May 14, 2016

Bark about a dreary morning. Good thing I had the wildflowers to keep me cheery.

Since the weather wasn’t all that great, I helped mom with the new laptop that I gave to her.

This laptop is fast and tough like me 🙂 It’s a Dell Xeon mobile workstation. The coolest thing on it is the 17″ 4k screen with Dell’s Premier Color. Bark about a darn nice screen to view. One can use this laptop to process photos and never miss a beat. Mom thinks she might have a few too many computers, but I woofed her that this laptop was so necessary for her Nikon photos when she is in Edgemont or other places and can’t take her desktop. I’m a smart basset, wouldn’t you agree?

Edgemont! The best place on the planet! George was taking it all in after his run on Basset Back Ridge. You can’t beat being a basset hound in Edgemont.

May 14, 2006

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May 13, 2016

Who’s that handsome basset with the wildflowers?

“Wink, wink…”

Yes, it’s me, Porter basset!

Darn cloudy on our run, but the Golden Pea brighten things up for me.

We did get some sun later in the morning, so it wasn’t bad day at all.

It was kinda like George’s 2006 day. Cloudy in the morning for his run,

and then nice sun in the afternoon for enjoying the trains at Igloo Bridge.

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May 12, 2016

Darn excellent day today. Our run was great!

Our late morning walk was great too.

Spring weather sure can be bad, but there’s no denying the season is the best for wildflowers.

In the evening we headed to Highlands Ranch library. A neighbor had told me that there was a statue of a basset hound in front of the library. Yippee! This I had to see. And how about this?!!!!

Does it look familiar?

It should because it’s the same statue George saw in Loveland in 2008.

And I saw in Loveland in 2014.

So now I’m wondering if the Loveland statue was moved to Highlands Ranch.

Well, someday I’ll find out. For now here’s a smooch for you Molly, one of the three bassets in the statue.

Even more exciting than the basset statue was dinner at Duke’s! It was a darn nice evening to enjoy Duke’s great filet out on the Duke’s patio.

May 12, 2006 was a good morning to hop on the motorcycle and head for Custer.

George stopped to look at all the painted buffalo statues making their appearance for the summer.

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May 11, 2016

You gotta love an early morning run where one can stop and smell the wildflowers.

Definitely nice!

Dad will tell you that even better than wildflowers is a basset with the wildflowers.

I have to agree!

Later in the morning the clouds started to roll in.

And yes, we did get a bit of rain and thunder in the afternoon. That’s the way it works around Castle Rock.

George had a beautiful morning to appreciate the spring weather in 2006.

He and dad had spent the night before in Rapid City, but by late morning they were back on Elbow Canyon Road, George’s favorite place.

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May 10, 2016

We didn’t get much sun today, but I sure took advantage of the little bit of sun shining on our run.

You can see those darn clouds moving in.

I snapped a photo of the Indian Paintbrush just before the sun went under.

Those storms moved in during the afternoon. Mom was nice to me by playing some music so I didn’t worry about the thunder. It worked!

In the morning ten years ago on the way to Basset Bottom Gulch, there was thunder.

Yup, that thunder was George whooping it up as he made his run that morning. Cool!

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May 09, 2016

We got some blue sky on our run this morning.

That made me feel good.

Later in the morning I spotted this Indian Paintbrush, newly arrived.

Should be a lot of them flowering soon.

Out over the blue skies of Castle Rock…

I got to see one of these lumbering over the valley.

That’s a B-17 in case you didn’t know. Dad’s dad flew in one of those during WWII. Too bad I only had the 55mm lens on the camera, because it would have been nice to have a closer view of this old plane.

It goes without woofing that the clouds were back in the afternoon with a bit of a sprinkle.
All in all it was a nice day, better than the weather George had in 2006 after his Basset Back Ridge run.

But no way could you beat the quiet view spilling across the Cheyenne River valley and miles into Wyoming.

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May 08, 2016

Hey, the Hawkweed is up and standing tall.

Right there amongst the Bluebells.

We got some blue sky today, but not much sun for all that. Then we got a little bit of thunder in the afternoon. Mom and dad had dinner in the late afternoon while I waited in the Jeep. I protest!!!! Dog oh dog, does mom ever owe me for doing that to me! (Okay, I’ll admit that I got some steak and salmon after they came to the Jeep…but still…)

The day before had been so nice with the Star Lilies and then on this morning ten years ago, George was staring at a mass of clouds moving in.

Good thing it didn’t rain on him during his run on Basset Back Ridge.

