February 19, 2017

Blah, looks like it’s going to be a gloomy one today.

I feel like going back to bed when it’s like this.

Wait a minute, there is a Burger King breakfast to look forward to.

Yup, giddy up Porter! Time for breakfast!

How about that, while we were eating a Burger King breakfast the sun came out for a little bit on Founders Parkway.

Not that it was going to hang around.

To the wall!!!! Game of Bones time here!
As you remember in our last episode, I had been told of the Killer Rabbits crossing the wall. Sorry about their luck, cuz I’m going to make rabbit stew out of those no good, long eared denizens north of the wall.

King Porter rises up to the occasion!

“Dog oh dog, you’re an ugly looking bunch.”

“I’d woof, prepare to meet your maker, but I’m sure even your maker doesn’t want you back!”

The battle (very one sided battle, I might add) began!
In deference to our younger readers, I’ve left out the photos of a graphical nature. My more mature audience will surely imagine the carnage that took place.

Notice my squire, Little Squirrel, joined me in battle with a ferociousness almost as great as mine.

The day is ours! The battle won!

The bovines of the realm are safe and will continue to fatten up to become future cheeseburgers.
Stupid rabbits, they never learn!

The moral of today’s story:
When you hear the basset’s war cry…

moving onto battle…

joining battle with a ferocious…

lightning speed attack…

with victory in his eye,

then you’ll know every day of battle is the basset’s day!


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