February 16, 2017

Darn nice morning and not as cold as yesterday.

I figured it would be nice to play with the early morning sunbeams.

Get them colorized and…

take a little taste…

okay, a big taste!

“Taste the sunbeams Porter!” Yeah!

I brought along the Trio 28mm Sweet to see how it handled a sunrise.

It does an okay job. Too bad I can’t compose the shot better since the sweet spot stays in the center.

Dog oh dog, love the light this early morning!

I knew it was going to be a warm one today.

And it turned to be a warm: 76 degrees!

Walking around trying out the Trio Twist was warm work.

Doesn’t it figure that I couldn’t find a good background to show off the Twist?

Didn’t even work for the golden grass, rats.

But I can always count on the Sweet.

Yeah, that’s nice.

Was there Game of Bones today?
You better believe it! I wanted to show off the new blanket mom got me.

That’s one big Porter basset behind me! Um, but I’ll admit that I was more interested in the Wendy’s triple cheeseburger.

I’d sure like to eat that cheeseburger now.

And that’s what happened! Yay for Game of Bones!

Catch a good sunrise…

and you’ll have a good day all day long.

Just ask George!

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February 15, 2017

Hey, how about this photo of me?

I’m grabbing the rising sun and using the Lensbaby 35mm Sweet to catch the action.

It was pretty chilly out (25 degrees) for manual focusing. I was breathing out fog.

Despite the cold dad and I sure had fun with the Lensbaby 35mm Sweet lens.

The lens captures the sun without any big flare problems.

That’s pretty sweet!

The blur is pretty cool too.

That’s pretty sweet!

I look darn good with this lens.

That’s pretty sweet!

No matter how you woof it.

This is one…

pretty sweet lens!

Compare it to the Sony 18-105mm lens.

For the sunrise shot on Porter’s Perch, I like the Lensbaby lens better than the Sony 18-105mm lens.

Since the day was so nice, I couldn’t resist taking the Lensbaby lens out one more time for some soft golden grass.

It’s still hard to get the focus exact with the tilt shift.

But I’m working on it.

Interesting to compare the Lensbaby 35mm Sweet to

the Lensbaby Trio Sweet.

The Trio sure has a lot of vignetting with less smooth blur than the 35mm Sweet. But the Trio is a whole lot easier to use.

68 degrees this afternoon! Yeah, it was a fine time for patio pooching.

I wasn’t out there very long because mom announced it was Game of Bones time!
My favorite part of the day! And look what mom got me!

Two cows…

and two triple cheeseburgers!

Mom makes the Game of Bones so good that sometimes I think that I am dreaming.

But it’s no dream. Thank goodness!!!!

Excuse me while on munch on some cow, I mean hamburger!

Yeah those February days of snow and clouds…

make the days with sun…

something really to howl about…

with joy!

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February 14, 2017

Sun today!!! Yay!!!

I’m in a most excellent mood!

With the sun I was ready to try the Lensbaby 35mm Sweet outside. It’s an interesting looking lens.

Though not as strange looking as the Lensbaby 28mm Trio.

Oh wait, before taking some shots with the Lensbaby 35mm Sweet, I wanted to check out the pipe laying construction.

They’re working at night now. Certainly is a lot of equipment doing the job.

Okay, back to the Lensbaby 35mm Sweet.

Very cool!

But here’s what I found. It is extremely difficult to focus at f/2.8. If set to the aperture to f/4 or f/5.6 then focusing is much easier. This comes at some loss of Sweet blur.
Here it is at f/5.6.

Now for pixel peeping:


So it would seem f/4 works as a reasonable aperture, where focusing isn’t quite so tough, but the blur is still fairly good.

However, for web size photos f/2.8 looks better because one can’t tell the slightly off focusing.



For Game of Bones time (YAY!!!) the f/5.6 works great!

So look what mom did for Game of Bones this time.

There’s the real cheeseburger. Did I woof YAY?

Mom also made me this great peanut butter dessert.

Notice the paw print made out of treats. Isn’t my mom the sweetest thing?

Bark about good!!! This dessert is terrific!

