Kelvins’s Kapers January 29, 2018

Holy Bassets, that snow is still around.

It does make for a comical Kelvin sometimes.

Laugh, laugh, and ha, ha.

I really don’t care for snow.

I wish that I could enjoy the snow as much as Porter did…

and as much as Sheriff George did!!! Yahoo!!!

Dad’s 17th favorite photo of Sheriff George. Arrhhhooo-ooo, George!!!!!

It was on this day back in 2010 that Porter tried on Sheriff George’s cowboy hat.

Definitely too small, so Porter knew that he had to find another hat for his future in Edgemont.

You might be wondering how my wizardry is coming along, now that I accomplished a hamburger spell.
Sigh…not so good. Darn hungry, and once again my hamburger spell wasn’t working.

My friend Nina came to the rescue!!!! Wizard extraordinaire! That’s what Nina is!

“Listen and watch, Kelvin,” Nina told me.

Lights, Camera, and Action!

“Abracadabra!!! Hamburger appear!!!”

Bassets oh bassets and wow and wow, that Nina is one talented wizard!

“Now Kelvin, promise me that you’ll not become greedy and piggy with the hamburger spell I taught you. Use magic sparingly or you’ll be sorry,” Nina explained to me.

Well, gosh oh bassets, I’m a basset and I can control my appetite…um, maybe.

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