March 26, 2017

Not much to bark nicely about the weather today. Darn dreary out. You can bet breakfast was the highest thing on my mind when we I came back inside. I was keeping track of mom and dad closely.

So like, when’s breakfast?

We didn’t get to go to Burger King, but that’s okay because I do love Reece’s Puffs.

Yeah, it’s a lot of sugar, but it’s not like I’m worried about that.

Well that was pretty good! When’s lunch?

Did I woof about lunch? We picked up lunch at Miyo. Yay! Dad and I shared a bacon cheeseburger. Delicious. Too bad we couldn’t eat outside at Miyo, but the food is more important than where it’s eaten.
Come the afternoon, we had some thirty seconds of sun. Oh my.

I figured Game of Bones would be the highpoint of the day, what with the stupid weather. While waiting for mom to exclaim, “Game of Bones!” I compared the Rokinon 8mm lens to the Lensbaby 7mm circular lens.

You can take your pick of either one, though the Lensbaby is more eye catching. But the Rokinon fills the frame.

Game of Bones!!!!!

Of course, dad had to mess around with the 50mm Sweet before…

before the most important set piece of Game of Bones made its entrance on the stage…
Wendy’s triple burger!!!!!

A beautiful sight!

For a beautiful Porter basset πŸ™‚

Yeah, there’s days where those clouds sure are pesky.

And things are too gloomy.

And they might even drop some unwanted moisture on ya.

But it doesn’t hurt to howl for the sun.

Really howl!!!

Cuz you might call out enough to get the sun to shine!

Hope I get some sun tomorrow.

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March 25, 2017

Bark about a difference a day makes!

Kinda hard to believe that yesterday morning at this time there were blizzard conditions.

It won’t be long before the sunrays are dappling a dapper Porter basset.

I’m ready to greet the sun.

Too bad the condos block the horizon.

Means I have to wait a little longer for the sunrays.

“Come on sunrays!”


After a Burger King breakfast, I found these blossoming trees.

Can you believe yesterday morning was blizzard time?!!!

It clouded up in the afternoon, so much for our sunny day. So to have some indoor play it was time for…
Game of Bones!!!!

Mom used my big Porter card as part of the background.

Yeah, this is so awesome!

Bark about royalty in front of the card!

That would be me, the royalty in front of the card, Porter basset.

Of course, I had to use the Trio Sweet.

Then I turned it to Velvet.

Just looks out of focus to me, but what’s with the twist? It’s as much twist as the Twist.

You never know what might be under paw during a March in Edgemont. Only at the start of the day will you find out.


Snow and grass?

Gold sand trail?

Red clay?

Pine needles and gold?

Pine needles and Ponderosa green?

Or, best of all!!!


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March 24, 2017

As forecast….

geez, bark about a pain in the buttoski!

Not that I didn’t do my normal grooming.

A little snow isn’t going to stop me.

But that wind, holy bassets!

You had to hang onto your ears this morning!

Yesterday’s wind was fun, but….

this morning’s wind…

brutal and ugly!

Dad! Could we go back inside now?!!!!!

Whew! Much better!

I can keep my eyes open too.

I wonder what’s happening in the kitchen?

Whoa! It’s not the kitchen where the action is, cuz…

it’s Game of Bones time!!!!

Why would anyone want to go outside in that wind and snow,

when Game of Bones is beckoning?!!!!

Yeah, this is the life!

Later in the afternoon the snow and wind had stopped. Mom went to get her hair done. Soo-oo-o dad and I hung out downtown Castle Rock. Naturally that included some good things to eat like a turkey sandwich and, yum, yum, a Wendy’s triple burger!

Notice the sun peeped out for a little time too. Magical!
And bark about magical beauty, that would be my mom when she came back to us with her lustrous hair all aglow.

I enjoyed our dinner too of beef stroganoff. I’ll woof to you that I was one bushed Porter basset this evening.

Dog oh dog, if I was up to it and in Edgemont, I would want my day to be like George’s March day.

Most excellent, huh George?!!

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March 23, 2017

Hmm-m, I need to wake up for the sunrise.

That’s one eye open.

Two eyes open.

Good morning sunshine!

I can see that it’s going to be nice weather today.

Too bad that we have a blizzard warning starting at midnight! What’s with that?!!!!!

Here I was thinking that with the nice weather, I’d have a great day. Little did I know that mom had to go to Denver today for work!!!!
Dog oh dog, where is she? I miss her!!!!

wait! Did I hear her coming back?

Rats! It’s not her.

Dog oh dog, I’m so depressed.

Really, really depressed!!!!

Dad tried to cheer me up by taking me out in the nice weather.

Is she home yet?!!!


Mom wasn’t home yet, but I sure could tell by the wind that big weather changes would be coming soon.

Bark about blustery!!!

I could taste that blizzard coming too.

Holy Bassets, the wind was catching my jowls too.

But, I’ll stand proud in the winds of adversity.

Heh, heh, you got admit that I look pretty cool in all this wind.

Not bad ear action, don’t you think?

Now, where’s mom?!!!!

She did make it home before dinner. You can bet this Porter basset was one very, very happy basset when she came home!
I love my mom!!!!!!

I suppose it will look like this tomorrow.


March is so much better when there isn’t the snow and cold.

You can see how much George enjoys the sun.

As for the snow…

Look for snow photos from me tomorrow.

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March 22, 2017

I’m waiting for some sunglow.

“Come on sunglow!”

Still waiting.

Ah, it’s here.

The sunglow deserves some Sweet recognition.

Yeah, pretty cool what a Lensbaby Sweet does with sunglow.

It was sun and clouds mixed today, but darn nice overall. Darn nice to catch some sun in the golden grass.

Of course, my tummy interrupted the sun enjoyment by announcing it was lunchtime.

Nothing wrong with that from a basset’s point of view.

But I did get back out into the sun after lunch. Yup, it was patio pooching time.

Even the grass was dry and warm enough to enjoy.

Gotta enjoy the nice weather while it is here. “Oh, and dad, how about another treat?”

What about Game of Bones?!!!

