February 05, 2015

Pretty darn nice morning for a jog, and the day got better as the temperature managed 60 degrees. It was a big sky morning too.

But the only way to get a picture of that big sky is with the encroachment of civilization on the Colorado High Plains.

Did I woof you how many people live around here? It’s more and more all the time. That’s not all bad, cuz there sure is a lot of great food for a basset here in Castle Rock, but it does make sky photos difficult.

Big sky photos were always easy for George. He could sit on Grand View or Summit Tree Camp and not see any signs of civilization at all.

And this was the norm for a very civilized and sophisticated basset.
February 05, 2008

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February 05, 2015

Dark, cloudy day today, and it was darn slippery on our run. Dad and I managed to be outdoors some, but it wasn’t all that great. Because of the sky, I decided to try underexposing the sky while taking photos.

I figured the underexposed sky would be interesting with a cynaotype filter.

Of course, you can make some modifications to the filter for something like this.

Dad likes them, but I think there’s too much blue tint. The basset, however, is very handsome.

Barking of handsome, George was thinking up his latest story on this day in 2006. Yeah, he might look like he’s going to sleep, but inside that creative mind of his the F Street War story was taking hold.

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February 03, 2015

Dog oh dog, I sure hope it isn’t a boring day.

What, with the temperature getting to 58 degrees and some sun, I’m hoping for good things.

What’s this?!!!!!!

Hey, it’s me!!!!!! Wow! A wood painting by Fritz Anders of yours truly, Porter Basset.

Here’s Fritz, now.

Dog oh dog, I sure love this wood painting!

And in case you’re wondering where Fritz got the idea for the painting…well, you can probably guess :-)

“Hold the press, I hear a snack!” is the caption for the painting. How perfect is that?

Pretty cool for Porter Basset, don’t ya think?

Yeah, a darn special day for me!

George had a great hike on Red Canyon Rim Trail on this day in 2009.

We all know how George has some paintings and 2009 was the first year for one; now I’ve got one too!

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February 02, 2015

Dog oh dog, am I really going into my fifth year with Porter’s Blog?!!! Yes, indeedy. Dad tells me that I should make sure there are many more years for Porter’s Blog too.

That’s right, don’t ya think?

Got some sun today so much of the snow started to melt as the temperature got around 50 degrees. Dad and I put in some miles, and I put in some of my usual basset daredevil moves.

Hey, not too shabby for a basset over 10 years old. That’s right too, don’t ya think?

Barking of basset moves, no wonder this 2008 photo of George is one of dad’s favorites.

Ya can’t do better than a basset in your life!

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February 01, 2015

Hey, that darn snow came along last night, so look at this.

Turned out to be a pretty nice day, but it was hard keeping the snow off the nose.

And I wasn’t about to wander into a thicket with all the snow waiting to drop on me.

But dad and I had a good time in the snow, including some Prairie Dog hunting for your favorite basset hound. And you’re probably wondering if I watched the Superbowl? Superbowl? What’s that?

George had a cold and snowy run some eight years ago today.

You got to be a pretty darn tough basset to have the ice hanging from ears and nose.

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January 31, 2015

Another day of those pesky clouds. I was so upset, I took it out on my squirrel.

Ha, ha! Guess he got back at me.

The evening was much better, and Karen took me to a spot for a good sunset photo.

And then after that she got me Outback Steakhouse for dinner! That’s two times this week. Bark about good eating.

George was goofing around with showing off basset sheets on this day in 2006.

He was more into the sheets with the stars, but these two were not bad choices.

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January 30, 2015

Almost no sun today, jeez.

But the treat department was looking pretty good. What’s that coming my way?!!! Is it beef jerky?

Barking of treats, Karen made the most perfect pulled pork! What a feast we had! Wonder what’s coming my way tomorrow:-)

George had a splendid hike around Mathias Peak on this day in 2007.

You got to admit that George has like the greatest looking ears.

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January 29, 2015

Early in the morning I wrapped myself up in the new blanket Karen got for me yesterday.

Doggone warm I’ll woof you!

