November 08, 2016

Hey, these fine fall days should never end!

I love’em!

The morning couldn’t be beat, and because of the cool early morning temperatures, I was happy, happy sniffing around and looking for varmints.

Wish that I would have caught some.

And how are my ears doing? Quite well!

They don’t bother me much at all.

When I run, you can see how the goopy medicine is still in my ears.

The goop is Enrolfloxacin. I didn’t notice it as I had a good time today.

If only my nose was well.

Can you believe it? The Asters are still blooming.

How about that? Yup, a fine, fine fall day! It’s great to be a Porter basset!

As I sunned myself on the patio, I took a shot of me and the last of the Finest Fetch Elvis treats.

I’m sad to see the last of Finest Fetch treats.
What’s that you say, mom? You ordered one more bag from Amazon! Yippee! Quite excellent news!!!!
Now, how about some Wendy’s cheeseburger for dinner?

George was racing to the Cottonwood Bluffs on this day in 2007.

Up early! Running hard! To catch a most wonderful sunrise.

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November 07, 2016

I posted this photo of George last year, but it’s necessary to show it again.

I’m darn doggone tired of the sickening political ads on TV and the depressing articles in the news about Clinton and Trump. What an awful campaign year! Trump is such a buffoon. And Clinton, well, sourpuss Clinton just needs some happy thoughts or something. Maybe if I bite Trump??! Yuck, that would be poison!
Glad the election is over tomorrow. Enough is enough.
Anyway, George would have made a great President. This year would have been so much better with George running!

That’s the depressing stuff, but for me it was a darn nice day with blue sky…

color left on Porter’s Popular…

and golden grass to run through…

or sit in.

This fine fall keeps on a rolling. This fine fall keeps a Porter basset happy and springy!

Yeah, my usual afternoon nap on the patio in the sun. It’s quite a good thing. Today I napped some and read some of Lisa Randall’s books.

Seems like the universe gets more complicated all the time and seems more mysterious and inaccessible.
Thank goodness Wendy’s cheeseburgers are simple and easy to get for Porter basset. Thanks mom!

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November 06, 2016

The day started out chilly with some lingering clouds.

But when the clouds moved out, it was pretty darn nice for walking.

We made our Sunday pilgrimage to Miyo, where I met Eli and Sidney. It was darn nice walking there too, though the breakfast was even better.

I was kicking up my paws!

Why? You may ask.

Because that goo medicine sure was helping! I feel so much better in the ears.

Yup, I got my nap in the sun on the patio. But before I did it was photo shoot time with the Foothills Animal Shelter calendar.

Who is that buff, tough, handsome basset on the cover?

It’s Porter basset!!!! Yay!!!

Nice day, no doubt about that!

Here’s George cruising the airport back in 2007.

You know, George, dad, and I sure put the miles on at the Edgemont airport. Even better were all the good times with sunrises and sunsets and bassets and the wild critters and beautiful sky.

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November 05, 2016

I wonder when Porter’s Popular will lose all its leaves.

Even after all that wind the other day, Porter’s Popular has hung on, trying to make fall colors last.

Was there any doubt?

Remember mom had entered photos of me, Porter basset, for a calendar by Foothills Animal Shelter? Well, well, look who’s on the cover! That’s as it should be.

To celebrate my photo on the cover of the calendar and the Cub’s winning the World Series, we stopped by Chicago Vienna Dogs for some hotdogs.

The place was packed with Cubby fans still celebrating.

Sign, in the afternoon I had to go to the vet, check out my ears. The vet put this goopy paste out of a syringe into my ears. I wasn’t happy!!!
But woof! It seems to be helping. Maybe mom was right in taking to the vet. Too bad nothing can be done about my nose.

For being a good boy about the whole vet scene, mom bought me two Wendy’s triple cheeseburgers.

Dog oh dog, on the patio in the sun with cheeseburgers, life is good!

Yeah, it was a long day for me, including some big trauma. My bed was calling me early this evening.

I hope my ears are even better tomorrow.

Lucky dog George! He had a beautiful fall day in 2006 for hiking to Grand View.

What a great time to be alive and be a basset!

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November 04, 2016

We’ve still got some fall color around here.

Pretty amazing considering we’re well into November.

Gotta like the golden dry grass too.

My colors complement the fall colors so well, don’t ya think?

Did I get a nap in the sun on the patio?

You betcha, now how about a treat?

Did I get a Wendy’s cheeseburger in the evening?
You betcha!

My ears are really bothering me, so mom insists that I go to the vet tomorrow. Poor Porter!
Dad did a little cleaning on the right one, and I went ballistic, shaking my head uncontrollably.

Those year 2009 strolls on the Mickelson Trail continued for George.

Dog oh dog, it’s great when early November weather is warm and sunny!

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November 04, 2016

No chance for me to get some stunning fall color photos this fall, so you’ll have to make do with Porter’s Popular.

