Kelvin’s Kapers February 04, 2018

Dad told me that when he started his early morning run, the temperature was 41 degrees. By the time he got home the wind was blowing hard, the fog had moved in, and the temperature was down to 22 degrees. By the time I got this photo the temperature had dropped even more to 15 degrees.

It wasn’t pleasant out, I’ll woof to you.

Good thing I had my coat on.

Porter didn’t need a coat until the temperature got below 0.

I guess coming from the Jackson area of Wyoming helped him get used to snow.

He was out all morning in the snow and cold back on February 04, 2010. Yet, he still had plenty of energy and was happy enough to do a dance for everyone at the library.

Bark about a special guy!

Well, if we do get snow, I hope there isn’t much and by the time I go out in it the sun will be shiningly warm.

Oh yeah, yesterday I promised to show the detail difference between DxO Pro and Capture One for this photo.

Pixel peeping at my eye 😉
DxO Pro:

Capture One

Yeah, DxO Pro does the better job.

Dad’s 23rd favorite photo of Sheriff George!

May the howls of your favorite basset hound be heard for ever and ever!

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