December 14, 2016

We didn’t have the beautiful lighting this morning like we did yesterday. Instead we were seeing lots of low clouds until our second walk of the morning.
Nice to see those clouds dissipate.

Good riddance clouds! Hello sun!

Now I can enjoy my walk.

It’s kinda nice to sit in the sun and soak it in.

Especially after the morning was darn chilly with the low clouds and a temperature in the lower teens.

After soaking in the sun, I did what a Porter basset does best on a walk, sniff around.

Yeah, my nose isn’t healthy, but I still have a great deal of fun getting to the ground and checking things out.

Between my first walk (the cold walk) and my second walk, I like to hangout in dad’s bathroom.

He has an electric heater going, and dog oh dog, it get nice and toasty in the bathroom.

Perfect warming for me on these winter mornings.

Just as happened in the past this time of year…(and doesn’t this look cold from 2008?)

Edgemont is going through a brutally cold week this week.

If I was in Edgemont I’d be looking like George has on this day in years past.

And like George, I’d be hustling along to keep warm.

And like George, I’d be darn glad to get under the covers come evening on the George/Porter chair in the living room.

Keep warm!

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December 13, 2016

Dog oh dog, you got to love that early morning winter light.

Mom calls it beautiful lighting.

I have to agree.

Does make for nice early morning walks.

Later in the morning the light becomes more harsh, but since it’s winter, the light isn’t too bad. Love the blue sky.

The bright light is always better for action shots.

I set the Sony A6000’s focusing to flexible spot instead of zone. I thought perhaps the Sony 18-105mm would work better without the zone focusing.
It did.

I always had to have the Canon cameras in spot focusing for action, so I’m used to it. The nice thing about zone focusing is that I don’t have to track the subject as closely as I do in spot mode. But if it works better with the Sony 18-105mm lens, then that’s what I have to do.

Don’t I look simply precious here as I try my best to get handouts at the table?

During the winter you have to pour on the cute after being outside in the cold. You know a basset needs extra calories because of hiking in the cold.

As I woofed before, bassets are the epitome of cute.

Seriously, don’t you feel the need to give George a treat after seeing these photos? Just send the treats to me 🙂

I had major trauma today; I went to the vet. Dog oh dog, I hate going to the vet. The good news is that my blood work still is fine. Mom and dad were very pleased to hear that.

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December 12, 2016

The sun was just starting to show itself when we started our walk.

Yay! Here it comes! Do you like it better with the Sony A7 or…

the Sony A6000?

Well, whichever one you choose, the Porter basset always looks his best.


Yeah, you got to love this type of morning. Starts out cold and then the sun comes up and the warmth spreads.

I tried using the Sony 18-105mm for some action coming to the camera, but it wasn’t working well this morning.
Hmmm-mm, I’ll have to think about how to make it better.

It works okay when I come off the berm,

but has real problems on the level ground.

It always does a nice job for portraits, sharp and decent colors and contrast.

Compare it to the A7 with the Sony 55mm lens.

Anyway, woofing of cameras, my Christmas gift to mom was a Nikon 200-500mm lens. Dog oh dog! Already I’ll woof this is a fabulous lens!
And it has that 500mm ability to blur out the background into a nice cream of soft colors. Great lens for the Nikon D7200!

Compare it to the Sony 70-200mm on the Sony A6300.

Here’s pixel peeping on the Nikon lens.

And pixel peeping on the Sony lens.

Mom was so pleased with my gift, she took my paw with a big thanks…

and then gave me one of her fabulous hugs!

I’d do anything for my mom!!!!!

Dog oh dog, look at the size of this 200-500mm lens. Nikon!

That’s a lot of glass up front.

You got to admit, it’s a pawful.

But what a great lens!

Mom, thanks for all the Wendy’s cheeseburgers (she took me for one today!) and all the great things you’ve made for me!!!! (Not to mention taking me to Duke’s and getting me Castle Café and, and pizza!!!) She’s made my life the best life ever!

The Edgemont airport was always a happening spot for George in December.

Like enjoying the sun.

Like enjoying the sunrise on a cold, cold morning.

Or just goofing off…

and having fun!

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December 11, 2016

Ha! Poor dad had to run while it was snowing early in the morning. Me? Well, by the time I went for my walk it was pretty darn nice.

Will you look at this beautiful snow on the ground?

Ha, again! Perfect for basset paws to haul butt. So how about a Porter Running Variation on the Theme?

After brisk exercise, I basset needs energy replacement. I’m not barking Power Bars, here…I’m woofing about Wendy’s triple cheeseburgers!!!!
So how about a Porter and His Wendy’s Cheeseburger Variation on the Theme?

I can not tell a lie, one Wendy’s triple cheeseburger was sacrificed for this photo shoot. Here it is before it was mercilessly rip to shreds by a fierce Porter basset predator.

Thanks mom for paying me so fully for my efforts!

