March 04, 2017

Are you ready for a sunrise?!!!!!

One, two, three…

balance it on your nose.

Four, five, six…

give it a big basset lick!

Give things a little Twist and it looks darn good in the golden light.


Not bad after a bit of Sweet either.


Way to go Lensbaby.

Once again the clouds were playing their cover the sun game early in the morning. I barely got some photos snapped before, poof!, the clouds ruined the beautiful morning light. Time for a Burger King breakfast.
Later, near noon, the clouds finally moved out. Yeah, that meant catch some sun.

Dog oh dog, it sure felt good.

Hey, hey, have you heard of Arby’s Meat Mountain sandwich?

It’s supposed to be huge!!!

Mom decided we’d better get one…

to see how big it really is without the Arby’s hyperbole.

Yeah, it’s pretty good size, but not THAT big like the ads would have you believe.

Mind you, not that I’m complaining!

I’ll woof to you that I’ll gladly woof this Meat Mountain down!

This is the stuff which basset dreams are made of…

So come back tomorrow because for now…

I’ve got to live my dreams 🙂

Some days you get up early and go outside…

look up to the morning sky…

and know it’s going to be a great basset type day!

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