Kelvin’s Kapers January 26, 2018

Winter can be tough in Castle Rock, but it’s even tougher in Edgemont. Here’s Sheriff George 10 years ago enjoying the sunrise on a subzero day.

Funny thing about this photo, it wasn’t in dad’s top 25 Sheriff George photos back when he posted the 25 in 2012. But dad sure has come to like it since. It might even be in the top 10 now.

You know, there’s a pattern here of getting up before the sunrises in winter, so us bassets can go out with dad into the winter cold.
George and Porter handled it with aplomb. You’d never guess it’s 0 degrees when Porter posed for this photo.

Of course, Porter blasted all around on this morning; his hike taking him to Mathias Peak.

A 5 mile run and a 5 mile hike was all in a morning’s workout for Porter. He loved it!

Me? Ha! I was having a hard time waking up with the sun this morning.

And you know, I don’t even go running with dad, so my mornings are a lot easier than George and Porter’s mornings. It’s usually a lot warmer in Castle Rock too.
Yeah I got it easy.

But it isn’t easy for ME! Okay, I do run for dad some, despite the snow. How about slides of basset running anatomy?

Go Kelvin, go!!!!

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