I’ll woof to you that We, King Porter, was in all his royal glory!

Mom had set up the lights so that the Twist lenses would show some twist.

I must bark to you that the Trio 28mm Twist did a better job than the Twist 60mm.

Don’t you think?

I got dad to take some shots of the set…

while mom was busy snapping photos with her aperture disks.

She got some cool photos that I want to post in the future.

It could be this…

or it could be this.

You can bet that George still had a grand time.

Hey! I think George found the Easter Bunny. Lucky dog!

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March 21, 2017

Shhh-h…if you’re really quiet, you can hear the sunglow peeping above the horizon.

Though you probably need basset ears to hear the sunglow.

It’s too bad that you don’t.

Now you should be able to feel sunglow on your face.

Don’t need basset ears to feel the sunglow.

Sunglow at the horizon is one of the finer things in life.

After my scare of yesterday, I needed this.

Enjoy it while you can, I’ll woof to you.

And don’t forget to give a little taste too.


Pretty good fun for me this morning…

watching the sun come up…

and the sky turn into a Ponderosa sky.

Too bad I didn’t have more Ponderosa trees by me other than this little one.

Dad didn’t let me stay out very long, since he’s worried about my nose doing that bleed thing again. That’s okay, cuz I was more than willing to spend time in the kitchen waiting for good things to eat.
I call these photos ‘Basset Eyes in the Kitchen’.

Hey, you never saw the inside of that giant card mom got for me! Well, here’s what the inside looks like.

That’s my Hamburger Watch Oath on the left side.

Pretty cool, huh?!!!!

Today was a good and relaxing day. I’m so glad to be alive! Gotta get a Wendy’s burger now!

Did I woof how good hearing sunglow in the morning is?

Well, so is feeling the sunshine on your face as you look over the best scenery in the world…

and so is running free in the forests and plains around Edgemont…

and so is watching a dramatic sky at sunset.

Catch the good things offered every day, the basset way!

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March 20, 2017

First day of spring sunrise!

And it’s not a bad one.

I had to snap these photos in between cars rushing past on Crowfoot Valley Road.

But, all in all, it was a pretty productive sunrise.

Easy to see however, that those clouds were moving in.

Even the Trio Sweet lens couldn’t hide them into something more beautiful

No sooner than I got home from my early morning walk disaster struck, my nose started hemorrhaging. It was bloody awful, I’ll woof to you. Mom and dad worked feverishly to stop the flow of blood, but I sure lost a lot. When they felt confident in moving me, they took me to the vet, where I got an IV while my vital signs were tracked. I wasn’t as good as new when I got home, but I did survive.
By evening, I was starving!!! Mom and dad made sure I got food and water after I got home, but they wanted to make sure my stomach wouldn’t get upset, so it wasn’t nearly enough food. Holy basset, I was waiting by the table for diner long before it was served.

Remember that brisket mom cooked yesterday? That’s what was served. Wowie!!! I was one happy basset at the table.

Later on I was feeling much, much better, but it sure was a scary morning for this Porter basset.

Dog oh dog, we bassets are a good looking bunch.

Whether we’re racing along…

or alertly standing…

or just hanging out,

we always look noble!

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March 19, 2017

Heh, heh, come with me to see a colorful sunrise.

Too bad the clouds rolled in before the golden rays of the sun could tickle my nose.

Stupid clouds!

But later, the sun came out in time for breakfast at Miyo!

Breakfast was fantastic…and Sidney came to visit me. Splendid! Splendid!

On the way home we stopped for a try of the Trio Twist.

I was hoping the scrub oak on Tower Road would do the trick.

Better, but still not the right background for Twist.

In the afternoon the succulent beefy smell of brisket wafted through the house as mom cooked brisket for tomorrow’s dinner. Can’t wait!
And we all know Game of Bones happens in the later afternoon! Yay!
Warp speed Scotty to Game of Bones cheeseburgers!

Holy Bassets! Did mom ever out do herself on today’s set!

The best part?

Really! You have to ask?

It’s, it’s, it’s the Wendy’s burgers!!!!

Let there be snow!

Let there be sun!

Let there be fun at the Edgemont library!

With the sunrise the day will bring great things!

Yay for those March days with George!

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March 18, 2017

I was up early this morning, trying to catch a colorful sunrise.

But, the color wasn’t happening above.

So, I had to catch the golden glow.

Which worked out pretty well, all in all.

After my early morning walk, it was time for a Burger King breakfast, yippee!!! By the time we were done with breakfast the temperature was rising. Would you believe it got to 84 degrees today? So much different from last year in Colorado.
It was too hot for me to do much outside. But that’s okay, cuz napping was the order of the day until…
Game of Bones time!!!!

And Game of Bones means Wendy’s triples!!!!

Look at the size of these burgers!!!

I can’t wait to dig into them. I’m drooling here, I’ll woof to you.

What’s that dad?

You want me to sing a song to the great Wendy’s hamburgers? Okay, then!

Clear the throat…ahem.

And sing!!!! Arr-arr-hoo!

La! La! Arrrhhoo-ooo!

Now you’re probably thinking (mistakenly, I might add) that we basset hounds sing by following notes.

But oh no, what we follow are paws!

So follow the musical paws with me!


Sing for the Wendy’s triple burgers!

Well done, I’ll woof to you!

And remember, from early morning…

and all through the day…

into late evening…

a basset will make your day a splendid day!
Now…everyone sing with joy!

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March 17, 2017

Today is supposed to be mostly cloudy according to the weather folks. I’ll woof to you that the sunrise sure was promising.

Sure looks like a lot of blue sky for mostly cloudy.

You know what worked really well this morning? The Laowa 15mm lens.

Seriously, don’t I look ever so cool in the next pic?

Looks like fine art to me!

Most definitely, fine art!

Dog oh dog, I was hot on the shutter button for this photoshoot.

You agree with me, right?

Thanks so much!

I did attempt one of those golden grass shots, but the sun was a little more blocked than I like.

Later in the morning with a decent amount of sun, I hopped to it.

I needed a Sweet fix with blue sky.