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May 07, 16

Good thing I had wildflowers on this dreary, cloudy Saturday.

Over at Sota’s place there still are some Pasqueflowers.

I hate to say goodbye to them for the year, but that time is coming soon.

You can bet the Golden Pea will be around a little bit longer than the Pasqueflowers.

When we got home, I helped mom and dad finish up the pizza from yesterday evening. Quite excellent!

What’s this?!!!!

I told mom that I didn’t think it was good idea to clean her cameras in the dishwasher. Good thing she listened to me, cuz I know of what I bark.

George sure had a fine morning to appreciate the Star Lilies ten years ago.

Spring could be so fine after a good run on Basset Back Ridge.

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May 06, 2016

Darn nice morning for our run. I’m seeing more of those spring wildflowers, like Loco Weed.

Can’t forget the Star Lilies either.

The day clouded up in the afternoon, but it still managed to get over 80 degrees (86 degrees for Edgemont).

Did I woof that we had pizza for dinner?!!!! Yeah, my favorite dinner of all.

Chatty George in 2007 on a fine day worth the exuberance.

Dog oh dog, I do love those great blue sky days with puffy white clouds marching from horizon to horizon. George did too!

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May 05, 2016

Gonna be a warm one today.

The Bluebells will love it.

Heck! I’ll love it!

And it did get quite warm, 85 degrees. Edgemont got up to 89 degrees. Almost summer.
Dad and I did try out the new Sony flash with the sun and blue sky to see how it does.

No doubt about it the Sony A7rii brings out a lot of detail.

Did I woof about the temperature? Well, I was darn hot by the time we got home. I cooled off on the patio and enjoyed the summer like weather. Very nice.

George’s day ten years ago wasn’t summer like. There had been some rain the night before. But it was the type of the weather perfect for the Star Lilies.

George encouraged them to grow!

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May 04, 2016

There’s no doubt about; the Bluebells have no problem with cold and snow.

Yup, they come right back. Marvelous wildflower.

We finally had some warmth today. I’m not woofing 80 degrees, but with the bright sun it was darn nice outside.
Is all the snow gone? Almost.

Mom got me this treat ball. When I roll it around, it’s supposed to drop the occasional treat out of a hole in the ball. It didn’t work at all on the sofa…

so I slapped it around on the floor some with my paws. Ha…darn thing doesn’t give up the treats very easily, so I went back to mom and begged for a treat directly. Skip the middleman is my philosophy.

I also got a new Sony 60 flash. I set it up with the old Sony 43 flash. The wireless is kinda clunky to use compared to the Canon flashes, but the two Sony flashes do work together.

Someday I expect to hear from Adorama about how much they’ll give me for some Canon lenses. I guess Canon is going by the wayside in my camera repertoire.

It was a Sony camera for George’s morning in 2006. He found one Star Lily and looked around for more.

Another terrific run on Basset Back Ridge.

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May 03, 2016

Dog oh dog, that snow was still under paw for my run this morning.


At least there was bright sunshine.

Dad and I went over to Sota’s place to do some electrical work this morning. We got done in the early afternoon. Since it was so nice out, I went to see if the Pasqueflowers are still around. They are.

There’s not many now after this last snow, but what a beautiful day to go out and appreciate them.

I was dog tired by the time we got. Mom made sure that I got a nap and plenty of treats for all my hard work.

You can’t beat a great May morning on Basset Back Ridge!

Just ask George in 2006.

Definitely a perfect time in a perfect place.

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May 02, 2016

Hey! What’s this?

That would be sunshine and blue sky!

I’ll woof to you that it is a welcome relief after all the stupid clouds and snow in the past few days.

Now, if we could just get rid of all the snow…

That foot of snow did have some wind with it, so there are some deep drifts.

BUT! You can’t stop a Porter basset by a silly drift of snow.

I took these photos with the Sony A7rii. I must say that it does okay with focus tracking. Here’s a selection from the above photo.

It’s no Sony A6300, but it would do in a pinch.

The forecast for tomorrow is more snow melt…yay!

George was having a fine morning on this day in 2007.

You got to love a good blue sky after your run on Basset Back Ridge.

Way down in the Cheyenne River valley George snapped a photo of a couple of old Conrail locomotives.

A 400mm lens sure works well for this type of shot.

I did remind dad of Edgemont having it’s share of snow days in spring. How about this photo from May 02, 2008?

Okay, okay, it didn’t dump a foot of snow, but it sure looked like winter on that day.

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May 01, 2016

Yeah, it’s bad out today.