It’s not bad against the azure blue of the sky today.

Of course, if you add in a Porter basset then things look much better.

Dog oh dog, the field mice sure have invaded the berm. I try to get my nose down into the burrows to snort them out.

But, no luck.

“Come on dad, give me some help here!”

Yeah, he’s a party pooper and doesn’t help at all.

So it’s off through the golden grass to seek other adventures.

I haven’t commented on the Sony A6300’s focusing lately.

Yup, it still does a great job!

Oh ho! Now you’re laughing at the way I look while running.

Geez, a Porter basset gets no respect.

Personally, I think that I do a darn good job running, considering my health issues.

And there’s no denying that I’m still darn handsome.

Come the afternoon and it’s time to take advantage of the sun again.
I pondered the thoughts of Lisa Randall on the topic of the extinction of the dinosaurs due to dark matter.

Very strange speculation that something we can’t sniff or see or hear is all around us and causing such massive changes on Earth.

Hey, I just had an idea! If the ratio of dark matter to normal matter is really 4 to 1 then that would mean a Wendy’s dark matter triple cheeseburger would be the equivalent of a Wendy’s normal matter dodecheeseburger! THAT’S TWELVE BURGER PATTIES!!!!! Wow! Those dark matter bassets have all the luck! Hope I’m coming back as a dark matter basset hound with a dark matter Wendy’s conveniently near by!

Not much beats a good moonset on the west rim of Dead Horse Canyon.

Not only that nothing beats a handsome basset in the early morning golden light watching that moonset.

George, November 04, 2009

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November 02, 2016

Dog oh dog, it sure was a damp early morning walk. No rain in the forecast, but that’s what we got.
Thank goodness the clouds moved out later in the morning, and I had a pretty darn nice second walk.

Guess the Prairie Dogs like the sun coming out too, since they were barking like mad. This I had to go see!

I checked out just about every burrow.

You know, invite them to come play out in the sun.

Sadly, no takers!!!!

While on the patio I contemplated the upcoming last game of the 2016 World Series.

Would the Cubs get hits off of Cleveland’s starter?

He’s darn good, and the Cubs didn’t do so well last time facing him.

And how about the Cub’s pitching? Hendricks would do okay.

But would the Cub’s bullpen be up to the task?

It’s enough to make a manager’s head spin!

Well, for us as spectators it should be a great game.

Yup, I decided serious nap time was very important, so I could stay awake for the game.

And puppy oh puppy!!!! What a game it was!!!! Ten innings of paw turning excitement! And the Cubs did it! After 108 years they finally won the World Series again!

Did I mention that cancer sucks? Yeah, my problems keep getting worse. I can well imagine how George felt in 2009 with liver cancer.
But he had a nice afternoon of sun to enjoy himself.

Grab the good moments, always, always!

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November 01, 2016

It was wild and windy today.

With all the wind the leaves fluttered away from Porter’s Popular. There won’t be many leaves left on it.

The day had a lot more clouds than forecast. Thank goodness the sun came out for our second walk of the morning and made things quite pleasant.
If you didn’t mind the wind…

Youch! Just sent some dust up my poor nose.

Once dad let me get off the berm, I got to appreciate the sun.

Yup, I was bouncing along with joy with the sun and the wind.

Thank goodness the sun came back out during my patio nap.

Okay gods of baseball, how about a Cubby win tonight?

Look into my eyes and you’ll see visions of a Cubs win. That’s it gods of baseball, look into my eyes.

I have to woof you that it worked. The Cubs won!
They’ll have their work cut out for them tomorrow, however.

Don’t ya just love a good sunrise that unfolds into…

a sunny day.

That’s what George got on this day in 2009. Dog oh dog, it’s even better when it happens at Edgemont.

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October 31, 2016

Here it is, Halloween, and would you believe that we didn’t get any Trick-or-Treaters. Not one! What’s with that?
Well, at least Porter’s Popular was in its Halloween best on this beautiful fall day.

And at least there is one treater, who knew where the treats are in abundance.

Here he is now looking spooky as he snags a treat from his spooky dad.

I do believe all those runs with dad has helped me through this cancer in my nose. I mean, look at mean me! I still can get a good leap to my paws as I run to catch up with dad.

Now don’t blame dad for getting ahead of me. You know how it is, a basset has to do plenty of sniffing stops on a walk and tends to lag behind sometimes.

Since the sun was plentiful, I had a fine time napping on the patio. “One more treat?”

Now it’s time for an afternoon snooze in the sun.

Dreams of burgers danced through my head. The dreams came true, when dad grilled Kobe burgers on the grill.

Halloween 2007 found George hanging out at the soda shop.

We bassets can look like pretty tough characters.

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October 30, 2016

We didn’t get all the sun that had been forecast. I did get a bit of golden light at Porter’s Popular early in the morning.

A lot of yellow and gold, yes?

