February 22, 2016

The morning started out cloudy enough. Yeah, no sun on our run.

That changed somewhat by midmorning. I went out to Porter’s Perch for some shots.
First no flash:

Then flash:

Yeah, it makes a difference, I’ll woof to you.

The daylight flash never seems to work as well for me as it did George. My brown fur likes to turn to orange and the flash exacerbates that problem. Still…

Bark about strange colors!!!!

We got the Canon T5i back with its new astro filter on it. Now that’s red!. But it sure will work for deep sky astrophotography.

Of course, I can change the white balance in post processing.

But, it’s not like I’m going to be using the T5i for day to day shots.

It started snowing this evening…sigh.

No snow for jaunty George in 2007.

Bark about an excellent day for wandering around the Cottonwood Bluffs.

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February 21, 2016

The forecast said mostly sunny.

I’ll woof to you that I sure didn’t see much of that sun until later in the afternoon.

We did go over to Sota’s place where the sun did try to shine through the high clouds.

Most of the time it had a hard time doing so, but I did like the halo around the sun.

You know, angelic Porter.

Still some snow at Sota’s place, but as you can see, there is a lot more snowless ground than otherwise.

Mom and dad worked hard in the afternoon installing a new light in the kitchen. I supervised. I’ll warn you that those flat LED light panels aren’t easy to install. Gotta wonder who designed them for ceiling installation – not the brightest light in the kitchen, I’d woof about that person!

So we did get some food from Outback Steakhouse after our hard work.
Dog oh dog, I was one pooped pooch come evening.

And I should bark that the Sony 55mm lens is absolutely terrible focusing in low light. I’m woofing really, really bad. Dad had to manually focus the camera for this photo. Funny that the much cheaper Sony 28-70mm lens has no trouble taking this same picture as it focuses automatically like a modern lens should.

George sure had the best of times in winter around Windsong Rise.

Rabbit hunting anyone?
February 21, 2006.

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February 20, 2016

Lots and lots of sunshine today!

I put the Sony 55mm lens on the Sony A7.

You know, the more I use the Sony A7, the more I like it. It’s an easy camera to use and so neatly portable.

After a Burger King breakfast, we took a rode trip to Colorado Springs.
The traffic on I25 was awful, but the stop at Palmer Lake was great, since I got a shot of a BNSF ballast train coming up the grade.

This time I had the Sony 70-200mm lens connected to the A7. Bark about a good, sharp lens. I’m gonna like this lens for train photos in Edgemont.

Mom wanted to stop at the map shop in Colorado Springs, which meant that she and dad went into the store while I had to wait in the car.

That’s so unfair!

Mom made up for it by stopping at Cy’s Drive In in Colorado Springs.

Mom and dad didn’t think the food was worth the $10 off coupon we had for the place, but I sure enjoyed it!!!!

Bark about a lot of sunshine. Yeah George had a terrific day in 2006.

Look at that pristine snow; look at that handsome George!

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February 19, 2016

Ten years ago George had cold and snow for his outside experience.

My outside experience was much different, no snow and warm temperatures (hit 66 degrees today).

Hey, watcha think? With early morning sunlight, no flash…

or flash?

Dad always liked the way the flash would catch George’s eyes. Maybe I need that same assistance when the sun is shining.

Smash Burger this evening for dinner. Dog oh dog, I do love a big, juicy burger!

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February 18, 2016

Another warm day, 67 degrees. Sure isn’t winter around here at the moment. It was kinda warm on my run since the temperature was already 50 degrees by 7:30am.

Does it mean all the snow is gone. Well, naa!

But I was plenty hot by the time our run was done. Not only was I hot but with a relative humidity today of 12%, my mouth was bone dry. Where’s some water!

Anyone want basset cute? I’m here to oblige.

I was using the flash for these photos even though the sun was shining. Dad tells me that George used flash a lot in full sun. I think that I blew the highlights. However, it is basset cute! No?

Dog oh dog, does this George photo make we want to be running in the fields of Edgemont!

February 18, 2007
Yeah, I miss all the photo opportunities in Edgemont too.

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February 18, 2016

Once again warm temperatures today (65 degrees) and clouds greeting us on our run.

Yeah, there’s still some snow around.

But the dry wind is drying up the mud. Tower Road was looking pretty good.

