Kelvin’s Kaper March 02, 2018

That Sony A7Riii sure is an incredible camera.

One of the things that really stands out is the outstanding focusing.

For example, when the macro lens gets in closer, the A7Riii still focuses on exactly the spot where you set the focus.

And my eye when closer is over 700px wide, which is a lot of pixel width for a dog eye.

But, as you notice, even at f/8 the focusing is spot on.


Splendid morning to be out and about.

As you can see in the background, the colors smooth into a nice canvas.

You know what would make the splendid morning even more splendid?

A treat!

Porter had a splendid morning too on February 02, 2010.

Of course, he had a huge national forest to wander around in, which made the morning even more splendid.

Even more exciting, Porter sat on the motorcycle for the first time!!!!!

Just think, in 2010 Porter traveled almost 12,000 miles on the motorcycle.

That Porter! He was going to be a true motorcycle rider just like Sheriff George.


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