For this photo shoot, I used just about every camera that I own. I’d name them off for each photo, but a year from now, I’m going to test dad and see if he can pick out each camera by looking at the photos on this post. Sneaky basset aren’t I?
I do have to show the digital noise difference between the Canon 50D and the Sony A7rII.
Here’s the 2008 Canon 50D digital noise cut from the background of the Canon 50D photo.

And here’s the 2015 Sony A7rII digital noise cut from the background of the Sony A7rII photo.

Both shots were taken at 100 ISO. The digital cameras have come a long ways in seven years. And consider that the Canon 50D is only 15 megapixels compared to the 42 megapixels of the Sony A7rII.

By the time I was done processing all these photos, I needed food again. Mom was cooking chicken in the kitchen, so you probably can guess where I decided to be.

Dog oh dog, the chicken was truly superb too!!

Very depressing how much my nose was bleeding today. Mom and dad are truly worried for me. To help them, I brought out some Christmas presents that I had ordered for them, you know, let them know how much I appreciate them and get their minds thinking of Christmas cheer. It did help, kinda. Still, they were pretty sad.
I suggested to mom one way to rid yourself of the blues is to have a late evening snack.

This helps, does it not Mom?

I think it worked!

George was thinking of the coming Christmas.

“Wonder what gifts Santa will bring me?”

Dad knew that considering how willing George was to endure brutal weather just to be with his dad…

that George deserved (just as I do!!!) very nice Christmas gifts.

George rested easy that night, knowing he would give and get Christmas cheer.

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December 10, 2016

Hey, the forecast claimed lots of sun today.

So where is it?

We got a little peep of sun on our morning walk.

The lighting was pretty darn nice.

The handsome basset? Even better! Betcha you can’t guess who it is? Wink…

Breakfast was at Burger King. And for lunch, dog oh dog…

lunch was at Miyo! Serve me up one bacon cheeseburger please! Even better the sun came out while we ate outside at Miyo and the temperature reached 60 degrees. Holy cheeseburger! That’s great!

In the afternoon, I wanted a good nap, but that darn Christmas moose wouldn’t leave me alone.
What’s with this guy anyway?

Well, I got him in a corner and gave him the good thrashing he deserves.

Christmas moose won’t be bothering me again.

My wonderful food day ended with pizza! And some Wendy’s cheeseburger. Isn’t my mom the best in the world?!!!!

It’s hard to believe that we might have snow tomorrow morning after the temperature got to 61 degrees at the house. But that’s December in the High Plains.
You might have a sunrise with no snow around.

You might be walking through snow even though the temperature is in the 50’s.

You might be photographing trains on a beautiful morning that doesn’t feel like winter at all.

Then again you might be huddled in the house keeping warm from the 0 degree weather outside.

Every day is a wonder! Right, George?

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December 09, 2016

Not as cold as yesterday morning, but it was darn right brisk. But look! There’s the sun!

With the sun and cold and snow, it does make for good sniffing around.

Even though the cancer has spread to my left nostril, I can still scent pretty well.

I like how the snow kicks up as I’m hustling down the path.

Dad’s amazed that I still have the strength to run, considering how much I’m bleeding.

But, I’m going to have to be a lot sicker not to enjoy the perfect running weather!

I did let dad take some portrait shots of me.

The lighting is just too beautiful to turn down.

Much different lighting on our second walk.

How could I resist another snow bath with the sun and snow?

I couldn’t:-)

Back at the house, I put myself on the landing of the stairs. This is the perfect spot to remind dad on the first floor and mom on the second floor to decide what we’re having for lunch and dinner.

For lunch? For me? You guessed it! Wendy’s cheeseburger.
For dinner? For me? You guessed it! Wendy’s cheeseburger. Plus I shared dad’s Taco Bell food. My, my, good thing I’m not worried about my figure.

I can’t help woofing about Edgemont in December. You know those sunny days with no snow.

Or those days of cold and snow…

where a basset hound like Sheriff George can have a great time!

Or those days in between with no snow and snow.

What great fun with a camera and George!

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December 08, 2016

Since the temperature was close to the 0 mark early in the morning, dad let me sleep in.

Only problem was that darn Christmas moose kept hogging the bed…

so I got up and went outside to find a gorgeous blue sky with warming sun even though the temperature was still only 8 degrees.

And you know what? It was perfect weather for a snow bath!

Dog oh dog, it’s also as much fun shaking the snow off as it is bathing in it.

So much fun that it requires a repeat!

One more time!


Then it’s time to hot shot my way through the snow.

Gotta make room for a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger!

Just call me the Cheeseburger Express!

Beautiful day to get outside despite the cold. And did mom take me to Wendy’s for a triple cheeseburger? You bet!

George has had his days in the snow on December 8th.

And like me, he thought hustling through the snow was a pretty good thing!

But some years there isn’t any snow, so hiking is great.

And he always kept busy when not outdoors.

Which made for wonderful sleep once the night had come.

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December 07, 2016

Winter has come, Jon Snow!

Yup, cold and snowy. I had to keep moving fast to stay warm.

After the brisk early morning run, I warmed up on my bed.
Darn Christmas moose came along and told me that I’m looking a little pudgy because of all those Wendy’s cheeseburgers.

