April 13, 2016

What a great morning run for Porter basset!!!!!

We ran around Mathias Peak, visiting Grand View.

Isn’t Edgemont the best?

Then it was on to Summit Tree Camp.

This is my favorite spot of the run. Wow oh wow!

Simply spectacular!

So glad to see that Summit Tree is weathering the times well.

It’s been almost fourteen years now since George and dad first visited this spot. Oh, and my chair is still in the bushes not too far from Summit Tree.

At lunchtime dad and I set up a camera for a time lapse of the sky at the airport.

The temperature reached 84 degrees, but a nice wind kept the temperature from becoming too hot.

Dog oh dog, do I love Pasqueflowers. George was lucky to have them in 2006.

I wish, I wish, I wish 2016 was better.

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April 12, 2016

Sure looks like it’s going to be a great day to be outside.

I hope dad gets the motorcycle out!

Dad did!

Yippee! The temperature reached 80 degrees, and it was a perfect time on the motorcycle.

Dog oh dog, do I ever look good on my motorcycle 🙂

I also looked good at Igloo Bridge.

I’m glad to see it’s still standing and the trains are still running underneath. It’s the perfect train watching location.

The sky to the east of Edgemont was magnificent with little showers running from Hot Springs to Olreichs.

Thank goodness it was sunny all the time in Edgemont.

Later in the evening we setup the telescope. Mom and dad got the Starsense running. It’s not perfect, but it does learn the sky pretty darn quickly and well. One only needs to make a little fine tuning after the first run. Does mean the telescope still needs a finder scope.

George had a great spring morning on Windsong Rise ten years ago.

Look at those Pasqueflowers. I sure miss them this year.

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April 11, 2016

Paint day today, but I did get out for my run. The sky was fairly cloudy…

but starting to clear up.

These two photos were taken with the Sony A7rII. Lots of detail in them.

Ten years ago George was using the camera that started it all for the Sony mirrorless darn good cameras, the Sony DSC-R1.

Needless to say a 10 megapixel camera isn’t going to have the detail of a 42 megapixel camera, but that DSC-R1 will always be a favorite camera.

Dad and I got our painting done. I got to see Gene at the library. And the sun came out!

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April 10, 2016

No sun on our run this morning.

That’s okay since dad and I had a mission, putting more insulation in the attic at the house. We needed a cloudy, cool day for this mission. It was a darn lot of work, but the mission was accomplished.

Later in the afternoon, mom drove us to Windsong Rise as the sky became quite nice for photos.

I must woof that it’s darn dry around Edgemont.

Little green to be seen except for the Ponderosa pines.

There’s a big wildfire burning near Pringle. The evidence of the Coal Canyon Fire and White Draw Fire haven’t gone away around Windsong Rise.

You have to be very selective in your photos if you don’t want to see a lot of dead trees.

I hope we get a chance to spend more time in the woods, but dad tells me we’ll be back to painting tomorrow…geez.

Spending time in the Sagebrush (hint, rabbits love to hide in the Sagebrush)! Now that a bassets idea of a good morning.

Just ask George in 2006.

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April 09, 2016

“Dad, we really need to spend some quality time with the horses. Don’t ya think?”

I figured with the nice day ahead, it was high time.

Look at those mustangs and that beautiful sky!

Yeah, that’s more like it. Would you believe the temperature managed to hit 83 degrees today?

Some of the horses wanted to play hide and seek with me.

And of course, some of them ran when they saw me.

I am a fierce predator you know.

I discovered this nest in one of the arroyos.

Dog oh dog, that sure upset someone!

You know, like calm down; it’s not like bassets can climb trees.

It took awhile to find Sierra, my favorite little mustang. We called her over to Lulu for some sweet feed. Mom tried out that new Lytro camera while Sierra munched happily.

All good things must come to an end. After a picnic and a long afternoon, I was ready to head home.

Sweet day!

Just hanging out looking for rabbits on a sweet morning.

Sheriff George, June 09, 2006

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April 08, 2016

Dog oh dog, what a fantastic morning for a run out to Circle Viewpoint!