We must’ve received a foot of snow over the last couple of days. It doesn’t help that the wind created drifts.

What’s a dog to do? Well, at Sota’s a Porter basset type dog can breeze through the snow…

and then pose for more photos as the snow pellets slam down around him.

Notice my coat. Mom thought I should wear it since it’s pretty wet on the fur with all the wet stuff falling out of the sky. She does take good care of me.

We did get Smash Burger for lunch, so that’s a good thing!

George was watching virga after his run on Basset Back Ridge on May 01, 2006.

No one got wet and it soon changed to blue skies for a happy basset hound.

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April 30, 2016

Last day of April and we got this!

This is completely unfair.

I’ll woof to you that as the day went on, the weather got worse.

Have I woofed how much Castle Rock weather sucks? Why are so many people flocking to the Colorado front range? The weather isn’t great; it’s over populated; it’s hardly fresh, clean air with all the pollution; driving is a nightmare; and most of the land has been gobbled up by generic, cheap architecture. It’s kinda like lemmings rushing for the cliff. Strange, very strange. As for me, well, I’d follow my mom anywhere, so that’s why I’m here.

Lucky George in 2007!

Yeah, that’s the good life coming off his run on Basset Back Ridge on a fine spring morning.
I am so depressed.

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April 29, 2016

Dog oh dog, what’s with the lousy Castle Rock weather?

You know what’s the worst part?

Tower Road was a muddy mess, so my whole underside was a muddy mess, so I had to get a long tummy bath, so I wasn’t happy about that, so dad wasn’t happy about the whole thing either, so I’m thinking it’s time to be done with winter. Yeah, like too bad it snowed all day and is supposed to snow for three more days. Did I woof how much Castle Rock weather sucks?

This is more like it! Golden Pea flowers underneath the Ponderosa pines around Basset Bottom Gulch.

A great morning for Sheriff George!
April 29, 2006

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April 28, 2016

Blah…it snowed again last night.

What’s with that? Castle Rock sure loves snow.

The Bluebells wore their mantle of snow.

I don’t think it hurt them much.

Dad asked me to put together a video of treat choosing.

I was all for that!

You can see my video here:
Porter Chooses His Favorite Treats!
I’ll woof to you that I’m a big fan of Finest Fetch treats.

Were getting ready for more snow…double blah!

George had a magnificent day for his run on Basset Back Ridge in 2006. You can see how happy he is on Windsong Ridge after his run.

No snow! Lucky dog!

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April 27, 2016

We got some snow last night, but come around morning I had a fine run under blue skies. Nice to see the Bluebells again.

Darn good morning to take in the long view too!

What’s this? Time to get home for breakfast! I’m outta here!!!!

Some things are worth running to!

Later in the morning the skies started to cloud up.

But I was able to sun myself on Porter’s Perch.

The forecast is not looking good…blah…more snow.

Some bassets are destined for greatness; George was one of them, no doubt about that!

A fine day, a fine pose, and a great basset hound!
April 27, 2006

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April 26, 2016

Since it’s such a beautiful morning, I suggest you come with me to seek out the Bluebells.

They’re under all the scrub oak.

If you have a sensitive basset nose, you can smell them too.

Pretty darn neat, I’ll woof to you.

I can’t woof that the whole day was nice. We got a mixture of rain and snow in the late afternoon. Edgemont got over an inch of rain today, so I guess I was better off in Castle Rock.

Here comes George on Elbow Canyon Road.

All that 2006 snow had melted again, and the running on Basset Back Ridge was mighty fine.

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April 26, 2016

Good thing we had sun in the morning…

cuz we got thunder and rain and hail in the evening.

Look at these little Bluebells.

You got to get down low to appreciate them.

We bassets have a big advantage over humans when it comes to getting close to wildflowers.

It was darn cloudy by the time we got to Sota’s place. It can’t be denied that the Pasqueflowers are looking darn pretty.

They’re peaking now.

Gotta love’em!

That snow from the day before did leave accumulation for George to run through on Basset Back Ridge.

George was all for it, even if dad was ready for spring with NO snow.
April 26, 2006

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April 24, 2016

I’ll woof to you one thing, my day had a whole lot better weather than what George had ten years ago today.

Snow, blah! But, there’s no denying George sure looked good in snow photos.

Yup, it was a nice sunny morning on our run.

The Bluebells are popping out all over off of Tower Road.

It wasn’t as warm as yesterday and quite breezy. Lucky dog that I am, the weather was nice enough for lunch at Miyo.

