August 02, 2016

Pretty sky this morning on our run.

But the humidity…yikes, the dew point has been in the upper sixties.

That’s just darn nasty. I hope when it’s time to head for Rapid City on the motorcycle, the humidity won’t be so bad.

How about this pretty girl?

That’s McKinley. She lives next door. I like strutting my stuff in front of her. You know, show her what a tough, buff basset that I am. I assure you that she is quite impressed.

We weren’t outside when the hail came falling from the sky in the afternoon. Dog oh dog, it was nasty!

Dad saved some of the hail for a photo the next morning. Here it is. Yikes! It punched holes in the gutters and broke a taillight on Lulu.

That was a bad time, but a great time was having dinner with Agnes and Gene. Gene grilled brats for us. Doggone delicious!

It’s morning for George in 2009, and it’s time to head to Sturgis.

Lucky dog!

He was even in Sturgis at 8pm that evening.

Did I woof, “Lucky Dog!”?

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August 01, 2016

It’s not gonna be quite as hot today.

That’s a good way to start out August.

This is another good way to start out August. That would be catching a BNSF stack train in the view finder.

Dad and I couldn’t resist driving to Igloo Bridge to catch this stack train in action.

Turns out it wasn’t all intermodal, cuz on the end were some auto racks.

Pretty cool, huh?

BNSF is replacing plenty of ties on the east mainline. Setting out all those ties means bringing in heavy duty equipment.
So why is it BNSF uses guys in a truck to walk the tie plates over to the east main?

Quiet day for me, which was good since I needed some rest. I did see Gene at the library.

Sturgis Rally 2009! George was downtown Rapid City and staying at the Alex Johnson for the start of the rally.

Mom told me that she’s going to go with dad and me to stay at the Alex Johnson this week. Cool!!!!!!

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July 31, 2016

I was on high alert on our run this morning.

Lots of critters out and about.

The day turned out to be another hot one, 101 degrees. And there was the darn humidity too. Not very pleasant. We did head for cooler air by having lunch at Prairie Berry. Now that’s a good thing!
Before we did go for lunch, mom drove me down to Igloo Bridge to catch a fast moving coal train.

The train was hustling along because it had two rear DPU’s and not the enormous weight of the huge coal trains.

Mom had never seen Cottonwood before, so she wanted a tour of the eastside of Edgemont. She was surprised to see this ped bridge over the Cottonwood Creek.

Of course, I knew all about it, so I was interested in what critters might be about. If you look back in the blog you’ll see a photo of Abigail and me on this bridge (I won’t tell you which post, since it will give you something to search for).

George received the refurbished Canon 50D on this day in 2009.

He was ready to try it out with test and the 200mm lens. I still have this camera. It’s not worth selling it, and it has sentimental value for dad.

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July 30, 2016

Dog oh dog, it sure is getting more humid around here.

Makes it tough running in the morning. “You go on, dad. I’ll rest here!”

He didn’t let me…sigh.

We had lunch up in Custer; that was nice. Then we came home to the 101 degree afternoon. You can bet that I rested through that heat.

In the evening the thunderstorms moved into the Black Hills. It made for a nice sunset.

It made for some nice Porter photos too!

The first one was with the Sony A7rii, the second with the Sony DSC-R1.

Those storms moved north and east of us thank goodness.

Pretty cool.

Bark about pretty cool, that would be George on Portrait Rock in 2009.

Pretty cool!

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July 29, 2016

No rain this morning for our run.

That was nice.

With a darn nice morning in store, dad and I hopped on the motorcycle for a trip to the Provo shopping center.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t very busy 🙂

Of course the real reason we drove that way was to catch some trains at Igloo Bridge.

This is my kind of a life! Riding the motorcycle, photographing trains…

seeing Gene at the library, and getting lots of treats today.

George was contemplating his treats for this day in 2009.

You can bet he did quite well that day. It’s a basset thing!

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July 28, 2016

It rained again this morning. At least the morning started out with a rainbow over the Edgemont standpipe.

Dad went for his run in the rain. I stayed home; I get the better end of the deal. When the rain had stopped and dried up, dad and I took a walk on Primrose Trail.

Goes without woofing that there are no Primroses this time of year.

And it’s about time! I finally got my motorcycle out this afternoon. We headed down to Igloo Bridge to catch some train action.

Here comes one now.

Not a bad sky for train photos.

Kinda interesting to see this CREX lease loco on the end of the train.

I thought BNSF had hundreds of locos in storage due to less traffic this year.