On our morning walk ice crystals were forming in the clouds for some pretty cloudbows.

Put a basset in the picture and you’ve got a remarkable photo. Right?

“Vegemite?!!! What’s that?” George was asking in 2006.

George decided he’d stick with the fig bars after tasting some Vegemite.

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February 16, 2016

All the sun today came early on our run. I’ve been using flash a lot for these early morning photos because of the long shadows.

The flash is hard to use when the sun shines on my face, so dad sometimes creates a shadow.

Quite a big of difference between these two photos.

I dusted off the 10 year old Sony DSC-R1. It needed to take some photos.

I hardly use it in Castle Rock, since it needs wide open scenery. I always look forward to taking it to Edgemont, where it really shines.

Blustery with blowing snow and temperatures in the single digits for George on this day in 2006.

The wintery weather didn’t stop George and dad from enjoying the beautiful landscape of an Edgemont frosty day.

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February 15, 2016

I’ll bark you that it wasn’t looking like a sunny day on our run this morning.

Yup, it was a mostly cloudy day. I was lucky enough to get a bit of sun while at Sota’s place.

The temperature did get into the 50’s, so I had to watch for mud.

Can you believe there is still all this snow at Sota’s place despite the warm temperatures in the last couple of weeks?

Sure worked for a decent snow bath.

Snow. Yeah, there was snow around Mathias Peak on this day in 2007.

George found it highly satisfying and well worth the hiking that day.

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February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day! And what’s this for a Porter basset?

A Valentine’s card and treat from Mom! I’ll grab that treat right away!

Cute card…McCartney has some of the best basset drawings.

What is most special in the card is Mom’s note to me 🙂

Still pretty warm. The snow is melting quickly, but there is a bit of the stuff in the courtyard.

We stopped by to see the D&RG depot in Castle Rock’s downtown.

It’s now the town museum. Probably looks much better now than it did 50 years ago.

George, George, George!

Dad give him a fig bar! He deserves it.
February 14, 2006

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February 13, 2016

Didn’t look like it was going to be the sunniest day today on our jog.

And it wasn’t, but the temperature reached a mild 61 degrees.

Did I go to Burger King for breakfast? You betcha!!!!

Agnes and Gene sent Mom and me a Burger King gift card. It was a combination gift for our birthdays. Is that cool or what?!!!!

And here it is, the telescope Mom received for her birthday.

Yeah, it’s a beast alright. We took it out this evening and snapped a video of the moon. Dog oh dog, do we have a lot to learn; should be fun!

I tried out a Nikon to Sony adapter this evening. I hooked the Nikon 24-120 lens to the Sony A6000.

The sharpness isn’t all that great. Do I try a more expensive Nikon lens? Of course, the Nikon 20-120 lens costs $1100, so it’s not cheap, but the silly Sony kit lens is sharper than what I saw with the Nikon/Sony combination.

Dad and Mom went to Trappers Chophouse for a Valentine’s Day dinner. Okay, they ordered takeout so I wouldn’t miss out. Mom insisted on that. You gotta love her!

“Dad, it’s just after 6am. Why are we going on our jog so early?”

Yeah, I don’t think George was quite ready for his run, but run he did. You can bet that once he got going, he loved every moment of it.
February 13, 2006.

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February 12, 2016

67 degrees today!!! Yikes, that’s darn warm for February. Dad and I had to skirt around the mud on our run.

Yeah, there’s plenty of melting snow…and mud.

Mom took the day off from work. Our first great thing for the day was stopping at Miyo Café for breakfast.

Have I barked before, how much I like this place? And with all the sun and warm air, it was great eating outside.

Dog oh dog, Mom loved this.

She needed gas for the Jeep. Yeah, you read that right, 69.9 cents a gallon. So much for global warming, eh?

We burned some of that gas going downtown Denver. After having a terrific lunch at Chicken Pomidori, dad I took the Sony A7r with the 16-35mm lens and took some shots of 1144 15th Street construction.

It’s a long ways to the 600 foot topping out, but the core has grown appreciably since I took photos of it a couple months ago.

I still like the Clock Tower building. Love that roof on it and the clocks and the doors.

It will be interesting to see how 1144 15th Street looks when finished. I hope it’s better than most of the modern buildings in the Denver area.

Yup, it was a wonderful spring day to be out and about in the middle of winter.