I do love that Trio Sweet.

But, unlike the 50mm Sweet, the Trio Sweet doesn’t work so well with the Picture Effects.

I tried the Trio Twist with Picture Effects too.

Not so great either.

But dog oh dog, for Game of Bones the Trio Sweet sure does look great!

Notice that mom had a space theme going for this Game of Bones photoshoot.

How about the alien glasses from Roswell?

Don’t worry, it’s just me, Porter basset, behind those glasses.

I haven’t been abducted by aliens.

But, I do look cool with the space set and the alien glasses, no doubt about that!

Even cooler!!!!!

One of mom’s aperture disks.

This one is a stars and moon aperture cut out. No photoshopping involved.

Pretty amazing, huh?!!! But then, my mom is pretty amazing!!!!

March snow isn’t so bad.

Heck, George would greet it with a howl.

But, even better are nice spring days with decent sunrises…

great hiking in the sunshine…

hanging outdoors with friends in the sunshine…

watching trains in the sunshine…

and decent sunsets.

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March 16, 2017

Oh no, not those clouds again!

As usual they were hauling butt to cover the sun as soon it came up.

I figured that I wouldn’t have much time for photos before it became a dull grey morning.

Good thing I brought along the Godox off camera flash.

I had to work fast to get these photos.

Yum, yum, here comes some sunrays on the opposite side of the flash.

Most excellent.

Love those golden rays filling in the color beside me.

Love those golden rays on the grass.

I brought along the Laowa 15mm lens too.

You know, see how it works with off camera flash and a sunrise.

Of course flare is a probably with it, but it should work well for wildflowers.

It wasn’t all flash either, since those golden rays were doing a good job of lighting up the world.

But, only for awhile. Blah, stupid clouds!

Look at them behind me. Now that’s disgustingly dark and grey.

And so the morning and a large part of the day turned into a cloudy, obnoxious sky. Did I woof that the forecast was for sunny skies? Ha!

But, I’ve got other light! Game of Bones!

And look what mom gave to me!!!!!

It’s a giant Porter card!!!!!

Pretty awesome!!!!

Notice the “King Porter” on the card.

That’s as it should be, yes indeedy!

If the sun’s up.

Then you’ve got to enjoy it.

Maybe use the good light to enjoy the wildlife!

And if the sun doesn’t show, but snow does.

Then have a blast in the snow!

Go George, go!!!!

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March 15, 2017

I dunno how it works. They keep forecasting sunny days and then it doesn’t happen, and I have to scramble to get early morning photos before the clouds take over.

At least the waning moon was out for a little bit.

And I was able to play around with the Godox off camera flash.

Dog oh dog, I’m a handsome guy!

I then tried the off camera flash with the Lensbaby Sweet 50.

I wasn’t having much luck focusing, cuz the sun rays were blasting the viewfinder.

Facing the other way from the sun made the focusing easy, and the colors were pretty darn nice.

Don’t look now, but here comes those dang clouds.

Holy bassets, those clouds sure do move butt to cover up the sun before the morning really gets going.

Time for breakfast!

Not a bad day for lazing about. That meant I was really ready for Game of Bones!

Mom was her usual sweet self and took me to Wendy’s for a triple burger as payment for Game of Bones posing.

Mom was trying out those aperture disks again.

I do NEED some of her photos with those apertures disks to post.

Here’s the Trio Sweet.

Here’s the Trio Twist.

I still don’t get much twist on the Game of Bones set from the Twist, but the Sweet sure is sweet!

Pretty productive day for this Porter basset.

George always asked dad first thing in the morning, “What’s up today, dad?”

You could bet greeting a good sunrise was always a hoped for thing.

And getting out and about in the woods was an important part of the day,

especially after a good run on Basset Back Ridge.

Finally, enjoying the March sun was a warming thing to do, when the sun was out, that is.

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March 14, 2017

I was hoping for the most beautiful sunrise ever. That didn’t happen, but at least I got some color.

And once the sun was up, those pesky clouds were doing their best to cover it.


But, I’ll woof to you that the sky to the south was pretty.

I figured a handsome basset with an off camera flash would complement the sky.

I was right.

Can’t deny that the natural light was beautiful either, and once again a handsome basset complements the light.

And…once again the forecast said plenty of sun; once again the skies were mainly cloudy.
But we did get wind.

The wind direction wasn’t working for blowing ears on the berm…

so I hightailed it to Porter’s Perch.

Whoosh! That’s more like it!

Whoa! The wind almost picked me up off of Porter’s Perch!

But, I could handle it, being a tough Porter basset.

I’ll admit that I closed my eyes sometimes.

All in all a darn romping, stomping time!

You know, George was pretty good with off camera flash.

Though there wasn’t always the right moment for off camera flash, like when there was wildlife to hunt.

Or when the sun was out and it was darn nice without flash.

Or when the snow just seemed like too much for setting up the flash packs.

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March 13, 2017

Come on sun, you can do it!

Tickle my nose, please!


I could tell that it was going to be kind of a rough day for sunshine.

Too many clouds moving in.

This is golden grass.

And this is golden grass with Sweet.

And this is golden grass with Sweet and Picture Effects.

I’ll woof to you that it’s a lot of fun for photos.

Once the clouds had rolled in, I figured that I should rest up for Game of Bones.

“Hey Minion Bob, you looking for a little nap time too?”

Then it was time for Game of Bones! Bob joined me.

Game of Bones is a tough job, but I’m up to the task.

On the positive side, pay for Game of Bones comes in the form of cheeseburgers. I’m up to that task too πŸ™‚

You got to admit that I lead an interesting life.

It’s a lot of fun around Edgemont when the sun shines.

You can look up at that beautiful blue sky and go wow!

You can enjoy those trains glistening in the bright sun rays.

And don’t forget! You can enjoy a good motorcycle ride to a good place to eat.

Though, if it does snow, you can bet that us basset hounds, eh George, look darn snappy in the snow too.

Very cool!

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March 12, 2017

Hey, the forecast said for mostly sunny skies today!

So like, what’s this all about?

