January 16, 2017

Snow last night and is snowing now. I think that I need a good breakfast before going out.

Voila! My magical mom came through for me! Doesn’t this look good?

That’s an egg muffin with bacon. Totally delicious!

After that darn excellent breakfast, I was ready to take on the snow.
First things first, a good snow bath.

And, of course, I have to shake the snow and dirt off after my snow bath.

Do I look like a clean machine now?

You betcha!

Time to haul ass and show this snow who’s boss.

12 years old and I still have the RIGHT STUFF!

YAY! I love snow!!!

It was good to get home and rest after a killer workout. Dad was quite impressed with my speed and zeal. Good thing I had Wendy’s cheeseburgers to replenish my energy. A day with the right amount of snow is a special day.

I didn’t get the sunrise that George got.

And he had lots of sun to enjoy being outside in the snow.

Most definitely beautiful and wonderful to be in Edgemont!

But like me he was ready for some good napping after a fun day outside.

Too bad he didn’t get the Wendy’s cheeseburgers that I got πŸ™‚

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January 15, 2017

Yup, another dreary day.

Guess we got some snow headed our way too.

Do you think my head will be covered with snow tomorrow?

Probably. Good thing I got a Burger King breakfast!

The photos above were taken with the Sony A7 and the Sony 90mm macro lens. It’s the sharpest lens I have. On the A7rii it is amazing. BUT, when I tried to take a photo in the house, the A7 could NOT focus the lens. I had to do the focusing manually.

That’s pretty bad Sony.

Too make matters worse, the focus peaking and magnification don’t work all that well either for low light situations on the A7.

No problem with the A7rii and the 90mm lens. The auto focus worked just dandy.

Ditto on the NEX-7, which I would think would be worse than the A7, since it’s three years older.

The lens did hunt some for focusing on the NEX-7, but it did work.

You know what worked best? The 30mm macro lens on the NEX-7!

No wonder I’ve always loved that little 30mm macro lens.

It can do things like taking a photo of this 1/8″ snowflake.

Truly wonderful little lens even if it isn’t as sharp as the 90mm macro lens.

So, like the A7r, the A7 isn’t such a great camera for low light focusing.

That’s too bad because I do like the camera for a lot of other reasons.

After all that work testing the cameras, I was ready for food! I hung out in the kitchen while mom cooked.
“Um mom, I’m kinda starving here.”

No matter the snow, Edgemont shines with beauty.
Let George show you.

January was George’s favorite month.

I can see why.

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January 14, 2017

Another gray morning…blah.

When the morning is this, I feel like this.

Hey! How about some sun!

Humph! This is all I got.

Good thing we got in the Jeep and headed for a Burger King breakfast.
Is it ready yet?!!!!

Dog oh dog, this bacon egg cheese croissant is just the thing!

Back at the house, I was still hungry (if you can believe it). So I waited on my Porter pad for lunch.

And waited.

Sure was a long time coming, since mom and dad were full from the Burger King breakfast. These things about mom and dad I don’t understand at all!!!!

So like, what’s this? Yes, a wee bit of sun and blue sky in the afternoon.

I thought that I best take advantage of it, since the forecast isn’t looking like much sun over the next few days.


The cool thing about a camera is that you can make your own light.

But, George and I still prefer sunlight, lots of sunlight.

Of course, a pro photographer will complain about the harsh light of sun. Thank goodness, I’m not one of those.
Even if the photo isn’t as great with the high sunlight, how can you turn down this breathtaking view?

Ha! You can’t! Put’er there George!

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January 13, 2017

Cold fog this morning.

I woofed for the sun.

But it was taking its time to come out.

As for my right eye…

yeah, it’s still bothering me a lot.

Hope it’s going to get better.

After a not so good start to the day, well, well, the afternoon was wonderful! We had sun and warm temperatures.

You know how much I hate the vet! Blah!!!!

But my eye is all better now! The vet found a bit of grass seed right on my cornea. She whisked it right off!
Thanks mom for helping me! I feel so much better now.

And mom got me a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger for my trouble. I LOVE my mom!!!!!

After all that drama I needed a good nap. Here’s my computer room. Yup, this is where all the work happens.
Yeah, I’ve got a few too many computers, and some of them run 24 hours a day (I need to ask dad why?).

As you’ll notice, I wasn’t working very hard in this photo πŸ™‚

Dog oh dog, get in a great sunrise…

give it some happy howls!…

enjoy your hiking…

enjoy the great views…

and come around sunset, get ready for a big dinner!

Ah, the life of George on January 13th days. Great!!!

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January 12, 2016

Dog oh dog, with the January darkness and blah, we sure could use some color. How about a good sunrise?

Not too shabby, I’d woof to you.

Kinda reminds me of those early mornings in Edgemont.

This sunrise is worth multiple pictures!

Wouldn’t you agree?

A little later on our walk, it sure was loud with all the planes flying overhead.

What with the traffic and the planes, Castle Rock will never be a quiet place.

