March 29, 2017

Yes, this would be snow and wind…again.

Of course, consider that this is the High Plains, so-o-o, six hours later.

Which would you rather have?

Yeah, pretty easy decision.

Go for the sun and blue!

But if the weather does give you snow then do the things to enjoy it, like a snow bath!

Clean machine.

For a real challenge practice catching treats in the snow and wind!

Hey, you got to admit that I do the treat catching pretty darn well.

Back inside the condo, I practiced my lighting technique.

I wanted to get ready for the Game of Bones tunnel.

How about a profile highlight? Come awake Porter basset.

There’s those basset eyes.

Pretty cool, huh?

And now for the roll of the basset eyes.

Aren’t basset eyes the best?!!!!

Okay, lighting practice done; time for Game of Bones!

Hmm-m, the basset hound sure looks good (that would be me!), but the lighting still doesn’t work well with the tunnel.

Okay, time to remove the tunnel and bring those sweet bovines around me.

That’s better, but the background is probably too busy for good backlighting. I’ll have to think more about this backlighting and Game of Bones.
One thing that I didn’t have to think about was Game of Bones and Wendy’s cheeseburgers! Delicious as usual!!!!

Well, well, this sure makes for a great late March day!

Um, this does not.

Dog oh dog, some March days you have to dig up some color from underneath the snow.

Good going George!

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