Kelvin’s Kapers April 04, 2018

Moving Day!!!!
Yup, I spent much of my day supervising the movers.

I’ll woof to you that the movers were grateful for my help.

At around 3:30pm, it was time to hit the road.

The trip to Grand Junction was only bad around Vail Pass because of the snow coming down. We reached Grand Junction just as it started getting dark, a little after 8pm. Basset oh bassets, I was so happy to climb into a bed at the Motel 6 of Grand Junction. But, we made it! Grand Junction is my new home!

Eight years ago today Porter was up early to catch the sunrise at the river.

After that it was time for his run and then some hiking. All in all it was a typical busy day for Porter.

After his run in 2006, Sheriff George was enjoying the sun streaming through the Ponderosa pines.

You can’t beat the forests around Edgemont for enjoyable relaxation.

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