Yeah, Edgemont has all the train noise, but dad claims that’s music to his ears. Not mine!

I’m having a dog of a time with my right eye. It’s extremely irritated.

Can you see anything in it?

Sigh…looks like I’ll be going back to the vet.

At least I got a hot and juicy Wendy’s triple burger today; I needed that for some moral support.

As I’ve woofed many times, George sure had great sunrises in Edgemont.

Not much better than the golden glow of sun rising around you. It’s something to greet with a joyful howl.

Then you get your hiking and running in, always great.

And come home to a great morning snack. Birthday fig bars anyone?

Though look out for the evening, cuz here comes the snow.

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January 11, 2017

Happy Birthday George!!!!!

Dog oh dog, George sure had some great times with his pals at the Edgemont library. He was the star of Edgemont, no doubt about that.

What’s this?!!!!!

It’s my celebration of George’s birthday, a Crave burger.

Look at the size of this burger!

Instead of a bun, the burger is sandwiched between two glazed donuts!

Who came up with that idea? They should be given a basset medal.

And do I smell peanut butter in there?

Yes, I do!

Bark about deliciously scrumptious!

Thanks mom for the great way to celebrate George’s birthday!

My day wasn’t all celebration. I did get some exercise. I even tried out the A7rii/Canon 50mm combo with flash.

Even with the wind, the manual focusing works darn well.

Once the sun was up I tried the combo with the golden light.

Not bad at all. It’s a keeper combination.

Just think, three days of wind!

How could I resist enjoying it?

I couldn’t resist enjoying it, that’s what. Have I woofed how much this feels like Edgemont?

Back in Edgemont! George took his run and hike before his birthday celebrations. But he was always thinking of the good things coming his way…

and hearing that “Happy Birthday George!” blowing in the wind.

Yup, it would get him howling with joy!

And the best part of the birthday party?

You guessed it, presents!
Are those fig bars there George? Lucky dog!

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January 10, 2017

Hello to everyone!

I had to do that, since I was in such a good mood today!

Hope you like a good “Hello!”

Should I woof that it was windy again today?

Definitely feels like Edgemont during these past two days.

Join me in the fun again!

The day started out with warm temperatures and golden sun.

There wasn’t any wind at all while I was on Porter’s Perch.

I had the 90mm macro lens on the A7rii. I figured what the heck might as well use it for a bit of action shooting. It didn’t do too well, but it got this one.

Here’s a close up from that action shot.

Later in the morning (before the wind came up) it was time to put on the Canon 50mm lens, so I could practice my manual focusing.

The Sony cameras make manual focusing easy and the Canon lens is fantastic on the Sony A7rii.

Dog oh dog, I had a terrific day. But the best was yet to come, cuz mom got me a hamburger from Danielle’s! Unbelievably good!!!! I enjoyed her grilled chicken too πŸ™‚

Good morning George!

Always a good morning when you have a beautiful sunrise.

You just have to watch until the sun is up and the clouds turn to white and the sky to blue.

Then you get on your paws and head out into the forest around Edgemont.

A basset never gets tired of this!

George would tell you, it’s worth howling about.


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January 09, 2017

On our morning walk there were lots of clouds. I sang to the Wind Gods,

“Blow these clouds out of here!”

The wind came up.

Yes, it did!

And it made most of the clouds scurry to the east. Of course, be careful for what you wish.

Dog oh dog, the wind was really blowing!!!!

Actually, it’s a lot of fun, and I’m glad that I called the wind.

Come along with me for a magic wind ride!

Yeeha!!! Us bassets are naturals for winds.

Back at the house, I needed to give my ears a rest. You know, it takes a lot of ear control to handle the strong winds that we had today.
I’m easily up to the task, but I do like to give my ears a break.

BTW, this photo was taken with the Sony A7rii and the Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens. I’ll compare it to the Sony lenses tomorrow.

Hey, George! How’s the winter going in Edgemont?

“Darn well Porter! You should have seen the sunrise on January 9th 2008!”


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January 08, 2017

Hey, they had a forecast of sun for today. And here it is pretty darn cloudy.

Well, at least I’ll get a Burger King breakfast.

I’m hoping that I get a Wendy’s cheeseburger today, too.

Pizza would be good as well!

But back to those weather folks…grr-rr.

How come they forecast mostly sunny skies so often and almost half the time it doesn’t happen?

And while I’m on the topic, how come they can’t forecast accurately Edgemont’s temperatures?

For example, the forecast says a low of 5 degrees and Edgemont is already at -5 degrees. Yeah, you can’t trust’em for an accurate forecast. Lucky for me I’ve got a basset nose and basset sense. I know what the weather will be 12 hours from now.

And then, in the afternoon that is, we did see the sun for a short time.

Be nice to see more of that blue sky.

Hey, at least the snow is melting (which it’s not doing in Edgemont, which has sunny skies even though the forecast claimed mostly cloudy).

Barking of Edgemont. When you got big basset paws you can go just about anywhere in the beautiful area around Edgemont.