And what’s this?

Yup, an old Santa Fe war bonnet paint engine. I guess they’re still around, but they’re getting rare now that they’re over 20 years old.

It was worth taking some more photos of this engine along with its mates.

So nice to get out on the motorcycle today!

How about this? That would be George with some Spiderwort.

Usually Spiderwort flowers are history by the time July 28th rolls around, but 2009 was so wet and cool a lot of the wildflowers kept blooming well into summer.

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July 27, 2016

It rained this morning so we had to delay our run. When we did get going, I thought it best to get a photo of the Edgemont standpipe.

Edgemont is finally seeing the beginning of construction for redoing the water system.

This is well #4, which is in the process of being recased. At some point (probably next year) the old standpipe will come down and a new Edgemont water tower will be on the hill. This redoing of the water system has been a long time coming. Eleven years ago when dad was on the city council, he got this thing started. Lucky for us others took hold of the reins and kept the project headed toward fruition. What do you think Edgemont will look like with a new water tower?

Barking of water, we did see a thunderstorm pass through in the early evening. Dad, of course, had to chase the rainbow.

How can you resist the soulful eyes of a basset hound?!!!!

Give that George a treat!
July 27, 2009.

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July 26, 2016

No vet today! Yay! Yup, a much better morning than yesterday’s morning.
After our run dad and I went training.

Hey, hey, this is a good way to spend the morning.

Two thumbs up!

I’ll woof to that!

Ya gots to have a cool drink of water after an early morning July 2009 hike on Red Canyon Rim Trail.

Then it’s time to hop in the car and head home for more treats!

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July 25, 2016

Hey, I was in a pretty good mood this morning, bouncing along.

Looks like I’m having fun, doesn’t it?

Then dad told me that I had to go to the vet for some minor (minor?!!!!) surgery on my jaw. The storm clouds blew in.

Yup, this is how my life looked now.


I did survive the surgery. One has to be a tough and noble basset to go through these things. And I AM tough and noble.
Thank goodness I got to see Gene at the library before the morning was out.

It was a pretty good day after such a bad start to it. I wasn’t sore from the surgery and I was right back to being my treat begging happy self. I even managed to take a few train photos in the evening.

Noble and tough basset!!!!

Awww-w staying handsome and cute while on Red Canyon Rim Trail.

That would be George in 2009.

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July 24, 2016

Darn beautiful morning at the Wild Horse Sanctuary.

I was out early to see the Bush Morning Glories. That doesn’t mean I was wide awake.

“Wake up Porter.”

Okay, I’m ready to face the day. Aren’t the Bush Morning Glories magnificent?

I went out to see my best mustang friend, Sierra.

She was very pleased with the new horse treats.

We also got some of those treats to Mariah.

My, my, she’s a big girl. She behaved much better compared to the last time we brought her sweet feed.

We got back to Edgemont with a Subway lunch in paw; that’s a good thing. Later we had pizza for dinner. Scrumptious day!

Wow zow George!

If you don’t like this photo of George in 2009, then there is something definitely wrong with you.

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July 23, 2016

Hey, a great morning at the Wild Horse Sanctuary. The deck at the cabin was mighty fine place to watch those rascally rabbits.

We got a late start photographing the horses, since we had to drop Lulu off at the house and get the Jeep. Lulu ran fine all morning, but we didn’t want to take a chance.
At least a I got a shot of this newly painted UP loco as we drove into Edgemont.

By the time we did get to the Spanish Mustangs, it was getting pretty warm.

I spent some time photographing Honey.

She has got to be the prettiest yellow dun ever.

Darn good time for us.

After spending some time with the Spanish Mustangs we drove to Hot Springs. Mom was hoping to find some better horse treats since the ones we brought from Castle Rock weren’t a hit with the Spanish Mustangs. Buckshot was highly insulted. We were lucky to find some horse treats (and basset treats!) at the pet store in Hot Springs.
Come evening we went back to the Spanish Mustangs. Buckshot gave his approval to the new treats.
Honey looked gorgeous in the setting sun.

Mom was all pumped for taking some star shots when we got back to the cabin. Chai in hand, let’s go!!!!

How about this shot of Sagittarius?

Yeah, the Sony A7rII does a great job with the Sony 55mm lens. When I pixel peep this photo, I can even see the Lagoon nebula, not bad!

I was a bushed Porter basset by the time this day was done. Heck I got up on the sofa and fell asleep immediately. I didn’t even notice dad put a piece of cheese in front of my nose!