I couldn’t stop licking my chops after that great little dish!

Yup, Game of Bones is fit for a king! Especially King Porter!!!!

You’re absolutely right George!

Sun is the best!

Even if it means some strong wind early on.

Most certainly better than snow!

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February 13, 2017

I think three days of plenty of clouds is enough for now.

Under the overcast sky the construction area under the power transmission lines looks pretty bleak.

Maybe this is the way the world will look in a hundred years if things keep going the way they are.

Dad and I spent some time indoors trying out the Lensbaby 28 Sweet with flash.

So imagine my surprise when mom gave us a gift: a Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Sweet 35mm!

Wow, it sure has a small DOF, when set to f/2.8. And it tilts, so one can set the focus off center.

When it’s a shallow DOF the lens sure does have more Sweet to it than the Lensbaby 28 Sweet.

It’s going to take some practice to get the focusing down, what with the tilt and all.

Thanks mom!!!!!

Of course, dad couldn’t resist dressing me up in mom’s latest Game of Bones costume piece, that being a cheeseburger hat!

I’ll woof to you that the new hat got me in the mood for another Game of Bones photoshoot.
And what’s this?!!!!!

Do you think mom got carried away with the cheeseburger props?

I’ll woof to you that I wasn’t complaining, oh no. There were real cheeseburgers with the props!!!

Most excellent!

Ha! Add in my cheeseburger hat and then there’s no doubt that I am the King of Cheeseburgers!
Lights, camera, and…cheeseburger!

I dare you to tell me that you’re not giggling over these photos.

Okay, time for a reminder that I am one very handsome basset hound and not just a funny face:-)

After the photos were done with the props, I got some time in of my own enjoying the cool things mom got me for this photoshoot.

And never forget, this is the Game of Bones!

Oh yeah!

The snows of February.

Let’s give a big howl for George and the snows of February!


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February 12, 2017

After my Burger King breakfast, I was full of pep. Yeah, so I needed to work off some of that energy, Prairie Dogs!

Did I woof how much wind there has been around here in the last ten days?

The wind sure has given my ears a real workout.

I’m surprised my ears are still attached!

Good thing we bassets are built tough.

Barking of tough, as in tough on boots, dad sure knows how to wear out boots. Remember those boots he bought in November?

Well, compare them to a new boot of the same brand.

Three months old and the heels are starting to wear through to the foam underneath.

Well, well, they come with a 100% year guarantee. I think dad will be getting a new pair of boots pretty soon.

Basset knows, these boots wouldn’t have lasted much more than a month in Edgemont when dad and I were putting 12 miles in a day.

Now it’s time for the best part of the day!

(Wake me up when the set is ready.)

(Like magic a cheeseburger appeared out of thin air!)

Game of Bones photoshoot time!!!!

Mom tried out different gel colors on the flash for this photoshoot.

Then shimmering out of the Game of Bones set an important covenant was given to me by the basset gods.

It’s King Porter’s Hamburger Watch Oath!

I’ll woof to you that I took the oath immediately and put it on the wall to remind me everyday!

I love Game of Bones!!! Thanks mom!!!!

I am now officially on Hamburger Watch duty.

You know what’s worth howling about?

Being in Edgemont in February and having a great time!

And even if you’re not hustling along, you can stop and enjoy the beautiful day!

Now that’s really worth howling about!

I can still hear George’s howls echoing in the wind.

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February 11, 2017

A brief time of sunrise color this morning…

then it was gone and the clouds masked the sun.

The sun peeked out again briefly for some golden grass background.

There was even some blue sky to the north.

When I came out later in the morning (this is after a Burger King breakfast!), I got a little more sun.

You know how much that cheers me up!


In the afternoon, yay!, it’s Game of Bones time. Dog oh dog, I’m really enjoying these photoshoots. Mom changed the background.

Look regal King Porter! (Mom wanted to see how the Roman columns would look.)

Then it was time to concentrate on King Porter.

I look so noble and regal, I think that I deserve a treat.

“Dad! Move that cheeseburger over to my mouth please, heh, heh.”

Dad did! Yeah, a King needs sustenance!