Wow! Look at the size of those paws on George!

You got to admit that there are a lot of great photos waiting for those who use their paws.

If George were still alive, he’d show you all the cool spots.

Wouldn’t that be great?!!!!!

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January 07, 2017

Snow on the ground and warmer temperatures on my walk in the morning. And sun!

That’s a good thing!

Giddy up Porter basset!

You’ve heard of riding off into the sunset? How about running with the rising sun!

But, as you should well know (you do, don’t you?), bassets are the pinnacle of the world, so running with the rising sun is a basset forte.
“Pinnacle?” you say to me? Here’s the proof!

See?!!! There’s the basset hound!!!

For those of you who don’t believe in evolution, well, not so sad to woof, you never did get very high on the evolutionary scale.

Okay, now that I’ve had a Freddy’s steakburger that mom got me it’s time for a nap…

with Squeaky Snoopy, my favorite toy.

When the sun’s out in Edgemont in January and the temperature is up, you hike for a good picnic.

If you’re not in the sun, you make your own light.

“Arrhhooo-ooo!!!”, George!

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January 06, 2016

Hey, lots of sun today! Yay!

The temperature was still chilly early in the morning, -2 degrees. Yup, I was moving right along to keep myself warm.

Certainly was a good morning to catch me in full Porter basset action.

Look at this sequence of shots from the a6300.

Dog oh dog, bark about good focus tracking.

Sometimes the focus tracking focuses more on my nose than eyes.

Most of the time it stays true on my eyes.

“Doggone good!” I’ll woof to you!

I warmed right up with all the running. I feel great!!!!

Forgot all my troubles, I did.

Time for breakfast!

How about my favorite Snoopy and me in front of the Basset Tree?

I think that you’ll have to admit, I sure got a lot of toys this Christmas and for my birthday.

Quite excellent Christmas, New Year, and birthday this year! Thanks mom!

In Edgemont you get going early…

get on the hiking trail…

live full for the wonderful place…

and get wowed by the scenery.


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January 05, 2017

Below zero this morning, so I stayed under the covers and let dad go out by himself.

Yeah, yeah, I know that George used to be up early in the below zero weather.

But, you know that I did too, when I was a younger basset in Edgemont. Now I’m twelve and have cancer, so dad gives me a break.

When I finally did go outside, it was still darn cold and look!, we got some snow.

There’s only one way to keep warm when the temperature is around zero, Haul Butt!

For a twelve year old basset, I can still keep up with the best of them.

Look at me go!

I’m not even breathing hard πŸ˜€

Back at the house I had my Twelfth Toy Day of Christmas. Sigh, the last one.
Look what I got!

It’s a Snoopy that ice skates and plays the Skating Theme song from Peanuts.

This guy is too cool to chew on, so I’ll keep him nice and new for all the Christmases to come.

Of course, I’ve got my squeaky Snoopy to play with. It’s still my favorite toy of Christmas.

Aren’t the Twelve Toy Days of Christmas great?!!!!

Dog oh dog, we sure have seen George working his tail off during the Edgemont winters. Sometimes a basset needs a more restful activity to bring back the energy for tomorrow. One of the best ways to do a restful activity is catching trains at Igloo Bridge.


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January 04, 2017

Considering the freezing fog and single digit temperature, I decided that a little longer time in a warm bed was a good way to start the day.

The first photo was with the NEX-7. How do the colors compare to the a6300?

The focusing sure is a lot better on the a6300 and there is a little less shadow noise, but other than those two items the NEX-7, though almost five years older, holds its own.

I finally got outside when the temperature got to 10 degrees. I felt pretty good, yes I did.

No matter the gloomy sky, the ground had a wintery beauty to it.

With the deep hoar frost, it was a fine time to use the little Sony 30mm macro lens.

Of course, while taking the photos, I ran the risk of becoming frosted up myself.

Back at the house, it was time for the Eleventh Toy Day of Christmas. What is this thing?

It’s not bad, but I still go after that Snoopy toy first.

Hey, wait a minute! This makes the new toy better.

Yup, a Snoopy chocolate bar would be just the thing after freezing my tail off outside.


cold sunrise…

or sun,

winter is a blast in Edgemont.

The right stuff!

Right George?

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January 03, 2016

A little bit of snow this morning with a sullen sky.

But you got to admit the golden grass looks sublime in this winter wonderland.

It was cold too. I made the mistake of sitting down.

Whew! Cold butt.

I could see the sun trying to blow through the low clouds. Maybe the sun would come out?

Yay! It did later on.

Pretty sky too.

Guess I better enjoy it cuz we’re getting a snowstorm tomorrow.

It’s the Tenth Toy Day of Christmas. Well, well, how appropriate, a stuffed snowman.

I still love my stuffed Snoopy the best, the one with all the squeakers in it. Isn’t it cute how he’s peeking over my bed.

And look at all that blue sky out the window and door.

Naturally I used DxO on all these photos for processing. But, I did try ON1 Raw for one of the stuffed snowman photos.