How did you feel about getting up at 5am George?

Yeah, that’s what I thought 🙂
July 23, 2009

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July 22, 2016

We had plenty of clouds today. That was a good thing because it would have been really hot if the sun had shined strongly. The temperature still managed to hit 105 degrees.
Dad let me sleep in. I did take a walk at the airport.

The day was quiet since we were headed to the Horse Sanctuary in the evening. We waited for a thunderstorm to pass through before heading to the Horse Sanctuary. It only dribbled a hundredth of an inch of rain. When the sun came back out we headed out. I was lucky to catch this train as we left Edgemont.

The way to the Horse Sanctuary took us along Indian Canyon Road, the heart of Indian Canyon fire.

Brutal, just brutal.

After dropping things off at the cabin, we went out to see the horses. Mom went to see the rescues…

while I enjoyed the fine views and the Prairie Dogs.

The clouds were mighty fine as the sun set.

We had a bit of trouble with Lulu as we headed back to the cabin; mom was worried. At cabin the porch was mighty fine as we watched lighting in the distance.

George, his motorcycle, and Custer State Park, bark about a great combination.

When the summer weather is good, there’s nothing better than a motorcycle ride with a basset hound! Just ask dad!
July 22, 2009

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July 21, 2016

Darn nice morning for a run.

Darn nice of mom to pick me up so I didn’t have to do the whole thing.

Dog oh dog, let me at the food!

Mom took dad and me to the Alpine Inn for lunch. OF COURSE, dad wanted a photo of me at the Alpine Inn. I WANTED the food. Come on dad, skip the photos, let’s eat. The food was superb as usual. And the bread pudding? The best!

Since the temperature reached 103 degrees during the afternoon, we stayed indoors.
For dinner? Let me woof you! We had pizza with Agnes and Gene. Bark about a great day for this Porter Basset.

George had a great morning seven years ago.

Nothing like Howling Rock on a summer morning to enjoy the clean, crisp air.

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July 20, 2016

First thing to woof about today is that it was hot! Damn hot! 112 degrees hot! Dog oh dog, I’m sure glad humans invented ac.
On our run this morning, I got to see how terribly dry it is around Edgemont.

About the only green to be found is along the edges of the runway.

Lots going on today, like receiving the new South Dakota license plates.

Basset1 continues!!!!

A new computer came today too. This one will stay in Edgemont. The best part of the day was seeing Gene at the library.

After getting some food from the Victory Steakhouse, we went to the airport to watch the sunset.

Yup, it wasn’t all that bad.

It helps to have a basset in the photo (okay, greatly helps).

I simply glow with a decent sunset.

Goodbye sunset.

And hello to my bed with the ac on.

July 2009 didn’t have the July 2016 hot days. It was a great time to get out on Red Canyon Rim Trail and enjoy the quiet and the cool.

Right George?

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July 19, 2016

We got out of Castle Rock just before 10am. Traffic wasn’t too bad. Lots of clouds in Wyoming, so even though it was hot, it could have been much hotter. Edgemont, on the other hand, hit 109 degrees. Yup, darn toasty when we pulled into town.
I did get to see Agnes and Jean! Yay!
And we went for a drive on Lookout Road. Wow!

Dog oh dog, there’s a lot of burned ground south and east and southeast of Edgemont. Not good, not good at all.

Lucky for Edgemont that the fire was stopped on Sunday evening from spreading into Edgemont.

Naturally I had to get a BNSF train photo. How about this tie work train in the Edgemont yard?

Good news for Edgemont that BNSF is still quite busy on the Black Hills sub.

We had some pizza for dinner. That hit the spot. Thank goodness the ac was running so I could get a good night’s sleep.

George sure had a lot of early morning pictures in July of 2009.

Picture perfect, I’d woof to you!

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July 18, 2016

Since we’re leaving for Edgemont tomorrow morning, I stopped for one last look at the Prairie Coneflower patch.

It’s still looking good, but I can see that the flowers will soon be gone.
The first shot is at f/10 and this next one at f/5.

It’s supposed to be hot in Edgemont when we get there. I think that I’m ready for the heat, since I’ll be woofing hello to everyone that I know in Edgemont.

Dad has that wonderful Sheriff George painting on the wall in the dinning room of the condo.

Back in 2009 it was one more item that contributed to Sheriff George’s fame in the Black Hills.

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July 17, 2016

Dad let me sleep in again this morning. I guess he can be nice sometimes. He did take me for a short run. I stopped to checkout the Thistles and Mullein.