“Dad, I dub thee Sir Dad!”

Mom snapped this photo. Didn’t she do a grand job?!!!!

We had a royal time of it, I’ll woof to you!

Howling bassets, pizza for dinner!

Some wind?

Some snow?

No big deal for us bassets while in Edgemont. We keep pawing happily along and enjoy…

the scenery…

and even catching a train in a snow shower.

Sheriff George sure seized the day!

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February 10, 2017

We tried for a good sunrise…

but we didn’t get it.

There wasn’t a lot of sun today, so when it came out you can bet I took advantage of it.
Lensbaby Velvet.

Yeah, it isn’t all that great.

I’ll woof to you that I never get tired of the Sweet.

I thought that I would compare the Lensbaby to a 28mm shot on a normal lens.

Then I did some post processing.

Nope, the Sweet is better.

Not to woof that the normal lens doesn’t do a great job, particularly with such a photogenic subject…like Porter basset!

76 degrees!!!! That’s the temperature reached today in Castle Rock. Perfect afternoon for some patio pooching.

Would have been nice to have more blue sky.

Then it was time for a Game of Bones photoshoot!

What do you think of the new tshirt mom gave me?

Did I bark before that mom bought a really cool Game of Thrones book?

There’s my favorite character, Tyrion Lannister.

Hey, how about using the Lensbaby Sweet for this photoshoot?

Wow, it sure gives a dreamy quality to the photos.

Add in my King Porter crown…

well, what do you think?

Castle CafΓ© for dinner this evening, yay!!! Dad and I shared the buffalo meatloaf, scrumptious!

Good times on February days!

It’s worth seeing, hearing, smelling, and even tasting.

You got to admit George is a natural in an Edgemont February.

I can see why the folks of Edgemont put George up on a pedestal.

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February 09, 2017

Like yesterday morning, I was out early to catch the sunrise.

Too bad that the sunrise wasn’t a great one.

Kinda pretty, but not memorable.

And like yesterday, I got up on Porter’s Perch to watch the sun rise above the horizon.

And again, there were clouds in the way.

Looking off to the west, it didn’t look like the clouds were going to leave us.

Yeah, they hung around for most of the day.

Ha, the weather folks claimed that it was supposed to be sunny today

But, it is amazing the temperature reached 70 degrees.

What’s that dad? It will be a good day for another Game of Bones photoshoot.

I’m in!!!

Mom got me a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger. Photoshoot time it was!!!!

Also notice that mom bought me a couple of Roman columns to make things more classy.

Time for my King Porter crown!!!

I am one classy King Porter in a classy Game of Bones photoshoot!

And the winner of the Bone of Games is:

Porter basset!!! (That’s me, in case you were wondering.)

What can you woof about a cloudy February day?

Well, you can woof that there might be heavy frost, which is quite pretty.

Even without the frost the grasses can be decently pretty as well.

So onward Basset! Take us to our next hike!

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February 08, 2017

I got up real early (4:30am) to see if mom was headed off on her business trip. And you know what? The basset gods came through for me!!!! A big old snowstorm was preventing her from going! Yay for the basset gods!!!! Now I won’t have to go through missing my mom for a couple of days. Dog oh dog, I’m a happy basset.
Since I got up so early, there was plenty of time to ready myself for the sunrise.

Ah dad, a little more flash please.

Whoops, that’s too much.

Could be better there dad.

Yeah, now you got it, but the main colors of the sunrise are over. Geez.

Since the clouds were looking kinda pretty, I decided to try for some more photos while on Porter’s Perch.

Pretty good on the flash there dad.

Um, it’s getting a little overexposed in the sky.

Geez again. My dad is almost untrainable, I’ll woof to you.

You’d think that he could get the exposure and the flash settings right by now. He’s got a great teacher, ME!

Pretty nice morning out, so of course I had to go out again and use the Lensbaby 28mm Sweet.

I’m enjoying this little lens more and more.

I put the lens on Velvet again for one shot.

Kinda hard at this size of photo to tell how it looks, but it definitely has a nice soft touch in a bigger size.

What do you think of my new tshirt?