George had a jaunty hike to Mathias Peak in 2009.

He was one happy basset with the winter sun shining brightly and the mud still a ways off in the future.

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February 11, 2016

Dog oh dog, with the current warm weather, it sure is getting muddy around here. Dad and I got out early on our run to beat the thawing.

We did beat the mud, so I had a nice run. That’s good!

Mom played with her new telescope after work. Before we took it outside we stopped at Noodles & Company for dinner. And look at this surprise for me!!!!

I do love my Mom!!!! Don’t these cupcakes look good?!!! And they have little Milk Bones on them. Four of ’em! Yes, four cupcakes for me!!!!

And then there were three…;-)

Anyway, back to the telescope. The clouds weren’t cooperating, but we did take it outside and got a chance to view the moon. Wow zow, you sure could see the moon up close. Hope tomorrow evening is clear.

George and Opus were going over the script for the F Street War story back in 2006.

George was half way through the story, and what a story it was!

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February 10, 2016

I think that it’s going to be a warm day today.

I know, I know, there’s still all that snow.

But the air is warming up fast.

It was already 60 degrees when dad and I took our late morning walk.

Come the afternoon the temperature topped out at 65 degrees.

Yeah, they’ll be more snow in this winter’s future, so don’t let the warm temperatures fool you. Look what happened last week.

George was vising Cube Stone Meadow on this day in 2008.

LC and Willow joined him on a splendid hike. No mid sixties temperatures that day, so it was a great morning to be out for canines with their winter coats still on.

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February 09, 2016

Dog oh dog, it’s getting warmer and warmer on our runs.

Doesn’t mean the snow is gone.

You might wonder what I do when I’m not outside running, walking, and shooting photos or inside processing photos and catching up on the latest basset news. I mean here I am outside with the most excellent Sony A7k, and from my blog you might think that I’m outside most of the day and always having a camera in paw.

Okay, I’ll woof to you that I do like a good afternoon nap. Yeah, that snooze is pretty good, but even better is when Mom gets in the kitchen and my food thoughts get going. Oh my, I thinks she’s in there now.

Yeah, I watch her pretty closely even when I’m not out of my nap bed.

You know, with these basset eyes, it’s no wonder bassets are the pinnacle of begging.

George was all pumped after his run on this day in 2006. He was ready to spot those Pronghorns and rush after them.

It helps to have a car to get close to those fleet footed critters.

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February 08, 2016

Darn good run this morning. And a darn good photo shoot this morning.

Dog oh dog, sometimes things just come together right spot on with the camera. I look pretty darn good in these photos, I’ll woof to you.

I used the flash in all of the photos which always makes things easier when the shadows are long from the rising sun. The Sony A7k is a pretty darn easy camera to use for my paws, just the right size.

Bark about things coming together, well, that would be George’s F St. War in 2006.

George had to do a lot for staging and setup, but the results couldn’t be beat. What a basset!!!!!

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February 07, 2016

I was up early and ready for a good day.

Our run was splendid. There’s still all that snow, but we’ve managed a good path in the bad spots.

Mom took me for breakfast to a really cool restaurant, Miyo Cafe. Dog oh dog, bark about good eating. Dad had gotten Mom a restaurant gift card and she decided to use some of it at this restaurant. You can bark that we’ll be going back to it! And we got to eat outside, since the morning was pretty good in the sun.

After breakfast it was time for a jaunt to Sota’s place. The snow and pines were looking good.

Naturally I took a snow bath or two or three with plenty of shaking to dry myself.

Once I was all spic and span, it was time for some Porter basset photos.

Oak leaf background?

Ponderosa pine background?

Or Ponderosa sky background?

I wonder which suits me best? Well no matter, I look great with them all!

George sure was having an easy time running during most of the winter 2005-06. No snow on his run on Basset Back Ridge in 2006.

Absolutely a great winter for running!

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February 06, 2016

Happy Birthday to Mom! Happy Birthday to Mom!
Yup, Mom’s birthday today. I helped her open up her presents.

I got her a telescope, so she can take photos of the deep space. You know how I’m kinda of sky type of guy.

Now I’ve got to send the Canon T5i for a filter change on the sensor, so it will be ready for astrophotography. Pretty cool, huh? (Just don’t start calling me Astro 🙂

Hey George! How was that run on Basset Back Ridge?

