Kelvin’s Kaper February 23, 2018

Well, I’ll be a darn basset! One might think all the snow is gone when looking at this photo.

Alas, no. The snow is still around.

And it’s still cold for Castle Rock, cuz it was 12 degrees when I went for my walk.

Much as I say it’s cold, consider Edgemont this week for low temperatures:
Tuesday morning: -20
Wednesday morning: -30
Thursday morning: -19
Friday morning: -18
Holy Bassets! Now that’s cold! And it’s not going to warm up much.

It wasn’t that cold for Porter back on February 23, 2010.

Not like there wasn’t winter around, including snow.

By this time, however, Porter was taking it all in stride…

and thinking Edgemont the best place in the world!

Oh! And this is important! I’ve got a Kelvin book for the first time!!!!!

A Tale of Kelvin the Wizard
This is way cool for me!!!!

It took a lot of posing for photos, but I got the job done. Dad thinks that I do a great job for photos…um, except for one problem.
I’m kind of a drool master. Yup, I’ve mastered the drool alright!

(I could compete for a gold medal for drooling if there was such an event!)

With my new book, I now join George and Porter for books. That’s worth howling about!!!!


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