April 19, 2015

Time to head back to Castle Rock. I visited the airport one last time for this trip.

After three days of crud weather, we woke up to beautiful blue skies…just as we have to leave…sigh.

I watched the packing from my chair.

Then watched all the loading while sunning myself.

I might bark about the rotten weather we had for three days, but it could have been worse. Look at all the snow south of Chugwater, Wyoming.

Blah! Awful looking stuff for April.

I was kinda worried what we would find in Castle Rock cuz Castle Rock got 10″ of snow on Friday and Saturday. It was a relief to find most of it had melted and only plow piles of snow were still around.

Perfect, perfect, perfect!!!!

George in his Pasqueflower Patch!
April 19, 2015

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April 18, 2015

Pretty miserable day in the weather department. We went over to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. I’ll woof you right now, it was a bust because of the mud. I did get a photo with the Star Lilies.

And Karen was kind enough to keep my spirits up with treats.

In Hot Springs we picked up a new microwave for the Edgemont house. Sure looks better than the rusty looking old one. Cooks faster too.

On the way home it was time for one last stop at George’s Pasqueflower Patch. Yup, I was all pumped up for this stop!

The Pasqueflowers are way past peak, but they still look beautiful.

Dad and I scratch our heads over this. What animal picks Pasqueflowers and then arranges them in little piles?

Very strange, that.

The weather may have been rotten, but at least we weren’t fighting the wind and snow that George had to during his run on Basset Back Ridge in 2006.

Shiver! April 18, 2006

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April 17, 2015

Another blah day, though it was dry for our run on Windsong Rise. On the way home I stopped to admire the Golden Pea flowers along Elbow Canyon Road.

I visited the library and city hall for the last time for this trip. We’re headed to Castle Rock on Sunday. I wish the weather would be better, cuz I sure could use some time in the woods.

George had a much better day back in 2006. Matter of fact it was a fine day at Circle View Point.

One of these days, dad needs to get me to that spot again.

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April 16, 2015

Too bad the weather isn’t going to be so great through Saturday. It didn’t rain on us, but it was wet running on Windsong Rise. The droplets on the Star Lilies were fascinating to see.

I did make it to George’s Pasqueflower Patch, though a good photo wasn’t going to happen today.

Dad’s lawn has plenty of yellow flowers in it. I guess people don’t like’em in their lawns but dad kinda does.

We even got some sun for a bit so I could sprawl myself out and bask under the sun.

In the evening we visited Agnes and Gene. I love going to see them!

Way back in 2007 George was admiring the Pasqueflowers after his early morning run.

Pasqueflowers always make for the best of times; basset hounds always make for the best of times.

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April 15, 2015

In the sight of the rising sun I could see that a storm system was moving in.

Time to say goodbye to the beautiful weather.

The sun held for some of our jog on Windsong Rise.

I’ll woof you that the Meadowlarks were in full chorus this morning. What a great place for running.

It’s been great this week visiting with Gene and Agnes and stop by all my favorite treat places in Edgemont!

George had the long view of Edgemont from Edgemont View Knoll in 2006.

What can be said about this area around Edgemont? It’s always magic!

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April 14, 2015

Wonderful day today!

How about the gold grass on Windsong Rise?

I had a pretty darn good run on this fine day.

And how about this, it got so nice dad took me out on the motorcycle.

I should woof that it is really, really dry and, yes, that’s a wildfire putting out smoke behind me. The fire is in Wind Cave National Park.

Got this shot of train activity too.

After Karen got off work, we headed for George’s Pasqueflower Patch. Bark about enjoy!

Guess the weather is going to turn to grud in the next few days, so I was glad to have to this warm 85 degree day!

George had a fine run on this day in 2006.

A fine day, a fine run, a fine basset…perfect.

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April 13, 2015

Yippee! We got to jog on Windsong Rise today. It was mighty fine weather for it too.

Always the great view!

On the way home the usual train action was taking place at Edgemont. Planes anyone?

In the afternoon dad and I wandered into the deeper parts of George’s Pasqueflower patch.

Dog oh dog the Pasqueflowers were looking darn beautiful!

Nothing better than a nap in the sun amongst George’s Pasqueflowers.

Okay, a hamburger is ever better, but still…

Karen took us over to the Wild Horse Sanctuary in the evening. Karen has come to love this beautiful horse.

Karen has named her Velcro because how much she wants to cuddle up to Karen.

Dad’s talking about getting the motorcycle out tomorrow. Yippee!

The Pasqueflowers of 2006 were just getting going. George was very pleased with the nice morning and the Pasqueflowers making their appearance.

