Kelvin’s Kapers April 10, 2018

This morning dad took me to the Colorado River Trail in the James M. Robb Colorado State Park. It’s not too bad.

The Colorado River is the biggest river that I’ve been around. Along the trail ponds abound, which means lots and lots of waterfowl and other birds.

To catch the trail I have to walk a little less than a mile across the Colorado River on the 29th St. bridge.

That’s pretty cool, cuz a couple of miles isn’t far at all for me on a nice morning.

You can bet after lunch that I gave myself some quality driveway dreaming time. How about the field across the street in front of our house?

Not bad, eh?

I’ll admit that having a six acre field in front of the house isn’t much compared to all the square miles of land around Edgemont. By 2006 Sheriff George had explored the area from Driftwood Canyon to Dead Horse Canyon, from the Cottonwood Bluffs to the Basset Arroyos. That’s a lot of miles on his paws! But he always came back to Basset Back Ridge for his favorite running and hiking.

By April 10, 2010, Porter had done plenty of exploring, but he was just getting started on the hikes trekking across miles of land. The one spot so important in April is George’s Pasqueflower Patch. You can’t do better than that area for communing with nature in April.

Porter wasn’t above getting distracted for some playtime even when he was at George’s Pasqueflower Patch. Porter’s new friend, Duke, made for a great companion hiking or just hanging out having a good time.

April 10th was a fine day for motorcycling after all the activity earlier in the day.

Yeah, that trip to Igloo Bridge for some train watching put icing on the cake for a great day.

What do you think of this day, Porter?


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