I love Edgemont!!!! Excuse me while I kiss the sky!

With the sun and the sky and the beauty of Windsong Rise, I had to take some time for myself. Darn nice!

Back to work…I got out the Sony A7rII. You know, this camera works so much better than the Sony A7r. The shutter is buttery smooth and fairly quiet.

Can’t complain about the results either.

Pixel peep time (this is with the Sony 90mm macro lens).

It’s a pretty darn impressive camera, certainly the best one that I’ve ever used.

But those RAW files…my goodness, they’re 85 megabytes.

On the way home along Elbow Canyon Road, I stopped to say hello to the Golden Eagle setting up house in the old Cottonwood tree.

What a grumpiest, didn’t stay to return the favor.

After Karen got done working we made a quick trip to Rapid City for some insulation and more paint. Looks like dad and I have more work ahead of us. At least, I got an Arby’s sandwich on the trip.

Windsong Rise, Circle Viewpoint, Basset Back Ridge, and George. Couldn’t be better!

April 08, 2006

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April 07, 2016

After our morning run, dad and I set our minds to painting the wood around the house.

I’ll woof you that it’s not much fun, and it took quite a bit of time.

So-o-o, what a pleasant surprise after the work was done to have the FedEx truck stop and drop off a new Sony A7rII. Dad and I charged up the battery and then charged up to the airport with the top of the line Sony camera in the camera bag. I hooked up the Sony 90mm macro lens for our first photo shoot with the camera.

It did quite well, even with the usual Edgemont afternoon wind.

Really, though, what does one do with a 42 megapixel camera? I had to ponder that question.

Lucky for us the BNSF yard had some action, so we could try the camera out on trains.

How about this new Tier 4 GE locomotive?

I could smell the new paint on this one. It’s a lucky find for the first day with the Sony A7rII.

In the evening, we went over to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Mom wanted to spend some time with the Spanish Mustangs and take some pictures of them with her new Lytro Illum camera. As for me, I asked Hannah to run over to a better spot for some posing. She obliged and ran to the spot that I pointed to.

Does she look great or what?

The one guy missing was Buckshot. While mom kept photographing the other Spanish Mustangs, dad and I called for Buckshot. Ha! That did the trick! Here’s come Buckshot a running!

I was dog tired when we got home.

George had a superlative run on Basset Back Ridge on April 07, 2006.

Dog oh dog, he was in fine shape that spring and always, always looking handsome.

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April 06, 2016

Last Pasqueflower photo of the season?

They sure have been hard to find. This one was on Windsong Rise.

Windsong Rise was looking mighty fine on the this beautiful day.

I’ll give it to the Phlox. It’s blooming all over.

Nice to see this bunch on Ears to the Wind Ridge.

I got some good shots of BNSF with that great Sony A6300 camera and the Sony 70-200mm lens combination.

I can see that this combination is going to be a favorite.

Not as windy as yesterday, but the wind still was pushing my ears around. Darn nice day overall, however.

The photos in the pines continued for George in 2006.

Looking back, it still amazes me how well the Sony DSC-R1 did and does now.

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April 05, 2016

Bring on the Edgemont wind! That’s what we got today – 33mph. You know, since I’ve set up the weather station, I’ve seen the wind go over 25mph three days now.
Lucky for dad and me that the wind didn’t start while we were running. There were clouds, though. We did get some sun off and on.

I took advantage of the sun on Lookout Road.

Hey, look what mom got for me! A screen door that lets me see out!

You got admit that it sure was nice of her.

Bambi Gang alert!

Yeah, those Bambi’s are a brazen bunch, no doubt about that. It’s bad enough that they come at night and poop in my lawn, but it’s even worse that they wander around Edgemont in broad daylight.

The nerve!

George was eyeballing a Pasqueflower for a photo on this day in 2006.

I wish that I had more Pasqueflowers to photograph this year…sigh.

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April 12, 2016

Dog oh dog, I can’t complain about our run at the airport this morning.

It was a pretty sky and the temperature was quite excellent.

