Kelvin’s Kapers April 07, 2018

Hard to believe that this bunch of sticks makes up a house.

You humans are so clever.

The movers came today! Yup, I spent the time supervising again. I had some comfort with this supervision trick.

Now the house and garage are stuffed with unpacked boxes.

Porter was up early with the sun on April 07, 2010.

There was still snow on the ground from the day before, kinda nice for train watching in the morning.

In the afternoon, Porter checked on the Pasqueflowers.

Yup, a-ok!

Sheriff George’s morning in 2006 couldn’t be beat. After a run on Basset Back Ridge, George alertly took in all the goings on around Windsong Rise.

Basset heaven! Aaarrrrhhhooo-ooo!!

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