Kelvin’s Kapers April 22, 2018

Sure is a lot of blue sky in Grand Junction.

With all that sun, I can catch sunbeams outside AND inside. Sweet!

Dad likes the lack of precipitation. Lucky him, huh?

You gotta love my Mom! She put grass in for me yesterday! Bark about instant grass, my naps out in the backyard are perfect now!

Guess where Porter was in 2010?

You guessed it, in George’s Pasqueflower Patch.

And Sheriff George in 2006 was watching elk in Craven Canyon.

What a beautiful morning for George.

For lunch we had terrific food at Main Street Bagels. Check it out at: Main Street Bagels. I give it five paws.
Come evening, we had a darn nice sunset.

I give good sunsets five paws too!


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Kelvin’s Kapers April 21, 2018

Here I am up early, gett’in ready for my walk.

The sun is a no show, but there is blue sky to the west. Looks to be a good afternoon coming my way.

I wish that I could be like Sheriff George in 2006. You know how he could get up so early in the morning…

to catch the rising sun. Then he’d run five miles and do some hiking. No wonder everyone thought of him as one very fit and buff basset!

So you’re probably wondering how the fence is coming along. Well, it’s almost done, how about that?!

I deserved a good nap later in the morning after all my hard work. Mom promised me some grass now that the fence is in place.

As for Porter in 2010, he was busy in George’s Pasqueflower Patch early in the morning.

Then, he and dad made a trip to Sylvan Lake. Porter decided that he was going to like this place!

Bark about lots and lots of chipmunks and squirrels!!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers April 20, 2018

Well…basset oh bassets, dad told me that it was about time I worked on a fence for me.

No fun photos for me today, cuz I’ll be working.
Basset gods, please give me strength.


April 20th and Sheriff George could make a snowman in 2006.

(I’d rather be making a snowman than a fence that well keep me in the backyard!)

Porter was in the same spot in 2010 and look at the difference in the weather.

And the Pasqueflowers! Still going!!!


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Kelvin’s Kapers April 19, 2018

Hey there handsome Basset Hound walking down the street! That’s quite the t-shirt you’re wearing.

“Why, thanks for liking my t-shirt. I got it from my buddies, Oscar and Copper, hailing from Cody, Wyoming.”

“They sent me not one but two Wyoming Basset Hound Rescue t-shirts!”

My, my, those t-shirts are the dog’s bark! You, dear Basset Hound, show them at their best!

“Thank you dear sir for the compliments.” And off the Basset Hound went on down the street.

Did you like my promotion for Wyoming Basset Hound Rescue t-shirts? Oh, and yeah, the Basset Hound in the promotion was me, Kelvin.
A big woof out to Oscar and Copper for making it all possible!!

Eight years ago today Porter spent time, as you can well guess, in George’s Pasqueflower Patch.

What a satisfying way to enjoy the late morning.

As April wears on, the evenings at the airport get better and better leading to the warm evenings. Pretty darn good, huh Porter?

You betcha!

Sheriff George had a many good evening up at the airport as the warm weather moved in.

All those evening of magnificent cloud watching. Pretty darn good, huh George?!!!


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Kelvin’s Kapers April 18, 2018

More landscaping today? Sigh…

So, what’ca think of my landscaping in the front?

Whew! After all that work, I needed a good afternoon nap with some sun to soothe my muscles.

Editor’s Note: Once again I need to mention that Kelvin’s claim of work is somewhat exaggerated.

You know how Edgemont is in April? Right?
2006 and winter is back with a vengeance for Sheriff George.

2010? Porter woofs what a perfect day for exploring down the road!

The road took Porter to George’s Pasqueflower Patch…

where the Pasqueflowers were still blooming beautifully.

Bark about great weather!

See? Edgemont April weather, you never know!

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Kelvin’s Kapers April 17, 2018

Holy Bassets! It sure has been blasted windy the last 24 hours.

You know some beasts get kinda skittish when the wind is blowing hard. I guess cuz they can’t hear anything but wind. Us Basset Hounds aren’t that way.

Um, well, I’ll be sure to keep a wary eye out for a rattlesnake sneaking up on me cuz I can’t hear it!

Porter had a marvelous day in 2010. After his run, he and dad spent some time at Magenta Viewpoint.