The temperature in the afternoon hit 74 degrees…darn nice day for lazing out in the sun. Of course, I got to see my buddy, Gene, at the library. Great Edgemont day!

George had a fine photo shoot ten years ago after his run on Basset Back Ridge.

George and dad were really in the groove running on Basset Back Ridge that spring of 2006.

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April 03, 2016

It’s always great to catch a train after my run.

Hard to believe that 5772 is now in it’s second decade.

I wonder how many miles it has on it?

Since it was such a beautiful day we headed to George’s Pasqueflower Patch for a picnic lunch.

The grasses are still quite beautiful.

I went over to mom and told her to grab my paw, cuz I found some Pasqueflowers.

They’re the best ones of the year. You got to love the water droplets on them.

We all love Pasqueflowers, right?

Hey, I look so good in the photo that I think that I should do it again.

Darn fetching Porter basset!

George was looking mighty alert and handsome after his Basset Back Ridge run in 2006.

He probably was scoping out the Pronghorns.

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April 02, 2016

Bark about a beautiful day today! Our run was superb.

Dad even let me catch some sun.

Later in the morning we went hunting for Pasqueflowers. Dog oh dog, they sure are hard to find. This is about it for today.

But it was a spectacular day for sitting at Cheyenne Valley View. It helped that mom gave me a decent amount of treats.

Cheetos anyone?

Meet Astro. He’s looking for a home.

He’s only 11 months old, so he’s a bit rambunctious for my tastes, but he is a nice guy and quiet. I hope he finds a home, just don’t give him MY home. I’m a one basset kinda guy.

Those winds of Edgemont! George was feeling those winds 10 years ago today.

Aren’t basset ears the best?

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April 01, 2016

Dog oh dog, I’m on basset holy ground right now.

This is Ears to the Wind Ridge where George had some amazing photographs.

Darn superb spot!

I had a good run. The rest of the day got busy, since we drove to Rapid City for an oil change for the Jeep. Some of it was boring, but I did enjoy an Arby’s lunch. Even more exciting is that I got to see Willow again. How long has it been? She’s still the same Willow; never guess she’s over ten now. Mom and dad had a good time with Jim and Laural. I’ll admit that I was somewhat overwhelmed meeting two more Goldens, Maverick and Molly. But I sure had a great time in the backyard.

Bark about a great time, that would be George and a sunrise at the Ponds in 2007.

Yeah, it’s a basset thing!

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March 31, 2016

Nice to see Lisa’s outside painting for the Edgemont library still shines on the building.

Dad and I snapped this photo on our run.

The Edgemont BNSF yard was quite busy this morning.

I waited around for one of the intermodal trains to head out.

Dog oh dog, I do appreciate a busy day on the Edgemont mainline.

Let me think, I’ve shown the Edgemont library painting, BNSF, and what else is Edgemont? WIND!
Yeah, the wind gusted to 27mph at the house according to my new weather station. Needless to woof the wind was stronger at the airport.

Wind, one of those special features of Edgemont.

George had a nice spring day on this day in 2006. That meant get the motorcycle out!

Won’t be anymore photos of the motorcycle and the old Chilson bridge, now that the bridge is closed.

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March 30, 2016

You know that six inches of snow those weather folks predicted? Nothing! Da nada! Nichts! We got plenty of rain, but no snow. I didn’t have to go for my run because of the rain in the morning; I let dad get soaking wet.
We saw some break in the clouds in the afternoon.

I hope that sun comes back tomorrow!

Darn nice evening for this Porter basset. We had dinner with Agnes and Gene. Dog oh dog, I love that!

George was loving hunting in the tall grass after his run on Basset Back Ridge in 2006.

Did I woof how great Edgemont is for a basset?

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March 29, 2016

Darn cloudy day today. I stayed close to home. Hey, my basset sign is still standing; that’s a good thing!

Always good to come back to Edgemont, the perfect town for a perfect basset.

Snow tomorrow? That’s the forecast.

Snow for George? Yup, that’s the way it was on this day in 2007.