That wasn’t a very nice thing of him to say. Do I look pudgy to you?

Okay, so what if I’ve gained a little! weight. It’s not like I’m going to kick the bucket of heart disease.

And I still have it in me to kick up a lot of terror. Take that Grinch!!!!

Yeah, I was thinking of tearing up Christmas moose! He’s always been insulting to me.

I did have a great time with the Grinch.

Go Porter go!!!!

I sure burned off the calories! Now I need a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger!

Come evening after Wendy’s cheeseburger and mom’s whiskey chicken, it was time to huddle under the covers. It’s going to be really cold tomorrow morning.

Isn’t winter great?!!! Ask George what he thought of winter.
It can be snowy and easy on the paws.

It can be beautiful mornings of soft light.

Perfect for hiking to Mathias Peak.

Winter is a howling good time!

I’ll woof to that!!!!

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December 06, 2016

Sometimes it seems like the grass is greener on the other side.

Ha! You sure could get fooled by that astro turf in the park. I know better. The grass isn’t greener on the other side. I perfectly happy where I’m at with mom and dad.

Nine degrees today when we got going, but this Porter basset still can lay down the paw prints.

Even when it’s later in the morning, I’m ready to go.

How about Porter’s head in walking motion?

Yeah, I’m a happy guy when I’m outside. Hey, I’m a happy guy inside too! Dad tells me that he’s never seen a happier basset.

Snow started falling this evening. Winter is really here.

What do you photograph in Edgemont during the winter?
Well, gotta get those frost shots at the sunrise.

Don’t forget the early morning snow shots too.

And wonder if it will clear up.

And if you’re really lucky you’ll get a December rainbow…

or even a train bow as darkness creeps in.

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December 05, 2016

You know what? We need a new holiday!

I’ve got just the holiday in mind too.

Porter’s Hold Your Tail UP High Holiday! Quite excellent, wouldn’t you agree?

Barking of more holidays, how about a National Prairie Dog day too?

Wait, wait! Or even better a National Wendy’s Triple Cheeseburger day?!!!

Mom got me a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger just for my cleverness. But today remains Porter’s Hold Your Tail UP High Holiday. Mark your calendar!

Luscious day outside today.

The forecast had been for cloudy skies, but we got lots of sun…

with melting clouds coming oh so close and then dissipating.

Darn fun to watch.

Tomorrow the forecast calls for snow and cold moving in. Well, it is December.
And as George will tell you, it’s not unusual to have snow and cold…

on Porter’s Hold Your Tail UP High Holiday.

What’ca think George? More snow coming?

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December 04, 2016

Dog oh dog, it’s a darn beautiful morning!

Beautiful colors of the last part of fall abound in the sky and on the ground.

A Burger King breakfast is calling me…

so let’s get the show on the road!

I’ll bark to you that this is the best way to start the day!

What’s this?!!!

It was so warm out that we went to Miyo for lunch! I’ll woof to you that they make a darn good burger at Miyo. Mom really surprised me with this lunch, cuz I thought we wouldn’t be going to Miyo since we had breakfast at Burger King. And, and, then we stopped at Petco! It made this super Sunday even better. Thanks mom!

Then it was time for me to do some work. Is the set ready?

I gave dad some instructions on lighting, and don’t forget to keep the camera level.

Blah, he isn’t easy to train.

I gave it my best Porter basset look.

Yeah the subject is great, but the one behind the camera, that would be dad, could use some more training. Good thing mom was there to take some photos too.

Mom had such a great time taking photos of me, she gave me the Grinch to play with out in the courtyard.
Bark about fun!

Look at the Grinch waving at the camera.

Mom tried to get the Grinch away from me…

but I left her in my dust.

I wasn’t above teasing her. You know, letting her think she could get the Grinch from me.

But I’m too fast and sly to give up the Grinch.

Hey! I think that I busted the Grinch’s squeaker!

Ha! That will teach the Grinch!

Whew! I kinda wore myself out.

But I sure had a great time!

I kinda made my nose bad after all the fun, but dog oh dog, it was worth it! Live life to the fullest!

In Edgemont you can do just that by standing on Howling Rock and enjoying the early morning rise.

Or hiking along Red Canyon Trail with a perfect bit of snow.

Or getting ready for some paw signing in the books you’ve authored.

Way to go Sheriff George!

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December 03, 2016


With a little bit of snow on the ground from yesterday, I was hauling butt!

I’m still one fast basset. And darn handsome too!

The morning was bright and shiny, Burger King was on the menu for breakfast. Later on the clouds moved in, but that didn’t get me down cuz mom made sure I had my Wendy’s triple cheeseburger.

Hint, it’s next to my eye (in case you can’t see it immediately).

Yup, this is where it should be, right in front of my nose!

That 15mm macro lens sure does a great job!

Kinda weird looking with the 8mm lens. Kinda cool how big the burger looks in these photos.

Look behind me too; you’ll see my Christmas stocking all ready to hold treats from Santa to me.

Time to dig in. It’s chow time!!!!!

