Kelvin’s Kapers March 21, 2018

Well, well, a decent sunrise.

I haven’t been too good about catching the sunrises, cuz it’s a little too early now for me to get up and going.

The snow is melting, but there’s plenty of the white stuff. I’ll woof to you that I like to keep my nose to the ground. This makes running in the snow somewhat of a challenge.

You guessed it, sometime my noses catches in the snow and then it’s Kelvin crash time.

I know Porter wasn’t crashing in the snow on March 21, 2010.

Yeah, Porter could laze out in the sun at George’s Pasqueflower Patch, cuz no snow!

Lucky basset got to ride the motorcycle too.

And the evening was nice enough to catch some last minute train watching off of Fiddle Creek Road.

Sheriff George, on the other paw, had a great March run in the snow some 12 years ago.

Ice on the ears, crisp air in the nose, and snow cushioning makes for a fine time on Basset Back Ridge.

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Kelvin’s Kapers March 20, 2018

Happy first day of Spring!

Of course, we all know that you never know whether it will be spring like or winter like on the first day of spring in the High Plains. Porter in 2010 was enjoying a spring like day at Igloo.

Certainly was a nice day for walking…

and checking out the ruins of Igloo.

Sheriff George, on the other hand, in 2006 romped through deep snow.

More winter like for me this year.

No denying, though, the snow sparkled beautifully.

And did I romp? You betcha!

Was the first day of spring worth howling about? You betcha!



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Kelvin’s Kapers March 19, 2018

Porter had been catching a quick nap, when dad asked him where they should do some hiking.
“The Orange Cliffs!” woofed Porter.

Yeah, those Orange Cliffs are really something.

Definitely one of Sheriff George’s favorite places too.

Lucky Porter on that day, cuz he even got a bonus hike to Windsong Ridge.

My day wasn’t such easy hiking. Okay no hiking at all, but a lot of energy burned.

Yup, a good amount of snow had fallen last night.

It was tough going this morning. Guess what? I’m up to the task now days.

Basset oh bassets, I’ve hit my basset stride alright.

That means plenty of giggles for dad.

Whew! I’m ready for treats!

Come the afternoon, the sun was shining and Kelvin Basset was soaking in sunbeams.


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Kelvin’s Kapers March 18, 2018

Well, I’m kinda guessing that you want to take a virtual tour of Mom’s new house.

“Have fun!” I’ll woof to you.
Mom’s New House

Now I’m thinking that I should get the two bedrooms on the kitchen side of the house. The first bedroom with the two windows will be for sunning myself during daytime naps. The second bedroom will be for Basset Hound sleepovers (of course, I’ll want to sleep with Mom and dad in their bedroom when I don’t have friends over!).
As you notice, no frig.

Yeah, I think that we should start looking for one today! You gots to have priorities you know!

Hey Porter, how about a motorcycle ride?!!!

No way Porter was turning down a motorcycle ride on March 18, 2010.

No doubt about it, Porter had turned into a biker basset. Way cool!

As for Sheriff George, he was taking in the views from the west edge of Craven Canyon.

Basset oh basset, what great scenery!

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Kelvin’s Kapers March 17, 2018

Mom’s flying home today from Grand Junction.
I’ve looked, but I haven’t seen her plane yet.

Hold on a moment…my incredible Basset Hound nose is picking up something.

Wow!!!! Mom has found a house that she really likes!!!!!

Using my incredible Basset Hound nose’s reception, here are some photos of the house.

Looks like to me that the house is newly built. I like the kitchen, but no frig. Okay, I’ll tell Mom that I’ll buy a new frig with my allowance money, cuz a frig is only second to the kitchen as the most important thing in a house!

Can’t wait for Mom to get home!

Porter had a nice sunrise on March 17, 2010. Looks like a good motorcycle day!

Of course, he took a trip to Igloo Bridge for some train action.

And for the first time, Porter made a trip into Wyoming on the motorcycle with a stop at the state line.

Hey, that’s South Dakota he’s heading back to. Yay!

I’ll woof to you that being sheriff wasn’t always an easy job for Sheriff George. For example, Sheriff George had to keep the peace when the locals organized protests.

But Sheriff George was the best at his job, the absolute best!