Enough with the snow already!

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March 28, 2016

We made it to Windsong Rise for a our run this morning.

I went hunting for Pasqueflowers off of Circle Viewpoint. They’re not doing too well this year, so I gave this little group of Pasqueflowers extra attention.

They whispered in my ear as to how warm and dry the winter had been, not enough moisture and freezing of the ground.

That’s too bad. It’s not looking good this year at all for Pasqueflowers. “Come on little guys! It’s spring, the sun is shining, and it’s time to grow.”

Sigh…I’m doing my best to encourage them.

In the afternoon dad and I got out the motorcycle…yay!!!

It felt good to be out on it for the first time this year. We’ve got snow coming in the middle of the week; had to enjoy the motorcycle while I could!!! The temperature reached 75 degrees today. Not bad.

Noble George at the Orange Rocks in 2006.

He sure had a great spring day for this outing after his run on Basset Back Ridge.

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March 26, 2016 Supplemental

Remember that I woofed to you how the wind made walking under the Ponderosa pines treacherous on Saturday?
So here I am minding my own business.

And then a gust of wind comes along. Mom caught the minor disaster on camera!

Geez! It’s tough being a Porter basset sometimes.

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March 27, 2016

Still lots of snow on the ground for our run at the airport.

Kinda cold too, but I sure loved the sunshine.

Mom took me for a surprise ride today. We headed up Old Hwy 18 to the Mickelson Trail. No surprise that the Chilson Bridge over the Mickelson Trail is closed, so there’s no thru traffic on Old Hwy 18. That bridge won’t be standing much longer. I’ll miss this icon over the Trail.

At milepost nine I found my surprise…a big surprise!

Mom got this for dad and me for Christmas, a Porter plaque on Milepost 9 of the Mickelson Trail!

Dog oh dog, this is so cool!!!
I just had to celebrate with treats!

This is a very pretty part of the Trail as it winds through Chilson Canyon. It’s a perfect spot for more memories of Porter basset!

In the afternoon we traveled to Dewey. I snapped a few shots of coal train heading toward Edgemont..

Interesting that the first photos I take of trains on this Edgemont trip are photos of a Union Pacific train. It looks like BNSF is going to close the crew change station in Edgemont. I’d better enjoy the train action as much as possible. There aren’t nearly the number of trains that there used to be ten years ago.

George wasn’t thinking of trains after his run ten years ago. Nope he was trying out some flash shots with the Sony DSC-R1 camera.

George got darn good with flash on the Sony DSC-R1. He sure got some great photos as time went on.

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March 26, 2016

Dog oh dog, did it ever snow last night. The weather guys got this one all wrong. They forecast less than an inch, but we got four inches. I’ll bark to you that it was quite pretty, so we headed off to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary for some photos. Here comes Champagne Lady now.

And here comes Porter basset now!!!!

I was feeling darn good with the new snow. Ah, that’s great!

Did I woof how beautiful the snow made the world?

After getting some groceries in Hot Springs and Subway sandwiches, we stopped to check out George’s Pasqueflower Patch. Holy dog! Bark about a beautiful afternoon because of the snow.

Dog oh dog, I sure had a great time sniffing out the whole woods.

But the wind came up a bit, and I had to watch for snow falling off the Ponderosa pines.

Flying winter ghosts of the woods, I call’em.

Mom had a great time too. She was out there taking some darn excellent photos.

I was a tired Porter by the time I got home.

George was full of energy on his run in 2006. No snow and those wonderful Ponderosa pines sure did please him.

I stopped by George’s memorial this afternoon just so I could say hello to him.

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March 25, 2016

Here I am in my favorite chair.

Dad and I had our run this morning at the Edgemont airport. Great to be back.

I got to see Gene and Agnes this evening. Dog oh dog, you know how much I love seeing them!
It was snowing quite steadily when we left their house. Gonna be a white morning tomorrow.

George had a picture perfect spring day back on this date in 2007.

You can be sure he enjoyed his favorite chair in the evening after a day of running and hiking.

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March 24, 2016

Yikes! Get me outta here!