Guess I’ll have to practice my flash technique this morning.

Godox remote flash and basset anyone?

So far the Godox transmitter and flash are easy to use and work quite well.

I wonder if I should buy another Godox flash?

Or maybe two?

You combine the Godox flash with the Lensbaby 50mm Sweet lens and stir in (off the Sony A7) some Picture Effects…

then you’ll have “basset eyes have it!”


Oh wait, after a Burger King breakfast the sun popped out for about ten minutes. Run to the sun Porter!!!!!

This is nice!

“Wouldn’t you agree, Minion Bob?”

He understands me well.

Since the clouds were the order of the day, mom took me to Wendy’s to brighten my day. Guess what I saw in the lot next to Wendy’s?

A squirrel!

Please, please, let me out of the Jeep!

I didn’t get out of the Jeep, but that’s okay since I went home to my Wendy’s burger and Game of Bones!!
We tried out the Lensbaby 80mm Edge on the Sony A7.

It’s kinda cool how you can tilt the lens so the focus runs in a line from the corner of the blanket to the hamburger to my eye and then up the castle diagonally.

While mom played with her funky aperture disks again, dad and I connected the Lensbaby 50mm Sweet to the Sony A7rii.

The lens works surprisingly well, considering the high resolution the A7rii.

Though I’ll admit that I was more interested in the Wendy’s burger.

A basset has his priorities, you know!

Delicious!!! And you know what was even more delicious? Mom made this great spinach soufflΓ©. Bark about excellent!!!!

You know, us bassets put in some long days! Particularly when there’s a huge March snowstorm!

So a good night’s rest is a welcome thing.

Snooze away George…

BTW: I’ll woof to you that Basset1 was glad to get home too!

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March 11, 2017

I’d like to woof you that we had a lot of spring sun today, but that was not the case. The morning was darn gloomy.

The gloom was weighing on me, no doubt about that.

Go away clouds!

Really, go away!

Rats! That didn’t work!

Stupid, moronic clouds!

“Hey dad, how about we go to Burger King for breakfast?”

That’s what we did. (Take that you stupid, moronic clouds!)

After breakfast I spent time with my favorite Minions. No going outside since those clouds were spitting.

Little Minion Bob came along. He’s always one to cheer things up.

“Hey Bob! Please cheer me up!”

“What’s that you say?”


Ha! That Bob is one heck of a Minion. A smile came to my tummy as I thought about cheeseburgers and the cows that make them.

You might ask, “Porter, did you get a cheeseburger?” Yes! I did!

And then the sun came out! Yay!

Happy Porter basset time!

I was ready for Game of Bones! Here’s the makeup talent working on me to get ready for another Game of Bones photoshoot.

Sh-h-h…I’m reviewing the poses in my mind.

Here I go!

I did that rather well, didn’t I?
I had a good, full day. That’s great!

George always had full days. Chasing trains at Igloo Bridge.

Gett’in his run in.

And enjoying the beauty of Edgemont…

while hiking to the best spots.

Yeah, the best of times for a basset hound.

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March 10, 2017

Yeah, those clouds were covering the sun this morning, time for flash. You might not guess there were clouds because to the northwest there was blue sky.

The above photo was taken with the Sony a6000. This next one is with the Sony NEX-7.

There’s that color difference again between the two cameras, both using a 30mm lens.

Dad and I have never trusted the colors from digital cameras, but it seems odd that two similar cameras would have different colors with everything else being equal.

It’s a conundrum.

I really dislike conundrums.

But, I have to live with it, and after yesterday, living with it is really, really easy!

Barking about being alive and feeling good, I’m hungry for breakfast.

Now that’s a good thing!

And you know what? I felt considerably better today than the awful time that I had yesterday.

Bassets alive, there was even a bounce and hop in my step when the sun came out later in the morning.

I spent some time enjoying the sun too.

What’s really cool is that dad brought some hamburger along for snacking while we were enjoying the sun.
“Hey dad, I’d take some of that hamburger now, please.”

Hand feeding me!

Isn’t my dad nice to me?

And we all know how much I LOVE hamburgers!

“More, please.”

And that’s what happened until the hamburger was gone.

Not that I was done with food by any means! I’ll woof to you that I waited patiently in the kitchen…

for pizza for dinner.

Then it was time for Game of Bones!!!!

This Game of Bones photoshoot was really mom’s. She had put the little gummy cheeseburgers on the big blow up cheeseburger. She wanted to get the right shots with the Lensbaby fisheye lens.

Awesome! Don’t you think?
Mom also tried a Lensbaby lens with insert aperture disks. The disks have all sorts of different shapes other than a round hole. Mom tried out the starburst first and then others. They make way cool photos!!!! I hope mom will post some for me.

Game of Bones sure is fun. But my life now is not so much fun as it should be. I’m getting sicker and sicker.
Look at my pharmacy of pills to help keep me going.

It’s depressing. BUT, I’ve lived another great day! That’s what’s important.

At bedtime mom read to me Game of Thrones.

Such a good ending to a good day!

Those clouds may roll in at sunrise.

Look like they may even bring a little snow.

But when the sun returns.

It makes for a grand day! And a makes for a wonderful slumber that night.

Sleep well George.

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March 09, 2017

There were enough clouds to take away a good sun up. I did my best with what I got.

These photos were taken with the Sigma 30mm lens on the Sony NEX-7. I had switched the Sony 30mm macro lens to the Sony a6000 to see what the colors at sunrise would look like compared to the Sony 18-105mm lens. But guess what? The a6000 would not focus with the Sony 30mm macro lens when pointed toward the sunrise vicinity. What’s with that?!!!! The Sony NEX-7 can do it, so why not the a6000?

Sure the a6000 would focus with the lens taking a normal shot.

But it’s discouraging to know that it has such focusing problems.

How do you think that I look in these photos? Feeling good? Well, let me woof to you that I was feeling miserable, absolutely miserable! I was interested in the hamburger dad brought along.

And I was willing to eat it.

But dog oh dog, I sure didn’t feel like doing much else. My right eye was swelling, my jaw hurt, and I was having all sorts of digestive problems.
I was willing to give the sun a chance to make me feel better.

