Kelvin’s Kapers March 11, 2018

I can’t see! I can’t see!

Oh, that’s better.

Holy Bassets, I thought that I was going blind. Whew, what a relief to find out it wasn’t so.

Clear skies with some cold March temperatures this morning (9 degrees).

But here’s the thing, dad and I are heading back to Castle Rock today. And guess what? Mom sold the condo. Yup, just like that! So, it will be house hunting time.

Sheriff George would tell you that the first thing to do in the morning is check the weather.

Yup, we bassets have extraordinarily sensitive noses to the weather. Combine the nose and tongue and you got one superb weather forecasting system.

And we bassets give an extremely accurate measurement of the wind speed.

Just ask Porter back on March 11, 2010.


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