Hey, how about that? It worked!!!!

Here I am in Edgemont after the long drive from Castle Rock. Look mom! No snow!

Dog oh dog, it’s good to be in Edgemont and see the trains and the hills.

I was so happy! I danced with joy for mom.

I don’t know how long we’ll be in Edgemont, but I plan on seeing all my friends and head for the woods.

Early morning riser George in 2007.

No snow on the ground for his morning. I dare say that there will be more snow after March 24th.

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March 23, 2016

Remember me sunning myself yesterday? Not today!

Bark about brutal!

I don’t even want to woof about how difficult our run was this morning.

Hope we can still leave for Edgemont tomorrow…

“Dog oh dog, we sure have had a lot of snow this March. Haven’t we dad?”

George thought it about time to get a break from all the March 2006 snow.
I think it’s time I get a break for stupid snow too.

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March 22, 2016

More sun than yesterday. Naturally on our run, the sun didn’t want to break through. Later in the morning…well this is much better!

Nothing like a little quality time on Porter’s Perch.

Dad had some work to do on the car. Me? Well, I basked in the sun and enjoyed the warm temperatures.

Guess I best appreciate the warmth today, cuz it looks like blizzard tomorrow.

Mom tells me that we’re going to Edgemont on Thursday. Yippee!!!!!

I can’t stop looking at those photos of George in 2006.

All that March snow and a darn handsome basset. It was a great time for George and dad.

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March 21, 2016

With the clouds moving in, the morning wasn’t looking promising.

But you got to love the golden light of the rising sun.

Even if the clouds did cover the sun before our run was finished, I loved that first rising of the sun.
72 degrees today, not bad.

News on the Sony A7r front, I’m sending the camera once again for what I hope is the third time is a charm fix. We’ll see.

No doubt about March 2006 as the snowiest March of all. After his run George took a break with some Prairie Dog buddies and the heater on high.

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March 20, 2016

Beautiful day for the first day of spring!

Over at Sota’s place it was darn nice. There is the snow around from the last couple of days, but the temperature and scenery were superb.

I couldn’t resist taking a few snow baths. Dog oh dog, that feels good!

It can’t be denied that I was in a great and bouncy mood.

This is my kind of weather!

Ten years ago today, George didn’t have weather even remotely feeling like spring.

George and dad had to spend plenty of time resting after over a foot of snow covered the ground.

That’s one thing about the High Plains in March, it might be 70 degrees or it might be over a foot of snow. I never know what to expect for the coming days in March.

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March 19, 2016

Bark about another run with snow in my face this morning. I don’t even want to show a photo…awful. But, thanks mom!!!! Yup, mom picked me up so I didn’t have to do the whole run with dad. Mom then took me to Burger King. My mom is a saint for us bassets! Yes, she is!

When the sun came out later in the morning, I did go out for some exuberant snow bathing…

and running.

Yeah, the Sony A6300 was up to the task.

It’s quite the camera for quite the basset like me!

Snow, snow, snow, but George sure was photogenic on this day in 2006.

More snow coming…you betcha.

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March 18, 2016

Bark about brutal!

Yeah, it’s winter!

We got about six inches of snow. You don’t need to feel sorry for me, because I had a good time in the snow!

I truly am a remarkable basset hound!

Barking of another truly basset hound, that would be George in 2006.

He was in between two major snowstorms that year, but on this day 10 years ago the sun was out and it was darn nice after his run on Basset Back Ridge.

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March 17, 2016

Not a bad run this morning.

It was a winter temperature, but we did have a Ponderosa Sky for most of the run.

“Give me five, dad!!!!”

Another run well done by Porter Basset. The forecast is for snow tonight and tomorrow, so we probably will be having to tough it out on tomorrow’s run.

Well, the Sony A7r came back today. I was pleased when I used the rear dial and it worked! BUT, now the shutter button doesn’t work. I’ll woof to you that Precision Camera sucks big time! What’s with you Sony? Can’t you come up with a better way to fix your cameras?

