April 16, 2017

Whew, I sure had a bad time of it early this morning.

I couldn’t stop sneezing and my nose threw blood all over the place.

Brutal, I’m woofing to you.

Darn depressing too.

But wait, the nose is doing okay again and look at this beautiful day!

Plus I’m darn hungry for the great breakfast that mom said she would make for me.

Yay, yay, mom sure made a good breakfast for me, bacon and eggs and cheese and challah bread. Delicious!
The day was so nice, I got to spend plenty of time outdoors. Mom made sure that I had treats, treats, treats.

You can bet with the good rest and the good things to eat, I was recovered enough to play…Game of Bones!

Behind me is the inside of the card mom got me.

Way cool!

Since it is Easter, I started out with this aperture disk.

Yeah, it’s a rabbit.

You know, the Easter bunny is kind of a silly concept, but I figured I’d do the rabbit aperture disk anyway.

Though just woofing here, Easter would be a lot better off with an Easter basset.

Since I am King Porter, the next aperture disk to be used was a castle aperture disk.

You got to admit that my mom is pretty darn special for making all these aperture disks!
Here’s my favorite of the day.

Since I’m not getting to George’s Pasqueflower Patch, it was so very, very nice of my mom to make…

a Pasqueflower aperture disk.

My mom makes me feel like the most loved basset hound in the whole world!

Barking of Pasqueflowers, come on, come on…

let’s check out George’s Pasqueflower Patch and see how the Pasqueflowers are doing.

Ah, this is the life!

Pasqueflowers are the best!

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