Kelvin’s Kapers March 05, 2018

Porter Reporter reporting!

March 05, 2010 found Porter writing articles about Sheriff George. Why not start with the most famous character in the history of Edgemont?

Of course, Porter would become famous in his own right. As well he should!

Barking of Sheriff George, what do you do when there’s a March snowstorm? Have a great time!


Now I gotta tell you that I am one long Basset Hound.

I’m so long that sometimes my backend takes awhile to get the message from the front end as to direction to go and stuff like that.

Sure makes walking in snow more difficult when the backend doesn’t make a turn as quickly as the front.

Good thing that we haven’t had much snow! Holy Bassets, the temperature even reached 72 degrees a couple days ago.
But we have had a lot of wind the last few days.

Mom told me that I should post all my wind photos from the last few days, so here goes.

And a good time was had by all!!!!

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