Kelvin’s Kapers March 27, 2018

Here I am on Howling Rock with a beautiful day coming my way.

You know, we bassets do appreciate a good day.

I mean look at Sheriff George back in 2006. See the alert basset stance? Yeah, that’s indicative of our enjoyment of a fine weather day when the hiking and running are superb.

Okay, I’m not much of a runner…

but I have become a good hiker. And, I’m more than willing to help dad with photos.

Barking of photos, isn’t this a weird looking shot in the burn area from the 2012 White Draw Fire?

And way off in the distance I could see Edgemont and the new water tower. Notice anything missing? Well, probably not unless you know Edgemont well. The thing missing is the old, orange water tower. It’s been taken down.

Did I woof that I’m not much of a runner? That doesn’t mean that I can’t or don’t run! Yup, give me a great day like today and I’ll show you my running stuff.

Isn’t it amazing, too, how the path Sheriff George made in 2003 at the Edgemont airport still is there today?!!!

Bark about beautiful days, huh Porter?!!! Can’t do much better than a hike to Summit Tree Camp on a beautiful March 27th day!

Holy Bassets! It’s an excellent day for some talented stick playing!


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