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April 12, 2015

The day started out kinda gloomy, but as it wore on, it turned into a gorgeous day.
In the morning I took a photo of this UP loco sitting in the Edgemont yard.

It’s been there since February when it was sideswiped in an accident. Now it sits until the FRA gives approval to move it.

After some breakfast sandwiches from PJ’s, we went for a walk on Indian Paint Trail. It was darn pretty, though very windy.

We then drove to Igloo. The bridges are open again; that’s a relief. On the way back I snapped this photo.

Train photos are so easy to get in Edgemont.

Later on we headed over to the Wild Horse Sanctuary. Bark about a beautiful setting for these Goldenpea flowers.

We visited my favorite mustang, Sierra. She was so happy for the sweet feed that I brought to her.

Poor Cisco, he’s a nice guy, but he still won’t come for any sweet feed. I like his sweet personality; he’s such a big guy.

For grins we asked the Jeep’s navigation to give us the route back home to Edgemont. Here’s what came up.

The moral of this story is: don’t trust the navigation system in your car! We left the Jeep and walked on Rocky Ford Road, so we could see the route chosen.

Of course, I knew what was up ahead.

Oh sure, can’t you see the average vehicle coming to this spot?!!!!

Do you think the average driver would go for it?!!!!

It will be interesting to see if someone would try to follow Rocky Ford Road per his auto’s navigation system.

We didn’t stop to see the Pasqueflowers today. George did! Well, back in 2006.

The perfect wildflower, the perfect basset!

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April 11, 2015 Part 2

Dog oh dog, quite the day! After a great lunch at Prairie Berry Winery we headed into Custer State Park. I saw all sorts of wild animals!

First stop, the Big Horn Sheep.

Next stop, my favorite, Pronghorns!! This guy was looking pretty darn cool.

I could get real close to the Pronghorns today. “I can see you Porter, so that’s close enough.”

The girl Pronghorns sure are beautiful.

And we all know how fast Pronghorns are. There they go!

One last Pronghorn posed for us after he itched his head on a pine.

There’s the pose.

We went on to the Bison.

They sure were in some great scenery.

Not sure why this Bison stuck his tongue at me.

And we can’t forget Karen’s favorites, the Wild Burros.

As the light faded one last wild animal started to appear, the Elk.

How about all these photos for this day? Yup, I was one busy basset. We got home and I sure was ready for some snooze time (after eating dinner, of course!).

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April 11, 2015 Part 1

Dog oh dog, does this ever bring back Edgemont memories of George.

Windsong Rise, April 11, 2006

And dog oh dog!!!! What a great day I had! It was such a full day that I have to make two parts for this day cuz of all the photos I took. It started with a nice shot of Edgemont’s BNSF action.

Then it was on to view George’s Pasqueflower Patch. I didn’t know what to expect. How many Pasqueflowers would be left? It’s been dry and warm in Edgemont so perhaps the Pasqueflowers were finished for the year? I wondered more as I noticed all the Star Lilies blooming and the path to George’s Pasqueflower Patch.

Good news!!! The Pasqueflowers were numerous, even if they were past peak. It was time to concentrate on getting photos of my favorite wildflower.

Hang on to your paws, cuz here’s a lot of Pasqueflower photos from George’s Pasqueflower Patch today.

Nothing like Pasqueflowers, right?

Karen was very proud of my work in George’s Pasaqueflower Patch!

But whew, after all that photo taking, I needed a rest.

After a brief nap, I was ready to hit the road. We were headed for other adventures on this day, including a lunch at Prairie Berry Winery. Before we left George’s Pasqueflower Patch, I stopped to thank George for all the beautiful Pasqueflowers.

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April 10, 2015

We did the drive to Edgemont today. I’ll woof you that I was getting pretty excited when we stopped north of Lusk and I could see the Black Hills.

I was even more excited when we stopped for a walk on Indian Paintbrush Trail.

It’s good to be back in my old stomping grounds!

In 2009 George had one of those misty, wet days where the grass shines with vivid color.

It wasn’t a great day to be in the George’s Pasqueflower Patch, but the walk to it sure was pretty.
I’m hoping to be in George’s Pasqueflower Patch tomorrow.

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April 09, 2015

There was a little bit of snow in the grass this morning and plenty of overcast sky. Can’t say our run was the best, since we had to stay on the sidewalk all the time. Come the afternoon things started looking much better.

I’ll take it!

Karen tells me that we’re headed for Edgemont tomorrow. Dog oh dog, I’ll get to see Gene and Agnes and my other friends again!