But opening my eyes took real effort and I didn’t want to stand up.

Dad would offer me hamburger, so I did my best to keep track of his offers.

And the hamburger tasted good, but…

I was having a hard time of it.

I felt sicker than a dog.

I finally told dad that I had to go inside and lie down.

Things were not good after that. I could barely lift my head, and most food didn’t seem all that good to me. Holy Basset, mom and dad were thinking this was it for me; that the cancer had finally come to take me away. They called up the vet to come to the house and prepare to put me out of my misery. The vet couldn’t come until 4:30, lucky for me!!!!!

I kept getting worse, even when dad carried me outside to the patio.

I was losing my grip on this life.

I came back into the house and was having a hard time of it. Only two hours before the vet would come. Jeez, it could have been my last two hours. Dad coaxed me outside for a potty break at 3:30. I started sniffing around a little; that felt good. Pretty soon Gracie, the beagle, stopped by and I got some energy. Then the kids walked by coming home from school, and they all petted me and gave me treats, and a doggone miracle happened, suddenly I felt much, much better. When the vet came, I went a tail a wagging to greet her and then went to mom and dad to ask for treats. I was my old Porter self!
So you see, I wasn’t ready to check out yet by any means. I knew that I had to pick myself up before the vet came and I sure as heck did it in my bassety best way!
Matter of fact, I felt so good after the vet left that I insisted mom and dad play Game of Bones with me!

Will you look at the little gummy cheeseburgers that mom got. Aren’t they cute?

And isn’t my mom so sweet for getting them for my Game of Bones?

Whew! What a day! Scary early on and then a good day at the end.

Barking of good days, well, when the day starts out gloomy with a little bit of snow falling on the fur that’s not a good day.

But when the March sun is shining…

with a nice March wind…

then it’s more than a good day, it’s an excellent day!

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March 08, 2017

I’m going to name this day Fun with the Sunrise Day.

Holy Basset! Look at how many ways there are to catch the rising sun.

You got to admit that I’m pretty good at this!

What’s even more amazing is that I’m not wide awake for this Sunrise Fun πŸ™‚

Okay, now I’m wide awake.

So what do think of Fun with the Sunrise Day?

I think that it’s another great Porter basset idea!

Since the sun was shining later in the morning, dad and I took mom’s new Sony A7ii out. We had the Lensbaby 50mm Sweet on it.

No doubt about it, the Sony A7ii is a darn nice camera.

I’ve already woofed how much I like the Lensbaby 50mm Sweet.

But it does take a lot of concentration to get the focusing correct with the tilt feature.

When the focusing is good, then the results are very nice indeed.

Too bad the Lensbaby 60mm Twist doesn’t have the tilt feature.

I still think with the right background the Twist could be fantastic.

But, and I’ve woofed this before, I need to find the right background.

First I got mom the Sony A7ii. Then guess what she did? She bought a Sony a6500! So I bought her a Sony 70-300mm lens to go with her new a6500. I know that the Sony a6500 is good for action, but how about the Sony 70-300mm lens?
It took dad and I some fussing, but here are the good results.

Here’s pixel peeping on the above photo.

That’s pretty darn good.

Looks like the Sony 70-300mm will work for action shots. Cool!

It’s plenty sharp at 300mm too.

This cloud bow was the send off for us for the evening.


From sunrise to sunset, I made the most of my day.

Just like George always did!

Most excellent!

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March 07, 2017

Sun’s up! Wind’s up!

So, I was wondering as I snap sunrise photos, how come the Sony NEX-7 has richer colors than the Sony a6000?

Here’s the NEX-7:

And here’s the a6000:

Doesn’t make much sense, since both shots have the same exposure, aperture, and ISO.

It would be two different lenses, however.

I sure like the old NEX-7 for these sunrise shots.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the a6000. It sure focuses easier.

Since it was so nice, I took some time for sun and golden grass. Can you tell this shot is with the Trio Twist?

And this one is with the Trio Sweet?

The Sweet does the manual focus better than the Twist.

Maybe because it’s a sharper lens?

Not that the Twist is bad; it just doesn’t have that sharp focus spot that the Sweet does.

Hey dad! I need to get up and do some exercise.

Yeah, I still can move along pretty well.

Not bad for a guy living with cancer for 9 months now.

This next two shots use a new Godox flash and transmitter that I told dad we should try out considering the cheap price.

It works quite well. Not bad for $120. The Sony flash of the same power costs $500 and that doesn’t include a transmitter module. I’ll be using this flash for off camera flash.

Dog oh dog, I wish that I was at Mathias Peak today. You know, it’s a great spot when the March day has nice weather. Just look at George enjoying the Mathias Peak hike.

What a great spot…

for a great basset!

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March 06, 2017

Are you bored of basset sunrises?

No, you can’t be!

I mean, look at all the fun you’d be missing out on!

Besides, how can anyone tire of the sun bringing golden warmth to a cold morning?

Feels darn good.

As for me, I’m kinda thinking that the early morning sun helps my poor nose.

I think that I’m right on this, don’t you?

Good thing that we got started early.

Cuz those clouds were sneaking up behind me.

And weighing me down.

Holy bassets, I barely had time to enjoy the golden sunlight…

before it was gone, and the wind came up, and the temperature dropped 14 degrees. Dog oh dog, it got cold darn fast. Then the snow came. I was darn glad to get home and get away from all this weather nonsense.

It wasn’t until mid afternoon that the clouds started to breakup. It was pleasant walking again.

There wasn’t a lot of blue sky, but it sure was great to see those patches.

The only problem was a cold north wind blowing.

Such was my day. Good thing mom gave me plenty of treats to get through this day.

Barking of getting through the day. George never knew what the weather might bring for Edgemont.

But that didn’t stop George from having a great time.

And looking his bassety best!

Still, he was always happy to find his warm chair waiting for him come evening.

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March 05, 2017

You know a basset nose is pretty darn special, about the best in the business for scenting. And you know how much us bassets love a good sunrise. Therefore has it ever occurred to you, that a basset nose creates the sunrise? Well, watch.