Since mom has been so good to me, I helped her start wrapping Christmas gifts.

What do you think of the wrapping paper? Pretty awesome, huh?

Outback Steakhouse food for dinner, definitely a grand day!

What kind of things did George do on a winter day in Edgemont?
Well, he grew an ice beard as he watched the sunrise.

Collected ice on his ears as he waited for the sun to bring on the beautiful Edgemont scenery.

And he had great time sniffing out all the wildlife leaving tracks in the snow and the frost.

Winter can be so much fun!

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December 02, 2016

Cloudy, cold, gloomy and snow today.

It was a good day to be inside and try out the new lenses, new because mom gave dad a Laowa 15 macro lens. I put it on the Sony A7.

It’s a weird looking lens, but it should since it’s a wide angle macro, very unusual.

It takes a little fussing around with the focusing, since it’s a macro and gets in really close.

Here’s the Rokinon 8mm for comparison.

The Rokinon 8mm is on the right mounted to an A6000.

They both look pretty darn strange, and they both take some pretty strange photos.

What sets the Laowa apart is it’s macro capabilities. For example, I can focus it on my eyes…

or even on my nose, which is almost touching the lens!

That’s pretty amazing, I must woof to you.

Here’s the Rokinon 8mm lens again for comparison.

I’m already figuring out how to use these lenses. The 15mm macro lens will be super good for Pasqueflower photos and other wildflowers, while the 8mm lens will be good for sky time lapse photos.

The lens selection for Sony E-mount cameras sure has come a long ways, since when I got the Sony NEX-7 in early 2012. It’s pretty darn cool all the choices now.

The rest of the day for me was snuggling in to my blankets to keep warm as the snow came down. Good thing mom had a good supply of Wendy’s cheeseburgers to help me keep warm!

December can have some awesome photo opps, like the sunrises…

or enjoying the scenery on Red Rock Rim Trail…

or taking Christmas card photos.

George had a great time with them all. What a wonderful life!

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December 01, 2016

Here comes Porter!

Can you tell that I’m happy about sun today?!!!!

When the morning started out, I was thinking the forecast would be correct; that would be mostly cloudy skies.

It was kinda of depressing, since tomorrow should be worse and snow to boot.

Ha! They got the forecast wrong. By late morning the sun was here to stay for the day.

Yay! Yay! Yay!

Even better, mom told me that she would take me to Wendy’s for a triple cheeseburger when we dropped the Jeep off for service.
Dog oh dog, I can taste that Wendy’s cheeseburger now!

And another dog oh dog! The Wendy’s triple cheeseburger hit the spot! Would you believe we had pizza for dinner, so I got pizza too?!!!
Excellent day!!!!

What do you do on a December day the first of the month while living in Edgemont?
Well, you start out the morning enjoying the sunrise and snow.

Then you stop on Portrait Rock for a classy basset picture.

Then you go home to work on photo sessions.

And even write a book!

That George! He sure knew how to enjoy a December day!

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November 30, 2016

Cold morning, but what a beautiful day for sun and sky.

With all the sun, it was nice and warm on my fur.

Got me singing! Yes, it did!

Give me a high five paw dad for this beautiful day!

That last photo was taken with the Rokinon 8mm lens.
Here I am with that 8mm lens on Porter’s Perch.

Dog oh dog, you sure can see everything, including the condo complex to the right.

On the A6000 the lens is 12mm equivalent. Setting the 18-105 lens to 18mm on the A6000 looks like this.

That’s quite a difference though the 18mm equivalent is 27mm, so it’s not really a wide angle.

Still nothing beats the 70-200mm lens for stop action of a Porter basset in a joyful mood.

Darn nice day!

So what kind of things did George do on his November 30th? Well, appreciate the scenery for one thing.

Read up on motorcycles.

And nap in the sun.

Great way to spend the day!

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November 29, 2016

Whew, you got to love that early morning light.

Not that it was going to last long, cuz the clouds were moving in.

With the little bit of sun, I was in a joyful mood, particularly since I saw how bad the weather was around Edgemont (windy and a little snow).

As usual the Sony A6300 was up to the task.

You’re probably wondering what I do for my afternoon nap when the cold and clouds prevent me from some good porch pooching on the patio. Let me woof to you, that I’m not above snuggling in my bed in the living room.

Hey, these two photos were taken with that new Rokinon 8mm lens on the Sony A6000. Pretty cool, huh?

Notice the flat screen on the wall? Dad bought that for mom for Christmas. She’s going to use it for photo slideshows, which will be way awesome.

Barking of sunshine, George would woof to you that when the winter sun is shining then you go out and have a good time.

And when it isn’t, you look up to the sky and ask for tomorrow to be better,

then you go inside for some winter napping.

Just like me!

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November 28, 2016

I was up early with dad doing my bouncing running.

The below freezing temperature felt darn good for some exercise.

Too bad the sun didn’t stay for long.


I would have liked to enjoy a sunny day.

You know George sure was handsome and could pour on the cute!

Dad tells me that I’m pretty good at it too.

Still, it’s tough living up to the George cute standard.