As you can see, it was great!
February 06, 2007

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February 05, 2016

When is the sun coming out?

I was wondering about that on most of our run.

Well it’s about time!

Everything looks so much better with the sun.

Barking of looking better or more to the point dashingly handsome that would be me, Porter basset, in my new carolers outfit that mom got for me.

I think this outfit will be perfect for a Christmas card!
That’s worth singing about!

George and his Eeyores.

You can always select the F St. War button to read about George and his Eeyores.
February 05, 2006

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February 04, 2016

You don’t think the snow is deep around here? Well, take a look at Tower Road.

At least a truck came up the road so the running was easier than it was on Tuesday morning.

Go off the road and I’m still pounding through lots of snow, getting it on my head and face.

At least the sun was out and we had an azure sky.

The temperature stayed wintery all day.
Mom appreciated all the effort it has taken for me to go through the snow the last few days. She took me to the new Smash Burger in Castle Rock for dinner. It was the highlight of my day!

Look at those sky highlights over George on a winter’s eve in 2009.

Still have not been to a better place for sunrises and sunsets than Edgemont.

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February 03, 2016

Arrhhooo-oo!!!! Five years of the Porter Blog. Do you remember the first post and the first photo?

I had a great morning on Red Canyon Rim Trail on February 03, 2011.

As for George in 2006, he was smelling the first snowfall of that year.

It had been a dry, warm January, very unwinter like.

Barking of snow, well, there’s way too much of it here in Castle Rock. My run this morning was brutal, since dad and I had to blaze our own trail.

And it was pretty nippy too.

Dad and I went out later in the morning. It wasn’t as cold, but still, look at all the snow.

So what’s it like for a Porter basset in all this snow? Take a look at this.
Porter in the Snow Video
Yeah, that’s one tough Porter basset!

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February 02, 2016

Bark about winter all over the place here in Castle Rock, Colorado. Yuck, this is awful! What gives?

Dog oh dog, I couldn’t go anywhere without snow clinging to my head.

Did I bark, “This is awful!!!”?

Well, when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Ya can’t keep a Porter basset down!!!!


Dog oh dog, George sure had an easier day nine years ago than I did today.

Head up high, tail up high, that’s Sheriff George at his best as he winds up his run on Basset Back Ridge.

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February 1, 2016

Yeah, the snow came. It did comfort my paws on our run, but it was a gloomy sky.

I figured with the leaden sky I should do some indoor comparisons of the Sony 70-200mm lens, the Sony 90mm lens, and the Sony 55mm lens. So here goes.
First the photo using the 90mm lens and the 55mm lens using the Sony A7r at 1/60, f/13, ISO 100 and flash.



Pixel peep 90mm:

Pixel peep 55mm:

The 55mm lens is much harder to focus up close in dim lighting so I wasn’t able to get my Porter basset head as full in the frame as the 90mm lens. Also, the changing distance made it impossible to have the same flash illumination for all three lens.

Pixel Peep 70-200mm:

Like the 90mm lens the 70-200mm lens focused nicely in the dim light, but I wasn’t able to get close enough to set the 70-200mm lens to 90mm. Instead it was set to 109mm

I then tried out the 70-200mm lens at 150mm:

Pixel peep 90m:

Pixel peep 20-700mm:

Dog oh dog, my eyes are getting tired from all this. How much difference is there…really? The one thing that I can woof is that the 70-200mm lens does a nice job for a zoom lens. And I do wish the 55mm lens had quicker focusing in dim light.

“Dad, my ears are weighed down with ice!”

Yup, George had a icy run on Basset Back Ridge in 2007. Kinda like my day.

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January 31, 2016

Well, so much for the January spring. Yeah, it’s winter again with some snow and dark, gloomy skies on our run.

I had to search for color in all this gray and white. A flash helps, yes indeedy.

At Sota’s place it was the same story, but once again bringing out a flash pack helps.

But, I’ll woof to you that this is a good photo to change into a Kodak Trix-400 photo.

Nifty! I love digital processing.

Now George’s January 31, 2008 day was one of sun and a beautiful time on Mathias Peak.

Gotta love it!

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January 30, 2016

Bark about a warm day today. The temperature hit 67 degrees!!!! It was warm enough out that we stopped at Freddy’s for lunch and ate outside.

With the sun on my back, it was even balmy.

