Kelvin’s Kapers February 01, 2018

Sure would enjoy a decent sunrise.

Been a no go for great sunrises the last few days.

But! Much of the snow is gone, making for easier running. Yay!

I mean, look at last week.

Holy Bassets that was tough going compared to today.

Taking a look at dad’s 20th favorite photo of Sheriff George, I’d have to say that George sure had fun even in deep snow.

Brings shivers to my paws, it does! No snow for me please!

Then there was Porter. Snow? I love snow!!!!

February 01, 2010 and Porter was not only enjoying the snow, but he was also trying his talents in Ponderosa Thicket.

Porter had a master to emulate…

but Porter started giving it his all for the best photos, and many great Porter photos were to come in the future months and years.

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