Kelvin’s Kapers January 27, 2018

You know what they say about great minds thinking alike?

Okay, I’m not as smart as Porter was, but it’s nice to see we started our mornings the same even if Porter’s was a January 27, 2010 morning.

From the sunrise start Porter did have some great scenery as he went up Elbow Canyon Road with dad.

No cars yet to disturb the freshly fallen snow!

Yeah, quite beautiful!

From there it was time for Porter to put in the miles.

Me too! I put in some miles too.

Of course, I put in only three miles, while Porter did those ten miles.

The pounds were falling away from Porter. “Hey dad!…

Do I look like I’ve lost weight?”

You betcha, Porter!

Big news today! I got dad a Sony A7riii!

Dad took me out in the bright snow for a couple of test shots.

Looks like dad and I will have a fabulous camera to use!

Woofing of fabulous cameras, there’s no doubt the Sony DSC-R1 took magnificent photos of Sheriff George.

Happy song to the morning!!!! Dad’s 15th favorite Sheriff George photo.

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