We went to Miyo for breakfast. Dog oh dog! I sure love Miyo.

“Hey mom, how about some of that bacon?”


And in case you’re wondering, mom bought a side order of bacon just for me! Isn’t she the sweetest?!!!

And guess who showed up? Eli and Sidney! Yeah, we had the basset rumble going on at Miyo. Pretty cool, when you think about it.
With all the leaves on the ground at the courtyard near Miyo, you can bet there was a lot of basset sniffing.
I was sorry to see them go.

BUT! Mom took me to the new Petco after we left Miyo. And I’ll woof you that I made out with a big haul of treats! I’m woofing a big, big, big haul of treats!!!

In the afternoon, the sun came out just enough to keep me warm on the patio.

Mom read and fed me some of those new treats.

Good thing I’m a treat specialist, cuz someone has to eat all of these new treats.

Toward the evening it was time to think about those Cubs.

They’ve got Jon Lester pitching so they should win this one. Right? Cleveland’s starter isn’t as good and hasn’t had much rest. Send it back to Cleveland on Tuesday?

Come on! It’s time to play ball!

You’ll be glad to know that in a real paw biter the Cubs managed to squeak through a victory. Here we go to Cleveland on Tuesday.

Bark about a carefree morning for George in 2006.

Yeah, a great run on Basset Back Ridge with terrific lighting as he finished his run. Nice, very nice.

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October 29, 2016

Yahoo! Sun this morning for Porter’s Popular.

That sure put a cheerful hop and skip in my early morning walk.

Dad and I wandered back to Porter’s Popular at the end of the walk to take some more photos now that the light had become stronger.

Breakfast? Yay!!! Burger King! I’m always up for a good Burger King breakfast.
After we came back home, dad and I went for another short walk, since the day was so doggone nice.
Look what I found at the Asters.

And then just a little farther up the path, I found this tennis ball.

Heh, heh, I had some fun with it, no doubt about that.

After lunch I got my sun time on the patio. Mom was out with me, so I was most certainly asking her for treats.

Which were forthcoming.

With the shadow of the tree, I get some pretty good lighting to accent my eyes.

Dad will tell you that basset eyes are a thing of wonder.

I agree.

Another thing of wonder is mom’s Samsung tablet.

Wow, that’s some amazing reflection off that OLED screen. She says she could read it just fine, but it sure wasn’t working for me.

As for those Cubs in the evening…blah…they stank!!! Ouch, it was a pretty bad game for the Cubs. Dog oh dog, they could lose the World Series tomorrow, right at Wrigleyville.
There were times I just couldn’t watch this disaster.

George had a fine fall day in 2007.

Yeah, these beautiful fall days get us bassets running and having a good time.

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October 28, 2016

Bark about way too many clouds today. Here I was hoping to spend some quality sun time by Porter’s Popular. Alas, all I could do was use flash.

We didn’t get much sun, but you can bet when we did I was camera ready for fall colors and Porter basset.

Kinda amazing that the Asters are still blooming at the end of October.

Mom took me for a Wendy’s cheeseburger after we went to see poor Sota. Dog oh dog, it’s too bad Sota doesn’t like cheeseburgers because I find it’s quite the good medicine for me when I’m feeling down. And I was feeling down alrighty after the Cubs played horribly in this evening’s game. Well, I will woof to you that I’d take a cheeseburger over a Cub’s win any time, but I sure would like to have both.

All this warmth this fall. Don’t we all remember how bad the fall of 2009 was?

Yup, lots of snow for George as he hiked Red Canyon Rim Trail.

But one could look down in the Cheyenne River Valley and no snow was down there at all.

Edgemont’s weather is the most interesting in the world.

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October 27, 2016

I’m hoping Porter’s Popular will be darn pretty to look at in the next few days. It’s got more fall leaves now.

I gots to woof to you that this sure has been a super fall.

I never mentioned before that there’s a berm running parallel to the street, and that berm is right next to Porter’s Popular.

As I run down it, I’ll bark to you that the berm has the perfect height for taking photos of Porter’s Popular with Porter basset in the foreground.

And it has great enough height to get a better than basset view of the surrounding area.

But it’s time to come down and do what bassets do best, get down low and sniff in the weeds for varmints.

Yeah, I had a good morning of sniffing and walking on this fine fall day. Come afternoon that sun was shining, so Porter basset was napping on the patio. Now, it takes a awhile for the sun to come around to the patio, so I need some covering before the sun falls on my napping rug and me. Hey, here comes the sun now.

I like to get my snoot warm first. Then it’s time for my backside.

Feels good!

After warming up some, it’s time to ask dad for a treat…or two.

Then some more napping.

Wake up, ask dad for another treat…or two.

Some more napping.

A little bit of grooming.

Some more napping.

A little bit of itching.

Some more napping.

When mom comes out, beg for a treat…or two…or more from her.