And yes, I did stop at the Prairie Coneflower patch, where I used the 70-200mm lens.

The lens works okay for this shot.

After a Burger King breakfast mom drove us south on I25 to catch a BNSF coal train that had passed through Castle Rock.
Those trains move pretty slowly as they climb Monument Pass. It gave me the chance to take in the Prickly Poppy near the tracks.

We stopped at a not bad location. The trains do have a curve, but to see it in a photo results in I25 showing in the frame.

It’s better as the train gets closer.

Used to be that trains like this needed helpers for climbing Monument Pass, but now with the rear DPU setup the trains just cruise over the hill.

George was watching trains at Igloo Bridge on the morning of July 17, 2009.

Good morning for it!

Barking of mornings in Edgemont, this morning Edgemont woke up to a fast moving wildfire near Indian Canyon Road. It moved so fast that by evening 12,000 acres had been burned and Cottonwood folks were under mandatory evacuation. Edgemont proper was under pre-evacuation notice. Lucky for Edgemont and us (cuz we’re headed to Edgemont on Tuesday and, gee, I’d kinda like to see my Edgemont home untouched by fire), the fire fighting folks brought in a massive barrage of slurry dropping jets (including one of the big DC-10’s). Then a thunderstorm cooled some parts of the fire. Looks like Edgemont missed out on a disaster by basset’s hair width.

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July 16, 2016

I keep going back to the Prairie Coneflowers.

Dad let me sleep in this morning, but I did do a short run to the wildflowers.

I keep going back to finishing up the Chinese food too.

Dog oh dog, this is the life.

Been getting hotter again, but some clouds in the morning made it quite pleasant. On top of the nice morning we went to Miyo for breakfast…yippee! Then in the evening dad grilled angus burgers for us. Did I woof this is the life?!!!!

In the top five of dad’s favorite George photos.

I’ll keep posting it every year!
July 16, 2009

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July 15, 2016

I think that I’ll cool my paws some on our run.

This is better.

This is even better!

As you can guess, dad didn’t let me rest for long. He’s a slave driver.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll get to sleep in.

George sure had a good day in 2009.

He rode his motorcycle to Sylvan Lake…that meant a buffalo burger for lunch, lucky dog!

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July 14, 2016

Hey, another great morning for my run.

I had so much energy this morning that I even ran some on my walk later in the morning.

Dad thinks that I look a bit goofy when I run or least sometimes.

I’ll woof to you, “What does he know?!”

I did stop and check out the Prairie Coneflower patch.

And you can’t complain about these Daisies, now can you?

There hasn’t been any thunder this week; that’s great!

It’s 2009 and George had the Edgemont wind blowing his ears.

Personally, I think we bassets are awesome with our ears.

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July 13, 2016

I did that full run again today. It was a beautiful morning to do so.

Dad did give me ample time to sniff around off of Tower Road. Dad likes this grouping of Cow Daisies and Indian Paintbrush.

Me? I’d rather hunt for rabbits in the tall bushes.

On our walk later I noticed that the thistles are blooming now, a sure sign of mid-July.

Can you believe it? We went to Duke’s again for their great tenderloin filet! Dog oh dog, this is the best life a basset can have.
On the way home the cumulus clouds looked magnificent with the setting sun colors, but I couldn’t get home in time for a good photo.

Darn good day because of mom!

You notice how long George’s ears are in this photo from July 13, 2009?

Doggoneit, I feel so ear challenged!

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July 12, 2016

I did the full run with dad this morning. That’s okay, cuz it was a beautiful morning to be out and about. Dad let me sniff around some on Tower Road, so it’s not like it was a continuous run. I also checked out the Cow Daisies…

and the Indian Paintbrush, which is still blooming.

I did hangout on the patio too, what with the nice weather and all.
We’ve had so many fine mornings this summer compared to the last two summers. And I should add that sometimes those cloudy summers do happen like for George in 2009.

Just seems like it was darn near impossible to a clear early morning that year. Kinda reminds me of the last two summers here in Castle Rock.

Did you check out the deals on Amazon Prime Day? Snooze, I couldn’t find much of anything.

I suppose that Amazon Prime Day will become another big thing like Black Friday. Double snooze…

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July 11, 2016

So, like, if you were walking along a path and you came across a basset hound with beseeching eyes sitting in a pretty wildflower patch…

and the basset hound gave you a demure look as he asked you politely for a treat,

would you give that basset hound a treat?
Wink, wink, of course you would, cuz that basset hound is me!