With a sunrise like this, one would think the day would have a chance of nice weather.

But nope, it was wind and clouds for the day, one of those days where only the tough bassets go out to enjoy the outside.

April 09, 2008

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April 08, 2015

Not a bad morning at all to get out into the big old world. I didn’t have any luck with the Prairie Dogs today, but there were some more wildflowers starting their showy spring appearance.

We got dinner at 5 Guys. Dog oh dog, were there ever a lot of french fries. Wish there had been that much in the hamburgers for yours truly.
They’re talking the possibility of snow for tomorrow morning.

What a magnificent morning for George in 2006.

You can’t blame him for not wanting to go home just yet!

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April 07, 2015

Here’s the huge Prairie Dog town where I caught one of those pesky rodents.

There’s a lot of them here, so you’d think that I could catch them all day long, but dad wouldn’t let me today. Blast!

Funny how close they live to mcmanisons, since the overgrown houses are just below the Prairie Dog town.

Darn foggy this morning on our run, but it did clear out into a nice morning. And look at this, Bluebells!

A sure sign of winter ending.

George was waiting for Pronghorns on this day in April, 2006.

You never know when a herd will come along when hanging out near Elbow Canyon
Road after the early morning run. Too bad George didn’t catch one that morning.
I’ve never caught one either, but there’s always hope :-)

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April 06, 2015

I got up on Porter’s Perch on this fine morning…

and gave some thought to catching a Prairie Dog.

You know what?!!!! It worked!!!! Yup, I got me one of those little varmints! Dad should have taken a photo of it, cuz it’s one I’d want on the wall, me with a Prairie Dog in my mouth. I don’t think Karen and dad were as impressed with my efforts as I was.

George was looking darn good after his run on a fine April morning.

Nothing like the smell of spring popping up all over.
April 06, 2006.

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April 05, 2015

Darn nice Pasqueflower day at Sota’s.

Last year I didn’t have much chance to appreciate Pasqueflowers, so it was nice finding a spot in the shade where a bunch of them were growing.

Dad tells me that Pasqueflowers always look grand with a basset in their midst, but I’ll woof you that Pasqueflowers are more than beautiful when the subject of the photo.

Lulu went through a brief bit of weirdness with her back paws. I’m hoping we don’t have to worry about her.
We ended the day with a great meal for Outback Steakhouse. This was a pretty darn nice weekend; I hope the good weather continues.

George didn’t have that good weather on this day in 2007.

Is that snow I see on George? Shiver!

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April 04, 2015

Dog oh dog, I sure can’t complain about this day. It started out with a Burger King breakfast and then a trip to Sota’s, where the Pasqueflowers were looking mighty fine indeed.

You got to love these little beauties.


We then got in the Jeep for a trip to Palmer Park in Colorado Springs. The park has a spectacular view of Pikes Peak.

The trails are pretty nice too, especially considering the park is surrounded by a city of 500,000 people.

Just watch out for the folks on mountain bikes.

We had a late lunch at Smashburger in Colorado Springs, then we hauled it all the way to Colfax Avenue in Denver to pick up some beef sandwiches from Chicago Vienna Hotdogs. Great scenery, beautiful weather, and lots of good food! My kind of day!

How about George after his run in 2006?

The lighting was perfect for a woods and George shot. Hard to beat it!

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April 03, 2015

Yeah, it happened!


The snow made for a messy run. Come the afternoon the sun was shining and that snow melted away. Up in Edgemont there hasn’t been much moisture at all this year, only .6″ of precipitation this year. Now that’s dry!

You look at the photo of George on Elbow Canyon Road and you know darn well that he was one darn buff basset and handsome. Running sure keeps a basset fit and looking good.

April 03, 2006

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April 02, 2015

Pretty nasty day for a run in the morning as little ice pellets bombarded dad and me. Lots of clouds too. Looks like green grass behind me, and it is.

But my old weather sniffer tells me that tomorrow morning might not be so green.

Of course, it is only April, so snow can happen any time. I’d rather have mild temperatures with sun, I’ll woof you.

George had some beautiful frost crystals catching the early morning sun on this day in 2009.

It was a cold morning with glittering gems and the perfect basset.

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April 01, 2015

There were plenty of clouds today, but I took some photos so the day would look much better than it did.

I could fool somebody with these photos. I had to be quick to catch any sunshine. I’m hoping the weekend is nice so I can get some decent Pasqueflower shots. Stayed tuned.

Oh yeah! Catching the rising sun on his nose.

Gotta give it to George for this one! April 01, 2007

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March 31, 2015

Look at George in 2007 catching air in the snow!

