April 01, 2017

I wish that when I woof to you that there was snow this morning, then I could happily bark, “April Fools!”

Such is not the case, however.

At least, I could get a snow bath.

Now that I’m clean I think dad should give me some treats.

“Hey dad! How about a couple treats?”

I turned up my basset cute.

Dad couldn’t resist so I got those treats! Yum.

“Okay dad, now let’s go home for breakfast.”

I have dad trained pretty well, cuz that’s what we did.

Before going to my professional life on the stage of Game of Bones, I did get my beauty rest.
Dog oh dog, it can be hard to get a good nap in. First, Squire Squirrel wanted to ask me something.

Then Minion Bob wanted to get warm by snuggling under my ear.

I did manage to get some shuteye, however.
Yup, I was ready for Game of Bones action!!!

How do you like mom’s Game of Bones set for today?

I like the King Porter card behind me.

Looking darn great!

Bring on the main character, Porter basset, and you’ve got the perfect Game of Bones photoshoot.

Of course, what’s closest to my heart is a Wendy’s triple burger!

Holy Bassets, bring on the hearts for the love theme of a Porter basset and his Wendy’s.

In case you are wondering, these photos were taken with the heart aperture disk.

Aren’t these Lensbaby aperture disks a howling good time?

So what’ca think George?

Will the sunrise bring a nice day…

or do an April Fools trick?

No more snow! Right George?

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