Kelvin’s Kapers January 16, 2018

We left Grand Junction this morning.

Bark about clear skies all the time we were in Grand Junction. And, I have to admit there are some darn nice houses too.

Holy Bassets, driving through Glenwood Canyon is interesting, but it gives me a bit of the nerves. Look how the westbound two lanes rise over the two eastbound lanes.

I woof to you that the snow at Vail Pass is NOT my kind of weather, way too much snow for my comfort.

But, I was glad to get out of the car.

At the Eisenhower Johnson Tunnel I find the air a bit too rarified, since we hit the 11,158 feet.

Bassets oh bassets, I sure was glad to get home. What will the future bring for us and Grand Junction? Well, we all think it’s a great place and living there would be the bassety bark. Of course, the devil is the details, so we’ll see what happens.

Okay, how about dad’s fifth favorite photo of George?

Now that’s bassety handsome!

Porter eight years ago did his early run…

and then had hikes in the morning…

and the afternoon.


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