September 18, 2015

Darn cloudy this morning. On our jog I thought it a good time to use some flash on the Asters.

It came out okay, but no real zing to it. Guess I need to put another flash or two into this kind of photo.

It did clear up after a bit of a wait. Once again I went out to the Asters and used the Canon 70-200mm lens on the Sony NEX.

Would have been nice if the lighting had been softer.

George had excellent light in 2006 as he watched the sun set at the airport.

The old Sony DSC-R1 will always be a great sunrise/sunset camera.

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September 17, 2015

Here we are back in Castle Rock and taking our jog on Tower Road.

Darn nice morning for it.

It’s not the views of Basset Back Ridge, but it is a darn impressive view nonetheless.

The biggest problem around Castle Rock is avoiding all the man made junk in photos. For example, Porter’s Perch looks good when everything is cut out, but don’t plan on using a wide angle lens.

Barking of wide angle lens, I hooked up the Sigma 10-20mm lens on the Sony NEX. This time it acted kinda bizarre, and it’s clear the lens and the camera don’t exactly match even when using manual focus. According to the EXIF some of the shots were at a focal length of 3000mm. Wow! That would be some focal length alrighty, particular for a lens with a maximum focal length of 20mm. When the lens was set to 10mm, the EXIF always showed 10mm, but go above 10mm and it opens up the Twilight Zone.

No Twilight Zone for George on this day in 2008, just a beautiful evening at the airport.

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September 16, 2015

One last run before we leave for Castle Rock.
This is it! The spot where so many runs on Windsong Rise, Basset Back Ridge, and Circle Viewpoint have started.

Home to fine scenery on a spectacular morning!

Home to plenty of wildflowers to appreciate!

And even if the trails can be a bit rough, there’s no denying that this is the best spot in the world for running.

Then it was goodbye to Edgemont until next time. The trip to Castle Rock wasn’t too bad except for the usual bottlenecks on I25. We left Lulu in Edgemont, so she can get her gas tank fixed. I’ll be glad to get her back.

Wildflowers and Windsong Rise are synonymous. Just ask George!

September 16, 2007

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September 15, 2015

A most excellent run to Circle Viewpoint. I could stop just about anywhere for the soft lighting.

Dad and I have been jogging on Quartz Trail too. It has some darn nice views.

In the afternoon, dad and I went to see if there was any train action coming our way, but it was rather quiet. Hey, how long before everyone forgets DM&E? I’m sure this car will never be repainted into Rapid City, Pierre, and Eastern.

Up at the airport the winds were a blowing!

Dog oh dog, it can be hard to keep the eyes open in this strong wind!

Welcome to Edgemont!!!!
Sadly, tomorrow we leave Edgemont. I went over to see Gene and Agnes for one last visit on this trip.

George had a beautiful morning eight years ago on Windsong Rise.

There isn’t much in life that’s better than running on Windsong Rise on a fine autumn day.

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September 14, 2015

Yea! I was out for my early morning run at Circle Viewpoint this morning. I’ll woof to you that it was quite hazy under the cloudless sky.

Dad and I feel a bit desperate to photograph the wildflowers, since we may not get back to Edgemont before they are gone.

And we had to get out on the motorcycle too.

Dad and I changed the oil on it and got it ready for another sleep.

Pretty hot day all in all, but I’m not complaining at all!

Here comes the sun…and George was there in 2009 to greet it and its sunrise.

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September 13, 2015

One last morning at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.

I don’t know what dad was thinking when he took the above photo of me. Hey, look at this! Almost next to my nose!

Out with the Spanish Mustangs, I asked Little Red Aster to help with photos, which he did.

He’s becoming a pretty nice guy.

Barking of nice, there aren’t many horses nicer than Tatertot. She and Whirlwind got in for a nice portrait.

Good for them.

It was time to get on the road again!

We jumped in the Jeep and headed for Prairie Berry Winery for lunch. Along the way we traveled through Wind Cave National Park, home to lots and lots of Prairie Dogs. Look over there!

Lunch was great!

On the way home we stopped at Rocky Trail for a nice stroll in the woods. Anyone for Asters again?