Here I am breathing in the scent of life to a sunrise.

It’s easy with a good basset nose.

Now I roll the sunrise up the top of my nose.

And there it is!!!!

Whoops, kinda burned my tongue a little on that one πŸ™‚

You do realize that with our big basset ears, we can stop the sunrise as easily as our nose creates it?

Bassets are very talented creatures!!!!

Too bad that clouds can stop a good sunrise too.

So I was in a hurry to get some golden light photos before those darn clouds moved in.

And they did move in to take up residence for most of the day. We got a peep of sun after a Burger King breakfast.

Too bad it didn’t last long enough to enjoy it.

So like, mom has this idea of using the huge holed cheeseburger airbag for some photos. Specifically, I would be sticking out my head out the hole for a cheeseburger.

That’s all well and good, and bassets know I’m a good worker on the set, but where the heck is the cheeseburger?!!!!

Is it? Is it?

Yes, it is!!!

A Wendy’s triple cheeseburger!

So, I’m kinda thinking that I should show you how important a Wendy’s cheeseburger is to a Porter basset.

See? The cheeseburger takes up most of the frame in the photo.

Yup, that’s the way those Wendy’s cheeseburgers look in my eyes. But, I gotta go, I got some cheeseburger eat’in to do!

What are we doing today dad?

Since it’s March, it could be blasting around in snow.

Or perhaps, it could be taking advantage of a fine spring day to climb the peaks of Custer State Park.

You can bet that whatever was happening on this March day was worth happy howls.

Really happy howls!

Aww-ww-ww-w George.

We bassets make it the best of times.

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March 04, 2017

Are you ready for a sunrise?!!!!!

One, two, three…

balance it on your nose.

Four, five, six…

give it a big basset lick!

Give things a little Twist and it looks darn good in the golden light.


Not bad after a bit of Sweet either.


Way to go Lensbaby.

Once again the clouds were playing their cover the sun game early in the morning. I barely got some photos snapped before, poof!, the clouds ruined the beautiful morning light. Time for a Burger King breakfast.
Later, near noon, the clouds finally moved out. Yeah, that meant catch some sun.

Dog oh dog, it sure felt good.

Hey, hey, have you heard of Arby’s Meat Mountain sandwich?

It’s supposed to be huge!!!

Mom decided we’d better get one…

to see how big it really is without the Arby’s hyperbole.

Yeah, it’s pretty good size, but not THAT big like the ads would have you believe.

Mind you, not that I’m complaining!

I’ll woof to you that I’ll gladly woof this Meat Mountain down!

This is the stuff which basset dreams are made of…

So come back tomorrow because for now…

I’ve got to live my dreams πŸ™‚

Some days you get up early and go outside…

look up to the morning sky…

and know it’s going to be a great basset type day!

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March 04, 2017

Give me some of that old time sunrise!!

Give me some of that old time sunrise!!!

Give me some of that old time sunrise!!!!

I hope you like my sunrise singing.

You do?!!! Awww-ww, now I’m all self-conscious.

We had to be quick to get the early morning sun,

cuz those clouds were moving in.

Come on dad, we need some golden grass shots in golden light before the clouds cover the sun.

Whew! Just made it.

And the light can’t be beat.

After breakfast and messing around the house, the sun did come back. I figured a snooze in the grass with the sun on my back would be a good idea.

This isn’t the right spot.

This should be better.

Yup, it is.

I had to go to the vet this afternoon, my ears again. Yeah, it was traumatic, but I did get a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger afterwards.
Come evening I needed to calm my nerves. It was time for some music, specifically Oscar Peterson.

Ahh-hh, goodnight all.

Hey, how did George do it, getting up so early every morning?

You know going hiking

and enjoying the scenery.

Catching train action at Igloo Bridge.

Here comes one now!

And taking a motorcycle ride.

Dog oh dog, he sure lived a full and wonderful life!

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March 02, 2017

Alright, here comes the sun again!

I’ll play with it on my nose…

and my ears.

I know, I know, you’re probably asking, “Porter, why so many sunrise photos lately?”

Well, you see, it’s like this. It isn’t too darn cold in the morning for photos, and the sun is at the right spot from Porter’s Perch, and we don’t have to get up so darn early like when it’s a sunrise in the summer.

Easy to understand.

Oh, and you know how much overcast skies drive me nuts! Blah!!!!

Oops, almost forgot, sunrise colors are just so darn pretty, perfect with a Porter basset.

Too bad that all the pipeline construction is taking place so close to Porter’s Perch.

I suppose that many would consider it progress, but from a sunrise viewing point of view, that isn’t so.

Back at home, it was time for breakfast.

Though I did wait a little longer than I would like.

Hey, have you noticed how big basset paws are? πŸ™‚

Naturally with the sun and warm temperatures, I couldn’t resist some sun time out in the field.

This feels darn good.

Reminds me of those good chair spot times in Edgemont.

Of course, there is a lot more in Edgemont in March than the chair spots. There’s the sunrises…

and the blustery…


of March…

and cool places to check out…

like Cube Stone Meadows.

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March 01, 2017

Yay!!!! Sunrise basset hounds enjoy!

I will woof to you, however, that the sun as it moves to rising further north…

it is getting blocked by the condos when I’m on Porter’s Perch.

Ha! Ha! And giggle! It still can tickle my nose once it gets above the condos.

So, here it is, March 1st, and we haven’t had much snow yet this winter.

We have the snow from yesterday, but it isn’t much…

and won’t be around long at all.
I wonder when we’re going to get clobbered. It is Colorado, you know.

Isn’t it getting close to Easter? Okay, I guess it is still a ways off since Mardi Gras was yesterday. But, there I was taking a late afternoon nap, when…

will you look at this!

The cows brought me peanut butter M&M’s in the shape of little eggs!

Wasn’t that nice of them?!!!!

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Isn’t it supposed to be the Easter bunny that brings good treats?”

Not in King Porter’s kingdom, I’ll woof to you!

You know how I feel about rabbits! Enuf woofed.