Some more napping until dinner.

And what was for dinner? A Wendy’s cheeseburger!!!!

Now you know how my afternoon goes when the sun is shining warmly. Pretty good, huh?

Hey George, you looking at the sunrise?

He most definitely was!

October 27, 2009

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October 26, 2016

Those beautiful days of Fall 2016 just keep on coming.

I sure love the blue skies this fall.

But there’s no denying that it is dry, dry, dry on the land around Castle Rock. I kick up the dust whenever I’m off road.

Not that I mind, cuz it’s a whole lot better than rain and mud.

Porter’s Popular is changing, not quickly, but it is changing.

I’m glad it’s hung on so long.

I had a hop, skip, and bounce to my step today…

cuz, I could smell a win for the Cubs this evening.

To stay awake for the game, I had to get my sunny nap in on the patio.

Hmmm-m, it would appear if I stay in one place too long I get leafed!

Did the Cubs win? You betcha!!!!!

George’s October 2009 was a cold one with too many days of snow and cold, but on this day the sun was out and George got to enjoy some warmth.

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October 25, 2016

Happy Ponderosa Thicket Day!

George started Ponderosa Thicket Day in 2008. That was a good year for Ponderosa Thicket. Sadly, Ponderosa Thicket (as I’ve woofed before) burned badly in White Draw Fire of 2012.

Ponderosa Thicket Day of 2008 was so typical of Edgemont days. You know things like a great sunrise…

and hiking on Red Canyon Trail and going to PJ’s for some good snacks and stuff, including chocolate chip cookies.

For George it was a good day, but the bed was very welcome when it got late in the evening.

My day didn’t start out nearly so well as George’s Ponderosa Thicket Day of 2008.

No matter which way that I looked.

The clouds were covering the sky in the morning.

So it sure was nice to see some sun in the afternoon.

The sun shining on Porter’s Popular was quite nice.

And, of course, napping on the patio with the occasional sun was darn nice too.

World Series Game time! Mom bought me my own refrigerator, so I could keep all my game time snacks handy.
Wendy’s cheeseburgers? Check! Yogurt? Check! Lots of butter? Check! Cheese? Check!

Oh, and lots of pizza? Double check!!!

Too bad the Cubs lost. But I was a winner!

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October 24, 2016

Would you believe that I’ve gained almost 10 pounds?

Wonder how much of that is from Wendy’s cheeseburgers?

You can bet that mom made sure I had a Wendy’s cheeseburger for dinner today.

This is the life.

I’ll bet George would have loved a Wendy’s cheeseburger popping out of a tree eight years ago while he was hiking through Ponderosa Thicket.

Guess I’m the lucky one here even though I would love to hike through Ponderosa Thicket.

I should be more active to lose some of this weight. You know get out and run…

and show some basset running antics.

And the run some more…heh there goes a butterfly right in front of my nose…

and flying on.

That was pretty cool!!!

Anyway, as you can probably guess the way my head feels, mom and dad I simply glad that I’m eating heartily and getting some exercise.

They tell me that those Wendy’s cheeseburgers will keep coming!

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October 23, 2016

Let’s get to those Cubs on Tuesday!

But I’ll have to wait.

That’s okay, cuz the weather is beautiful today…

plus I went visiting, visiting Eli and Sydney.

Here’s Eli.

Here’s Sydney.

There were lots of eats! And there were cats!!!! Dog oh dog, I wore myself out, but I sure had a good time.
What’s it like with three bassets around?

Enuf woofed:-)

I got home and took my sun nap on the patio.

This is the life. Mom cooking dinner while I nap after a good day of play.

October 2008 was the month of Ponderosa Thicket, I’ll woof to you.

It was a darn good month for hiking, and an excellent basset named Sheriff George got to enjoy it.

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October 22, 2016

Dog oh dog, the trees sure are losing all their leaves.

Matter of fact, there’s very few leaves in the trees. Yup, they’re mainly on the ground now.

Goodbye fall colors.

We started out the day by going to Miyo. Now that’s good thing! The fall day was once again splendid, splendid. In the afternoon, I got some sun out on the patio.

Oh yeah, I figured that I better get in a nap, cuz….

The Cubbies play this evening!!!!!!

Good thing I got that nap, cuz…
The Cubs won!!!!! For the first time in 71 years the Cubs are going to play in the World Series!!!! Stay tuned for Tuesday’s first game against Cleveland. Will the Cubbies take it all?

George didn’t have nearly this much excitement in 2008.

But, I’ll woof to you now, it doesn’t get any better than a nice hike on Red Canyon Rim Trail with a stop in Ponderosa Thicket.

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October 21, 2016

Mom had to go into Denver today, so my first decision of the day is do I wear my Cubs hat downtown Denver?

It might cause some problems since Coloradoans can be pretty uptight about their sports teams.