The day didn’t start out that well, since the sun was a no show on our run. A little bit of blue sky, but no sunshine.

By the time we headed to Mike’s Camera, the sun started to come out with a lot, lot, lot of warmth.

I didn’t buy anything at Mike’s Camera, since I just got that Sony 70-200mm lens. I decided to compare the Sony 70-200mm lens on the full frame Sony A7r to the cropped sensor Sony A6000.
Here are the photos –


Pixel peep A7r:

Pixel peep A6000:

Shooting on the A6000 is much easier with that extra depth of field. But no matter, either camera is going to be great with this lens.

Ten years ago? Wow, time does fly. George was looking off the end of Basset Back Ridge on January 30, 2006.

Dad tells me that it was a perfect run for a perfect basset and his dad…golden sun, golden basset.

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January 29, 2016

Just a smidgen of sun this morning on our run.

I am finding out that the flash on the full frame Sony cameras works darn well, especially with blue sky in the background.

It’s funny that the cropped sensor Sony cameras don’t have the good colors with flash that the full frame cameras do. Why the difference?

Those clouds were hanging around when dad and I took our walk. This time I had the Sony 90mm lens on the Sony A7r with flash and a blue sky background.

Hey, that worked out quite nicely, I’ll woof you.

We did get some sun in the afternoon. Good thing for some sun cuz, I got a new Sony 70-200mm lens delivered in the afternoon. Okay, dad got it for me. Here’s a first take on the new lens.

It’s looking pretty good, but I’ll need more time with the lens, so I can hone my skills with it. Will it be as sharp as the Canon 70-200mm lens?

We bassets are a cut above, right George?

January 29, 2016

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January 28, 2016

Pretty nice day today as there was sun and the temperature reached 56 degrees. Dad and I had a good run.

I had to worry about mud when we went for our walk. We went earlier than normal so the melting temperatures weren’t on high. I had a great time using the Sony A7r and the Sony 90mm lens.

It helps that I was looking my handsome best! I’ll woof you that these photos are worth framing 🙂

George’s run on Basset Back Ridge was under the clouds back in 2007.

That didn’t stop him from looking for the Pronghorns down the ridge.

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January 27, 2016

The day started out with a sun not quite willing to show its face.

Still was bright enough and the temperature wasn’t bad on our run.

I kinda liked the blue sky to the west with the moon.

On our walk I showed my best snow bath form to dad.

“What’ya think dad?” He was quite impressed.

I had put the Canon 50mm lens on the Sony A7k for our walk.

That lens continues to impress me. Here’s a pixel peep of it.

Compare this to the Sony 28-70mm lens from the second shot in this post.

I know, I know it’s not a fair comparison with the lighting difference. I had to use the flash in the 28-70mm lens photo.

Barking of flashes, how about George eight years ago at Mathias Peak?

George always looked good with flash highlighting his deep black handsomeness.

Before I go, I can’t forget that mom took me to Duke’s for their fantastic tenderloin fillet. The perfect meal for a perfect basset (that would be me).

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January 26, 2016

Have I woofed how much I love the sun?!!! I’m a sun worshipping basset, that’s me.

On a 15 degree morning like today, I could just lick that sun!!!!

After our run in the cold, I snuggled under my covers next to the heater for a bit of a warm up.

Yeah, that warm up was great, and then I was ready to go out again into that pretty azure sky and warmth giving sun.

Dog oh dog, I do love a great winter’s day.

George’s day in 2006 was one of a Rapid City supply run. He stopped in the downtown for some photos.

The best part of the trip? Pizza!!!!

Yeah, that’s my kinda of road trip too 🙂

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January 25, 2016

It was more like January today than it was over the weekend. Not much sun either, so I took advantage of the sun when it came out.

I could see the blue sky in the west much of the day.

Lucky for me on our late morning walk, there was more sun.

The afternoon brought colder temperatures and a brief and feisty snow shower. Yeah, winter is still here.

A basset needs lots of a calories to survive a winter with dad. George and dad went through pounds and pounds of fig bars in 2005 and 2006. After their run on Basset Back Ridge they would head home and munch down those fig bars (dad always had a hot cup of coffee too).
Ready George? Here comes a fig bar!

January 25, 2006

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January 24, 2016

Wahoo! Another great January day!

Look at the blue sky…yay!

We had a great run on Tower Road.

