Kelvin’s Kapers November 02, 2017

Bassets oh bassets, the Edgemont weather sure is a fickle beast.

Sometimes it’s a big beautiful sky.

Sometimes it’s the wind blowing like a hundred bassets baying.

Hey! Wind! Let go of my jowls!!!!

Heh, heh, someone in Nebraska will probably wonder how basset slobber fell from the sky.

Sometimes it’s snowing.

Did I woof how much fun snow is for a basset hound?

All this weather changing in a 24 hour period. Yup, that’s Edgemont!

Oh, I forgot to mention Halloween. I thought that I’d need the protection of a witch basset…

but, turns out, I liked all the little ghost and goblins knocking on the door. Yup, I went out and greeted every one of them!

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