Mom suggested that I wear it when we go to get Chicago hotdogs at Chicago’s. That would be quite appropriate. Hotdog! What a good idea!

Downtown Denver I checked out the continuing construction of 1144 15th Street. It’s about half way up now.

Of course, I went and appreciated the old buildings too.

Going to Denver means, and this is most important, food! Let the eats begin! Dad bought me a Smash Burger too start.

Then it was on to Chicago’s, where I was very comfortable wearing my Cubbies hat.

Oh yeah! Now this is a great hotdog!

And surprise, surprise, when we got home, I found out that mom had stopped at the Cheesecake Factory! Dog oh dog, doesn’t this look fabulous!

After all that walking around and eating, I was one very tired Porter basset.

Tomorrow the Cubs play!!!!!

We had another fine fall day, even rather hot. But we all know how October can be in the High Plains. Just ask George in 2006.

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October 20, 2016

Go Cubs!

Go Cubs!

Go Cubs!

That’s worth repeating!

Go Cubs!

And were the bats alive this evening and the pitching great?

Yes, they were. Arrhhooo-ooo!!!!

Just think, if they win on Saturday, the Cubs will have won the National League Championship for the first time since 1945!

As for my day, well, it was another darn fine fall day.

Dog oh dog, you got to love this fall. It’s been a good one!

Yup, it was the type of day made to enjoy the outside.

And stir up craziness in the Prairie Dog village.

We went to see Sota. He’s looking so much better. And today the dentist told us that Sota’s teeth look pretty darn good, so Sota was feeling pretty good overall.
I was feeling pretty darn good too, when we got a Wendy’s burger for me. I was feeling great after the Cubs won their game.

Way back in 2007 George was feeling pretty darn good about the morning’s start.

It turned into a splendid fall day.

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October 19, 2016

Darn nice day today.

And the Cubs batters finally came alive. It’s about time! Whoosh! It’s great to see a Cubs hitter smack one out of the park!

Dog oh dog, I’ll be a happy basset indeed, if those Cubbies keep the bats blasting.

One thing that’s cool about a day like today is the lighting changing from early morning to full light an hour later.

I like the soft lighting, but I’ll woof to you that I do like my white, well, white!

I’m having more problems with my nose, yeah, it’s not good. But, I’m still a happy, happy basset during my walks on these fine fall days. It’s like I’m the Porter of old:-)

And I can still scent a Wendy’s hamburger a mile away.

Ah, it’s over this way dad!

And the sun still feels good on my snoot.

I will woof to you, however, that I am a little horrified at how much blood gets on my sheets while I’m sleeping. Thank goodness dad washes those sheets everyday for me. Yeah, mom and dad sure take good care of me.

It’s not too unusual when staring at the big abyss that you want to talk about the bigger picture. Dad and I spent some time out in the sun on the patio while I asked him things like, “What about this multiverse stuff, dad? Do you think there are an infinite number of universes with an infinite number of me’s?”

“And does quantum gravity fields bring an answer to how our universe works?”

The only thing dad could really answer is that Porter basset, that’s me!, is a most unique and wonderful guy. “You, my dear basset, live life in the moment with gusto and joy and make your mom and dad’s life so much richer.” I like that!

“Hey George! Bark about living live with gusto and joy.” Yeah that would be George always ready to get up long before the sun rises so he could have a great day.

October 19, 2007

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October 18, 2016

Happy Ears to the Wind Day!!!!!

Much as I tried, we just didn’t have enough wind to get those basset ears a flying.

Not even out in the open.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t get to celebrate big time! Mom took me to Wendy’s and let ME order! Heh, heh, will you look at this haul.

Those are triple cheeseburgers in case you are wondering. Um, I think mom will probably NOT let me order again. But, WOOF!, what a celebration of Ears to the Wind Day!

Good thing I had a big celebration for Ears to the Wind Day, cuz there was no celebration in the Chi Town. Heck, I couldn’t even watch the Cubs game as it wound down.

Just brutal!

I’m woofing you that those Cubs batters ain’t worth a basset sniff.

Bark about awful. Do they realize that they’re supposed to get hits to win?

They most certainly need a manager who would kick their butts.

I’m woofing you, it’s time for some pay decreases, big time, if they don’t start hitting.

Of course, there’s a whole lot more to life than baseball (or basefail if you’re a Cub player). Bark about a fine fall day for Ears to the Wind Day, and the colors are still around.

Looks like flowers behind me, but it’s simply fall leaves. Very nice indeed.

And I certainly enjoyed the patio in the sun for a nap in the afternoon.

Darn nice holiday George started in 2007.

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October 17, 2016

Porter’s Popular is finally showing some signs of changing color.

If I take the photo in two color mode, it’s much easier to see the fall color.

Lots of clouds on our early morning walk. Come the second walk later on, well, this is much better.

Notice the color difference between the two above photos? The first photo is the A6000, the second the A6300. Hmm-mm, what gives?