I can see that it and I have a long ways to go.

We tried a new restaurant this evening for dinner. It’s Danielle’s in Castle Pines. Dad got the pot roast and it’s seriously good! I highly recommend Danielle’s.

Dog oh dog, the winter dark sure is long this time of year, more so in Edgemont than Castle Rock.

Particularly when it’s cloudy and snowing.

But the woods sure are peaceful this time of year.

And quite beautiful with the falling snow.

And the sunrises and sunsets frequently spread spectacular color.

What a perfect place for Sheriff George!

Oh, and Porter too!

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January 02, 2017

No matter how you look at it…

today was another darn nice day. The temperature was mild and we got a decent amount of sun. Guess I better enjoy the mild temperatures cuz it sounds like winter is returning tomorrow.

Here’s the sun now.

Well, dog oh dog, the wind sure came up.

Kinda blowing some dust in my eyes.

But it’s a fun wind throwing lots of good scents my way.

Airs out the ears too.

Today’s the Ninth Toy Day of Christmas. I was given this little beaver guy.

He’s kinda cute, but I’m still really into that Snoopy with all the squeakers.

The temperature dropped from 50 degrees to 30 degrees in one hour. Yeah, winter is moving in again.
Now this is winter.

Not that there is always snow in Edgemont on January 2nd.

Nice sunset you got there George.

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January 01, 2017

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me!!

Oh, and Happy New Year to you!

What a gorgeous day for my birthday and for the first day of 2017. I brought along my Seventh Toy of Christmas on my morning walk, cuz I felt like sharing this morning.

But no time to waste! I’ve got a birthday party to go to!

Dog oh dog! Will you look at this!!!!!
Mom sure decorated for my birthday!

I can’t believe it! Isn’t my mom the bestest ever?!!!!!

Treats and toys, and look at this, a birthday card!

I’m a special guy because of my mom, no doubt about that.

My birthday card…

and I’ll have you know, it’s a chew rawhide card. Isn’t that amazing?!!!

But wow zow, things got even better! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Mom made me a special basset breakfast.
Mom calls it ‘French Toast Peanut Butter Butter Delight Ala Beef’.

It was great!

In the afternoon, I got my Eighth Toy Christmas.

I’m having such a good day.

What’s this? What’s this?!!! Dinner!!! The ultimate birthday gift for a basset hound!!!!

Let’s eat!

What? Wait? Okay, I’ll put on my birthday hat and tell you about this present.
There are 12 Wendy’s cheeseburgers, because I’m twelve years old. And underneath the cheeseburgers is a, a, a, (I can barely woof it πŸ™‚ a PIZZA!

Now can I eat?

Heh, heh I did!!!!
Yay! Yay! Yay! The best birthday ever!
And the best New Year’s Day ever!!!
Hope yours was great too!

When you’re in Edgemont on New Year’s Day, you won’t get a twelve cheeseburger pizza. Instead you’ll face the elements early in the morning.

Then you’ll show the world no matter the weather, you can look your best!

Look as fantastic as the scenery.

And whoop it up on your hikes.

Then HOWL to the world HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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December 31 , 2016

Say goodbye to 2016.



2016 was a pretty darn good year.

Except for a nose problem.

But, I’ll be here for 2017!

Mom and dad are so happy! Me too! Yay! I’ve got plenty of days ahead of me. Hear that mom? More Wendy’s triple cheeseburgers!

For the last photos of 2016, I thought that I would take one more group of photos with the A7, A6000, and a smartphone.
Here goes.

I guess in this group, it’s easy to pick out the smartphone, since the camera lenses can come in close and personal.

What about my Seventh Toy of Christmas?

Yeah, that’s Woodstock alright.

Mom knows that I’m a big fan of Peanuts.

Our New Year’s Eve dinner was from the Augustine Grill. Bark about good stuff! And of course, I did get one last 2016 Wendy’s triple cheeseburger. Darn fine way to end the old year.
Tomorrow’s my birthday! And just think, it was seven years ago today that dad picked me up from the Teton County Animal Shelter. It sure has been a great seven years!

I had a lot of celebration for this last day of the year.
In Edgemont, it’s a bit different, cuz you do things like the last run of the year.

Catch the last sunrise of the year.

Do the last hikes of the year.

And be glad that you get to live a basset’s life to the fullest.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!! Arrrhhoo-ooo!!!!

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December 30, 2016

Wow-zow, 61 degrees today! Dog oh dog, I’ve got my winter coat on, so that’s kinda toasty for me.
It does make it easy for outdoor photos.

I brought the smartphone along. This photo was taken with the Sony A7.

This one…

and this one…

and this one were taken with the smartphone.

Kinda over saturates the colors and when shown at full size, no where near the detail of a good camera, but it’s easy to see why people use the smartphones for photos to be used on the Internet. It’s quick and easy and a heck of a lot lighter to carry the smartphone and you can’t call mom to tell her how much you love her with a camera (can’t call for pizza either πŸ™‚

But REAL basset photographers will put a real camera in their paws!