In the afternoon, the sky had white puffy clouds thrown into the sun and blue sky. Very nice.

I wonder when more snow will be falling on Castle Rock.

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April 23, 2016

The day wasn’t looking too good on our run.

Good thing we had a Burger King breakfast and got groceries so my mind was on food and not the weather.

Comer the afternoon, however, the sun came out. Yay!

Not only was the sun out, but the only snow left is in the big piles from plowing.

Would you believe the temperature in Edgemont made it to 88 degrees today?
George’s morning on Basset Back Ridge in 2006 couldn’t be beat. He and dad spent some early morning time at Magenta Point.

It didn’t get to 88 degrees that day, but the temperature was nice at the low sixties.

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April 22, 2016

Hey! A nice morning for a run, and I didn’t get too dirty.

All in all it was a darn nice day. The temperature did get above 70 (how about this? 87 degrees in Edgemont!)
We went over to Sota’s place where I immediately checked out the Pasqueflowers. Because of clouds I had to use flash at first.

Much better when the sun came out!


Isn’t this great?

Now it’s time just for Pasqueflowers.

Glad the afternoon turned out so well. (And it’s about time, it is spring around here!)

George had a gorgeous spring day in 2006.

Looking over Craven Canyon was just the thing after his run on Basset Back Ridge.

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April 21, 2016

Nice blue skies and temperature reaching 60 degrees.

If you don’t look down on the ground around Porter’s Perch…

you might think that it is a beautiful spring day. Darn snow.

Smash Burger for dinner; I needed that after a hard day of begging for treats.

I can’t wait to catch a good sunrise or sunset in Edgemont. Lucky George in 2007.

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April 20, 2016

Hey, that snow is still around…blah.

Might as well get another winter photo before the stuff melts.

Oh wait, this is Colorado, so I’m sure they’ll be more snow before this season is finished.

And it is melting. Tower Road is either snow or mud. Notice my poor chest and belly in this photo.

Yeah, kinduva dirty Porter basset, which meant I got a tummy bath when we got home.

We did get more sun today; that’s a good thing. And mom served up her tasty lasagna for dinner; that’s an excellent thing.

Snowman in April?

Why not when you have to put up with April snow?
April 20, 2006

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April 19, 2016

Would you believe that we woke up to snow coming down again? What’s with that?!!!

It’s hard enough running without more snow added to the weekend’s dumping of snow. Plus, Castle Rock city government doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to clear sidewalks.

I got home after our tiring run and took some photos of the tree blossoms around the condos.

I’d much rather have a Pasqueflower on a beautiful day like what I photographed in Edgemont on April 2nd.

We did get some sun in the afternoon. Ask me what I’d rather have? This, today?

Or this, from April 2nd?

Yeah, you know the answer.

Everywhere I look around here, I see snow and more snow.

Sigh, someday it will all be gone, but I would rather have missed all this snow.

There wasn’t snow for George on this day in 2007, but you could bet there was good old High Plains wind.

Yes, indeedy!!!!!

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April 18, 2016

Darn tough run on Tower Road this morning.

Did I woof how much the weather sucks in Castle Rock?

Come the late afternoon, a little bit of sun popped out.

It was sorely needed by this Porter basset.

George’s 2006 morning was one of a snow storm moving in.

It wasn’t anywhere near the 20″ we got here in Castle Rock, but not welcomed at all.

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April 17, 2016

Yeah, we woke up to snow falling. At least dad didn’t make me run through this stuff. It’s darn deep.

Okay, I did show some frisky energy, but in short bursts, I’ll woof to you.

I made another outdoor excursion in the afternoon. Yeah, those short bursts of energy again.

Definitely tough going.

Look like a lot of snow?

You betcha. By the day’s end we had managed to get a little over 20 inches of the stuff. Yeah, I know it’s April. Colorado weather sucks.

But it was a good weekend to help mom with her new computer. She got a dual Zeon processor computer with one heck of a graphics card. This puppy should fly!

Lucky George on this day in 2006! No snow!

Yup, it was a darn nice morning for a walk to Circle Viewpoint after his run on Basset Back Ridge.

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April 16, 2016


Seriously, did we have to come back to this?!!!!

It snowed all day…all gray, dreary day.

And the wind blew. And it snowed more and more.

It was a tough run this morning. I hope dad doesn’t make me run tomorrow.

George had it so much easier ten years ago when he ran on Basset Back Ridge.

Wish I had that grass to run through.

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April 15, 2016

Well…here goes, a long ride in the car.