Here it is October 17th and there’s still some Asters blooming.

I give a wink to you beautiful Asters.

Dog oh dog, I still have a great time on our walks, particularly with this beautiful fall weather. Makes me joyful and jaunty.
I hope these photos of a joyful, jaunty Porter basset bring some joy to you (that’s for you mom!).

Yippee!!! I have to pay mom back for the Wendy’s cheeseburger she bought for me today!

Since the sun was warming up the patio nicely, I got some decent napping done outside.

It makes for a good day.

Bark about a good day, that would be George’s walk on the Mickelson Trail in 2009.

He was having a tough go with liver cancer, but you’d never guess it on this morning seven years ago.

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October 16, 2016

Bark about a lot of early morning clouds. We had about 10 seconds to snap this shot.

Those clouds hung around for awhile, but after we had a great breakfast at Miyo, the clouds moved south. Dog oh dog, the sun sure feels good on my nose.

I got to see Eli and Sidney. Dog oh dog, they’re looking darn good. I hope to visit them in the near future.

Since the trees near Miyo were in their fall splendor, I figured a few photos were necessary.

Of course, I had to try two color mode again.

Worked pretty well this time.

To bad the sun was so high up that you can’t see my eyes, um, one of my best features.

But having the sun on another fine fall day is worth more than any photo.

We had a quiet day, though the wind did blow briskly. I got some great napping time in the sun on the patio.
In the evening, it was time again to watch the Cubs. They lost, ugh! You know, their lead batters have done pretty poorly in the postseason. I hope they start hitting, cuz otherwise the Cubs might not make it to the World Series. That would be a shame.

Sing it up George!!!!

Yup, you get a fine fall day, it makes you want to sing! Arrrhhhooo-oo!!!
October 16, 2008.

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October 15, 2016

Darn nice morning to get out and enjoy the fall colors.

Funny though, Porter’s Popular still hasn’t changed color.

After a hearty breakfast at Burger King, I was ready for some more walking. Mom took us to the trail on Cherry Creek. I thought that I would try out the special effects with two colors.

Oh my, that’s only one color.

It needs me in the photo for the two colors!

Yeah, that’s better.

You know what? The temperature got to 85 degrees today. Wow oh wow, that’s some heat for the middle of October. Really and truly, I was getting a bit hot on our walk.

Good thing we spent plenty of time resting in the shade. Pretty nice looking up to the blue sky through the canopy of trees.

Yeah, I like the full color for fall color better than the one color.

Need that blue of the sky. Still, when I’m in the photo, it is kinda neat.

DUKE’S!!!!! Yay! Yay! Mom took me to Duke’s for dinner this evening, since the weather was so fine. You can bet I had more than my fair share of the tenderloin; I gots to keep up my strength, you know.
We came home to watch the Cubs beat the Dodgers. Cool!

George was enjoying a pretty darn nice morning in 2009 as he roamed Red Canyon Rim Trail.

The sunrise was good, the treats better than good, the day oh so fine.

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October 14, 2016

Dog oh dog, there wasn’t much time for these photos, since the clouds soon covered the sun. But, you got to love the soft colors and bokeh of the 200mm lens.

By the time the sun came out again, the light was not as soft. Still looked nice, though.

Later with the harsh light, I thought it was time to complement my brown with the changing colors of the Scrub Oak.

Well dog oh dog, fall sure is a great time, particularly when the weather is spectacular.

We did go see Sota. Poor guy is still darn sore. It’s rough, I’ll woof to you.
As for me, I got to share some Outback food with mom and dad for dinner. That was nice, and of course, I had plenty of hamburger during the day:-)

Yay George and Ponderosa Thicket!

I’m woofing you that October 2008 was a great month for lots of wonderful photos in the best neck of the woods around Edgemont.

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October 13, 2016

The problem with wide angle lenses is that they do make dog noses, well um, kinda ridiculous looking.

You know that I’m a handsome guy.

A guy with all the right proportions.

The wide angle lens on my paws isn’t so bad, cuz I do have big paws.

But for the nose? Seriously? So here I am trying to look good in my Cubs cap, and what does dad do? Connect that wide angle lens to the camera!

It’s embarrassing, and I may go on strike about it, or at least hide my nose.

It was a pretty nice day out, all in all. I was hankering for some sun during my afternoon nap. Yeah, just what I needed.

Hey, you’ve probably never seen a wide angle shot of the patio, where I take my afternoon nap.

Not very big, is it? But it’s quite nice for me, and I can keep track of the goings and coming around the courtyard.

Too bad I had to cut short my nap. I fire started to the northeast of us, and the smoke headed our way.

The fire wasn’t big at 30 acres, but the smoke did send me inside until the fire was put out. And dog oh dog, bark about a lot of fire trucks around here. That fire didn’t stand a chance of spreading with all the firemen in the area.

