March 27, 2017

We’re gonna get sun this morning.

Now that’s a good thing!

The sunglow is coming up behind me.

Heh, heh, I’ll pop my head up…



Time to enjoy it even if the ground is a bit cold.

Warms my mind and my heart, it does.

Then it’s time to turn around and get the sunglow full face.

Dog oh dog, I love this golden light.

We had sun for the morning.

That’s a good thing too!

Feels good on the back, it does.

Too bad it didn’t last.

And what’s worse is that we’ve got another winter storm headed our way…blah.

George wasn’t a big fan of overcast days either.

“How about some sun?”

“You know, something more than just a few blue sky patches!”

So when the day dawns with clear skies…

that made George darn happy.

Even if there was March snow on the ground.

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