My day was vastly different because there was no snow and lots and lots of sunshine. I was a bit depressed because Karen had to work in Denver in the morning, but dad tried to buck up our spirits by taking me for a good jog and nice walks like to the empty lots on Timber Ridge.

We were early enough to get a little better lighting for the long view from the lots.

Dad and I hopped in Lulu to get her cleaned up and get an oil change. Remember those Daffodils from about ten days ago? They’re looking very festive now along Plum Creek.

And here’s a shot I’d like to do better, a BNSF train passing through Castle Rock with Castle Rock in the background.

I’ll have to hangout by the tracks on an early evening. Should be a good time then for a nice photograph. Oh and I must bring a lens stronger than the 60mm lens.

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March 30, 2015

Well, I’m back in Castle Rock.

Dad and I had a good jog, but we missed hearing the Meadowlarks. I’ve got all these photos to process from our time in Edgemont, but when the sun is out, it’s hard for a basset to stay inside, though we could have had more sun in the morning.

I forgot to post this photo yesterday.

That’s the home of the Golden Eagles off of Elbow Canyon Road. We’re hoping to get back there soon for more photographs of these beautiful birds.

In 2005 Edgemont got plenty of rain, so the dry grasses of spring 2006 were long and lush. It made for great basset camouflage.

March 30, 2006

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March 29, 2015

Today it was time to head back to Castle Rock. Karen, dad, and I got up real early again so we could say goodbye to the Pasqueflowers near Craven Canyon. I’ll admit that I wasn’t quite awake.

“Did somebody say treat?!!!”

Yeah, that got me awake.

We stopped at the junction of Elbow Canyon Road and Dewey Road to watch Golden Eagle play around their nest in the old Cottonwood trees.

That got me even more awake.

It was a nice day for traveling with the wind at our backs for most of the ride. We made it to Castle Rock with plenty of daylight to spare. Tomorrow will be a day of jogging around the overgrown houses of Castle Rock instead of the quiet of Windsong Rise, but I’m already drooling over all the places for a basset to snag a breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

“Oh for basset’s sakes,” snarled George in 2007 as the snow came down.

Late March and April snows are tough to take; it should be spring doggoneit!

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March 28, 2015

Yahoo! What a great morning to capture Pasqueflowers at sunrise.

I knew that it would be worth the effort to get up early and catch that sunrise over Craven Canyon. I’ll admit that I was a bit sleepy.

But the results were worth it.

Later in the morning I took a quick peek at the railroad yard. I caught this nice 4 unit train waiting to head out.

Then it was time for Karen finally to have some fun after having to work way too hard all week. Yup, we headed over to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. You gotta admit that Buckshot and Karen look right at home in the woods and fields of the Wild Horse Sanctuary.

Did I woof how warm it got today? 85 degrees!!! There was a nice wind blowing, so I kept cool. We even had a mini picnic by the Spanish Mustangs. Then I took a much needed nap. Splendid day!!!!

Way back in 2007 George was giving his tough guy look on a tough looking day at Dead Horse Canyon.

We bassets are a breed apart!

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March 27, 2015

What a great morning on Windsong Rise!

Even though we ran five miles, I was all Basset Exuberance. How could I not resist some good stick work?

The wind was pretty fierce as it has been week in Edgemont, but it didn’t interfere with appreciating the Pasqueflowers some more.

It’s terribly dry around Edgemont, so I’m keeping my toes crossed that the Pasqueflowers will do well this year.

Finally, finally, the snow quit as March came to an end in 2006. George was all smiles with the sun coming out again.

Barking of sun, I’m hoping for a great sunrise tomorrow, so I can be out early and take a Pasqueflower sunrise photo along Craven Canyon.

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March 26, 2015

Our string of beautiful sky stopped today. But we did get some nice sun while jogging on Windsong Rise.

I’ll take it!

Sure made for a nice sight across the Cheyenne River valley.

This is one of the best spots in the whole world. Nice too that not many people know about it.

March 26, 2008, that George classic “Howling a Welcome to Spring!”

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March 25, 2015

Dad and I were up before the sun so we could get going on our jog on Windsong Rise. When the sun came up it was pretty darn nice, I’ll woof to you.

Back in Edgemont, we got in some train watching. It was the perfect morning for it.

Later in the morning we took advantage of this beautiful day to go Pasqueflower hunting. Yup, they’re coming up!

Dog oh dog, do I ever love days like this!

March 25, 2006, more of that moist, cold air for George.

But, spring would soon change things around.

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March 24, 2015

Mecca for bassets like George and me!!!!

