Kelvin’s Kapers April 03, 2018

Can you believe this? Snow! And it wasn’t even in the forecast.

Guess this is the last photo of the castle rock of Castle Rock.

Mom’s ownership of the condo has officially ended today. After tomorrow, I won’t be looking at power lines and McMansions when I’m out walking.

What’s really cool is that I’ll have my own backyard in Grand Junction come Friday afternoon.

Porter had George’s Pasqueflower Patch which saw snow on April 03, 2010. Lot’s of moisture on the first Pasqueflowers as the sun melted the snow.

Basset oh bassets, the wind in the afternoon sure dried up everything…

including Porter’s ears.

Sheriff George would have woofed to you that the warming of April weather sure made the jogs on Basset Back Ridge a fine thing.

After a good April jog George still had plenty of energy to alertly explore all along Elbow Canyon Road.

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