Not much sun today, but still mild temperatures. When the sun did come out I thought I should do that color test on the Sony camera with the 16-50mm kit lens.

I’d have to say that it comes out pretty well. The lens was at 21mm and the shots were 1/500 at f/9. I’m liking that cheap kit lens more and more as I use DxO to process the photos.

Bark about early morning as George sniffs the air on another hike on Red Canyon Rim Trail.

January 29, 2009

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January 28, 2015

Darn nice day considering the forecast said plenty of clouds.

It was pretty much sunny all day. Karen took me out for a Wendy’s lunch, so that was darn fine too. And then Karen’s lemon chicken in the evening…I’m in heaven.

Considering the color variance on the Canon 70D with the Canon 50mm lens, I decided to see what would happen with the old 50D and the Sigma 10-20mm lens.

Weird…not nearly the difference between the two photos that the Canon 70D with 50mm lens exhibited. I’m scratching my head over this one. Both photos were processed with DxO.

I think George had more fun with cameras (well, except for the Canon XT Rebel, which never could get colors right). Take his Black Hills Snow Bear photos in 2008 with the Canon 5D.

Yeah, he’s having a good time!

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January 27, 2015

How about some early morning George in 2008?

Looks kinda like snow-on-the-ground cold around the Ponds.

So much different for my day today, which saw the 70 degree mark. Bark about some panting on our early morning jog. I’ve still got my winter coat, you know.
Since I’m having such good results with the Sony camera and the Sigma 60mm lens, I decided to compare it to the Canon T2i with the Canon 24-105mmL lens. That Canon lens has been with dad for a number of years now and has always been a workhorse. It’s not as sharp as a prime lens, but darn sharp enough for most printing. So, here we go.
Canon T2i and 24-105mm lens:

Sony with the Sigma 60mm:

Pixel Peeping selections,
Canon T2i and 24-105mm lens:

Sony with the Sigma 60mm:

Interesting how good the 200 dollar Sigma lens is; I’m woofing really good.

Oh and the price on the Canon lens – $1100 some years ago.

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January 26, 2015

Nice, sunny, bright day today with the temperature getting to 66 degrees…hot for January, no?
After our run I sat myself down on Porter’s Perch, thinking about those digital colors and their strange color changes. For example, how about a closeup of me with the Canon 70D and the 50mm lens?

Now dad backed away some and here’s the result.

No change in exposure settings or processing. What gives with the color change?

Then I processed the photos with DxO using Clearview:

Still see a difference even with more intense processing.

How about a Sony camera with the Sigma 60mm lens? Again same exposure settings and same processing.

Not as dramatic of change as the Canon camera, which shows why I like the Sony colors better.

George’s day in 2008 was darn nice too, though not as warm as my day today. George, however, had another great hike around Mathias Peak. He used flash for his photo on the north side with the snow.

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January 25, 2015

Not a bad day today with warm temperatures and some sun.

We had a nice walk in Castle Rock. Too bad that I didn’t see any squirrels.

And whoa!…what’s this for dinner?!!!

Karen made up a mouth watering brisket for us. Bark about good…beefy and tender. I’ll want more of this!

More snow for George in 2009. Nothing like a quiet snow on Red Canyon Rim Trail.

Right George?

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January 24, 2015

Darn cloudy day today and this was for a forecast of mostly sunny…geez. But the temperature was warm, and I had a good time at Sota’s place, like rolling in the snow.

Oh and you’ll like this, I got a new Porter tag for my collar.

Karen got it for me. Neat, huh?

Later in the afternoon we went to Castlewood Canyon State Park. It’s a cool spot for hiking, but dog oh dog, it sure was icy on the path. Didn’t bother me, but dad and Karen went paw side up on their way down the trail.

George was was cruising on the Mathias Peak Trail on this day in 2008.

Look at that snow in his draft!

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January 23, 2014

One of those days of clouds and sun, but warmer than yesterday. Since the clouds made for an interesting sky, I decided to compare the Sony DSC-R1 to DxO Optics Clearview on a newer Sony.
Sony DSC-R1:

Sony NEX with Cleaview:

Gee, I’m going to pick the Clearview as the winner cuz despite the over saturated colors the white remains white and that sky sure looks beautiful. Clearview doesn’t work for everything because of the over saturated colors, but I’m liking it more and more.