Funny how the Sony DSC-R1 keeps chugging along. George used it ten years ago today to document a Prairie Dog protest at the newspaper office.

The Sony DSC-R1 works as good as new today. That’s a great product!

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March 16, 2016

Winter is definitely back as we got a light dusting of snow last night.

Pretty nice on our run, though.

Gotta love a Ponderosa Sky. There were plenty of clouds later, so it wasn’t all blue sky today.

Smash Burger for dinner…now that hit the spot!

Almost no snow left on Elbow Canyon Road on this day in 2006.

George was quite pleased that the snowstorm of March 12th didn’t hang around.

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March 15, 2016

It’s getting colder, so it sure was nice to have sun on our run.

I’ll woof you that running when it is 29 degrees is a lot better than 60 degrees.

I still have my winter coat, you know.

After a hard day of running and walking and begging for food, it so nice that mom takes care of me.

“A little scratch on the ear there, mom.” Isn’t she a sweetheart?

The GoPro camera came back today. It works! How about that? It’s been a long haul with the GoPro camera. Maybe I’ll be set to video some great Porter action.

Where’s all the snow going?

Hard to believe that George had a foot of snow to go through three days before this March 15, 2006 run on Basset Back Ridge. Snow is easy on the paws, but only when it’s in small doses.

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March 14, 2016

Hey, that’s dad and I!

Yup, quite the nice morning for our run.

While dad took his bath, mom snuggled me in to my bed in her office.

No doubt about it, she does take care of me very well indeed!

Back outside later in the morning the wind was fierce.

Almost as brutal as the wind in Edgemont. Yikes!

We had some of mom’s lasagna for dinner…the best!

All that snow from the big snowstorm of March 12, 2006 was starting to melt and compact. It wasn’t easy running but George had a fine time 10 years ago today.

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March 13, 2016

Yeah, that snowstorm of 2006! George got up in the morning of March 13, 2006 and had a fine run, not far, but very fine. Afterwards he posed for one of dad’s favorite photos of George.

My day was another spring day with lots of sun.

I had a fine run too.

Back at home I rested a bit on my favorite rug.

I had visions of a Burger King breakfast in my head. Thank goodness mom came through on that vision.

Did I bark about spring? Well, look at what I found at Sota’s place.

Yippee! A Pasqueflower! It was the only one, but such a welcome sight.

I brought along the new Sony A6300 to Sota’s place, so I could put it through its paces.

Dad had a clever idea so he could process these photos in DxO Optics: take a hex editor and change the A6300 raw file headers so DxO would think it’s an A6000 raw file. Dog oh dog, the photos look so much better. The Sony A6300 is quite the camera!

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March 12, 2016

Ten years ago today!!!!

Dog oh dog, I just have to keep posting photos of this snowstorm that turned March 2006 into a very memorable month. And George? What a great time he had!

My day was very mellow compared to that day ten years ago.

During our run I was still thinking about…

the Snake River Farms fillet dad cooked up on the grill yesterday evening.

Yup, just about finished. Excuse me while I enjoy the last bites of a really great piece of beef.

This evening we had the Berkshire pork from Snake River Farms…delicious. Mom sure knows how to get the right stuff for this Porter basset!

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March 11, 2016

Darn nice morning for our run.

Would you believe the temperature hit 75 degrees today?

I showed off my running stuff for the Sony A6000.

I had to get ready for the new Sony A6300, which arrived this afternoon. Dog oh dog, does it track well!


Almost every shot was in focus. Not bad.

The only problem is that I have to use the Sony raw converter program, which seriously stinks for sharpening.

The Sony A6300 camera will be one sharp camera once DxO releases a module to support it.

We had some great and mighty tasty filets from Snake River Farms this evening. Dog oh dog, bark about good stuff off the grill!

Yeah, you got that right George. Snow!

I don’t blame him for sticking his tongue out at the stuff. Snow isn’t much fun in March. You know, one gets tired of it.

It was a beautiful morning in 2006, and really the snow looked pretty with its freshness as did the blue sky and the fog in the Cheyenne River valley.

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