Along with the cameras and the smartphone I brought along the Santa Snoopy toy, since it’s light to carry.

Now if I just had a Wendy’s cheeseburger.

Sigh, dad told me I needed to get some exercise before any cheeseburger was coming my way.

He’s such a slave driver!

Did I get a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger later? Well, of course, thanks to mom!

What about the Sixth Toy of Christmas?

A flatten mouse!

How different is this one?

You know, I’m getting a pretty good stash of toys!

Notice my favorite Christmas toy is in front.

I think that I deserve this special treatment.

I’ve been such a good basset this year πŸ™‚

Wild times in Edgemont this time of year.

You know how the snow makes us dogs come alive.

No doubt about it, we dogs are fun, best pals, and very, very much noble beasts! Amen.

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December 29, 2016

It’s been awhile since dad and I walked over to Tower Road early in the morning. Always nice to see the Ponderosa trees with the blue sky.

Even better when a basset hound is in the photo.

Just think, dad and I used to run here every morning.

Now, it’s just dad by himself. He tells me that he misses me on the run. I’ll admit that I’d rather be with mom, snuggled in one of my beds while dad runs.

I kinda feel bad for dad.

Oh well. “Hey dad! Let’s go home and get breakfast!”


Look what I got for the Fifth Toy Day of Christmas.

Yup, another Snoopy. They sure make a lot of different Snoopy toys.

I can see that this little guy is gonna need some training by yours truly. I mean, crawling around on my head, what’s with that?

Another beautiful day, dog oh dog, what a great morning to be out and about.

But the highpoint of the day was dinner. Mom got us Smash Burgers!

December 29th and snow seem to be synonymous for Edgemont’s hills.

But that’s a good thing to have a little snow so that hiking becomes much fun…

even when the going gets tough.

Back at Edgemont on a December 29th, you might catch a sunset with no snow under paw at all.

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December 28, 2016

Another beautiful day! I do love’em!

I took out my favorite Snoopy toy, let him enjoy the beautiful weather.

This is the life.

Taking it easy with a pal.

Basking in the sun with a pal.

Heh, heh, but there is that little devil in me, sorry Snoopy.


Now that I’ve worked up an appetite, it’s time for breakfast. Dog oh dog, I am hungry!

Fourth day of Christmas and now it’s time for the fourth toy of Christmas.

You gotta admit that he’s kinda cute.

Pretty cool what my mom is doing for me, don’t you think?

I don’t know how I can ever repay her.

I do love her so; she’s the best!

A hot and juicy Wendy’s triple cheeseburger for dinner this evening. Yay!!!!

I do know what winter is like, cuz I’ve lived in Edgemont through the winters. You can bet, I loved hiking in that snow just as much as George did.

And there’s no denying how wonderful a basset looks in fresh snow.


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December 27, 2016

I give thanks to the Basset Gods for another beautiful morning.

Dog oh dog, it’s great to be Porter basset on a beautiful day.

Santa Snoopy joined me for my walk.

“What’s that? It’s the third day of Christmas, which means another Christmas toy?”


I wonder what mom got me for the third toy of Christmas?

Sun and gifts in the winter. It’s magnificent!

Here’s my third toy of Christmas!

It’s Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Isn’t my mom the best!

I think that it’s time to play!

Dashing on the floor with hops.

I’ve got Rudolph in my chops!

Happy Third Day of Christmas to you!

You know, when you spend the Holidays outside running and hiking, you really get in tune with universe.

See the basset halo glow!

It’s fun, too, being outside.

Makes that snooze in the warmth of the house very special indeed.

Thanks for the memories George!

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December 26, 2016

Pinch me! It’s not really winter is it? Today the temperature reached 57 degrees. It was a great morning for walking along.

Basking in the sun and thinking about what I’ll get for the second day of Christmas.

Enjoying a little itching session.

Yup, and feeling darn good for a splendid morning.

Second day of Christmas and look what I got, the second toy of Christmas.

It’s another stuffed Snoopy.

Dog oh dog, it’s got a bunch of squeaky makers inside.

I think this is my favorite toy now.

Mom had the day off, which meant a Burger King breakfast and Wendy’s triple cheeseburger for lunch. Yeah, that may sound filling but I was still very, very eager to eat lasagna for dinner. Hope we have a lot more days like this coming my way!

Hiking in the December snow of Edgemont, that’s a darn good thing, huh George?

It can be darn right cold in the morning.

But yahoo! What a great time!

And great scenery.

Snow is good.

Along as it isn’t too deep.

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December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!! Dad told me this morning that the best Christmas present he has ever received is me, alive and having fun, on this Christmas day.
La! La! La!


La!…La! La! La!

I’m glad to be here for this Christmas of 2016!

It’s a beautiful day to be alive…

yes, it is!

I got more presents today too! Cool! A Wendy’s gift card!