Game of Bones! What fun!!! Of course, I was paid amply in the form of a cheeseburger for this photo shoot, cuz I’m such a star.

Notice the red lighting.

Mom wanted to try some red gel over one of the flash packs. Gives it more that subdued Game of Thrones look.

Sometimes on these February days it’s great to stop and enjoy the beauty around Edgemont.

No use being in a hurry.

Simply enjoy!

Way to go George!

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February 07, 2017

Bassets’ goodness, the sun sure had a slow start this morning.

And I’m pretty darned depressed.

Mom is leaving on a business trip tomorrow. Please basset gods!!! Whip up a good snowstorm so she can’t go!!!!!

Since the airline won’t let me seat in the seat next to mom, maybe I could paw it to where she’s staying?

You know how good I am at putting in the miles.

Wonder how far I’d have to take my paws?


dad told me that no way was I heading out to meet mom. (He could drive me to be with her, you know!) Guess I’ll have to wait for the basset gods to come through for me.

Sure isn’t going to snow here tomorrow, since we had sun and 59 degrees. I figured it would be a good time to try the Lensbaby Twist again.

Well, how about that? The Twist shows up more with an astroturf background better than any other background that I’ve tried.
I still like the Lensbaby Sweet the best.

As for the water pipeline construction, will you look at this equipment?

That’s a horizontal drilling machine with a soil sifting machine behind it. We’re going to have some big rumblings around here.

In the evening: It’s time for more Game of Bones! Mom bought me a cow blanket.

Pretty cool looking in a bovine sort’a way, wouldn’t you say?

It’s warm too.

I look good in it as well.

Add in my crown, and I am most certainly King Porter!!!!!

Later in the evening, guess what? The basset gods answered my prayers!!! Yay, a big snowstorm is taking aim on the meeting place where mom is supposed to go tomorrow! Bullseye!!! I’m thinking mom won’t have to leave me tomorrow! Yay! Yay! Yay!!!!

Haven’t I woofed this before that I like winter, especially when it works out to a great time?
You know, get up early with the sun…

get a good run in…

and some great hiking.

It makes for a pretty darn good day…

doesn’t it George?

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February 06, 2017

It’s mom’s birthday today!!!! That means presents for mom!

Mom wishes that her birthday could be better, because she’s worried about me. She has to go on a business trip this week and doesn’t want to leave me. I’m going to be very upset! But, I promise her that I’ll be here when she gets back! Don’t worry mom!!!!
For her birthday I gave her a solar telescope. It will be just the thing for this summer’s eclipse. Of course, she can use it anytime that the sun is out.

Mom thanked me for my gift by giving me Noosa yogurt for breakfast (this is after my hamburger, butter, dog food breakfast:-)

Noosa yogurt is the best.

It was pretty nice out again today. The temperature wasn’t as warm as yesterday, but it did get to 59 degrees.

Sure does make for easy walking,

which I felt pretty good about.

I got a good view of the construction project along Power Line Trail.

Looks to me like they’re putting in a new water pipeline.

After the walking, I took a break in the sun (I do that a lot now).

In the afternoon it was ear to the wind time on this beautiful day!

Then in the evening, it was Game of Bones time!

Hey, I look pretty cool, don’t I?

Woof what you want, but I’ll woof to you that it took a lot of work to be Sheriff George in Edgemont.

Darn good thing George could come home to his own chair and get some nap time in before dinner.

I think it’s my dinner time now! Bye!

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February 05, 2017

Yay! A darn nice sunrise to start my day.

And I got to go to Miyo for lunch! I met Sidney there. It’s so sad that Eli wasn’t there. I would have loved to see him too.
This is my first Miyo visit of 2017. What did I get to eat?

A bacon cheeseburger! Yum!

In the afternoon the temperature reached 62 degrees. It was darn nice lazing out in the field with the Lensbaby lens.

But I started thinking that I could use a snack before some serious nap time.

After some venison and beef, I was ready for that nap, you know, some patio pooching time in the sun.

I dreamed…and it was the most fabulous dream. I dreamed I was waking up with my own castle for the Game of Bones.

Everything became more clear…

and I realized that I am King Porter!

