Kelvin’s Kapers April 08, 2018

Basset oh bassets, the wind howled, the sky thundered, and the rain came down last night.
This morning? Nice and clear. One thing I’ve noticed is the sun rising and warming up the sofa. It’s the perfect place for a quick basset nap after my walk.

Some of the day was spent trying to organize some of the unpacking. I found my little Basset Hound statue and put him in front of the house.

Hey, we look pretty good together!

In the evening, I took of a couple of shots from inside the house looking out east and west. Here’s looking east as the sun was setting.

And here’s looking at the setting sun.

I’ll woof to you right away that we do have houses and stuff in these two views, but when using the 200mm lens, I can focus beyond the signs of human stuff and bring the spectacular scenery of this area into the house.

Ten years ago Porter had a beautiful day to spend in George’s Pasqueflower Patch.

Porter thought it all pretty amazing.

He sure could take some nice Pasqueflower photos, since a Basset Hound is designed for photos of wildflowers close to the ground.

It wasn’t just Pasqueflowers either, cuz the trains are great on a beautiful day too.

You want to see alert? Check out Sheriff George on Windsong Rise back on April 08, 2006.

Now that’s alert!

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