Kelvin’s Kapers February 22, 2018

No blue sky to see this morning on our walk.

Mornings like this I get blue sky envy…

as I look at Porter’s photos from eight years ago.

Yeah, look at that blue sky behind handsome Porter.

But Porter would have told me that it was sure colder on his morning than on mine.

Yup, you don’t collect snow beards on a mild February day.

And even with sun and blue sky, it could be new and very cold snow, which is rough on my paws.

Holy Bassets, doesn’t Sheriff George handle cold snow with aplomb?

Despite the clouds, I could find spots with no snow, quite nice for my paws.

When we got home, dad gave me a new ball cap.

Snake River Farms! Home to some of the finest steak. “Hey Mom! Every basset loves steak!!!!”

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