Guess great minds think alike cuz Sheriff George after his run in 2006 took some time with dad to enjoy the view at Circle Viewpoint, a couple of canyons over from Magenta Viewpoint.

And both of them spent some time in George’s Pasqueflower Patch.

It does make for a great Basset Hound day! Right Porter?


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Kelvin’s Kapers April 16, 2018

Landscaping day today. I was busy digging trenches for the irrigation system and the electrical lines.

Later on, I helped Mom with the placing of the various shrubs and plants that will be dug into the ground tomorrow.

Looks like I’ll be a busy hound tomorrow!
(Editor note: It’s commendable of Kelvin to think he did all the digging, but in fairness to the people who really did the work, I have to note that Kelvin somewhat exaggerated his role in the landscaping.)

In 2006 Sheriff George hiked…

to get a photo of the Orange Cliffs of Red Canyon on a beautiful April day.

In 2010 Porter hiked to the southern exit of Coal Canyon for some exploration of that area.

Then it was on to George’s Pasqueflower Patch for some Pasqueflower photos.

After his early morning run and all the hiking, Porter thought a late morning nap in the Pasqueflowers was the hound’s bark.

Rounding out an active day, Porter hopped on the motorcycle for some train watching.

Bark about a great Basset Hound day!

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Kelvin’s Kapers April 15, 2018

Hey! Hey! Look at that beautiful blue sky.

I sure have been getting a lot of Grand Junction sun.

One thing cool about the sky here is the interplay of the clouds and Grand Mesa.

Did you know Grand Mesa is the largest flat-topped mountain in the world?

Cool, huh?

Porter and the Pasqueflowers! Yay!!!!

Did you know George’s Pasqueflower Patch is the best Pasqueflower patch in the whole world?!

You know what Sheriff George would say to that!


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Kelvin’s Kapers April 14, 2018

Basset oh bassets, I sure was having a hard time waking up this morning.

It was kinda chilly out too. You would think that the cooler air would have made me come awake.

I figured once I got back to the house, I could rest in the sun.
Hey, I wonder if Mom could get a treat tree planted in the backyard?

Holy Bassets! That would be perfect!

Close to perfect was going to Munchies in Fruita for lunch. They make a mean hamburger, and for once dad shared with me 🙂

Unlike me, Sheriff George was wake awake and alert on his early morning back on April 14, 2006.

How could he run 5 miles and still be ready for more action?!!!

And Porter on April 14, 2010 spent more quality time in George’s Pasqueflower Patch.

Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!

Add in some wine and it’s even more perfect!

That’s worth singing about!


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Kelvin’s Kapers April 13, 2018

The day started a little rough in the sky, but by evening quite beautiful.

In case you’re wondering where dad and I do our computer and photo processing in the new house, well then, here it is.

Do I look like the brains of the operation? Hmmm, I have to admit that wherever Mom is that’s where the brains are.

Pasqueflowers and Basset Hounds…2006


Pasqueflowers and Basset Hounds make the perfect combination, right Sheriff George?


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Kelvin’s Kapers April 12, 2018

Darn breezy today.

Sure makes running into the wind a bit more dramatic…

particularly when the drool starts flying all over me.

Bark about ears to the wind and the drool flying! It’s Porter on April 12, 2010.

Can you imagine how much drool would be all over the car if this was me?!!!!

Where was Porter going? To Prairie Berry Winery for a fantastic lunch.

Pass the chocolate mousse please! (I’m drooling even more thinking about it!)

Porter stopped at Valiant Winery for a bottle of, you guessed it, Valiant’s Pasque wine.

Sheriff George in 2006 woofed, “Here’s a toast to April Pasqueflowers!”


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Kelvin’s Kapers April 11, 2018

Here’s the street that I live on.

Lots of construction going on. I’m not sure what will happen on the west side of the street. Sidewalk to come?

On the east side of the subdivision is a field that probably will have more streets in the future. Right now it’s good old dirt. Dad and I cross to see the new houses in the next subdivision east of ours.

Bark about harsh and hot sunlight on the field today. The temperature reached 84 degrees. I think that I’ll have to shed my winter fur earlier this year, than if I was in Edgemont or Castle Rock.

For now any running that I do is hot running.

