Kelvin’s Kapers March 06, 2018

The car was packed, and I was in the front seat. Dad and I headed out for Edgemont.

What dad didn’t tell me is all the snow waiting for us at Edgemont. Holy Bassets! I was one tired basset as dad and I had to shovel the snow off the driveway just so we could get the car in the driveway!


Eight years ago today, Porter had his share of snow too.

Nobody said cowboying was easy, that’s for sure.

Porter sure was glad that he had his own backseat heater when he went to Rapid City later in the day.

“Hey dad, how come we don’t have a heated backseat in Basset1?” I’ll have you know that the new Ford doesn’t have a heated backseat either. Dad sure is a cheapskate.

This is the way March 6th should be! Sun and warmth and NO snow! Sheriff George was enjoying greatly his hike to Grand View.


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