March 06, 2017

Are you bored of basset sunrises?

No, you can’t be!

I mean, look at all the fun you’d be missing out on!

Besides, how can anyone tire of the sun bringing golden warmth to a cold morning?

Feels darn good.

As for me, I’m kinda thinking that the early morning sun helps my poor nose.

I think that I’m right on this, don’t you?

Good thing that we got started early.

Cuz those clouds were sneaking up behind me.

And weighing me down.

Holy bassets, I barely had time to enjoy the golden sunlight…

before it was gone, and the wind came up, and the temperature dropped 14 degrees. Dog oh dog, it got cold darn fast. Then the snow came. I was darn glad to get home and get away from all this weather nonsense.

It wasn’t until mid afternoon that the clouds started to breakup. It was pleasant walking again.

There wasn’t a lot of blue sky, but it sure was great to see those patches.

The only problem was a cold north wind blowing.

Such was my day. Good thing mom gave me plenty of treats to get through this day.

Barking of getting through the day. George never knew what the weather might bring for Edgemont.

But that didn’t stop George from having a great time.

And looking his bassety best!

Still, he was always happy to find his warm chair waiting for him come evening.

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