February 23, 2017

As forecast, no sun today.

Winter has returned.


And you know what? The forecast said some snow, but “no or little snow accumulation.” They got that wrong cuz we got about three inches of snow today.

Hey, here’s mom’s new Sony A7ii.

That’s the Lensbaby 50mm Sweet lens on it.

It takes photos like this.


The A7ii feels more refined than the A7. Though the photo quality isn’t all that much different. They’re both 24 megapixels, but kinda interesting that the A7 photo size is 6018×4000 pixels, while the A7ii is 6000×4000 pixels. The A7ii has in camera stabilization, which is really cool. That does add some weight, since the A7 is a light 474 grams, while the A7ii is a bit porky at 600 grams.

What with the snow and gloom, I sure was looking forward to…Game of Bones!!!!

Well, I’ll be! Stuart and Kevin showed up today to thank me for saving the Minions from the Killer Rabbits.

So nice of them too, cuz they brought eggs with hamburgers in them.

No, chickens don’t lay hamburgers, so don’t get that wrong idea. The Minions thought that it would be a cute gesture of gratitude by putting the burgers in Easter eggs.

I like that!

Thanks Minions!

Okay, now for the burgers!

Isn’t Game of Bones the greatest?!!!!

Edgemont! Land of scenery…


and the best bassets!!!!!

The bassets would be George and me 🙂

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