Snow for George in 2009.

Pretty on the early morning walk on Red Canyon Rim Trail, but tough going when you’re joints are old and aching. As I get up there in age, I sure can appreciate how tough George was.

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January 22, 2015

Much better day today with plenty of sunshine.

It was kinda cold for our run, 5 degrees. But look at this!

-33.2 degrees!!! Now that’s cold.

Just ask George about it in 2008. “Dad, I think I froze my tongue!”

He didn’t and he did enjoy chocolate chip cookies when he got home.

Me? Well after my run, I had some playtime in the snow.

Go Porter Go!!!!

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January 21, 2015

Because of snow today…

I decided it was a good day for trying out the lighting equipment again. This time I threw the Sony NEX-7 into the mix.
Sony NEX-7:

Canon 70D:

Both photos were taken using the Canon flashes and the LED panel. Kinda close to tell which looks better. Maybe it’s because DxO evens things out in the color department?

I’m hoping tomorrow will bring the sun back as the forecast claims.

George was dealing with cold, cold, cold on this day in 2008. He showed how best to conqueror the cold weather.

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January 20, 2015

Plenty of fog when we set out for our jog. It burned off making for a really nice run. Afterwards I contemplated life on Porter’s Perch.

I thought about all the run and hikes George had in the National Forest around Edgemont. How about this shot of a beautiful January morning in 2009?

Well, I didn’t spend too much time thinking of George’s life cuz dad told me he was going to grill Kobe burgers for lunch. I’ll woof to you that they hit the spot! Dad should grill outside more often.

In the evening dad and I set up lights, including the LED light Karen had given to dad for Christmas.
Here’s the DPP sample:

Here’s DxO with Clearview:

And DxO black and white:

Finally DxO with Kodak Tri-x 400:

More of this tomorrow, since it’s looking like snow in the morning.

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January 19, 2015

Since Karen had the day off, I was at my treat begging best.

Did it work, you may ask.

Well, I got breakfast at Jack in the Box, so I’m pretty proud of my accomplishments.

Our last day before more snow moves in, which makes me think of George running on Windsong Rise in the snow.

That’s one happy basset in 2007!

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January 18, 2015

After a Burger King breakfast and buying a chair at IKEA, I was darn ready to head over to Sota’s. “It’s over there!”

Karen was kind enough to listen to me so we hopped into the Jeep.

This is more like it!

Hello to a Ponderosa Sky too. Beautiful day wouldn’t you agree?

On the way we got gas for the Jeep. Will you look at this price?!!!!!

That’s 72 cents a gallon!!!!! Dad tells me he hasn’t seen gas this cheap in 35 years. Wow.

We finished the day with a scrumptious dinner from Outback.

George was also thinking of his tummy after an early morning run in 2008. Yeah, those fig bars were calling!

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January 17, 2015

It was a darn nice day. From Porter’s Perch I could see that the sun would be ours.

With this nice of a day Karen decided that a road trip in the Jeep was a must. After a Burger King breakfast, we headed for Paint Mines Park in El Paso county. The hiking there was great with the snow on the ground.

Even where there was ice, it was interesting.

I snapped this pudding like ice with some sparkling blue, very strange looking.

But I’ll woof to you now that looking up was the best show of all.

Just ask Karen as she photographed the cool looking formations.

They do look cool with the different colors.

After enjoying the scenery we took a hike on the loop trail. “Hey, this is kind of a funny place for a bench. Bark about the middle of nowhere.”

Come evening I got more eye candy in the form of a beautiful sunset.

Yup, a great way to finish off being outside on a splendid January day!

Dad always likes this photo of George on his chair in his room with the sun streaming in.

January 17, 2008

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January 16, 2015

Dad and I haven’t gotten our lazy butts up in time for the sunrises lately. We changed that today.

Sunrise dreaming!

Pretty neat, huh?

It was a warm day today, almost 60 degrees. Probably would have hit the 60 degree mark if there had been more sun.