I remember when Ponderosa Thicket was lush and green with Ponderosa trees shading the ground, just like George found it in 2008.

As we all know the White Draw fire destroyed Ponderosa Thicket. Glad we have the photos of it.

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October 12, 2016

Dog oh dog, what a dream I was having on this gloomy morning.

Wait a minute, this isn’t a dream!!!

Come on dad, let me have some of those M&M’s.

Sigh, all dad wants is a Porter and the M&M’s Variations on a Theme. Sigh…

Double sigh….

Then dad made up some angus burgers on the grill for lunch. Oh please! Not another Variation on a Theme!!!

Well, dad was good to me and that cheeseburger was all mine. Who says modeling doesn’t pay well?

After lunch the drizzle had stopped, so dad and I went out for a walk. Bark about fallsy air and colors.

I was darn energetic on the walk, you know, those cooler temperatures.

Later in the afternoon, the sky started to clear and I managed to snag a little sun as I snoozed outside on the patio.

The weather is looking better for tomorrow.

Bark about great lighting to watch a really nice sunset!

Sheriff George on Cottonwood Bluffs, October 12, 2006

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October 11, 2016

This is what it really looks like on the trail near the condos.

Some people call it Power Line Trail for obvious reasons.

You can hear these high voltage lines popping and snapping with electricity.

It’s kinda spooky when you think about it. I sure would hate to see a pylon fall in a big wind.

No chance of a basset climbing one of those power pylons, but a talented basset like me can do well on rocks. You know, take it easy and watch where you’re putting a paw.

Ha! Piece of cake! I can even dance a jig while on the rocks.

Now all you bassets at home, I wouldn’t suggest trying this jig on the rocks stuff unless you are a new and improved basset like me.

Did I woof “new and improved basset?”

Yes, I did!

I’m such a humble guy:-)

and handsome:-)

darn handsome!!!!:-)

Darn beautiful late morning for hunting Prairie Dogs…

and enjoying the fall colors.

I got a Wendy’s cheeseburger this evening, just in time to watch the Cubs beat the Giants. Next up for the Cubs, the National League championship. Yay!!!!

Good old studious George. I don’t think that there ever was a smarter basset than George. He knew the Edgemont library from cover to cover.

October 11, 2007

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October 10, 2016

Beautiful fall colors still coming on line.

For whatever reason, Porter’s Popular is still green.

Guess it’s tough like me.

Of course, I couldn’t resist getting a little Cubby action in on the fall colors.

The Cubs game is soon to start, but dog oh dog I’m tired after a day of walking and sniffing and enjoying the fine weather and visiting PetSmart for treats. I know if I eat this hotdog right away, I’ll want a nap.

Eat now and fall asleep or try to stay awake for the game?

You’ll probably want to know the hotdog and sleep won out.

Barking of out, the Cubs lost the game while I was sleeping! Well, maybe they need a winning manager…

um, that would be me:-)

Hope the Cubs beat those Giants tomorrow!

It’s in our basset blood to be alert hunters. George was all that in 2006 as the sun was setting.

Fast forward to 2016 and it’s Porter basset, the fearless hunter.

I think George and I are kin.

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October 09, 2016

So, do you think the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series?

Bark about a cursed team. The Cubs have not won the World Series in 107 years, and they have not won the National League pennant in 71 years. Mom’s from Chicago, so we’re hoping this is the year the Cubs end the longest cursed streak in Major League Baseball.

Friday’s night game was one of the best, a defensive game almost to perfection. Then Baez came to bat in the bottom of the 8th. Whoa look at that ball go!

Yeah, there was cheering in the house with this homerun and the only score of the game.

Saturday’s game was a bit more messy, but the Cubs won…whew!

So what will happen in Monday’s night game?

Will the Cubs sweep the Giants?

I had to cool down in the beautiful weather after I got all excited about the Cubs.

You know, stop and sniff…well, whatever my sniffer wanted to sniff.

Then we went to Miyo for breakfast, yippee!!!!

After breakfast we headed over to the Castle Rock Outlet stores, not exactly a favorite place of dad’s. But he is impressed that the stores do let Porter basset into the stores to help with the shopping.

We stopped in at Lids, where mom bought me…oh my!…a Cubs baseball hat!!!!

Bark about a cool looking basset!

I wore that cap even while napping in the afternoon.

Go get’em Cubs! Rip those Giants to shreds!

George didn’t have the sports excitement in 2006 that I have this year. But he did have those books to write, in this case about friends.

So how about Eeyore for a friend? Not bad.

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October 08, 2016

The Sony A6000/Sigma 60mm combination did so well yesterday, I thought why not compare the combination to the Sony A7rII with the Sony 90mm macro. The A7rII and 90mm lens are about as sharp as it gets in the digital camera world. Take for example this photo I took while checking out the Prairie Dogs.