Darn nice day for this Porter Basset!

George was having a great evening on this day eight years ago.

We bassets are very special, yes indeed.

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September 12, 2015

Another morning at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary…okay, where are those Spanish Mustangs?

Oh-ho! I see’em. Let’s get going!

There’s Honey looking ever so beautiful.

Honey! Jeez! Let’s show some decorum here!

And really, I’ve got to woof to you that those Spanish Mustangs were a rowdy bunch this morning. I mean, look at Buckshot demanding more sweet feed.

Dog oh dog, settle down guys.

Well, it wore me right out trying to handle that rambunctious bunch this morning, so we got back to the cabin, and I promptly took a nap.

Later I took time to check out the wildflowers again. Don’t you think this Broom Snakeweed is exquisite?

As the sun was starting to set, I went out to see my favorite mustang, Sierra. Doesn’t she look sweet next to her friend?

She’s such a sweetheart! Look how she loves it up with Karen and Cynthia.

It was a big night of stars for Karen and dad, but me?…well, I couldn’t stay up that late, just too tired. Another big day tomorrow!

Back in 2008, George didn’t let another cloudy day depress him. Nope, no way. Ya just got to get out there and hang out with the Asters and your day will have sunshine.

Just ask George!

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September 11, 2015

Bark about a superb morning to be at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary!

I was up early to catch the sun.

Needless to woof, we took advantage of this beautiful morning to visit the Spanish Mustangs. How’s Tatertot doing, Karen?

Yup, Tatertot is looking darn beautiful, no doubt about that!

Montego Bay was looking his usual hippie self.

I don’t want to use the f word, but I got to woof you, Josephina, you sure are putting on the weight. Look at that neck!

But it is good to see Martita has had a fine summer and looks good with the weight she has this year.

It certainly was great to be out with the horses.

And as you can probably guess, I took time to stop and smell the flowers too.

Come the evening we went out to visit Sierra and her friends in the Rescue band of horses. Karen did a time lapse shot of the horses, while dad and I visited with Sierra. We got Sierra to break away from the herd and follow us to the Jeep for sweet feed. Poor Karen had to walk with all her camera gear back to us, but it was a really nice evening; she enjoyed it.

And I enjoyed the last light of the day too!

Dad’s favorite photo of George and the fall Gumweed.

September 11, 2006

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September 10, 2015

The day had a lot of clouds, but that didn’t stop me from appreciating the wildflowers.

Dad and I had a great jog out to Circle Viewpoint. Dog oh dog, I do love this place! In the afternoon, dad and I took team photos of the Moguls football and volleyball teams. Then we headed to Karen’s favorite place, the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. The clouds were still darn pesky, but they did help make for a very nice sunset.

Not to shabby, don’t you think?

I was a darned tired basset by the time we got to the cabin at the Horse Sanctuary, so it was sweet horse dreams for this Porter Basset.

George’s day in 2009 was considerably different than my day. Bark about horses…hiyo George away!

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September 09, 2015

On our way to a Basset Back Ridge run this morning (quite a fine morning too!), I stopped to appreciate the beautiful Broom Snakeweed. Do you like it better with the Sony A7r and Sony 55mm lens?

Or the Sony NEX with the 70-200mm lens?

Once again I have to woof you how impressively sharp the 70-200mm lens is.

I took a moment from our run to check out the Gayfeather wildflowers.

Very nice!

Nothing like Basset Back Ridge for the views. All the way from the end…

to Magenta Viewpoint.

Gotta love it!

We had dinner with Gene and Agnes this evening. Yes, I made a pig of myself, but that’s what we bassets do really well, right?

After his run on Basset Back Ridge in 2006, George took some rest by, you guessed it, the Broom Snakeweed.

You gotta enjoy the wildflowers while they bloom!

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September 08, 2015

Yahoo! The morning couldn’t be beat for a jog on Basset Back Ridge.

Don’t I look great on Basset Bump on Basset Back Ridge?

On this beautiful morning the Broom Snakeweed was stunning.

In the afternoon dad and I went to our chair spot at Cheyenne Valley View.