Dad got me a new lens for the Sony A6000. It’s the Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens. Bark about a fun lens to use.

Who says, I’m not cute 🙂
BTW: Behind me is mom’s basset tree. Lots of Porter ornaments on it. Thanks mom!

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November 27, 2016

Eli and Sidney are coming over today.

That’s so cool, cuz mom will be cooking a great meal. And, I’ll get to show some other bassets Porter’s Pad.

May the basset gods bless this day!

Wow oh wow, what a great time I had! We started out with snacks.

And then mom put on the table one heck of a great meal. The chicken was outstanding. Dog oh dog, the basset gods heard my asking for blessings on this day of bassets and good food.

After stuffing myself I was quite zonked, wanting a good post feast nap.

Sidney and Eli did the same. Notice, too, how mom put out my Porter mats, so we could all nap comfortably. My mom is so thoughtful! I love her!!!!
On the table is what is left of a cake mom made. The cake is a recipe by Edith Warner. Dad did give me a bite. He and I agree that is one excellent cake! Too bad it’s chocolate. I would have liked more.

After Eli and Sidney left and when I was done napping, it was time for another walk to enjoy the blustery day.
Let me digress for a moment. What happens to basset ears on a blustery day?

Ha! Just ask George in 2007.


Stand proud all bassets as you face the wind!

What a great day!

Hey, about George getting up nice and early in 2008?

You know, how he did all those early mornings?
By getting to bed early and sleeping the sleep of good bassets everywhere.

Night all.

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November 26, 2016

Looking sharp in 2008, that was George with the Canon 40D and the Canon 200mm lens.

My looking sharp today was with the Sony A7 and the Sony 55mm lens.

You know, I sometimes think the cameras with 10 or 12 megapixels were actually sharper than the big megapixel cameras of today.

There’s more detail in the new cameras, but the per pixel sharpness doesn’t always equate.

The day started out with the clouds rolling in, but who cares? I was going to Burger King for breakfast. And mom promised me a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger for lunch. You can guess where my thoughts were at.
In the afternoon the sun finally made a grand appearance.

This is more like it!

Hey, the Sony 55mm lens was even up to catching me in cheerful action.

Don’t I look cheerful?!!!

In the evening mom was cooking away. I kept careful watch.

Eli and Sidney are coming over tomorrow. How about that? I’ve got company coming and mom is cooking up great food. Cool!!!!

No kitchen watching for George in 2008, but he did get some really fine time in Ponderosa Thicket.

Not bad at all.

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November 25, 2016

Happy Sheriff George Looking Tough Day!!!!

After this photo shoot, George asked dad, “Did I look good and tough?”

What could dad say other than the best looking tough photo that he had ever seen!

Dad asked me if I would look tough to celebrate Sheriff George Looking Tough Day.

But, I just didn’t have it in me.

You see, I was still remembering the excellent turkey feast mom had cooked yesterday, and I was looking forward to a Burger King Breakfast.

In 2008, George celebrated Sheriff George Looking Tough Day while walking toward the camera.

And me, today?

Nope, just couldn’t do it, as I thought more and more about a Burger King breakfast. Guess dad should have asked me to drool instead of looking tough:-)

Could I look tough in the afternoon?

With the beautiful sun and nice temperature? And still digesting a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger? Nope, no way!
I’ll try better next year.

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November 24, 2016

Happy turkey day!!!

Darn nice sunshine, so happy sunshine, too!

The wind was blowing hard on my ears today.

But that’s okay cuz, I was thinking about the upcoming turkey feast.

So, nah, nah to you wind!

Turkey feast? Yes, it was! Mom made the best turkey ever! You can bet that I was asking for seconds and thirds and fourths. My mom cooks the best turkey dinner!
Love this day! Love my mom!

George was looking forward to turkey day on this day in 2008.

Whereas he was remembering the turkey day feast on this day in 2007.

Turkey day has some weird calendar problems.

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November 23, 2016

Tomorrow’s turkey day.

Gobble, gobble.

Table etiquette is of prime importance when eating the huge turkey feast.

For example, always ask politely for some dish to be passed to you.
“Please pass the turkey.”

“Please pass the mashed potatoes.”

Humans appreciate this politeness, and one will score more eats.

One should not be a glutton. And never, never scratch yourself at the table!

Got that? Good, now let’s go get ready for turkey day!

On this day in 2008 George was enjoying the beautiful scenery off of Summit Tree Camp.

It was a darn nice day for a hike. But, George would woof you that nothing beats a little snow on the ground for a basset to come alive!

November 23, 2007

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November 22, 2016

The thing is about November (and I woofed this yesterday), you never know if it will be snow or warm. Take for instance George in 2006:

Then in 2007 the temperature is about 40 degrees colder.

My day? Will it was a snow day. Dog oh dog, was I ever pumped up!!!!

And fresh snow means a fresh snow bath!!!!

Then you shake the snow off…

and you’re clean! Clean snow is the best bath of all.

Back at the house, my thoughts were on Thanksgiving day treats and food.

These almond M&M’s look like a good treat to start the holidays.

