!!!

A hotdog bun?!!!!

Um, at least it’s real food this time.
No, no, cut, cut! No retakes for now!

Yeah, back to working on the script…again…sigh…

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