Windsong Rise, Circle View Point, and Basset Back Ridge!

Dad and I had a great 5 mile jog this morning. The weather couldn’t be beat and the scenery, well, always the best.

The Western Meadowlarks were out in full force, so there was music to my ears. Yup, I was one happy basset this morning.

Then it was on to catch some train action in Edgemont.

I’ll woof you that the Sigma 60mm lens on the Sony camera is super sharp. Fantastic!

The busy day continued as dad and I worked like dogs to get the motorcycle all ready for some riding. Dog oh dog, it was great to get out on it!

Yup, great to be back in Edgemont and great to have Karen here with us instead of far away at some conference.

King of Windsong Rise!

George: March 24, 2006

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March 23, 2015

Dad and I got going early this morning for our drive to Edgemont in Lulu. Karen left just before us for the airport and her flight to her business conference. The weather was pretty cloudy, but the wind was at our backs, quite pleasant out. We made good time. By 10:30 we were already at Orin, Wyoming. I stopped there for a photo of a an angelic basset on the old Cowboy Line tracks.

Yup, that’s me with the halo around me. I’m a heavenly basset, no doubt about that.

We got to Edgemont, got the water turned on, cleaned house, and I got to see Gene and Agnes. Dad and I made a quick trip to George’s Pasqueflower Patch. Bark about was I a happy basset! I was barking ecstatic when Karen walked in the door at 9pm!!!! Her flight got cancelled due to winter weather in Chicago, so she got in the Jeep and drove to Edgemont. Lucky me!!!!

Now come on, you just got to admit that George was always a handsome looking guy in the snow.

March 23, 2006

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March 22, 2015

I was hoping for sun on this Sunday, but there wasn’t going to be much of it.

After our Burger King breakfast we walked along Plum Creek, where I spent some time appreciating the Daffodils about ready to make their appearance.

Dad tells me that we’re headed to Edgemont tomorrow. We’ll be there for the whole week. I can’t wait to see everyone!

Okay, so March 2006 was a darn snowy month, but you got to love a photo of a basset in that snow.

It’s darn hard to get a better photo than George in the snow.

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March 21, 2015

Hey, the Pasqueflowers look darn pretty at Sota’s place.

There aren’t many of them, but there’s no denying what is there sure makes for a nice place to snooze on this sunny day.

I’m not the only one who loves Pasqueflowers.

What? More snow?

Yeah, that March of 2006 just kept coming with the snow. George loved it.

And it did look pretty at Craven Canyon with the snow in the air.

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March 20, 2015

Welcome to the first day of spring 2015.

Unlike yesterday today really was spring like.

Even the water looks tempting.

But, I’ll bet it’s darn cold, so no swimming for this basset.

Karen, dad, and I celebrate one year today being together. Dad got pizza for the occasion. Now that’s the perfect way to celebrate!

Snow and more snow, George would have told you in 2006.

More snow than I’d like to see, but it sure was beautiful around Dead Horse Canyon.

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March 19, 2015

Yeah, that stupid snowstorm did blow into Castle Rock.

Lovely, isn’t it?

It was so muddy after the rain last night and then the slushy snow, dad let me take the morning off from a jog. I don’t mind woofing that I enjoyed staying on the couch. Do I look better with bounce flash…

or direct flash?

We did get out in the afternoon for some much needed wandering around on my part. The snow had stopped, but it was still darn muddy, so we walked the sidewalks.

March 19, 2006 found George with new snow for his run on Basset Back Ridge.

Darn nice spot for a great basset photo even if there was that snow.

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March 18, 2015

George had a grand day on his run on Basset Back Ridge in 2006. After the run, he and dad caught the early morning light at Craven Canyon’s west edge.

Winter wasn’t over by any means, but it sure was a nice break from it.

No sun for me today.

The clouds were pretty thick most of the day, though the temperature wasn’t too bad.

I think I hear a snowstorm coming. This green grass might be looking white tomorrow.

We did get some food at Outback Steakhouse this evening; helps me build my strength for more winter.

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March 17, 2015

Dad and I took a walk over to Tower Road in hopes some Pasqueflowers might be peeping up somewhere on the ravines, but nothing, no Pasqueflowers at all…sigh. Can’t complain about the walk, however, even though the wind was pushing a lot. The sun came out, and it was darn pleasant; plus the sky was interesting.

And there was a different view of Douglas County suburbia.

Turned out to be a sunny afternoon, which defied the cloudy forecast. I liked that.

George had a sunny morning with his friends in 2006.

Little did his friends know that soon they would be headed to Australia of all places.

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