Don’t you think?
Mom did promise a fresh Wendy’s triple cheeseburger tomorrow, and then on Thanksgiving day, well, you can bet I’ll partake of the turkey, gravy, and stuffing…oh puppy!

Would you believe we got five minutes of sun in the afternoon? Just enough to show off our new snow.

Come evening, I made sure that I had plenty of blankets after a dinner of cheeseburger and Vienna sausages.

Here comes George Part 3:

Mathias Peak Trail, November 22, 2008

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November 21 , 2016

We all know that cold and snow are never far away in November. Just ask George 2007.

My day started out cloudy, but nice and warm.

I had an awful time with the flash packs at first. Just couldn’t get the light right.

While I waited for some sun and a great late morning walk, I checked out dad’s new boots. He’s had the one on top less than three weeks.

Compared to the new one, there is an awful lot of wear.

Dad tells me these boots come with a 100% year guarantee. Ha! I don’t think they’ll make it a year.

Yay!!!! Sun!!!!

This is much more like it!

It sure put a happy bounce in my late morning walk.

I felt like George did on his beautiful 2008 day.

Not only was the sun out and it was warm, come afternoon the napping in the sun couldn’t be beat!

Sota was doing really well too today!
My kind of day. Too bad we have snow coming tomorrow, kinda like George’s 2007 day.

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November 20, 2016

What a beautiful November 20th!

The forecast wasn’t all the great for sun, but guess what?

We had plenty of sun in the morning!

Yup, it would be a perfect morning for sitting outside at Miyo.

You know, while on Porter’s Perch I was thinking that the view would be considerably improved with a Burger King over there.

And a Smash Burger that way.

And in the middle a Wendy’s! With a Porter basset door!

Wow, what a great idea on my part!!!!!

With that on my mind, I was darn hungry for breakfast at Miyo.
Look who showed up?

The granddaughter of Sidney and Eli. She sure was nice to me and fed me bacon! I really like her.

While mom went to Tony’s to buy food (yay!), dad and I hung out in the courtyard and enjoyed the sun.

I just had to stop on Tower Road on the way home to get a grand view of Castle Rock with the blue sky and sun.

Perfect morning!

Mom was busy as a basset on the trail of rabbits as she decorated the house and got it ready for Thanksgiving. Dog oh dog, it sure is cozy inside. That’s good with winter barking at my paws.

Here comes George, part 2!

Walking George, Mathias Peak Trail, November 20, 2016

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November 19, 2016

You can’t complain about this day.

That’s one beautiful sky and the temperature nice and cold, perfect for our early morning walk.

Once again that Sony 18-105mm lens proved its meddle for action shots.

And once again, Porter basset proved his meddle for showing muscle and hustle!

We had a Burger King breakfast, and then mom looked for Christmas decorations. She found some basset hound decorations! Isn’t that cool?
We all discussed ideas for next year’s Christmas card. Yup, it was time for a photoshoot! But first mom stopped at Wendy’s to get me a triple cheeseburger, you know, something to help me through a long photoshoot. So here are some photos from the photoshoot.

Dog oh dog, I sure needed that cheeseburger with such a long photoshoot!
What do you think of the photos?
Which one should be on next year’s Christmas card? Well, we’ll have to wait. Mom, dad, and I sure had a good time doing this!

All in all a darn productive day on a really nice November day.

Here comes George!

Mathias Peak Trail, November 19, 2008

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November 18, 2016

Coldest morning of the season so far, 13 degrees.

And snow, of course.

Isn’t it amazing how Porter’s Popular kept its fall colors right into this morning?

Sure looks nice!

“Barking of color, hey dad, do my pearly whites look as white as the snow?”

Whoa! That was cold on the teeth!

Think I might have frostbit one or two.

I warmed up as we continued our walk. I was particularly interested in the Prairie Dogs.
“Oh Prairie Dogs, come out, come out, I’ll warm your little toes, heh, heh.”

“Wake up, wake up, I’m your friend, heh, heh!”

Shoot, all I got for my efforts was snoot full of snow.

Entirely unfair.

Our second walk of the morning was a good time to try out the new Sony 18-105 lens in action.

I’ll woof to you that I was quite impressed! Look at a close up from the last photo.

This lens does quite well, and this is on the A6000, so it should be even better on the A6300.
So far, I’d bark it’s a great lens for the price!

Mom took me to Wendy’s in the evening. Yahoo! Two triple cheeseburgers!!!! I LOVE my mom!!!!!!!!

Poor dad, this is a sad day for him, you know, remembering George.
May the sunrises always be beautiful for George.

November 18, 2007

November 18, 2008

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November 17, 2016

It’s hard to believe that it’s been seven years tomorrow that George crossed the Rainbow Bridge, as we bassets woof. Here’s a little celebration of November 17th photos of Sheriff George at his best!

November 17, 2007

November 17, 2008

November 17, 2009
We bassets are an incredible bunch!!!!!!

