Kelvin’s Kapers February 09, 2018

Dad and I started our early morning walk with the moon shining and the sun starting to rise…and then the fog rolled in and the temperature dropped 14 degrees…brrr.
Good thing the fog went away before 10am, the start of mom’s garage sale.
What’s this on my head? A price tag?!!!! Well, at least it has $1 million written on it.

Do you think this basset is worth $1 million?

You better believe it!!! As a matter of fact, one guy did offer to buy me, but mom said that she couldn’t sell me for any amount of money. Whew!
BTW: Mom’s garage sale was an astounding success.

We have snow in the forecast for tomorrow. Which made me think how beautiful the Edgemont area looked on February 09, 2010.

That Porter sure makes the snowy scenes even better!

How about Sheriff George in the snow?

Only one thing to woof…aaarrrhhhhoooo-ooo-oo!!!!!!!!!!!!

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