Always, always a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Back home dad and I connected the Sigma 10-20mm to the Sony NEX camera. It did pretty well with manual focusing.

But it sure doesn’t have the sharpness of the Canon 70-200mm lens on that camera.

This is an amazingly good combination, if you can use the manual focusing.

I still think the Canon 50mm lens on the Sony A7r does just a touch better than the Sony 55mm lens.

I’ll woof you that getting that Fotoiox adapter for the Sony cameras sure helps to make the most of my Sony cameras.

Like me George had a beautiful morning eight years ago on Basset Back Ridge. Plus he looked darn good with the Sigma 10-20 lens!

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September 07, 2015

I was ready for a little rest after our jog. The sun was coming out and a nice nap under the sun would be just the thing.

Karen and dad had other ideas, however. They hopped me into the Jeep and away we went to Toadstool Geological Park. I love this place!

I’ll woof you right now, it was quite toasty.

Yup, I was one hot basset on this walk.

But between the rabbits and the scenery it was worth the heat.

I took plenty of photos as did Karen and dad.

But the heat did get to me finally. “Could we head back to the Jeep now?”

It was great to get in the cool Jeep, knowing that we were headed to Crawford for lunch. Before getting lunch I snapped some photos of these BNSF helper units with the Sony A7r.

The Sony A7r brings out an amazing amount of detail on this new BNSF SD70ACe.

Karen and I enjoyed truly tasty Broasted Chicken for lunch. After lunch we went over to the Crawford city park, cuz vendors were there for a rock show…that got Karen’s attention for sure! She did find some neat things like a pair of elegant turquoise earrings.

We hit the road just as some thunderstorms were rolling into Crawford. We had to stop north of Crawford for a photos of the thunderstorms building over the beautiful landscape.

Back in Edgemont the sky was clear and we had a nice evening outside…right Karen?

George had a beautiful evening too back in 2007. Just perfect!

As was my day.

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September 06, 2015

What beautiful light for our jog this morning! The Gumweed looked very fine indeed, as did this Porter Basset.

Yeah, it looked like a lot of clouds would be with us for the morning, but they cleared out. Motorcycle riding time!!!!

We headed to Pringle for lunch and to view Pringle’s claim to fame (um, well maybe).

Then it was on to Sylvan Lake. I did some minnow fishing and shared some ice cream with Karen.

Karen found some more rocks to buy at the Custer rock shop.

On the way home we rested on Rocky Trail off of SD89. The Asters were looking pretty nice.

I was a tired basset by the time we got home, but I most certainly had enough energy to visit Gene and Agnes in the evening.

George’s day in 2008 didn’t have the grand weather that I got today; nevertheless George did have some sun from the Sunflowers.

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September 05, 2015

It’s on to Edgemont today!

We hit the Wyoming border, leaving behind the cloudy skies of Colorado. Looking good there Porter!

A little north of Lusk, we stopped to enjoy the scenery at my favorite spot on US 85.

Way in the distance on the left are the Black Hills; we will soon be there.

Just before Edgemont we stopped at the Basset Arroyos. You can see Mathias Peak in the background.


Come evening I headed up to the airport, where the Gumweed is looking great.

And the view of the sunsets can’t be beat.


George will woof to you that a September’s evening at the airport is always terrific!

September 05, 2006

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September 04, 2015

The Sony A7r arrived!!! Yup, it’s time for Porter on Porter’s Perch with a new camera.

I haven’t received the Sony 55mm lens yet, so this shot was taken with the Canon 50mm lens.

I tried out the Canon 100mm lens too.

Here’s for the pixel peepers, a selection from the above shot.

Not bad at all. We’ll see how the camera does in the next few weeks.

It’s quite small for a full frame camera; fits my paws nicely :-)

And really, it isn’t that much bigger than the Sony NEX-7.

Very cool first impressions!

We should be in Edgemont tomorrow, you know, the Edgemont where George in 2007 had a great morning photographing Pronghorns, like this photo of the Pronghorns waiting in line to go under the fence.

Darn nice day for George and a darn nice summer’s evening too.

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September 03, 2015

Dog oh dog, that Jeep sure can make things rough. I should be helping Karen installing a rack kit on the Jeep, yes, I should.