And how about this? Three squirrels in a tree trunk. It’s my toy for the first day of Christmas.

That’s something quite unique.

And, of course, mom made sure I got more treats. Splendid! Splendid!

We had a big Christmas feast. Afterwards, I had to rest. Yeah, my tummy felt pretty darn good πŸ™‚
Mom had photos of me on her 4k screen.

Even a few George photos.

Oh and mom and I did give gifts to dad like this wine that dad will love.

Yup, a darn excellent Christmas for this Porter basset!!!!!

You know how different it would be for Christmas in Edgemont. Instead of a feast it would be hiking like to George’s Plateau.

Hiking to Mathias Peak.

Hiking to Coal Canyon.

It’s a different world for Christmas in Edgemont.

George and dad had some great Christmas times. Just like mine!

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December 24, 2016

Here it is the day before Christmas and it sure doesn’t feel like winter.

Nice light too!

Yup, a darn good morning for a Porter basset to be out and about.

It goes without woofing that I was eagerly waiting for Christmas eve. You know, open some gifts!
We did go to Burger King for breakfast. That was very good. And even better, mom bought me a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger for lunch.
The food adventure wasn’t done, however, not by a long shot. In the evening mom made her great lasagna.
Need help, mom?

After dinner I got to open some presents!!!!

The best present? It was the liver pate mom gave to me. Dog oh dog! That’s good stuff!!!!

We sure had a great time on Christmas eve. Mom made it the best Christmas eve for me ever.

Before going to bed I took a look at some photos taken with a Microsoft Lumina phone. It doesn’t have one of the best cameras on it compared to the top of the line phone cameras, but you have to admit, it looks pretty good. And the phone only cost $60.

Amazing how far the phone cameras have progressed in the last five years.

Of course no matter what camera you use or what lighting, a basset hound always looks fabulous in any photo.

I’ll make a plug for Edgemont too, no matter the camera you use Edgemont is a great place for photos.

Look George having a great time on the day before Christmas. Merry Christmas!

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December 23, 2016

Beautiful light this morning!

No doubt about it, put a handsome basset in the photo and you’ve got one truly great photo.

It sure put a bounce in my step.

We got a few flakes of snow overnight, so that put me in a Christmas mood, even if there isn’t much snow around.

Can’t wait to open my presents!

We stopped by to see Sota. Mom gave Sota some Christmas treats.

Whoa there Sota!!! And mom thinks my drool is bad!

And between you and me, Sota eats like a horse πŸ™‚

Here’s a Christmas photo worth saving.

Aren’t they the cutest things you ever saw?

Darn nice day again with warm temperatures. As a big winter storm heads for Edgemont and South Dakota, I think that I’ll be glad to spend my Christmas in Castle Rock.
Of course when the weather is not a blizzard, Edgemont is a great place for Christmas winter.

It’s magical! And it’s a lot of work.

A basset sleeps really well after a beautiful winter’s day in Edgemont.

Sleep well George.

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December 22, 2016

Another cloudy morning.

Geez, I do like to see the sun rising, that would be nice.

As least we got some sun in the afternoon.

As you all know, I’m a sun kinda guy.

What do think of the Sony A7…

vs the Sony NEX-7?

I think the colors are better with the A7, but that could be more DxO than the cameras.

Notice the lack of snow? I’m thinking it won’t be a white Christmas in Castle Rock.
Now Edgemont, well, the odds are, yeah, white Christmas, if the past is any indication.

The snow does make for a change of pace with train photos.

And food tastes even better after a basset has been outside in the cold.

(George, I’m jealous that you got fig bars!)

We bassets have those big paws.

I’ll woof to you that big paws are very excellent for walking with snow on the ground.

Makes us basset even more special.

Right, George?

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December 21, 2016

Happy Winter Solstice!!!

Yeah, the day started out cloudy.

But we did get some sun and warm temperatures, so it didn’t feel like the Winter Solstice, compared to Edgemont that is.

There’s a whole lot less snow too; one can pretend that it isn’t winter at all.

And look at the sky above.

Hard to tell by the sky that it’s winter.

Don’t forget to look at the darn goofy Porter basset too!

Sometimes I’m not sure how much I like the 8mm lens πŸ™‚

During my afternoon nap, I had this wonderful dream. Snoopy Claus came to me…

and whispered in my ear that I would be getting gifts everyday during the Twelve Toy Days of Christmas!

What?!!! It’s not a dream! Oh dog!!!!!

Can’t wait for Christmas day!

Hey, how about Winter Solstice in Edgemont? You know, start out with a decent rising of the sun.

Get out for a hike in the sunshine.

And the go out the door in the evening to a blizzard.

George and I have experienced it all on Winter Solstice.

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December 20, 2016

It was kinda gloomy in the morning.

But later on in the afternoon with some sun, the temperature reached 60 degrees. My goodness, a heatwave. But then, it did reach 63 degrees last Thursday. Typical High Plains with the temperature bouncing back and forth. I would have liked to enjoy the sun and warm temperature, but with the melting snow and mud, it was pretty sloppy for any walks, except for my early morning walk.

