Kelvin’s Kapers January 31, 2018

Holy Bassets, that Sheriff George sure could give the innocent look if needed. “What? I didn’t do anything bad.”

Oh, this would be dad’s 19th favorite photo of Sheriff George.

Who? Me? Bad?

I guess, um, kinda bad. You see, I was hungry.

Feeling kinda piggy even.

And acting piggy…

you know, doing my hamburger spell…

for a really big hamburger for a piggy me!

Wow oh wow bassets!!!! My hamburger spell brought one giant double cheeseburger!!!!

I made that big old cheeseburger disappear too! The old fashioned way, into my basset hound mouth! Yum!
And then I noticed!!! Oh no!!!! I demanded so much magic from my wand for such a big, beefy burger that my wand broke!!!

So now I’m a wandless Kelvin the Wizard. No more hamburger spells!


On a happier note, Porter had been with dad for a whole month back on January 31, 2010.

He was one happy, bouncy basset with his new home and his new dad; he was one magnificent basset living the good life!


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