And look what happened to me late yesterday evening.

Darn blanket! I got all twisted up in it. I had to be saved by Karen.

George on this day in 2007 had a great time on the Mickelson Trail.

He and dad sure put in a lot of miles back then.

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January 15, 2015

Classic sunrise George in 2008!

My day was quite different with lots of sun and warm temperatures.

I was hoping the Prairie Dogs would make an appearance.

But nothing, guess they’re still hiding from last week’s wintery weather.

So I spent time thinking about more photo processing.

You know, work on some classic George photos.

The original George photo from March 2, 2006.

And here’s my latest work with it.

No matter which one you pick, you’ve got to admit George always displayed fine form!

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January 14, 2014

Well, well, is this green grass that I’m sitting on?

No, it’s that artificial grass in the park. There’s no snow on it, so it looks really out of place considering it’s January. And today was a bright, sunny day…yea!

I spent some time on this photo trying out different things again.
Here’s DxO with Clearview (the first photo is DxO without Clearview):

Here’s the DPP look:

Then it was time to tryout some black and white processing.
Kodak Tri-x 400 with Clearview:

Kodak Tri-x 400 without Clearview:

Silvermax 21:

Ilford HP5:

Whew! A basset sure has a lot of choices for processing a digital photo. It’s pretty darn cool, though one can screw up the photo pretty badly too.

George had a great hiking day in 2008. He was waiting for a snack from dad at Summit Tree Camp (love the view).

Then it was off for more George hiking adventures. Lucky dog!

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January 13, 2014

We ran in fog again today.

But we did get some sun around noontime. I went out to enjoy the sun.

Yeah this is much better!

In the afternoon the clouds rolled in and snow starting spitting out again…geez. Good thing that Karen made a great rump roast! That hit the spot.

George’s day in 2006 was much nicer. He and dad had a picnic at John’s Island in the Sky.

I’m jealous!

I did work on some different processing on a George photo, his howling photo of March 26, 2008.
Original processing:

Here’s Kodachrome 25 look from the original:

Here’s DPP processing with a newer version:

Now how about DxO with Clearview processing?

And DxO Clearview with Kodachrome 25 look:

Finally, DxO Clearview with Tri-x 400 look:

Bark about a lot of choices!!! I could keep’em coming too. Still, this photo will always be great because it’s classic howling George!

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January 12, 2015

There’s George enjoying his first day with dad.

They went over to the golf course, where George had a good romp. Bark about a handsome basset!

And another handsome basset…me!

Yeah lots of fog and clouds today, damp and cold. I spent the day looking at DxO Optics Pro intricate stuff. Bark about a lot of cool things like Clearview and microcontrast. I’ll have to try some of this on some older photos.

I’m not going to improve anything on this photo of George in 2008, however.

Yeah, the perfect basset in a pretty winter morn.

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January 11, 2015

Happy Gotcha Day George!!!

A great time for George and dad!

I had a great day today too. Okay there wasn’t much sun, but I did catch some beautiful lighting early the morning.

Karen took me out in her Jeep again, this time to Palmer Lake, where I managed to snap this BNSF freight climbing the tough grade.

Hey, DxO Optics sure can improve this photo.

Even better than the train was eating at the Palmer Lake Depot restaurant.

Pretty cool front exterior and the outdoor seating provides great views of the railroad track. I’ve put my vote in for some summer excursions to the restaurant.

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January 10, 2015

The clouds of the morning gave way to some sun by the time I got to Sota’s for a bit of romping in the woods and meadows.

Made for a really pretty time.

Love the sky when it cooperates!

Karen took her new Jeep out and we stopped for some Chicago beef sandwiches and then on to the Cheesecake Factory. Would you believe it was almost 60 degrees? We had our cheesecake outside in downtown Denver in the middle of January…grand!

George’s 2007 morning on Basset Back Ridge was quite the spectacular sunrise.

I’ll woof again that I sure do like it when the sky cooperates!

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January 09, 2015

Looking down on the ground…

well, well, much of the snow from last week has melted.

Though there’s still plenty and our run this morning was pretty darn slippery.

