February 16, 2017

Darn nice morning and not as cold as yesterday.

I figured it would be nice to play with the early morning sunbeams.

Get them colorized and…

take a little taste…

okay, a big taste!

“Taste the sunbeams Porter!” Yeah!

I brought along the Trio 28mm Sweet to see how it handled a sunrise.

It does an okay job. Too bad I can’t compose the shot better since the sweet spot stays in the center.

Dog oh dog, love the light this early morning!

I knew it was going to be a warm one today.

And it turned to be a warm: 76 degrees!

Walking around trying out the Trio Twist was warm work.

Doesn’t it figure that I couldn’t find a good background to show off the Twist?

Didn’t even work for the golden grass, rats.

But I can always count on the Sweet.

Yeah, that’s nice.

Was there Game of Bones today?
You better believe it! I wanted to show off the new blanket mom got me.

That’s one big Porter basset behind me! Um, but I’ll admit that I was more interested in the Wendy’s triple cheeseburger.

I’d sure like to eat that cheeseburger now.

And that’s what happened! Yay for Game of Bones!

Catch a good sunrise…

and you’ll have a good day all day long.

Just ask George!

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