Kelvin’s Kapers February 03, 2018

Porter went for his early morning run on March 03, 2010, knowing that today would be a great day for his first motorcycle ride!

Yup, he got his ride on the motorcycle cruising Edgemont.

Sheriff George would have told Porter that lots of great riding days were coming in Porter’s future.
One of the best rides? Going to Sylvan Lake!!!

Bassets oh bassets, today would have been a great day for a motorcycle ride in Castle Rock, but not Edgemont where the snow is still piled up.
Since there wasn’t a motorcycle ride for me on this day, I had to be content with providing my own speed.

Yay Kelvin!

Look at that blue sky.

Fabulous morning to be outside.

It’s so warm today that winter seems far away. Though I guess it’s not that far away, cuz Edgemont is going to have snow and strong, cold winds starting tomorrow.

Dad tells me that we’ll be going to Edgemont on Tuesday. I think that I’ll be having cold paws.

During my late morning nap a Minion came to visit.

Hey! He brought me my new Kelvin book!!!!

Wow! Hot off the press! I can’t wait to get one of my books to Nina!

I’m famous! (Well…almost.)

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