Kelvin’s Kapers March 13, 2018

Wake up Kelvin!

Basset oh bassets, it’s hard to adjust to daylight savings time.

I even have to work on waking up my slobber machine (okay, that’s not really true, cuz a REAL Basset Hound has 24 hour slobber).

Beautiful day for this Kelvin Basset!

Mom’s talking about a trip to Grand Junction, so things are busy around the house. Too bad I can’t go outside on my own to sun myself and avoid any work 🙂

Bark about a good day for Porter on March 13, 2010. Yup, it was pretty obvious how nice the day would be even before the sun was up.

So why not take advantage of a fine March day with another motorcycle ride to Igloo Bridge?

Catch those trains in action, yay!

A fine day indeed, right Porter?

You know what is another great way to start out a March day? Get up on Howling Rock before the sun is up and let the world know how much you enjoy Howling Rock.

Right Sheriff George?

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