Turned out to be a not so bad day. And how about this?

Basset1 and Porter, kinda like old times. With the horses in the background one can almost be fooled into thinking that this isn’t some major metropolis on all sides.

Barking of slippery runs, George sure had one on this day in 2008.

But look at how handsome he looked at the end of his run!

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January 08, 2015

Whoopee! A sunny day! Our first whole day of sun this year.

And the temperature was mild.

Dad and I checked out the Sony 16-50mm cheapo lens to see how it would do in DxO Optics 10.

It really is quite satisfying for a kit lens.

Meanwhile the Sony 55-210mm lens just doesn’t cut the muster for sharpness, but it does blend out the background fairly well.

Too bad we don’t have Windsong Rise golden grass to check the colors of this lens.

ROFL over George’s camouflage in 2008.

Catching chocolate chip cookies is worth any effort!

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January 07, 2014

What a change from yesterday! Yesterday 63 degrees with sun in the morning; this morning 13 degrees with freezing fog. Made me look old, it sure did.

It was darn slippery running, which doesn’t please me at all.
Come the afternoon, however, the sun came out to try and melt all the hoar frost from the freezing fog.

It wasn’t warm enough to do much melting.
Even the huge power lines kept the hoar frost through much of the day.

George had a cold morning run on this day in 2008.

George would tell you that the running conditions out at the Ponds were icy and treacherous. Winter can be brutal.

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January 06, 2015

Bark about a warm day today.

It got to 63 degrees!

All the snow was melting and it was getting pretty sloppy. Good thing Karen bought me a new “Wipe your paws” doormat.

It’s pretty neat looking and suits me well, as in it’s a basset thing.

Dad and I had a slippery run, gotta watch that ice. George’s run on Basset Back Ridge in 2007 was much different. The sun was just starting to rise, and George stopped to watch.

Basset Back Ridge the best George spot ever!

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January 05, 2014

You never know what weather will happen on a run. Just ask George in 2005 as he and dad finished their run on Basset Back Ridge.

Plenty of clouds today on my run, but the temperature…well, it was 54 degrees today. I decided it was a good day to make a snowman.
“You talking to me?!!!”

“Why, take that!”

“And that!!!”

Yeah, I showed that snowman who’s the boss around here on Cutters Ridge.

We did get a beautiful sunset. I think that I look pretty good with it.

Don’t you?

And one other photo of George in 2009 on Red Canyon Rim Trail.

It was a great morning for a hike!

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January 04, 2015

When’s there’s snow the tough bassets get going! Just ask George in 2008.

Or just ask me today!

Yeah, there’s still plenty of snow after we got a few inches more yesterday.

With this amount of snow, I like to enjoy a good snow bath.

Ah, that’s better!

You know, it is good skiing snow…

but I haven’t found any skis that will fit me yet. I dunno, do I go for four skies?

We did get a little sun in the afternoon, but most of the day was pretty sunless. Couldn’t we have more sun, please?!!!

And while I am asking, how about something grand to eat when I get home?
Dog oh dog! Will you look at this!

I had a feast when I got home. I call’em hamburger cakes, though Karen tells me it’s meatloaf. No matter, they are delicious! Good way to end the day.

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January 03, 2015

The day started out with some sun.

But, it didn’t last. By the time we got done hiking at Sota’s place the snow came in. It made for flying ears!

Karen got out her skis, and I raced along with her.

Bark about fun!

When we came home dad made some basset hound chocolate chip cookies.

Wow! It’s the perfect treat after being out in the snow.

George was looking forward to fig bars after his run on a wintery morning in 2007.

Nothing like Basset Back Ridge to work up an appetite!

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January 02, 2015

Well, well, this must be more snow.

Yeah, we got about 5 inches more snow yesterday afternoon and evening.

It does make for a lot of work when running.

But despite the hard work, dad and I had a great jog under sunny skies. In the afternoon I spent some time digging out Prairie Dog holes, you know, help those little buggers out. Plenty of sun and a temperature above freezing, but the snow sure didn’t go away.

Look dad! January 2nd and no snow!

Lucky George in 2009.

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