Kelvin’s Kapers January 28, 2018

How about dad’s 16th favorite photo of Sheriff George?

Basset oh basset, Sheriff George sure could take cute to the next level for a treat!

Of course, it’s important to note that all bassets know how to turn on the cute to a high degree.

Cute is as natural to us bassets…

as is the sun rising every morning.

Does this look like one darn happy basset?!!!

Sure nuff!

Porter was very used to his early morning runs with dad. Yup, he liked to show dad that he was one tough basset…

even in snow.

Dad and Porter sure were having the best of times eight years ago.
Me? Well, I do enjoy my early morning walks. But, Holy Bassets, I do have trouble with running, especially in snow.

I’m good for a 25 yard sprint, after that…pant, pant…I need a break.

Porter could run five miles and come home looking as great as a perfect day.


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