Kelvin’s Kapers February 05, 2018

Too bad King of Bones day fell on a Saturday cuz no one got off work for it. On the other hand, if the feds do the right thing and make it a National Holiday, why people would get today off for King of Bones Holiday.


Another morning for the A7riii, what with the temperature being warm for February and the sky cooperating.

It has no problem focusing with the sun shining in front of the camera.

Dad and I have taken a little over 350 shots with the A7riii, so we’re not experts on the camera.

That being woofed, the camera exhibits all the qualities of a top notch camera, and it is easy to use in the sense that it doesn’t interfere the process of the photo you’re taking.
Best camera he’s ever used is dad’s opinion.

It is far and away more cooperative than the other digital full frame cameras dad has used: A7rii, A7ii, A7r, A7, Nikon D800e, Nikon D750, Canon 5DII, and the Canon 5D. The focusing is spot on without worrying about microfocusing when you’re taking photos of a subject less than 4 feet away. The buffer is big, big, so you can keep snapping away without worrying that those big RAW files (88meg!) will slow you down.

Is it more cooperative than a great cropped sensor camera like the Nikon D7200 or Sony A6500? Might very well be for close up shots, cuz though the Nikon D7200 has fantastic focusing, it still has the problems of each lens needing microfocusing adjustment. The Sony A6500 has darn good focusing, but still can miss the plane of focusing even when its focusing lock tells you it has focus (at least, it doesn’t have the microfocusing problems of a DLSR). The big advantage of the cropped sensor cameras is the big DOF, which makes focusing errors less problematic than the full frame sensor cameras. But that hasn’t been a downfall of A7riii (unlike the A7r – awful, awful camera – or the Nikon D800e).

Whew, that was a windy bark session, wasn’t it?
Okay how about Porter on February 05, 2010? It was another day of lots of clouds and snow.

No matter to Porter!

And no matter to the Canon 5DII, which handled the snow and cold with the same aplomb that Porter did (not sure if the A7riii would do as well with the snow and cold).

Oh bassets, oh bassets! Who can ever forget Sheriff George and George’s Pasqueflower patch?!!!!

Dad’s 24th favorite photo of Sheriff George!

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