Kelvin’s Kapers March 04, 2018

More sun, more blue sky, and more mild temperatures.


Dad told me to pose for a bit of Ponderosa Sky. No problem.

No problem until the strong wind blew some hay in my mouth. Hack, hack…


Okay, now I’m good to go again.

Wonder if all those great models have the same problems that I do? You know, like Lauren Hutton or Kate Moss choking on hay 🙂

Barking of great models, how about Porter doing his best posing now that he knew how to ride the motorcycle?

It was so warm on March 04, 2010 Porter had to find the last bit of snow to cool off on after his run early in the morning.

Whoops, can’t forget the great model Sheriff George!!!

Holy Bassets! Now there’s a basset who knew how to pose on the motorcycle!

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