April 08, 2017

Well doggoneit. Another cloudy day.

Wonder if I should have stayed in bed.

Wait a minute, it’s warm out and I’ll get a Burger King breakfast and a Wendy’s triple!

Good morning world!!!!

Hey dad! How about this? A basset hound walks into a burger joint. He orders a large cheeseburger and eats it. As he’s paying the check, the waitress says, “I never seen a talking basset hound in this joint before.” The basset woofs back, “And with these lousy burgers, you won’t see anymore.”

Ha! Ha!

Give me a high paw dad for that good joke!

Hey dad, here’s another one. A police officer was sitting his car with his K9 partner in the back seat. A man walked over and asked, “Is that a dog in the back seat?” The officer said, “It sure is.” The man responded, “Wow, what did he do?”

Heh, heh!

Give me another high paw dad for that joke!

Dad then told me that I am the smartest basset ever. I was a little embarrassed by his wonderful compliment.

“Gee dad, you make me blush.”

See dad and I still have the greatest time during our early morning outings, no matter the weather.

We did get breakfast at Burger King. Afterwards mom went shopping and bought a computerized cutting machine. Bark about the Dog’s Woof! She set to work when we got home making up new aperture disks for Game of Bones.
Which leads me into Game of Bones!!!! Yeah, this is what it’s all about!

A Wendy’s triple burger!

I do so love Game of Bones!

And what aperture disk was used today?

A snowflake?

Really dad?

Aren’t we supposed to be thinking spring?

You know, no more snow?

Guess I’d better concentrate on the burger.

I won’t deny that the snowflake does make some nice aperture shapes.

But still, I’ll forget the snow and go for the burger.

It’s so grand to wake up to a fine April morning.

Watching the changing early morning light.

And hiking…

to find the first Pasqueflowers peeking up through the snow.

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