Kelvin’s Kapers February 03, 2018

Happy Game of Bones Day!!!!!

King Porter lives on!!!!

Since the morning had a sunny sky and a mild temperature, dad and I took the Sony A7riii out for a long test of basset portrait photos.

“How do you want to work this, dad?”

“I know! Let’s get down low and up close with the Sony 55mm lens.

“I’ll kinda roll my eyes around.”

“Keep the focus on them dad.”

Okay, here’s what we think of the Sony A7riii: it’s a superb camera for close up shots. The focusing is magnificent with nary any need for adjusting a microfocus for the lens. And, unlike the Sony A7rii, the A7riii handles uncompressed raw files with ease, so you’re not waiting on the camera.
Holy Bassets!!!!
Since we were on a roll with the photo session, we figured it was time to compare the latest Capture One raw converter to DxO Pro, which as you know is our mainstay for raw conversion.
DxO Pro:

Capture One:

Notice that they’re close to each other, but the DxO photo has more red in it, while the Capture One has more color saturation. What I’ll show tomorrow is the detail difference. So far DxO is the clear winner for detail.

Porter was showing his portrait work too, though it was 8 years ago.

Porter sure picked a good spot in Ponderosa Thicket with nice backlighting.

In Castle Rock, I can’t always point the camera in any direction, cuz of manmade stuff filling the background. Porter sure didn’t have my problem.

Turn up the cute, Porter!!!


George was also working on portrait photos for dad’s 22th favorite Sheriff George photo.

A beautiful spring day in Edgemont and wildflowers and Sheriff George!

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