Sheriff George felt a little hot after his run in 2006, but he had all those beautiful Ponderosa pines to help with a cool down.


On April 11, 2010, Porter woke up to a cloudy sky with some hints of sunrise color. “Hope it clears up dad!”

And you know what? The day did bring about some blue sky, great for Pasqueflower appreciation!

“Wow dad! These are great!”

With that, Porter decided a snooze amongst the Pasqueflowers would be a grand rest.

Aaarrrrrhhooo-oo! I mean – quiet Aaarrrhhooo-ooo….

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Kelvin’s Kapers April 10, 2018

This morning dad took me to the Colorado River Trail in the James M. Robb Colorado State Park. It’s not too bad.

The Colorado River is the biggest river that I’ve been around. Along the trail ponds abound, which means lots and lots of waterfowl and other birds.

To catch the trail I have to walk a little less than a mile across the Colorado River on the 29th St. bridge.

That’s pretty cool, cuz a couple of miles isn’t far at all for me on a nice morning.

You can bet after lunch that I gave myself some quality driveway dreaming time. How about the field across the street in front of our house?

Not bad, eh?

I’ll admit that having a six acre field in front of the house isn’t much compared to all the square miles of land around Edgemont. By 2006 Sheriff George had explored the area from Driftwood Canyon to Dead Horse Canyon, from the Cottonwood Bluffs to the Basset Arroyos. That’s a lot of miles on his paws! But he always came back to Basset Back Ridge for his favorite running and hiking.

By April 10, 2010, Porter had done plenty of exploring, but he was just getting started on the hikes trekking across miles of land. The one spot so important in April is George’s Pasqueflower Patch. You can’t do better than that area for communing with nature in April.

Porter wasn’t above getting distracted for some playtime even when he was at George’s Pasqueflower Patch. Porter’s new friend, Duke, made for a great companion hiking or just hanging out having a good time.

April 10th was a fine day for motorcycling after all the activity earlier in the day.

Yeah, that trip to Igloo Bridge for some train watching put icing on the cake for a great day.

What do you think of this day, Porter?


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Kelvin’s Kapers April 09, 2018

Let me show you around the neighborhood. It’s not finished yet, but you get the idea.

Behind me is a cool house that we looked at in January. Notice the upstairs office with an outside balcony over the garage. Now that would have been cool for Mom.

But, we would have had to wait for the house to be finished.
I think Mom was smart to get a house ready for us as soon as the condo sold.

I got some driveway dreaming in during the afternoon. Great that I’ve got a bed just for the driveway!

Ah, this is the life.

Porter and those Pasqueflowers ten years ago.

Isn’t spring great?!!

Even better, isn’t spring great with Pasqueflowers and motorcycle rides?!!!

Better yet, isn’t spring great with Pasqueflowers and motorcycle rides and rabbit hunts?!!!!!


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Kelvin’s Kapers April 08, 2018

Basset oh bassets, the wind howled, the sky thundered, and the rain came down last night.
This morning? Nice and clear. One thing I’ve noticed is the sun rising and warming up the sofa. It’s the perfect place for a quick basset nap after my walk.

Some of the day was spent trying to organize some of the unpacking. I found my little Basset Hound statue and put him in front of the house.

Hey, we look pretty good together!

In the evening, I took of a couple of shots from inside the house looking out east and west. Here’s looking east as the sun was setting.

And here’s looking at the setting sun.

I’ll woof to you right away that we do have houses and stuff in these two views, but when using the 200mm lens, I can focus beyond the signs of human stuff and bring the spectacular scenery of this area into the house.

Ten years ago Porter had a beautiful day to spend in George’s Pasqueflower Patch.

Porter thought it all pretty amazing.

He sure could take some nice Pasqueflower photos, since a Basset Hound is designed for photos of wildflowers close to the ground.

It wasn’t just Pasqueflowers either, cuz the trains are great on a beautiful day too.

You want to see alert? Check out Sheriff George on Windsong Rise back on April 08, 2006.

Now that’s alert!

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Kelvin’s Kapers April 07, 2018

Hard to believe that this bunch of sticks makes up a house.

You humans are so clever.

The movers came today! Yup, I spent the time supervising again. I had some comfort with this supervision trick.

Now the house and garage are stuffed with unpacked boxes.