We all know how George was up to see the sunrise.

That would lead into a busy day for him.

So isn’t it great when March comes around and the weather gets warm enough…

for a motorcycle ride?!! Arrhh-ooo-oo!!!!

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February 28, 2017

Nasty winter day out today.

Cold and damp and snow.

How about some sun?!!!!!

Guess it will be photos inside today.

I went again with low light focusing using the Sony 90mm macro lens on the a6300.

You know what? It could be a lot better.

Then I worked on my manual focusing skills, first with the Lensbaby Sweet 35…

then with the Lensbaby Sweet 50.

The Lensbaby Sweet 50 still impresses me with how much better it works than the Sweet 35.

Since I was on a manual focusing roll, it was time to bring out the Laowa 15mm macro lens again.

The Laowa is easy to focus, no doubt about that.

Time for a comparison between the Lensbaby 50 Sweet…

the Laowa 15mm macro lens…

and the Sony 90mm macro lens.

Pixel peeping:
Lensbaby 50 Sweet

Laowa 15mm macro lens

Sony 90mm macro lens

Yeah, the other two can’t compete for sharpness with the Sony 90mm macro lens. It’s an unfair comparison, cuz there might be a couple of lenses that can and those lenses cost thousands of dollars. But there’s not denying how much fun the Lensbaby and Laowa lenses are.

Mickelson Trail in February! Get ready…

for fun!

What a blast!

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February 27, 2017

The sun was kinda stuck behind the clouds at sunrise.

So, I missed the sun peeping over the horizon. Rats.

Come on sun rise above the clouds.

You can do it!

I’ll woof this as the Sunlight Dialogues in deference to John Gardner.

Well, will you look at this, the wind is coming up.

I’ll woof this Wind in the Basset Ears in deference to Kenneth Grahame.

What delicious fun!

Now I’m ready for a cheeseburger, which I got when I got home.

Nice day today, but tomorrow is supposed to be snow again.
Which do you think I’d rather have this?

Or this?

Yeah, sunshine with pretty sunrises and sunshine with blue sky make me howl with happiness just like with George!

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February 26, 2017

Sunrise Dialogues!!!


I’m a basset of few barks, but I sure do love the Sunrise Dialogues.

And I love a sunny day!


Hey, look what photo mom had up on the big screen when I got home from my early morning walk.

Bark about royalty in this house! Now if I just had a cheeseburger.

Well, what do you know!

A cheeseburger!!!!

Good things comes one’s way when one is royalty.

You know, we’re all getting a chuckle out of the Lensbaby fisheye lens that mom got.

The barrel reflection sure gives it a nice border.

Cool lens.

The Lensbaby 60mm Twist lens…

well, I’m still looking for the right backgrounds.


We’re heading into that time of year where the sunny days don’t come in big numbers, so you got to grab the sunsets…

and sunrises…

and hope the snow…

doesn’t become too much…

and keep plugging along.

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February 25, 2017

We were hoping for a clear sun up, but…

wasn’t happening.

Don’t know why the clouds had to move in so quickly.

Barely time to get some soft light.

Blue sky to the west!

Maybe the sun will come out for my bassetrimony? That would be excellent, quite excellent!

And guess what? By the time we got back from our Burger King breakfast, the sun was shining.
Quick! Got to get ready! I’ve got a bassetrimony to attend! Mine!
Bath time!

All clean!

Okay, got to run; don’t want to be late!

To the Basset Chapel.

And don’t call it puppy love.

Some thoughts before I tie the knot.
This isn’t a wedding.

This is so much more!

It’s a metaphysical conjunction of the cheeseburger paradigm with a terrestrial infusion into the basset heavenly juxtaposition of basset and Basset Goddess.

Good! You got all that?

Time for bassetrimony!
My best man, Minion Kevin, sure looks dapper. And how about the bridesmaid, Spot? She’s the right bovine for this ceremony. (Oh, I digress, Spot may seem like a name for a canine, but did you know, cows have used the name ‘Spot’ for eons? Well, there you go!)

And the bride!!!! Lovely and heavenly Wendess!!!! The Goddess of Cheeseburgers!!!!

What do think of the decorating? Pretty cool, huh?

Give thanks to my mom!

And now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the Smooches of the Pooches!

Awww-ww-w, wasn’t that sweet?

Let them eat cake!!! Okay, none for ‘them’ and all for us!

Now, everyone sing!
“So happy together…”

“Happy together…

I’m not off to cheeseburger heaven yet (I’d miss my mom and dad too much).
But I am going to leave you for today!
Cheeseburgers here I am!!!!

Is it no wonder a Goddess would want to be with a basset?

We’re the most handsome of all guys!

So if you see a basset heading your way…

get the cheeseburgers ready and welcome the basset into your life.
You won’t regret it!!!!

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February 24, 2017

Still snowed some this morning and it was cold. But, as you know, I’m not one to shy away from snow.

With the cold, ya gots to keep moving to stay warm.

How about that? I’ve still got it in me, even as my nose self-destructs.

Well, well, I’ve got it in writing. I do have English Setter in me. Dad always thought that I did because of my bushy tail and black spots.

How do I know? DNA testing, that’s how. Mom won a free DNA test for me. Pretty cool, huh? I also have some beagle in me (yeah, beagle…I mean, really?). But, lest you have doubts, basset hound is by far the biggest part of my DNA. Yay for basset hounds!


That’s what I’ve got in my second book of Porter’s Daily Drool, put together by mom.

Thanks mom!!!!!

You’re probably wondering what’s happening with Game of Bones today.

Can you guess? Tomorrow’s the bassetrimony…

so this evening it’s the bachelor party!!!!!

Root beer and bones for all!!!!

Can’t forget the sweet stuff either!

And basset knows!!! Don’t forget the cheeseburgers!

A howling good time was had by all!!!

Except for the head of the Killer Rabbits, ha, ha. We had his body stuffed, so we could make fun of the Killer Rabbits.
Nah, nah, nah!

My buddies even got me some gifts like a treat gun!
The party did get out of hand after everyone had had too much root beer.