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Kelvin’s Kapers March 16, 2018

Can you believe it?

Mom is going to Grand Junction to look at houses today!
She’s flying there.

Dad and I have to stay home, cuz there wasn’t a doggie sitter for me.
I hope Mom waves to me as she flies overhead.

I’ll woof to you that when Porter got up in the morning, he always knew that there would be interesting things to do around Edgemont.

March 16, 2010 was a train chasing day.

Holy Bassets! It wasn’t just a train chasing day, cuz it was a motorcycle day too!

Of course, it could have been like Sheriff George’s day on March 16, 2006, you know, go for a run on Basset Back Ridge and then hike around Wind Song Rise and…

appreciate the beautiful day.

I hope Fruita or Grand Junction has these great days!

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Kelvin’s Kapers March 15, 2018

We’re going downtown Denver today.

I hope the sun is shining while we are there.

Yeah, I think that’s the sun rising behind me. Go sun!

Denver has some tall buildings, but Porter was climbing the really high stuff on March 15, 2010.
Here’s Porter at the top of Little Devil’s Tower.

It’s a darn good spot for some great views.

But Holy Bassets, there’s some difficult rock climbing and descending on the trail.

No problem for Porter!

Little Devil’s Tower was one of Sheriff George’s favorite spots.

How about those rocks Sheriff George?

No problem!!!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers March 14, 2018

So here it is, another fine March day.

Now that Mom has the condo almost sold, I’m wondering what our next place will be like.

What goes under my paws is very important, you know. I hope wherever we move doesn’t have thorns and cacti leaping up from the ground.

Lots of sun would be a good thing too, since I do love baking myself out in the sun.

As for the house, not too many steps would be a fine thing.

Oh yeah, a good kitchen is a good thing!!! πŸ™‚

Really, the Edgemont house is quite fine in a lot of areas, though the kitchen is subpar by any basset standards. And the winters are too cold for a Kelvin Basset, even if George and Porter did well in the cold winters.

One thing nice about the Edgemont house is the close proximity of BNSF for dad’s photography happiness. See, Porter could get up close to those trains.

Yup, a good railroad is a good thing πŸ™‚

Sheriff George would tell you that one of the most important things about a place to live is close access to lots of running area.

Take for example, after a 5 mile run on Basset Back Ridge, the Sheriff was alert and eager for more!

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Kelvin’s Kapers March 13, 2018

Wake up Kelvin!

Basset oh bassets, it’s hard to adjust to daylight savings time.

I even have to work on waking up my slobber machine (okay, that’s not really true, cuz a REAL Basset Hound has 24 hour slobber).

Beautiful day for this Kelvin Basset!

Mom’s talking about a trip to Grand Junction, so things are busy around the house. Too bad I can’t go outside on my own to sun myself and avoid any work πŸ™‚

Bark about a good day for Porter on March 13, 2010. Yup, it was pretty obvious how nice the day would be even before the sun was up.

So why not take advantage of a fine March day with another motorcycle ride to Igloo Bridge?

Catch those trains in action, yay!

A fine day indeed, right Porter?

You know what is another great way to start out a March day? Get up on Howling Rock before the sun is up and let the world know how much you enjoy Howling Rock.

Right Sheriff George?

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Kelvin’s Kapers March 12, 2018

I’m back in Castle Rock.

With Icy Hot on my shoulder, um, that would be 26 degree temperature and warm sun on my shoulder at the same time πŸ™‚

And dad thinks I’m not clever, ha, ha.

Anyway, it’s a fine weather day in Castle Rock, much warmer than Edgemont.

But the best part about being in Castle Rock is that I’m with Mom again! Yay!!!!!!

Lucky Porter! He was out on the motorcycle again on March 12, 2010.

It was a train chasing day using the motorcycle.

Plus a little motorcycle side ride to the old gates of Igloo.

Hey there’s Sheriff George on the motorcycle in Custer.

Bassets oh bassets, Porter couldn’t wait for his first ride to Custer to see Deb and Jim and get good food.

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Kelvin’s Kapers March 11, 2018

I can’t see! I can’t see!

Oh, that’s better.

Holy Bassets, I thought that I was going blind. Whew, what a relief to find out it wasn’t so.