But, well, I just couldn’t get myself into the toils and troubles of the Jeep.

And you can bet it took Karen and dad a lot more time than it should have. As for me, nap time anyone?
Yeah, I’m a smart basset hound!

George was pretty darn smart too. He sure knew how to take advantage of those beautiful September 2007 skies.

I got my Fotodiox Canon lens to Sony E-mount adapter today. Bark about a bit of a revelation! I hooked up the Canon 50mm lens to the Sony camera and wow oh wow, bark about tack sharp. The Sony 50mm lens pales in comparison. Of course, the focusing with the adapter is slow, slow, slow, so the combination is only good in certain situations. But still, you would think the Sony 50mm lens could be better.

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September 02, 2015

Wasn’t too bad of a morning for our jog.

“Hey dad! I hear it’s supposed to be 100 degrees in Edgemont, just like it was yesterday and supposed to be tomorrow.”

“You got that right, Porter,” dad mentioned back.

Well, well, this does give me pause to think cuz I sure hope it isn’t that hot in Edgemont when we are there for the next week.

We tried Dickey’s Barbecue this evening for the first time. I rather liked it, but dad wasn’t as convinced that the price was worth it. But, what does he know?

I rescued a dragonfly from ants early in the evening. Got some cool photos of it too, which I’ll show in a little bit. Sadly the dragonfly flew right into the big spider’s web later in the evening. I’ve got a photo of that too in a bit.
In the meantime, I’d like to celebrate September 02, 2007, which had to be one of the most awesome days for photos with George. You remember this one, don’t you?

A happy basset on the early morning run!!!!

Then after blue skies in the morning and afternoon a huge thunderstorm made its way into the evening with cool lighting after the storm passed.

And a magnificent rainbow for George!

Yup, a remarkable day for a remarkable basset.

And now for those dragonfly photos.

Poor guy didn’t have a chance after flying into the spider’s web.

That will be one full spider after this feast.

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September 01, 2015

Still some wildflowers left, but there aren’t many.

Pretty morning with the waning moon on an azure sky.

All in all it was a good morning for a jog.
And it was a good evening with Karen’s wonderful lasagna.

Rumor has it we’re headed to Edgemont this weekend.
Wonder if I’ll snap a few photos of great sunrises like George did on this day in 2007?

George was darned impressed with the sunrise.

And he was ready to get onto his run, which couldn’t be beat that morning.

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August 31, 2015

Darn gloomy morning, though the first peep of the sun was pretty.

We got one of those thunderstorms in the afternoon; I wore my thunder shirt. I think it helps. I mean, I didn’t run into Karen’s bathroom to hide from the thunder. But the jury is still out. Of course, maybe it will be the last thunderstorm of the season (dad tells not to get my hopes up about that!).

George had a rather cloudy day back in 2007. Still it wasn’t a bad evening for hanging out at the airport and watching the sun go down.

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August 30, 2015

Isn’t it great to have a fine summer morning?

Yes it is. Now let me concentrate on a Burger King breakfast!

Karen ordered a new Sony A7r for me yesterday. Dad ordered a Zeiss 55mm lens for me to use with it. I’ll woof to you that I should look pretty darn sharp with that combination. I also ordered an adapter for the Sony A7r so I can use Canon lenses with it; it won’t be perfect, but one can hope for the best.

Barking of Canon, George had two Canon cameras out in 2009: a 5D Mark II and a 50D. George thought this great fun.

The most interesting photo came from the 50D, but there was no denying that the 5D Mark II took better quality photos.

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August 29, 2015

Early in the morning there was still that smoke in the air, requiring flash for photos.

Come the afternoon the sun was bright enough that at Sota’s place no flash was needed. Too bad that I was ready for nap after the rising early part.

Dad went hunting for new boots this morning, so I wandered around Cabela’s with Karen and dad. It’s an interesting place with all the hunting stuff, kinda makes the predator growl in me. Karen and dad don’t find the place as exciting as I do. Sorry about their luck. But dad did find some boots.

Perfect evening at the airport for George in 2006.

Yup, one of many perfect evenings in Edgemont.