Porter was up early with the sun on April 07, 2010.

There was still snow on the ground from the day before, kinda nice for train watching in the morning.

In the afternoon, Porter checked on the Pasqueflowers.

Yup, a-ok!

Sheriff George’s morning in 2006 couldn’t be beat. After a run on Basset Back Ridge, George alertly took in all the goings on around Windsong Rise.

Basset heaven! Aaarrrrhhhooo-ooo!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers April 06, 2018

Mom went off to close on the new house, while dad and I stayed AT the new house waiting for the new fridge delivery.
It came and here’s the new fridge that I got Mom.

Sweet, huh?!!! I’m drooling just thinking of all the goodies that will be going in the new fridge. Oh, and this is the kitchen (my favorite room) of the new house.

The closing didn’t even take an half hour for Mom. That was good news. It’s official! Now I’m in our new house in the living room.

Pretty soon after Mom got home, the cable/internet guy came to get us connected to the outside world. Since the movers aren’t coming until tomorrow, we thought it a good idea to get a couple of outside chairs to use for furniture for the rest of the day. Oh, and mom wanted a small television for her office, so we got that too. Dad told me to set up the new television. Hmmm-m, I had to the read instructions…blah.

Got the television set up and connected! I then went ahead into an activity that I really enjoy.

Welcome to your new home Kelvin.

Porter warned dad on their run eight years ago that he could hear snow coming their way.

Holy Bassets, he wasn’t wrong!

Porter checked on the Pasqueflowers in George’s Pasqueflower Patch.

Yup, they’ll be fine.

In 2006 Sheriff George was contemplating and planning his future Pasqueflower Patch.

The rest is history.

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Kelvin’s Kapers April 05, 2018

Here I am at Grand Junction! I’m at the airport for my walk with dad. That’s the Blue Angels taking off behind me.

After my walk and a Burger King breakfast, we headed over to Mom’s new house. Mom and dad went inside, but they left me outside the backdoor.

What’s with that? “Hey, Mom! Hey dad! Someone let me in!”

Dad told me that I would get to come in the house tomorrow after Mom closes on the house. For now we would stay another night in the Motel 6.
I forgave dad when we went to a very cool and awesome bagel shop for lunch downtown Grand Junction.

April 5, 2010 and the Pasqueflowers were showing off their beauty for Porter.

And it was a perfect afternoon for a motorcycle ride.

Sheriff George in 2006 was taking it easy, again, after his run on Basset Back Ridge.

Dad and George had made a darn nice path for the Basset Back Ridge run.

Tomorrow night I’ll be sleeping in the new house!

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Kelvin’s Kapers April 04, 2018

Moving Day!!!!
Yup, I spent much of my day supervising the movers.

I’ll woof to you that the movers were grateful for my help.

At around 3:30pm, it was time to hit the road.

The trip to Grand Junction was only bad around Vail Pass because of the snow coming down. We reached Grand Junction just as it started getting dark, a little after 8pm. Basset oh bassets, I was so happy to climb into a bed at the Motel 6 of Grand Junction. But, we made it! Grand Junction is my new home!

Eight years ago today Porter was up early to catch the sunrise at the river.

After that it was time for his run and then some hiking. All in all it was a typical busy day for Porter.

After his run in 2006, Sheriff George was enjoying the sun streaming through the Ponderosa pines.

You can’t beat the forests around Edgemont for enjoyable relaxation.

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Kelvin’s Kapers April 03, 2018

Can you believe this? Snow! And it wasn’t even in the forecast.

Guess this is the last photo of the castle rock of Castle Rock.

Mom’s ownership of the condo has officially ended today. After tomorrow, I won’t be looking at power lines and McMansions when I’m out walking.

What’s really cool is that I’ll have my own backyard in Grand Junction come Friday afternoon.

Porter had George’s Pasqueflower Patch which saw snow on April 03, 2010. Lot’s of moisture on the first Pasqueflowers as the sun melted the snow.

Basset oh bassets, the wind in the afternoon sure dried up everything…

including Porter’s ears.

Sheriff George would have woofed to you that the warming of April weather sure made the jogs on Basset Back Ridge a fine thing.

After a good April jog George still had plenty of energy to alertly explore all along Elbow Canyon Road.

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