Kelvin’s Kapers March 29, 2018

Bark about a Basset Slobber Zone, that would be the drive yesterday once we got to the Colorado border. There was fog, there was snow, there was stop and go traffic, there was a slick road. Dad told me that he’d rather be sprayed by basset slobber than drive through that kind of nonsense.
But, we made it. And of course, this morning I got to go out in the snow.

Notice how fine the morning looks too.

After the long car ride yesterday and the terrible weather of the evening, it sure felt good to stretch my basset legs.

Okay, they don’t stretch much since they’re so short 🙂

Porter had yet ANOTHER beautiful day on March 29, 2010.

And Porter had yet ANOTHER motorcycle ride! This time for a hike to George’s Pasqueflower Patch, which turned out to be a thirsty business with the warm temperature of the day.

The March wind did come up, which helped Porter cool down.

Barking of March wind, how about Sheriff George in March wind?!!!


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