Dad and I had a great hike at Sota’s place.

The colors are darn beautiful.

Take away the snow and the forest colors come out.

Dog oh dog, I do like these colors. They complement me.

Barking of woods, George was into the woods looking for rabbits in 2007.

Imagine getting up every morning and heading to the woods. That’s a basset’s delight!

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January 23, 2016

Wasn’t the sunniest day today, but dog oh dog, it sure got warm for January. 60 degrees!!!
When we did get some sun I went out with the Sony 90mm lens and the Sony A7r. It was time to practice some on the super sharp lens.

Okay, I got carried away.

I did get from all this a nice layer for photo programs, a nice layer of Porter basset!

In the evening we went downtown Castle Rock. Mom wanted to do a time lapse of the downtown as the evening changed to darkness.
You can see it at YouTube:
Mom’s Castle Rock Time Lapse

I waited and waited as the camera snapped the shots. It was good to see the Jeep coming around the corner to pick me up to go home.

Um, the bright red lights are the Jeep in a 2.5 second exposure.

The great part of this adventure was getting pot roast at Castle Café…YUM!

Have I woofed before that nothing beats basset cute?

George, January 23, 2008

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January 22, 2016

I sure have been impressed with the Sony 28-70mm lens on the Sony A7k camera. For a cheap lens it does a great job. But I found a weakness in it this morning: flare.

It’s not awful considering how bright the sun is in the photos, and all lenses I’ve used would have some flare in this type of photo.

It’s something to put in the memory banks for future use.

Yeah, it was a darn nice run, if you were wondering.

It got up to 50 degrees today. Dad and I were out with the Sony 16-35mm lens during our late morning walk. Notice that the snow is still deep in spots.

But, that snow is melting, melting.

Did I woof to you how much I like the Sony 16-35mm lens?
I’ve had such good luck with the Sony 16-35mm lens that I added a Sony 90mm macro lens to my camera store (thanks mom!).

Dog oh dog, this lens is super sharp! Take a look at it.

Pixel Peeping:

Yeah, darn sharp!

Pixel Peeping:

How about this? You can see the two flashes and dad’s hand holding the camera in my eye.

Not bad!

I’m gonna really like this lens!

George was having a great time in the snow in 2008.

Dog oh dog, those were great days on Mathias Peak!

Right George?!!!

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January 21, 2016

I was hoping for a decent sunrise on our run; that wasn’t going to happen.

I’m not sure why Castle Rock doesn’t have the gorgeous sunrises that Edgemont does.

But, we have had a lot of sun this month with warm temperatures.

That’s a good thing cuz Edgemont hasn’t been nearly so lucky. This is January bliss.

It’s been warm enough that hunting for mice in the snow doesn’t freeze off my nose.

Plus those little guys are more active with the warmer temperatures. It’s great hunting fun!

Mom took me this evening to Chuck and Don’s store of good things for dogs. Wow oh wow, did she fill up the bag with all sorts of treats; I’m barking EXCELLENT treats here!

Dog oh dog, George had some tough runs on Basset Back Ridge and Windsong Rise back in the days. Look at this climb to Windsong Rise!

I’ll woof you that George was one very happy camper on these runs. He’d howl in jubilation!

January 21, 2006

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January 20, 2016

Darn cloudy on our run. I thought that it was going to be that way all day. And it was except for sun coming out for our late morning walk. Bark about perfect timing for us.

Dad downloaded onto his fire the book One, Two, Three…Infinity today. It dates back to 1947 (older than dad!), but George Gamow sure wrote a classic!

Dad read me the chapter about finding a buried treasure using imaginary numbers. I think that I am confused. Sigh, I don’t even know if I’m confused.

I’m not even sure if my thinking is anything but imaginary.
I could use a treat!

Beautiful weather the day before and now this!

George would woof you that Edgemont weather sure is fickle.
January 20, 2008

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January 19, 2016

Dog oh dog, the day started out with snow on our run.

Arrhhoo-ooo! This is more like it!

Yeah, a start with a snow bath in the new snow is just the bark fantastic.

Yeah, this is my kinda of winter’s day, warm and fresh snow and sun.


Holy Dog! Now that’s what I bark a gorgeous sunrise!

Quite the day for George in 2008. Start with a grand sunrise and then have excellent photos as he and dad hiked around Mathias Peak.


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