Snoopy always turns into one of those huggy types after he gets tipsy. Minion Bob ended up upside down. While Minion Stuart, yah the life of the party Stuart, couldn’t resist the lamp-shade-over-the-head routine.
We all had a good time until dad broke up the party; he’s such a party pooper!

What’s going on here?

While the bachelor party was raging, mom was busy at work planning tomorrow’s bassetrimony.
Isn’t my mom wonderful?!!!!!

Dog oh dog, morning beautiful…

sure makes (and I’ve woofed this countless times) for a happy day!

Gotta love it! Right George?!!!

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February 23, 2017

As forecast, no sun today.

Winter has returned.


And you know what? The forecast said some snow, but “no or little snow accumulation.” They got that wrong cuz we got about three inches of snow today.

Hey, here’s mom’s new Sony A7ii.

That’s the Lensbaby 50mm Sweet lens on it.

It takes photos like this.


The A7ii feels more refined than the A7. Though the photo quality isn’t all that much different. They’re both 24 megapixels, but kinda interesting that the A7 photo size is 6018×4000 pixels, while the A7ii is 6000×4000 pixels. The A7ii has in camera stabilization, which is really cool. That does add some weight, since the A7 is a light 474 grams, while the A7ii is a bit porky at 600 grams.

What with the snow and gloom, I sure was looking forward to…Game of Bones!!!!

Well, I’ll be! Stuart and Kevin showed up today to thank me for saving the Minions from the Killer Rabbits.

So nice of them too, cuz they brought eggs with hamburgers in them.

No, chickens don’t lay hamburgers, so don’t get that wrong idea. The Minions thought that it would be a cute gesture of gratitude by putting the burgers in Easter eggs.

I like that!

Thanks Minions!

Okay, now for the burgers!

Isn’t Game of Bones the greatest?!!!!

Edgemont! Land of scenery…


and the best bassets!!!!!

The bassets would be George and me πŸ™‚

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February 22, 2017

Dog oh dog, I’d better enjoy the sun today, cuz tomorrow and the next day aren’t looking so good (and would you believe Edgemont may get another foot of snow?).

So here’s to the sunrise!


That was deliciously beautiful!

Heck, it’s so mild, I’m going to take a short snooze in the rising sun.

It was so nice in the sun that I felt like snoozing again on our late morning walk.

But I had things to do, so I got busy. First off I wanted to check out mom’s new Lensbaby Sweet 50 on her Sony a7ii.

Hey, not bad. I think that I’m going to like the Sweet 50 better than the Sweet 35. It’s tack sharp in its sweet spot.

Next up was the Lensbaby 60mm Twist on the Sony a7.

I can see the twist in the photos, but I do need better backgrounds. It should be a cool lens under the right circumstances.

And NOW_W_W! It’s Game of Bones time!
Today I got a big thank you from the bovines south of the wall.

They’re pleased that the Killer Rabbits have been defeated.

I’m pleased cuz all these cows have a future as cheeseburgers πŸ™‚ !!!!

It’s amazing how well things can work out when you’re a noble and very tough basset like I am!

Hooray for King Porter!!!!

I keep woofing this, but how can I not?
What with all the great scenery around Edgemont, a basset just has to stop and enjoy it.

More than half the fun is getting to the next great spot…

and enjoying the trip the whole way!

You tell’em George.

Oh, and Hooray for Sheriff George!

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February 21, 2017

Hey, sunrise with wind again this morning with mild temperature.

Most excellent!

Sure makes a guy feel alive!

And guess what?

More wind on our late morning walk.


Of course, being a basset I can get out of the wind by staying in the grass.

In the afternoon I tried out a Lensbaby 80mm Edge lens. Mom decided she wanted one. This is with the lens mounted on the A7.

Guess it doesn’t work as well with bassets as it would with something taller.
But the basset (that’s me!) sure looks good!

And that’s one of the cool things about us bassets, we look cool just hanging out.

Dog oh dog George, you make hanging out into an art form, no doubt about it!

…from before!
“Wendess,” the Goddess told me. “I am the Basset Goddess of Cheeseburgers.”
There before me appeared a cheeseburger!

I guess being a Goddess does have its perks!

I’m kinda thinking that I really, really like Wendess…

wait, wait, it’s more than like, I’m in love with Wendess, the Goddess of Cheeseburgers.

She’s a keeper, don’t you think?!!!!!

Then it was ordained that King Porter and Wendess, the Goddess of Cheeseburgers, would come together as one, paw in paw for all eternity.

What’s that you say? Yup, it’s true, Porter has found his soul mate and will have a grand ceremony of bassetrimony.
And you can help dear Reader!
Click your mouse to:
Porter and Wendess Gift Registry

The first ten gifts given to Porter and Wendess in celebration of their bassetrimony will be matched with a $10 donation to Wyoming Basset Rescue.
That’s right! Give something to Porter and he’ll give something to Wyoming Basset Rescue. How cool is that?!!!!

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February 20, 2017

Yay for a sunny day, though there’s no denying the wind was plenty strong at sunrise.

Then it died right down.

“Dog oh dog, that was fun!”

Hey Porter, I thought you woofed the wind had died down?

It did! It’s just me trooping along with my ears in tow on a fine morning.

Mom had the day off, so that meant another Burger King breakfast πŸ™‚
As you can probably guess, I was waiting after lunch for Games of Bones. Mom had been working hard on the set all afternoon.
As a reward and appreciation of her hard work for Game of Bones, I gave her a new camera, a Sony A7ii. Here’s the first photo using it.

Now it’s time for Game of Bones!!!!
Did I woof how hard mom worked on the set? Look at the lighting!

And what’s this coming to me from the nebulous heavens of cheeseburgers?!!!!!!

I do believe it’s Goddess floating on clouds to come see me!


I’ll admit that I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Things became more focused…

and there was no doubt, a basset Goddess had come to me…

and she was gently woofing my name!!!!

Too be continued…

Get up early…

let the world know you’re king of the forest…

get your running and hiking in…

then come home later in the day and think what a splendid life!

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