(I’m a humble guy, don’t you think?)

A cooler day today, which is very welcomed on this basset’s part. I didn’t have to go for a full run again this morning. Yup, I slept in again. My walk was darn nice in the cooler air, and you can bet that I spent plenty of time enjoying the smells along the way.

It would have been a great day for a motorcycle ride, if my motorcycle was here. George got to ride his motorcycle on this day in 2009.

And he got to meet Emma Zen, a California motorcycle riding dog.

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July 10, 2016

Okay, it’s a hot one today. The temperature reached 99 degrees in the afternoon. But the morning started with clouds.

It wasn’t too bad to be out and about. I didn’t do a full run with dad this morning. Yup, I stayed in bed until dad came back for me to do a short run.

Anyway, as you can see, the Prairie Coneflowers can’t be beat. They’re at their best right now.

Since it was so hot in the afternoon, dad figured it would be a good time to add a new electrical circuit in the cool basement. He made me help on this one; you know, I’m the supervisor.
Come the evening we went out on Tower Road.

Lots of smoke in the air from various wildfires in the Rockies.

I don’t get it. How could George always look so good so early in the morning?

I’d rather sleep in, which, as I’ve already woofed, I did do so.
July 10, 2009

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July 09, 2016

Not a bad morning for a run. I cooled my paws in the Clover.

Mom had some great ideas for food on this day, like eating breakfast at Miyo.

Guess I’ve already woofed that I sure do love this place.

For lunch we went to get cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. Dog oh dog, darn good stuff!
I stopped by to see how 1144 15th Street is coming along. Despite the heat, the folks were out working on this Saturday.

Come the evening, hey, you can’t complain about colored puffy clouds with the waxing moon.

Another hot day for Edgemont, 106 degrees!

So like, what time is it, George?

5:30am on July 09, 2009 and George has already hiked a mile. What a basset!

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July 08, 2016

Dog oh dog, I did a full run with dad this morning. It felt good to be up and active. It felt good to take a wee rest by the wild Roses.

How about this? The Trumpet wildflowers are still blooming.

Not bad to see them and the Prairie Coneflowers at the same time.

The afternoon saw the usual front range thunderstorms. It was time to put on my thunder shirt. Hey, that thing really helps. We didn’t get much more than a few drops from the storms.
Can’t complain about the evening after that, nice and cool. Tomorrow’s supposed to be a hot one.

Big yawn, huh George?

That’s what happens when it’s 5:47am and you’ve already hiked almost a mile to Howling Rock.
July 08, 2009

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July 07, 2016

Even though I slept in, it was still early when I checked out the Lilies.

Plenty of them to go around!

On my walk, dad and I found some Prairie Coneflowers which let us take a photo of them with the blue sky of the day.

I’ll woof to you that I’m partial to a blue sky in a wildflower photograph.

Dad spent a lot of time on Desmos calculator today. I don’t know what he is up to; I’ll bark to you that math isn’t my thing. It made for a lazy afternoon and evening for me. That’s not all bad.

That’s a darn nice Daisy you found there George.

And it’s got a 2009 sunset too. Excellent!

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July 06, 2016

I did the full run with dad this morning. Not a bad morning to be out early. Nice Cow Daisies catching the early sun.

On our walk we checked the Prairie Coneflowers, which are looking pretty darn good.

I can see why some people call them Mexican Hats.

Dinner this evening was a splendid affair on the Duke’s patio. Have I woofed how much I love Duke’s tenderloin filet?

It’s a long ways to food as fine as Duke’s when you live in Edgemont. Still, Edgemont does have its advantages. Gotta love Coneflowers in the early morning, right George?

July 06, 2009

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July 05, 2016

I got to sleep in with mom again today. Yup, that’s a good way to start the morning. I did go out for a short run with dad. Dad wanted to scope out the wildflowers. That deep purple Penstemon is more numerous than we first realized. I tried a photo with the flash.

On coming back on our run, I went without the flash.

It would be nice to have the blue sky in the background, but the huge power lines and houses make that impossible to do in Sapphire Point.

The Sweet Clover is looking good. I set the aperture to f/5 for this shot.

No doubt about it, the Sony A7rII is one accurate focusing camera.

We did get about a quarter inch of rain in the afternoon with a little bit of thunder. It wasn’t too bad, but I wish the thunder would not happen.
All was good afterwards cuz we got pizza for dinner…yippee!!!

Awww-www, you got love this one of George in the Purple Prairie Clover in 2009.