Clear skies with some cold March temperatures this morning (9 degrees).

But here’s the thing, dad and I are heading back to Castle Rock today. And guess what? Mom sold the condo. Yup, just like that! So, it will be house hunting time.

Sheriff George would tell you that the first thing to do in the morning is check the weather.

Yup, we bassets have extraordinarily sensitive noses to the weather. Combine the nose and tongue and you got one superb weather forecasting system.

And we bassets give an extremely accurate measurement of the wind speed.

Just ask Porter back on March 11, 2010.


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Kelvin’s Kapers March 10, 2018

We had some Ponderosa Sky in the morning.

Very beautiful, I’ll woof to you.

Dad and I got our first A7riii train photo.

We should have had more by now, since the days have been pretty nice for train shots, but things get kinda busy in first few days in Edgemont.

One thing that surprised me was the lack of wind during the days that we’ve been back in Edgemont. You’d never guess from this photo at the airport early this morning…

that there is PLENTY of wind today!


Holy Bassets! Do I ever have an easy time running with the wind.

Just don’t ask me to turn around and run into the wind πŸ™‚

It hasn’t snowed in Edgemont since we got back, which is great! Poor Porter on March 10, 2010.
“That would be snow, dad.”

The light, fluffy snow has the nasty habit of sticking to our basset heads.


Back to the wind or should I woof facing the wind. Whatever. But I will woof to you that Sheriff George knew you lived a happy Edgemont life when you embraced the wind with gusto!


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Kelvin’s Kapers March 09, 2018

You know that Porter became Porter the Reporter two months after he came to Edgemont, right?
You see, Porter wasn’t out all the time having fun, cuz he did have work to do too.

Porter’s main job at the Edgemont Herald Tribune? Web design and web writing. Look at him working hard on March 09, 2010.

I gotta admit that Porter was a lot smarter than me.

Holy Bassets! What a fantastic morning for a hike around Mathias Peak!

Bark about a beautiful Ponderosa Sky!

And how about this? No snow at Grand View.

But I sure could see all that snow looking west out on the High Plains.

The scenery at Summit Tree Camp couldn’t be beat.

Too bad Summit Tree is dying.

This spot has always been one of dad’s favorite chair spots.

There’s a lot of history for dad and his bassets on the Mathias Peak trails.

Hey! That’s George at Grand View!


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Kelvin’s Kapers March 08, 2018

That lucky Porter! He was out riding his motorcycle again on March 08, 2010.

Me? Certainly no motorcycle riding today. Yeah, look at this snow.

Dad and I hiked to the Basset Arroyos this morning.

Bark about a strenuous hike.

Not that it was all snow, cuz there was some bare ground, which was a relief from the snow.

And I have to admit that it was a splendid morning to be outside. But, bassets oh bassets, it was a lot of work to get to dad’s favorite view spot.

I didn’t mind posing for dad either…

even though I was thinking how rough it would be to hike all the way back to the car.

I was a plenty tired Kelvin Basset when I got home. Matter of fact I found a great sun spot in the house and snored through a couple of hours.

After his motorcycle riding eight years ago, Porter and dad walked to the airport to catch a pretty darn nice sunset.

Porter was doing some terrific posing for the sunset.

Of course, we all know Sheriff George was a master of the sunrises and sunsets.

Wow! Way to go Sheriff George.

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Kelvin’s Kapers March 07, 2018

Here I am in Edgemont!

The water sure is a lot better with the new water system.

But bassets oh bassets, there is way too much snow!

I’ll woof to you that I was darn glad to find the airport dog run free of snow.

Look at Porter on Old Highway 18 on March 07, 2010.

Lucky dog! No snow!

Matter of fact, it was nice enough that day for Porter to take a motorcycle ride.

And what’s this? Yeah, Sheriff George got to take a motorcycle ride too on March 7th (that would be 2006).

Lucky dogs!!!!

Barking of lucky dogs, Porter was getting ready for the luck of the Irish.

Now that’s some wonderful photo there Porter!

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Kelvin’s Kapers March 06, 2018

The car was packed, and I was in the front seat. Dad and I headed out for Edgemont.

