March 07, 2017

Sun’s up! Wind’s up!

So, I was wondering as I snap sunrise photos, how come the Sony NEX-7 has richer colors than the Sony a6000?

Here’s the NEX-7:

And here’s the a6000:

Doesn’t make much sense, since both shots have the same exposure, aperture, and ISO.

It would be two different lenses, however.

I sure like the old NEX-7 for these sunrise shots.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the a6000. It sure focuses easier.

Since it was so nice, I took some time for sun and golden grass. Can you tell this shot is with the Trio Twist?

And this one is with the Trio Sweet?

The Sweet does the manual focus better than the Twist.

Maybe because it’s a sharper lens?

Not that the Twist is bad; it just doesn’t have that sharp focus spot that the Sweet does.

Hey dad! I need to get up and do some exercise.

Yeah, I still can move along pretty well.

Not bad for a guy living with cancer for 9 months now.

This next two shots use a new Godox flash and transmitter that I told dad we should try out considering the cheap price.

It works quite well. Not bad for $120. The Sony flash of the same power costs $500 and that doesn’t include a transmitter module. I’ll be using this flash for off camera flash.

Dog oh dog, I wish that I was at Mathias Peak today. You know, it’s a great spot when the March day has nice weather. Just look at George enjoying the Mathias Peak hike.

What a great spot…

for a great basset!

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