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August 28, 2015

Nice an early for us, so I thought it a good time to take a sunrise photo.

Too bad that one has to have power lines with the sunrise and sunset photos here. It is possible to avoid them, but our jogging route has only a brief moment where power lines and houses aren’t part of the photo.

It was another smoky day too. Dad and I had to use the flash for photos even with the early morning sun shining.

With Windows 10 on the computer, I thought that this photo of George makes a nice background for the login screen.

I’m not barking here that this is what George thinks of Microsoft, but I’ll woof you that you can interpret that yourself.

Barking of Microsoft and software, George in 2007 was darned confused as to why Adobe has so many security holes in Flash.

You know what, it’s been eight years since George was wondering, and you know what? Adobe still has the same piece crap for Flash. Adobe should be banned.

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August 27, 2015

Dog oh dog, you gotta love this lighting early in the morning.

Plenty of clouds to the west gave it a nice backdrop.

I thought that it might rain, and it did spit out a few drops as dad and I took this photo.

Karen got me a thunder shirt last week, and I got to try it this afternoon as the thunder rolled in. Too bad dad forgot to put it on me until the storm was almost over. Guess we’ll have to wait for the next thunderstorm to find out how the thunder shirt works.

No thunder for George back in 2007, but the cloudy skies were there. You gotta admit he looked great with just the right amount of flash.

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August 26, 2015

The Prairie Coneflowers are still blooming.

They don’t bloom this long around Edgemont. Nice to see them as we jog by.

When the sun was out, it got darn hot. My jog kinda did me in.

Later in the morning I was up for a walk even though it was toasty, toasty outside.
The best part of the day, however, was getting dinner from Noodles & Co.

Look at all the sun!

George was up for a great August afternoon back in 2008. He was quite chatty during the photo shoot.

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August 25, 2015

Now that the hot weather has been with us for awhile, I sure try to get some rest in during our morning jog.

But, mean old dad doesn’t let me rest for long. “Yeah, yeah, I’m coming!”

Jeez, it’s enough to wear a basset to the bone, I’ll woof to you.

At least when I get home, Karen gives me lots of loving and treats.

And look at this 2009 photo of George.

Is it no wonder that we bassets are a special breed and deserve loving and treats?!!!!

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August 24, 2015

Dog of dog, it continues to be smoky around here. It’s from all those wildfires in the northwest.

It gets to my nose, yes it does. See!

Kind of a hot one today when dad and I went for a walk. But I took advantage of the sun by sleeping in the grass while the sun warmed my basset body. Always feels good!
Would you believe we got pizza again this evening?!!!! Pizza! Porter’s favorite food.

George had a toasty day back in 2008. He was waiting to go to the airport with his best buddy…


Those were the days they were.

And come evenings this time of year you can watch the sun rolling down the bluffs west of Edgemont.

Those were the days.

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August 23, 2015

There are some mornings where it’s hard to wake up, even on the jog.

Did somebody mention a Burger King breakfast?

I’m awake!!!!

Kind of a bad day, since there was more furniture to put together and I had to wait out in the car while everyone else ate in a restaurant. I did bide my time by watching planes flying overhead.

There goes one now (they probably have some darn good treats on that one).

But what’s this?!!!! My favorite flying thing! A treat coming my way!!!!

Dad tells me that George never did catch treats. Well, be that as it may, he sure was the most handsome guy as he shows so aptly at the airport in 2007.

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August 22, 2015

One thing that I like about Tower Road is that…

you never know what critters might be scampering around in the oak bushes.

It makes for a lot of entertainment.
Hey, another sunny morning! How about that? We had an excellent breakfast at the farmers market again too. The rest of the day was so-so as Karen and dad spent too much time putting together some furniture for the new printer. I think that I should get to do more of the things that I want to do.

George was up early and thinking about what he wanted to do on his day in 2009.

He got his wish: a motorcycle ride to Sylvan Lake and a buffalo burger. Sounds good to me!

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August 21, 2015

Some dogs may think I’m a sissy cuz I like wildflowers.

Well, bark it to my face dogs; I’ll rip you to shreds!

