February 28, 2017

Nasty winter day out today.

Cold and damp and snow.

How about some sun?!!!!!

Guess it will be photos inside today.

I went again with low light focusing using the Sony 90mm macro lens on the a6300.

You know what? It could be a lot better.

Then I worked on my manual focusing skills, first with the Lensbaby Sweet 35…

then with the Lensbaby Sweet 50.

The Lensbaby Sweet 50 still impresses me with how much better it works than the Sweet 35.

Since I was on a manual focusing roll, it was time to bring out the Laowa 15mm macro lens again.

The Laowa is easy to focus, no doubt about that.

Time for a comparison between the Lensbaby 50 Sweet…

the Laowa 15mm macro lens…

and the Sony 90mm macro lens.

Pixel peeping:
Lensbaby 50 Sweet

Laowa 15mm macro lens

Sony 90mm macro lens

Yeah, the other two can’t compete for sharpness with the Sony 90mm macro lens. It’s an unfair comparison, cuz there might be a couple of lenses that can and those lenses cost thousands of dollars. But there’s not denying how much fun the Lensbaby and Laowa lenses are.

Mickelson Trail in February! Get ready…

for fun!

What a blast!

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