So what do you think of this camera?

Real high tech! It doesn’t connect to a computer to download pictures. It uses this thing called film. Prints out a photo right away.

I got it for mom for Christmas. Turns out she thinks the camera is fun. How about that? Mom takes a photo of me everyday with this camera.
Isn’t my mom the sweetest thing?

And dog oh dog, did I ever miss her in the afternoon! She went to the dentist; I stayed by the door and waited.

And waited, and waited. Dad covered me with a towel so I wouldn’t get cold. And I waited some more.

Now, if I was drinking sorta guy, I would have drowned my loneliness with some fine wine.

But, I don’t drink, so all I could do was whimper and wait.
You can bet I was one happy Porter basset when mom got home!

Christmas time in Edgemont means lots and lots of good things to eat like cookies!

It means seeing Santa.

It means catching a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

And it means find happiness in the warmth of Basset1 after hiking around in the snow and cold.

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice. The days will be getting longer again. Yippee!!!!

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December 19, 2016

Dog oh dog, I was having a hard time waking up this morning.

The funny thing is that it was quite nice out, sun and warm temperature. Maybe it’s because I was thinking too much of Edgemont still in the deep freeze and minus 20 degrees?

I needed to do something to wake up. A snow bath!! Perfect!

Now that I’m awake, I can appreciate this day of sun and warm December air.

Still a decent amount of snow on the ground.

As a matter of fact, in the right spots it’s darn white on the ground.

Dad tells me that when he was a young pup he had to cross a field on the way home from school. He and his friend called it the white desert when snow settled in.

He also tells me that he didn’t keep sticking his nose in the snow like I do.

He must of been a boring pup, I’ll woof to you.

The sun was in its full glory on our second walk.

That got me moving fast!

After getting myself all heated up, it was time for another…you guessed it!…snow bath.

Aren’t snow baths great?!!!!

And one of the great things about a snow bath is you don’t need a towel to dry yourself.

Quite excellent!

Snow isn’t as good as a Wendy’s cheeseburger, but it sure is plenty of fun to race through it.

As I’ve woofed before it cushions the paws too, making hiking much easier.

Yup, you can get to those places of great scenery without tiring out so much or getting sore paws.

Sure makes the world pretty too.

Great times!!!!

Right George?

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December 18, 2015

Poor Edgemont!

Bark about freeze a basset’s paws off!

And would you believe the temperature dipped to minus 35.2 degrees! That’s -37.3C for the rest of the world.

So let me see, the temperature reached 112.1 degrees on July 20 (that’s 44.5C).

So the difference between the maximum 2016 temperature and the minimum temperature in Edgemont would be 147.3 degrees. Wow zow!!!

Castle Rock was substantially warmer. We didn’t get into negative numbers. Thank goodness I’m in Castle Rock today!
We had sun on our walk and Burger King in the morning. Lucky me!
Then mom took me to Tower Road. What a blast for me.

And what’s this in the little pine tree?

Ha! Dad tried to fool into thinking it’s a real squirrel. I knew better (he must think I’m a dumb beagle or something). I could tell it was a stuffed toy that mom bought me this morning.

Maybe dad thought it was real. He’s kinda squirrely that way. “Here dad. It’s a toy!”

Can’t fool a Porter basset!

Hey! I lost the squirrel in the snow.

Mom? Help!

Back at the house, I named the squirrel Rocky. I asked Rocky if he would check my Christmas stocking. You know, craw up to it and tell me what I’m getting for Christmas.

“Empty, you say?”

Oh my, I hope I’m not on Santa’s naughty list.

In the afternoon, I got a good snow cleaning on my face. Yeah, it was warm enough. (Poor Edgemont never got above -3.)

That feels grand!

Mom served up her great tenderloin stroganoff for dinner. Bark about delicious. Though, I didn’t drink any of the fabulous French wine she bought for dad.
After dinner, I was in my bed in the basement while my told me the story of Christmas aliens (that’s why aliens are green) bringing treats to all good bassets.

Should I believe her?

Yeah, Edgemont’s in the deep freeze. It’s happened before. George knows.

It’s not all that bad, though sometimes it takes some strong willpower to meet that cold.

But oh my, when the sun rises and the Cheyenne River valley spreads out before you in its below zero finery…

well, spectacular!

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December 17, 2016

Dog oh dog, the cold air moved in. 63 degrees on Thursday. This morning: 6 degrees below zero.

It was even worse in Edgemont, which managed to slip to -17.8 degrees and was at -16.6 when I snapped this photo of our weather station info in Edgemont.

Well, I wasn’t too eager to be out in this cold stuff and rightly so. After doing my potty break, I snuggled into my bed…

and let dad go out on his run, which he said was kinda rough what with the snow coming down and the cold temperature.

The day never did get too warm and the snow made it even more daunting, but I did go out later in the afternoon. The temperature was only about 3 degrees, but I’m a tough basset from Edgemont, yes I am.