And how was my November 17, 2016? Guess it’s best described as winter blasting in.
Yeah, it was cold with snow later on in the day. But I did have a new lens to try out, which meant the cold and snow wasn’t a problem. The lens is the Sony 18-105mm lens.
It was time to try it out despite the rotten outdoor lighting. We used flash early in the morning.

The lens focuses well and zooms easily, whether manually or powered.

On our late morning walk, I pointed out to dad that it would soon start to snow.

My nose wasn’t wrong. That snow started coming down as we returned home.

By early afternoon, yup, winter had arrived.

But, I’ve got to woof to you mom had made the house warm and cheery.

How about these two Christmas bassets behind me?

Aren’t they amazing!

I love my mom!

After some Wendy’s cheeseburger, my energy was renewed, so it was time to see how sharp the new Sony 18-105mm lens might be.
Sony 55mm f/18 lens:

Sony 18-105mm lens:

Sony 55mm f/18 lens:

Sony 18-105mm lens:

Wow! That 18-105mm lens does a great job at 55mm. And it focuses much easier than the 55mm lens, which always has been a poor focusing lens in low light (it couldn’t focus in this low light with the A7r and barely does with the A6000).
But the colors, yuck! Obviously, I’ve got some work to do with DxO presets for the 18-105mm lens when using flash. Why such a difference in color DxO? Both lenses were mounted to the A6000 with the same flash level and exposure. Weird.
Cold tonight…I’m getting under the blankets.

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November 16, 2016

A very warm day before the winter cold air blasts in tomorrow. Dad and I were out early, enjoying the fine temperature.
I set the flash on the A6000 for the first couple of photos.

That first photo shows the faults of flash; the second isn’t too bad. The problem with the flash packs is the cool temperature. Notice how white I look in the first photo.

Here are a couple of photos with no flash.

That early morning sun is golden, golden. Using the flash pack wipes out the gold sunbeams glistening on my face. Dad hates this aspect of camera flashes. The camera’s white balance can be changed, but the flash stays at 5300k. So either you have a very white face in the golden sun or you can change the camera’s white balance and end up with somewhat of a golden sunbeam on the face and an awful looking yellow/green/blue sky with yellow clouds. Sigh…
But, you got to admit it sure was another fine morning for photos.

Come the afternoon, you guessed it, I was napping out in the sun. Dog oh dog, the temperature hit 76 degrees. Darn excellent for November 16th!
I brought out the old Canon 50D. It sure seems like a beast compared to the Sony mirrorless cameras.

But it still works after all the hard use and cold temperatures.

However, what’s with all the red in this photo? Compare it to the Sony A6000 photo previous to this photo. I wonder if it is a DxO color balance problem. I’ll have to investigate.

Mom took the day off so, dog oh dog, I had a great day of eating. We started with a Burger King breakfast, then we had Arby’s for lunch (yes, I got my own beef sandwich), and for dinner it was Outback Steakhouse. My dinner order was a bacon cheeseburger using grass fed Angus beef. Bark about a lucky Porter basset! Thanks mom!!!!!
Even better for the day, Sota was walking much better today.

Barking of the Canon 50D, how about taking a look at George with a couple of other Canon cameras?
First in 2008, it’s the Canon 40D.

George never really cared for the Canon 40D. It seemed a little to pricey for what it did, but it did have typical Canon efficiency.
George at Summit Tree Camp, November 16, 2008.

The Canon 5D Mark II was something to howl about!

Yeah, when it came out at the end of 2008, it was ahead of its time. George found it a great camera with some minor faults. Of course, the camera world kinda passed Canon by after the 5D Mark II. Nikon and Sony were innovating while Canon stayed the course for a little too long.
George on his favorite chair, November 16, 2009.

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November 15, 2016

“The world is a carousel of color…”

Hey, that’s not very original on my part to quote a Disney song.

But the thought is right for this beautiful day.

Makes me want to do a little dance.


Hey, did I woof you that dad bought me my own smartphone? Look at this, an AOLED screen, just perfect for a colorful guy like me:-)

It’s kinda weird since it’s Windows 10 mobile, but I find it’s a whole lot easier to figure out than the Android stuff. Plus, I don’t have to worry about security updates not happening. And it’s got darn good sound and room for 200GB of music as well crystal clear clarity for woofing with everyone on the phone. Thanks dad!

Did I get some good sun napping this afternoon?

You betcha! What a beautiful November day.

George had one of these beautiful November days in 2008.

What a great day for a hike to Mathias Peak. Yay Sheriff George!

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November 14, 2016

Holy basset! Another beautiful fall day!

It sure has made life easier on me, having all these nice days.

And how about Porter’s Popular?

You can’t deny that it still looks grand in its fall festive colors.

I kinda think Porter’s Popular is giving me, yes me, a color show, since it knows about my cancer. Okay, okay, I know it’s not like the fall colors for the Northeast, but I’m pretty pleased.

Dad told me that he has a couple of other Cub things coming my way.

I wonder what he bought me. What would be really cool is a Wendy’s Cubs cheeseburger, but I know that Wendy’s doesn’t make a Cubs cheeseburger. They should!