Dad tells me that he likes this one more and more as time goes by.

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July 04, 2016

Yeah! Dad let me sleep in while he did most of his run. I did go out with him for a short run afterwards.
How about this Penstemon?

Bark about deep purple, very pretty.

More Prairie Coneflowers are popping up now.

There should be a decent number of them soon.

More fireworks this evening. I really don’t like the fourth of July!

George had a great motorcycling day on his fourth of July 2006.

Dog oh dog, I wish my day had been that way too.
And how come George wasn’t afraid of fireworks. I don’t get it.

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July 03, 2016

Dad took me for another full run.

Whew! It’s a lot of work. I was so happy to go to Miyo for breakfast!

Then it was time for a nap. Good thing mom put my bed outside again.

True comfort while enjoying the outdoors.

You’re probably wondering how Sota is doing. Well, he looked right smart with mom.

But he wasn’t quite ready to head out and explore unless mom harnessed him and took him for a stroll.

Even then he’d race back to the paddock, which he considers a safe place.
He’ll find out in due time that the pastures are safe and great.

First it was a thunderstorm and then fireworks; it wasn’t a great evening.

All that terrific running in June 2006 for George. As you know it was made into a combo photo, one of dad’s favorites.

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July 02, 2016

After my morning run under a cloudy sky, I got some breakfast and then headed back to bed for a bit.

Those runs wear me out! But I was more than willing to get up for a walk a little bit later.

After saying hi to Sota, we did get a little sun in the afternoon. Mom got my bed outside. Yup, another nap.

Kinda of a quiet day as we approach noisy July 4th.

George had a rather cloudy day too in 2008.

Can’t complain about the Coneflowers, though.

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July 01, 2016

Sullen morning on our run. The weather folks had forecast a bunch of rain for last night, but that didn’t happen. The run was pretty good except for wet grass.
Today was moving day for Sota. Yeah, Sota’s got a new home. We stopped over at his place to pick him up. I scoped out the wildflowers for one last time.

Then we hauled Sota to his new home. There are more horses in his new home, so that will keep him busy. Mom seemed pleased with his new home. It’s closer too.

We did get a dabble of sun in the early afternoon.

Later on a nasty hail storm pounded downtown Castle Rock. Dog oh dog, it stripped the trees of leaves and dimpled plenty of cars. Thank goodness we were at home and didn’t get any hail at all.

George’s July 2006 started out like June 2006 ended; that would be a run on Basset Back Ridge with a camera documenting the end of the run.

Such a great way to start out the new month.

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June 30, 2016

Darn cloudy day today. Good thing I had the flash along.

While on Porter’s Perch I thought some more about LaMem. I had a brilliant idea!

Mom is so beautiful that I should use a couple of her photos to boost my score.

Here she is with her sunglasses on.

Bark about a memorable photo! .961!

But of course with her beautiful eyes showing I knew that it would be better with the sunglasses off.

WOOF WOOF! WOW-ZOW! .986!!!!!
Glad that the computers recognize how beautiful mom is, because I sure know it. Now if she would just let me take some more photos of her, then I’m sure that I could get that perfect 1.

The last June 2006 photo of George finishing his Basset Back Ridge run.

Mom persuaded dad to let me sleep in again today. How sweet is that? When I did go for my short run, I didn’t look any near as hot as George did.

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June 29, 2016

What a wonderful morning. Mom told dad that he should let me sleep in some. Dad went on part of his run and then he came back to pick me up for the last part of his run. This is the way it should be! I snuggled in with mom for an extra hour of sleep.
On the run I did check out the scarlet gaura along one of the paths.

Later in the morning dad and I took a walk too. I like these walks so I can spend time sniffing around and check out the wildflowers at my leisure. Nice Flax.

This is better than running by them.

Of course the exercise on a run is a darn good thing, but as I get older, I need to slow down some. George slowed down too as he got older. But as we all know, George was in his prime when he was running on those hot Basset Back Ridge runs in June of 2006.

I need to mention that MIT LaMem again.
Dad and I thought that the first photo would do well on LaMem if cropped. Here’s the first crop.

And the score of .859.

So I tweaked the crop some.

Hey, pretty good at .897.

Okay, one last tweak.

Wow zow, now it’s .918!

I wonder if I’ll get a perfect 1 someday?

It’s kind of a bizarre algorithm, I’ll grant you that. I’m not sure if the last photo is THAT memorable compared to many of my favorite photos, but there you have it.

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