Kelvin’s Kapers March 17, 2018

Mom’s flying home today from Grand Junction.
I’ve looked, but I haven’t seen her plane yet.

Hold on a moment…my incredible Basset Hound nose is picking up something.

Wow!!!! Mom has found a house that she really likes!!!!!

Using my incredible Basset Hound nose’s reception, here are some photos of the house.

Looks like to me that the house is newly built. I like the kitchen, but no frig. Okay, I’ll tell Mom that I’ll buy a new frig with my allowance money, cuz a frig is only second to the kitchen as the most important thing in a house!

Can’t wait for Mom to get home!

Porter had a nice sunrise on March 17, 2010. Looks like a good motorcycle day!

Of course, he took a trip to Igloo Bridge for some train action.

And for the first time, Porter made a trip into Wyoming on the motorcycle with a stop at the state line.

Hey, that’s South Dakota he’s heading back to. Yay!

I’ll woof to you that being sheriff wasn’t always an easy job for Sheriff George. For example, Sheriff George had to keep the peace when the locals organized protests.

But Sheriff George was the best at his job, the absolute best!

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