Yeah, the sun was great for napping out on the patio.

The wind was a little brisk, so the towels were quite nice to keep me toasty and warm.

Whoa, I heard beef brisket! Dog oh dog, that woke me up from my nap! Mom had been cooking a beef brisket ever since yesterday evening. What a great smell wafting throughout the house!
Now I heard we’re having that beef brisket for dinner this evening.
Yum, I’m drooling already!

And it was delicious!!!! Mom’s the best!!!!

Good old author Sheriff George. He sure had talent.

Those children books of his are the best.

He wasn’t too bad capturing Edgemont trains for photos either, like this old, old SD-9.

Looks like he had a pretty good day!
November 14, 2007

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November 13, 2016

Dog oh dog, sometimes it’s hard to get going in the morning.

Good thing dad wanted a photo shoot of my Cubs baseball cap and a new World Series baseball that he bought for me.
I could kinda get some more snoozing in while getting ready and during some of the photo taking.

Yeah, it was hard to get going.

But, I started to come awake. I’m ready to manage a baseball team in the World Series.

Play ball!
Wait, we’re going to Miyo for breakfast?!!! Game postponed!

Priorities, don’t ya know!

Here comes the Miyo Express!

We had another great breakfast at Miyo. It was chilly and cloudy at first, but mom had dressed me in my hoody, so I was toasty warm and enjoyed the food.
Eli and Sidney stopped by. Cool to see them.

After that it was a nice lazy day with some decent sunning on the patio.

I had to get some rest in, so I could be ready for the supermoon this evening. Mom was pretty excited about it. The moon hadn’t been this close to Earth since 1948. (Personally, I think it much more exciting that the Cubs won their first World Series since 1908, but the supermoon was still something to think about, and I do enjoy moonbeams.)
The supermoon appeared, but the sky wasn’t cooperating for the rise of the moon.

The clouds hung around for the first hour…

and then, bright, bright, bright, there was the moon in all its glory.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice again. Yay!

George’s day in 2009 didn’t have all the sun, but catching the first sunbeams of the day was a pretty darn good thing.

Sunbeams on a basset nose! A great combination.

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November 12, 2016

The fine fall weather continues, but I will woof to you that it does get chilly in the mornings.

Okay, I don’t really need a hat yet…

but dad does.

If you keep moving, it’s really quite warm out for a November 12th morning.

And how about Porter’s Popular?

Still colorful.

After a Burger King breakfast and washing my bed, we stopped off at Tower Road. I was in a singing mood as dad took photos of me looking over Castle Rock.

I was singing about Wendy’s cheeseburgers!

Wendy’s triple cheeseburgers!!!!

I hope Agnes and Gene could hear me singing, cuz this song I dedicate to them!

And here they are!

My Wendy’s cheeseburger gifts from Agnes and Gene!

You can bet after stuffing myself, I was ready for a nap in the sun.

It’s a great life when the sun is shining and the cheeseburgers come my way!

Dog oh dog, George sure had a lot of fall 2008 photos in Ponderosa Thicket.

What a perfect time for Sheriff George photographed in his element.

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November 11, 2016

Bark about a lucky Porter basset to have such good friends in Agnes and Gene!!!

You gotta love the card they sent me. And they sent me the gift of buying some Wendy’s cheeseburgers!!!!
Thank you Agnes and Gene!!!!!

Isn’t this wonderful of them?!!! I ask you!!!

I’m drooling just thinking of those Wendy’s cheeseburgers.

No doubt about it that was the highpoint of my day.
But the day was darn nice overall.

Still some fall color in a few trees, especially Porter’s Popular.

November 11th, amazing.

My paws were kicking up the dust with zest in the golden rising of the sun!

Would you believe that I’ve reached 5,000 shutter count on the Sony A6300?

It’s turned out to be quite the camera.
People who own a DLSR and don’t like mirrorless cameras complain about the camera being small, but the lenses are still pretty big. And it’s true that the lenses aren’t much smaller than a DLSR. But, it’s kinda of a ridiculous argument, since overall you’re still talking significantly less weight than a DLSR camera, especially the full frame DLSR’s.

And the thing is that I can put a darn good prime lens on the mirrorless camera, and the weight is much, much less than that DLSR camera/lens combination. Take the A6000 with the 55mm lens for example, nice and light and tidy.

Not that I have any complaints about a good DLSR, but I do find the mirrorless cameras easier to lug around.

Well, time to go!!!

I’ve got a date with Wendy!!!! Thanks again Agnes and Gene!!!!

Hey George! Thanks for all the great sunrises!

November 11, 2009

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November 10, 2016

Hey, look what dad got me!

There were no Cub 2016 World Series Champs hats to be found around Denver, so dad was kind enough to order one on online.

That present sure put a hop and skip in my walks this morning.

You can bet that I modeled my new cap all day!

You got to admit that I look pretty darn dapper in my new Cubs cap!

You know, I’m a champion too!!!!

Bark about another champion! That would be Sheriff George. From scaling slippery slopes…

to taking grand sunset photos, George was always in champion form!

November 10, 2007

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