There is an amazing about of detail in the photo, certainly more than one needs for just about any application other than a truly large printing.
Want to see what I’m woofing about, then download the full photo:
Porter in Detail
Be forewarned, it’s 60 megabytes.

Here’s the A7rII and 90mm lens combination:

Here’s the A6000 and 60mm lens combination:



Okay, okay these small photos tell you nothing about how much detail is in the full size photos, so you’ll have to trust me when I woof the A7rII and 90mm lens pull out more detail than the A6000 with the 60mm lens. I can’t even crop out a full Porter basset eye to 700 pixels for pixel peeping, because the eye is just too big with the A7rII. Still, there’s that price difference again: $4300 for the A7rII/90mm lens combination, $640 for the A6000/60mm lens combination. Just woofing here that under most circumstances, the A7rII and 90mm lens isn’t anymore than techie bragging rights. It’s kinda like having a 200mph Ferrari when the speed limit and traffic make 90mph a dicey proposition.

But, being Porter basset, I’m not above bragging rights:-)

Dog oh dog, we went out to see Sota today and I must woof that he’s feeling pretty poorly. Poor mom she’s got her two boys to worry about. I hope Sota gets better.

Pizza tonight with a Chicago Cubs playoff game. Cool!
Chili for George at the Fall Festival in 2006.


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October 07, 2016

Our first big frost of the season.

Kinda late for the first frost.

Sure has been a warm and wonderful fall!

Lots of blue sky and sun too!

I love it!

On our second walk of the morning, I took along the old Canon 50D and the Sony A6000. I had put that great 60mm Sigma lens on the Sony A6000.
I took this shot with the Canon 50D.

Then it was the turn of the Sony A6000 with that Sigma lens.

Since I didn’t post any pixel peeping crops, you’ll have to trust me that the Sony combination sure is much sharper.

In all fairness, the Sony A6000 is much more modern with a 24 megapixel sensor compared to the 15 megapixel of the 50D. But, the Sony A6000 cost $399 and the Sigma lens only $239. Compare that to the $995 for the Canon 50D and $1098 for the Canon 24-105 lens. Yeah, the Sony A6000 with the Sigma 60mm lens has got to be the best deal on the market for great sharp photos.

One thing the Sigma 60mm lens cannot do is fast action photography. Yeah, it’s focusing is too slow for that.
This is about as close as I can get to the lens while running and still stay in focus.

You might be wondering what my hurry was all about. That would be Prairie Dogs!

Darn varmints are all over the place!

Now, if I could just catch one.

Guess what I got for lunch, yeah, a Wendy’s burger. You know me too well:-) And then for dinner, mom made this great beef stew!
In the evening we watched the Chicago Cubs beat the Giants in the first play off game. Gotta watch the Cubs this year because this could be history.

George was having a superb hike on this day 9 years ago

You know it can snow anytime in October, so you take the beautiful fall days with gusto.

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October 06, 2016

It rained this morning, so my walk was delayed until 10:30 in the morning.

We didn’t get much rain, so the grass is bone dry except for where the Castle Rockins water the heck out of it.

I didn’t go out by the Prairie Dogs owing to the mud. Instead, I walked on the trail behind Marble Ln.

I haven’t been on this trail for quite awhile.

Hey, here’s a Porter basset with that unique to Porter basset curved tail as I walk.

I mean unique to bassets, since a basset tail goes straight up and doesn’t curve inward.

I’m the new and improved basset…heh, heh.

Mom bought me a Wendy’s double cheeseburger for lunch. Dog oh dog, I’m really getting used to this!!!!

After lunch I fooled around with the cameras, checking out colors.
Sony A7rII:

Canon 50D:

Sony NEX7:

It would seem DxO makes it a relatively level playing field for all three cameras.

There are differences but not a whole lot.

You can’t beat Dead Horse Canyon (yeah, almost a pun:-) for a fall hike.

Doesn’t George look magnificently happy in 2007? And how could he not be with such a fine fall day in Edgemont?

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October 05, 2016

Top of the world to ya, George.

Nothing like Howling Rock on a fine 2008 fall day.

It was a pretty darn nice fall day here, too. I took the Sony A7rII with the 90mm macro lens out for some color shots.

Dog oh dog, it really is a great lens.

What’s even better is that the 90mm macros lens doesn’t do too badly for action shots.

Not that the Sony A7r2 is a camera made for action, but it does do surprisingly well. The question is will the next Sony mirrorless full frame camera have the fast focusing of the Sony A6300? It will be an amazing camera if it does.

Well, well, my mom, you just got to love her!!!! Look what she put together.

A book all about Porter basset!

And you know what? This is the best Porter basset book yet! You can check it out at:
Porter’s Best Book!

The other great thing to happen today was angus burgers on the grill. I got my own again! Dog oh dog, I do love those angus burgers.
Just as I was ready for bed, I brought out the old Canon 50D. Thought I should take a few photos with it.

It’s still working!

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