April 17, 2017

Hey, another beautiful morning.

Even better, my nose didn’t give me fits this morning.

I could even get in a little get up and go without going into a sneezing fit.

Yup, I’m a happy camper.

Bark about the lap of luxury.

When mom and dad put this sofa out on the patio, I woofed to myself, “What a great idea!”

Little did I know that someone was coming to get the sofa.

And here I thought that I was going to enjoy some sunny days in style and comfort. Too bad.

Midmorning, I did go out to the field to catch some sunrays.

You know how much I enjoy my black saddle getting toasty warm.

Can’t forget the highpoint of the day! Game of Bones!!!!!

Wow, a Wendy’s triple burger right in front of my nose.

Holy Bassets, I do love Game of Bones!

Today I started out with another very cool (and I’m barking VERY COOL!) aperture disk.

Will you look at this?!!!!

Mom made an aperture disk with my sigil on it…

the cow and the moon.

How appropriate for King Porter!

This next aperture disk is worth a few chuckles.


Heh, heh, mom sure knows what a Porter basset loves!

And here’s my mom now working hard with me for another Games of Bones.

Mother of Bassets!

Dog oh dog, nothing like hiking around Edgemont on a fine April day.

So much to see and sniff out.

If you’re really basset lucky, you might even roundup some Pronghorns!

Goodness, goodness Sheriff George at his best.

And if it does rain then get down close to the Pasqueflowers…

and enjoy the water droplets clinging beautifully to a beautiful wildflower.

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