Not my favorite thing to do.

Here I am on the Edgemont airport runway.

Couldn’t we just fly to Castle Rock and save a lot of boring driving?

Dog oh dog, it was a long trip. But surprise surprise, there are lots of Pasqueflowers blooming at Sota’s place.

I’ll woof to you that I didn’t think the Pasqueflowers would be so numerous in Colorado after seeing so few around Edgemont.

It must be all the snow during the winter provided lots of moisture around Castle Rock, while Edgemont had barely any snow at all during the winter.

The bad thing is that we’re supposed to get a foot of snow tomorrow in Castle Rock…sigh.

George looks supremely alert in this photo from ten years ago.

There is so much in this photo that is iconic George in his Edgemont element.

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April 14, 2016

Last day in Edgemont…sigh.

We’re leaving for Colorado tomorrow.

There’s a big snowstorm headed to Colorado on Saturday. Dad and I wanted to wait it out in Edgemont, since no snow is forecast for Edgemont. We got outvoted.

Dog oh dog, I had to make the most of the day, since I would be stuck in the car tomorrow. Stick play anyone?


The temperature reached 83 degrees today.

Yup a beautiful day in Edgemont alright.

In the evening we had pizza with Agnes and Gene! Dog oh dog, what a great way to end my Edgemont stay.

There was still some snow on the north side of Mathias Peak in 2007. George enjoyed its coolness on a warm spring day.

No snow around Mathias Peak on this day in 2016.

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April 13, 2016

What a great morning run for Porter basset!!!!!

We ran around Mathias Peak, visiting Grand View.

Isn’t Edgemont the best?

Then it was on to Summit Tree Camp.

This is my favorite spot of the run. Wow oh wow!

Simply spectacular!

So glad to see that Summit Tree is weathering the times well.

It’s been almost fourteen years now since George and dad first visited this spot. Oh, and my chair is still in the bushes not too far from Summit Tree.

At lunchtime dad and I set up a camera for a time lapse of the sky at the airport.

The temperature reached 84 degrees, but a nice wind kept the temperature from becoming too hot.

Dog oh dog, do I love Pasqueflowers. George was lucky to have them in 2006.

I wish, I wish, I wish 2016 was better.

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April 12, 2016

Sure looks like it’s going to be a great day to be outside.

I hope dad gets the motorcycle out!

Dad did!

Yippee! The temperature reached 80 degrees, and it was a perfect time on the motorcycle.

Dog oh dog, do I ever look good on my motorcycle 🙂

I also looked good at Igloo Bridge.

I’m glad to see it’s still standing and the trains are still running underneath. It’s the perfect train watching location.

The sky to the east of Edgemont was magnificent with little showers running from Hot Springs to Olreichs.

Thank goodness it was sunny all the time in Edgemont.

Later in the evening we setup the telescope. Mom and dad got the Starsense running. It’s not perfect, but it does learn the sky pretty darn quickly and well. One only needs to make a little fine tuning after the first run. Does mean the telescope still needs a finder scope.

George had a great spring morning on Windsong Rise ten years ago.

Look at those Pasqueflowers. I sure miss them this year.

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April 11, 2016

Paint day today, but I did get out for my run. The sky was fairly cloudy…

but starting to clear up.

These two photos were taken with the Sony A7rII. Lots of detail in them.

Ten years ago George was using the camera that started it all for the Sony mirrorless darn good cameras, the Sony DSC-R1.

Needless to say a 10 megapixel camera isn’t going to have the detail of a 42 megapixel camera, but that DSC-R1 will always be a favorite camera.

Dad and I got our painting done. I got to see Gene at the library. And the sun came out!

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April 10, 2016

No sun on our run this morning.

That’s okay since dad and I had a mission, putting more insulation in the attic at the house. We needed a cloudy, cool day for this mission. It was a darn lot of work, but the mission was accomplished.

Later in the afternoon, mom drove us to Windsong Rise as the sky became quite nice for photos.

I must woof that it’s darn dry around Edgemont.

Little green to be seen except for the Ponderosa pines.

There’s a big wildfire burning near Pringle. The evidence of the Coal Canyon Fire and White Draw Fire haven’t gone away around Windsong Rise.

You have to be very selective in your photos if you don’t want to see a lot of dead trees.

I hope we get a chance to spend more time in the woods, but dad tells me we’ll be back to painting tomorrow…geez.

Spending time in the Sagebrush (hint, rabbits love to hide in the Sagebrush)! Now that a bassets idea of a good morning.

Just ask George in 2006.

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