With snow on my face, I showed my stuff.

I even played with the green lamb mom got me.

Though, I had to be careful about freezing my tongue!

Since it was tough going outside, I got with my new toys and had a party.

And look what the Grinch gave to me for having such a great party!

That would be another super sized Wendy’s cheeseburger!

The Grinch waved goodbye as he left me with this most delicious present.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine! Nine patties!!!!

Why, it should be framed!

Yeah, right, like I’m going to let that happen πŸ˜€

Meet your end Wendy’s cheeseburger!!

I can’t deny snow can be lots and lots of fun!

Just ask George?!!!

Well, it’s lots of fun as long as it isn’t twenty below zero!

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December 16, 2016

Mom got me this little green (green?) lamb for Christmas.

Time for the Lamb Games!!!!!

Does a Porter basset know how to have fun or what?!!!!

After all that exercise at the Lamb Games I had a big hunger!
Whoa! Supersize me!

Let me see: one, two, three, four, five, six.

Six hamburger patties!!!!!

“Mom! Thanks for the extra, extra big Wendy’s cheeseburger!”

Excuse me while I go pig out!

George had some decent days of December 16th.

But most of the December 16th days have been pretty cold. Check it out.

Doesn’t this look cold?

It’s always great to get home and warm up and take a nap.

And let your basset nose wake you up for dinner.

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December 15, 2016

Dog oh dog, 63 degrees today! Who would have guessed? Last week Edgemont hit -12 degrees and hasn’t seen 32 degrees since while I bask in 63 degree weather. Wow-zow!
For all the warm temperature we didn’t get much sun. I sent dad out early on his run, so he would get back in time for the sunrise. I figured it might be nice.

It wasn’t too bad.

We did get some sun, but not much.

I put the A6000 with the 18-105mm on spot focus. It did help.

Here’s a close up from the above photo.

It’s darn sharp, but you can’t count on this lens for every action shot being sharp. But you must admit the basset is one very sharp guy indeed!

Mom had a hair appointment downtown Castle Rock, so dad I went to see the big Christmas tree.

Kinda strange.

But it does look quite pretty in the right light.

Then it was time to get a photo of me in front of the downtown lights.

Kinda beautiful to see as night descends. BUT, nothing is as beautiful as mom! Dog oh dog, she came out of that hair shop more beautiful than ever!!!!!

And she got us food at Castle CafΓ©!

And did I get a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger? Need you ask?

63 degrees today and below zero maybe tomorrow night and definitely below zero on Saturday night. And Edgemont? -20 Saturday night! Brrr-rr!
Never can tell about winter. Just ask George.

Stay warm.

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December 14, 2016

We didn’t have the beautiful lighting this morning like we did yesterday. Instead we were seeing lots of low clouds until our second walk of the morning.
Nice to see those clouds dissipate.

Good riddance clouds! Hello sun!

Now I can enjoy my walk.

It’s kinda nice to sit in the sun and soak it in.

Especially after the morning was darn chilly with the low clouds and a temperature in the lower teens.

After soaking in the sun, I did what a Porter basset does best on a walk, sniff around.

Yeah, my nose isn’t healthy, but I still have a great deal of fun getting to the ground and checking things out.

Between my first walk (the cold walk) and my second walk, I like to hangout in dad’s bathroom.

He has an electric heater going, and dog oh dog, it get nice and toasty in the bathroom.

Perfect warming for me on these winter mornings.

Just as happened in the past this time of year…(and doesn’t this look cold from 2008?)

Edgemont is going through a brutally cold week this week.

If I was in Edgemont I’d be looking like George has on this day in years past.

And like George, I’d be hustling along to keep warm.

And like George, I’d be darn glad to get under the covers come evening on the George/Porter chair in the living room.

Keep warm!

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December 13, 2016

Dog oh dog, you got to love that early morning winter light.

Mom calls it beautiful lighting.

I have to agree.

Does make for nice early morning walks.

Later in the morning the light becomes more harsh, but since it’s winter, the light isn’t too bad. Love the blue sky.

The bright light is always better for action shots.

I set the Sony A6000’s focusing to flexible spot instead of zone. I thought perhaps the Sony 18-105mm would work better without the zone focusing.
It did.

I always had to have the Canon cameras in spot focusing for action, so I’m used to it. The nice thing about zone focusing is that I don’t have to track the subject as closely as I do in spot mode. But if it works better with the Sony 18-105mm lens, then that’s what I have to do.

Don’t I look simply precious here as I try my best to get handouts at the table?

During the winter you have to pour on the cute after being outside in the cold. You know a basset needs extra calories because of hiking in the cold.

As I woofed before, bassets are the epitome of cute.

Seriously, don’t you feel the need to give George a treat after seeing these photos? Just send the treats to me πŸ™‚

I had major trauma today; I went to the vet. Dog oh dog, I hate going to the vet. The good news is that my blood work still is fine. Mom and dad were very pleased to hear that.

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