We had a sunny morning today; you know how infrequent those are around here. Even better than a sunny morning was pizza for dinner!
Karen decided today that she needs a sign on her Jeep.
It’s a Jeep thing.

I’ll woof you now that I don’t think Karen likes the Jeep all that well.

George had one of those lovely August evenings in 2006. You know the type, where the air is warm and the sun sets highlighting the thunderstorms away to the south.

Nice, very nice.

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August 20, 2015

You know, they always say that side lighting is better for portraits than full on lighting.

But that’s for humans. What about for basset hounds? Well, I guess one has to judge for oneself on this.
Sometimes side lighting is nice, but it’s also nice to have a blue sky with a basset looking darn noble. I do think getting down to the level of a basset is the best approach, but the lighting, well, that’s up for grabs.

What do you think?

We had a darn hazy day today, so the blue sky wasn’t a crisp azure. This didn’t make any difference to me about how I felt about dinner at Duke’s Steakhouse. I loved it! And it was the perfect evening for it with the right temperature and a slight breeze and great food. Too bad the Jeep decided to start leaking oil around the oil filter cap again.

Bark about a great evening.

Yeah, that would be George’s evening in 2007. Perfect!

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August 19, 2015

I wasn’t certain how nice the weather would be this morning.

I mean, look at all those clouds.

Plus Tower Road was kinda muddy, so I had to have a tummy bath when I got home. I hate baths!
But, just about the time Karen took me to Burger King, would you believe the sun started to shine? How about that? It turned out to be a nice afternoon, great temperature and plenty of sun.

George’s day in 2009 saw plenty of clouds, but the evening at the airport was pretty nice and pretty relaxing.

You got to enjoy the good moments!

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August 18, 2015

They oughta make a “Celebrate the Wildflowers Day.” And it would include special treats for all basset hounds!

I’m in!

Write your congress person now! We can do this together.

Those guys finished up the network wiring in the house today. Dog oh dog, it took them a lot longer than initially planned. I couldn’t set up the new printer today, cuz of all the activity. Tomorrow.

I am so envious of this photo of George!

Bark about a celebrity. I need a new agent.

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August 17, 2015

Some pretty light this morning on our jog. The scrub oak leafs glistened in the light.

It was a busy day at the house as a guy tried to get a network wire to dad’s computer from Karen’s office. It was a no go, darn two story houses. It did mean that I was left to keep out of the way, which, um, you know I don’t like to do, cuz I do like pestering Karen and dad for treats.
I did get a new printer today. It’s another Canon Pro-100 photo printer. Now get this…it cost only $50!!!! Karen noticed B & H Photo was having a flash sale on it with $100 off and Canon has a rebate on it of $250, so the $400 printer was mine for $50. That means there will be lots more terrific photos of Porter Basset!

You know I need one more photo to remind me that despite the storms this afternoon, sometimes they look pretty (this was from August 9th).

Though nothing looks as beautiful and handsome as a good George sunset photo.

August 17, 2008

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August 16, 2015

The day started pretty well with some sun for our jog.

By the time we were finished at Sota’s place there was still sun with clouds, but I could see the clouds were going to thicken up. That turned out to be a good thing, because when the condo association got its dinner for the residents going, it was pretty nice without the sun beating down on my back. And I’ll woof to you that this dinner was pretty darn exciting! Yup, it was right outside my door in the lawn!!!

This miracle has never happened in my lawn at Edgemont. I was in heaven!

Bark about heaven, George in 2009 on Red Canyon Rim Trail with the yellow Gumweed wildflowers.

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August 15, 2015

Darn hot day today, but oh so much fun!

After our jog, Karen took us to the Castle Rock farmer’s market for breakfast.

Breakfast was great! The cook kept giving me bacon to munch on. That’s my kind of place to get breakfast!

In the afternoon we headed for Denver, where we got cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory and hot dogs and beef sandwiches at the Chicago Vienna Hot Dog place. Dog oh dog, bark about great food had by all! This is what everyday should be like, yes?

George didn’t have nearly so much fun as I did. As a matter of fact, it was an afternoon of light showers sweeping across the sky. Looked pretty good, as did George, at the airport.

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