March 26, 2017

Not much to bark nicely about the weather today. Darn dreary out. You can bet breakfast was the highest thing on my mind when we I came back inside. I was keeping track of mom and dad closely.

So like, when’s breakfast?

We didn’t get to go to Burger King, but that’s okay because I do love Reece’s Puffs.

Yeah, it’s a lot of sugar, but it’s not like I’m worried about that.

Well that was pretty good! When’s lunch?

Did I woof about lunch? We picked up lunch at Miyo. Yay! Dad and I shared a bacon cheeseburger. Delicious. Too bad we couldn’t eat outside at Miyo, but the food is more important than where it’s eaten.
Come the afternoon, we had some thirty seconds of sun. Oh my.

I figured Game of Bones would be the highpoint of the day, what with the stupid weather. While waiting for mom to exclaim, “Game of Bones!” I compared the Rokinon 8mm lens to the Lensbaby 7mm circular lens.

You can take your pick of either one, though the Lensbaby is more eye catching. But the Rokinon fills the frame.

Game of Bones!!!!!

Of course, dad had to mess around with the 50mm Sweet before…

before the most important set piece of Game of Bones made its entrance on the stage…
Wendy’s triple burger!!!!!

A beautiful sight!

For a beautiful Porter basset 🙂

Yeah, there’s days where those clouds sure are pesky.

And things are too gloomy.

And they might even drop some unwanted moisture on ya.

But it doesn’t hurt to howl for the sun.

Really howl!!!

Cuz you might call out enough to get the sun to shine!

Hope I get some sun tomorrow.

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