What dad didn’t tell me is all the snow waiting for us at Edgemont. Holy Bassets! I was one tired basset as dad and I had to shovel the snow off the driveway just so we could get the car in the driveway!


Eight years ago today, Porter had his share of snow too.

Nobody said cowboying was easy, that’s for sure.

Porter sure was glad that he had his own backseat heater when he went to Rapid City later in the day.

“Hey dad, how come we don’t have a heated backseat in Basset1?” I’ll have you know that the new Ford doesn’t have a heated backseat either. Dad sure is a cheapskate.

This is the way March 6th should be! Sun and warmth and NO snow! Sheriff George was enjoying greatly his hike to Grand View.


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Kelvin’s Kapers March 05, 2018

Porter Reporter reporting!

March 05, 2010 found Porter writing articles about Sheriff George. Why not start with the most famous character in the history of Edgemont?

Of course, Porter would become famous in his own right. As well he should!

Barking of Sheriff George, what do you do when there’s a March snowstorm? Have a great time!


Now I gotta tell you that I am one long Basset Hound.

I’m so long that sometimes my backend takes awhile to get the message from the front end as to direction to go and stuff like that.

Sure makes walking in snow more difficult when the backend doesn’t make a turn as quickly as the front.

Good thing that we haven’t had much snow! Holy Bassets, the temperature even reached 72 degrees a couple days ago.
But we have had a lot of wind the last few days.

Mom told me that I should post all my wind photos from the last few days, so here goes.

And a good time was had by all!!!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers March 04, 2018

More sun, more blue sky, and more mild temperatures.


Dad told me to pose for a bit of Ponderosa Sky. No problem.

No problem until the strong wind blew some hay in my mouth. Hack, hack…


Okay, now I’m good to go again.

Wonder if all those great models have the same problems that I do? You know, like Lauren Hutton or Kate Moss choking on hay πŸ™‚

Barking of great models, how about Porter doing his best posing now that he knew how to ride the motorcycle?

It was so warm on March 04, 2010 Porter had to find the last bit of snow to cool off on after his run early in the morning.

Whoops, can’t forget the great model Sheriff George!!!

Holy Bassets! Now there’s a basset who knew how to pose on the motorcycle!

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Kelvin’s Kapers February 03, 2018

Porter went for his early morning run on March 03, 2010, knowing that today would be a great day for his first motorcycle ride!

Yup, he got his ride on the motorcycle cruising Edgemont.

Sheriff George would have told Porter that lots of great riding days were coming in Porter’s future.
One of the best rides? Going to Sylvan Lake!!!

Bassets oh bassets, today would have been a great day for a motorcycle ride in Castle Rock, but not Edgemont where the snow is still piled up.
Since there wasn’t a motorcycle ride for me on this day, I had to be content with providing my own speed.

Yay Kelvin!

Look at that blue sky.

Fabulous morning to be outside.

It’s so warm today that winter seems far away. Though I guess it’s not that far away, cuz Edgemont is going to have snow and strong, cold winds starting tomorrow.

Dad tells me that we’ll be going to Edgemont on Tuesday. I think that I’ll be having cold paws.

During my late morning nap a Minion came to visit.

Hey! He brought me my new Kelvin book!!!!

Wow! Hot off the press! I can’t wait to get one of my books to Nina!

I’m famous! (Well…almost.)

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Kelvin’s Kaper March 02, 2018

That Sony A7Riii sure is an incredible camera.

One of the things that really stands out is the outstanding focusing.

For example, when the macro lens gets in closer, the A7Riii still focuses on exactly the spot where you set the focus.

And my eye when closer is over 700px wide, which is a lot of pixel width for a dog eye.

But, as you notice, even at f/8 the focusing is spot on.


Splendid morning to be out and about.

As you can see in the background, the colors smooth into a nice canvas.

You know what would make the splendid morning even more splendid?

A treat!

Porter had a splendid morning too on February 02, 2010.

Of course, he had a huge national forest to wander around in, which made the morning even more splendid.

Even more exciting, Porter sat on the motorcycle for the first time!!!!!

Just think, in 2010 Porter traveled almost 12,000 miles on the motorcycle.

That Porter! He was going to be a true motorcycle rider just like Sheriff George.


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