February 18, 2017

Watching the sun come up was pretty nice.

Even if the clouds were going to take over in about ten minutes.

One minute to go.

And then it was cloudy, blah.

Well, I finished my walk under the clouds. Good thing we went to Burger King to lift my spirits.
After Burger King mom wanted to get some set items for Game of Bones.

I did get a little sun for patio pooching in the afternoon.

Wait a second! Did someone say Game of Bones?!!!!

I’m already for Game of Bones happiness!

I was already to set myself to eat a cheeseburger. When…
And what’s this coming through the misty haze?

Why it’s a Minion! With rabbit ears!!!! Wait a minute, I know this Minion! It’s Stuart!

“So, what’s up my little Minion?”

Just between you and me, I thought Stuart was coming to ask for some cheeseburgers.

The poor Minion told me that he escaped from captivity, captivity by the killer rabbits north of the wall. And that’s not all, the killer rabbits were coming over the wall and murdering helpless bovines as they grazed in the fields, bovines fattening themselves up for future hamburgers.

“This cannot be tolerated!” I growled.

“Those rascally rabbits will meet their end, and I will free the Minions! I will save the cows for future cheeseburgers!”

Barking of cheeseburgers, I knew that I owed Stuart a cheeseburger for his harrowing escape and in-the-nick-of-time information.

And so Stuart feasted with King Porter…

in the castle of the Porter basset, who would soon rid the world of those killer rabbits.

We finished and Stuart turned to leave.

“Goodbye little friend. Your days of torture will soon be at an end.”

I felt so bad for him, what the killer rabbits had done to him.

Then I knew, it was time to trap those rascally rabbits at the wall. King Porter will overcome!

We bassets are a fierce bunch!

We run like the wind…

and brave the elements.

Nothing can stop us when evil needs undoing.

And we’re always on guard to save the day.

Yay George! Yay Porter!

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