March 04, 2017

Give me some of that old time sunrise!!

Give me some of that old time sunrise!!!

Give me some of that old time sunrise!!!!

I hope you like my sunrise singing.

You do?!!! Awww-ww, now I’m all self-conscious.

We had to be quick to get the early morning sun,

cuz those clouds were moving in.

Come on dad, we need some golden grass shots in golden light before the clouds cover the sun.

Whew! Just made it.

And the light can’t be beat.

After breakfast and messing around the house, the sun did come back. I figured a snooze in the grass with the sun on my back would be a good idea.

This isn’t the right spot.

This should be better.

Yup, it is.

I had to go to the vet this afternoon, my ears again. Yeah, it was traumatic, but I did get a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger afterwards.
Come evening I needed to calm my nerves. It was time for some music, specifically Oscar Peterson.

Ahh-hh, goodnight all.

Hey, how did George do it, getting up so early every morning?

You know going hiking

and enjoying the scenery.

Catching train action at Igloo Bridge.

Here comes one now!

And taking a motorcycle ride.

Dog oh dog, he sure lived a full and wonderful life!

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