Then I had a vision in my dream that Diner Is Coming.

There before my eyes appeared the most beautiful woman in the world! The Mother of Bassets!!! With, with, a CHEESE BURGER!!!!

Affectionately the Mother of Bassets shared the cheeseburger with me.

And more, and more! With divine magic she produced a tray of cheeseburgers, just for me!

Next appeared a man, John Doe.

The Mother of Bassets and John Doe told me that they would make sure cheeseburgers were always with me!

There I was!!!

King Porter and his cheeseburgers!!!

I wolfed those cheeseburgers down!!!

With a satisfied tummy, I started to fall to sleep with the Mother of Bassets humming to me, “Sleep my little basset, sleep.”

“You will remember everything about this dream; the Game of Bones is for King Porter.”

When I did awake from my nap, I knew that cheeseburgers would always be in my past, present, and future.

Edgemont is not a dream; it’s a beautiful place in February.

Someday I know George will show me all he knows about Edgemont.

That would be divine.
But for now dear Basset Gods, would you please let me enjoy many more cheeseburgers on this planet?

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February 04, 2017

Hey! The sun is just coming up now.

Time to get ready for sunrise photos.

Get ready!

Here I go!

That was great!!! I love the blossoming of the sun in the morning!

Naturally once the sun came up those construction folks were busy…

busy, busy.

As the construction equipment moves down Power Line Trail, I have to keep off it. Once they’re done moving, then it’s time for Porter basset to get moving!

That’s me, moving right along!

After mom got me a Burger King breakfast the wind came up and it turned into a fresh, breezy day.

Darn well, felt good on my nose (um, yes it’s getting worse and worse).

Felt good on the ears too (which still can hear the refrigerator open even when I’m out on the patio!).

Isn’t a fresh day a most splendid thing?!!!

In the afternoon mom wanted to go to Mike’s Cameras.

“What did she buy?” I’m wondering as she carries a big box out of the store.

Turns out she bought a soft box lighting kit for my Game of Bones setup. This should be pretty cool!
Even better she really didn’t have to pay for the kit, cuz dad found some guy that wanted to buy mom’s Nikon 24-120mm lens (the one I gave to her with the Nikon D750 for Christmas 2015…BTW, she loves the Nikon D750, which is really the important thing that I wanted to give to her). Anyway, the guy paid for the lighting kit in exchange for the lens. Serendipity!

The best part of the trip for me? Yay! That would be three Wendy’s triple cheeseburgers!!!! Yay! Yay! Yay!
Gotta eat! Bye!

From early morning until…

late evening…

Edgemont is the most beautiful place in the world!
Good for George!

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February 03, 2017

Holy long eared bassets!!! My blog is six years old today! Do you remember my first photo?

Yeah, that’s Red Canyon Rim Trail on a beautiful February day.

Almost no snow here in Castle Rock today, but the fog sure built up the frost.

Guess what? I’ve made today a new holiday! It’s King Porter’s Game of Bones Day!!!!

How do you like my new banner for Game of Bones?!!!

Mom designed it and bought it for me!!!

You got to love the cow (think beef!) and “The House of Basset Hounds at Winterpaws.”

And we all know that it’s King Porter!!!! Yay!!!!

Winterpaws would be the Edgemont area, cuz it’s kinda like Winterfell in Game of Thrones. You know, winter and scenery.

George started the line of House of Winterpaws.

But, I made House of Winterpaws royalty into King Porter!

And if you can’t accept me as King Porter of the House of Winterpaws, then I’ll have to run a fang through you.

Oops, sorry to scare you; I’m just kidding.

We may not have the beautiful winter here in Castle Rock…

but it does have beautiful moments.

Particularly when you have a Porter basset in the winter photo.

Hail King Porter!!!! Long may he reign!!!!

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February 02, 2017

Foggy, freezing rain, cold, and darn slippery too.

Good thing us bassets have great traction!

I thought the frost covering everything would provide some nice photos, but that wasn’t the case because of the wind.

But a Porter basset sure looks good in the frosted grass.

We got a tiny smidgen of sun later in the morning. I thought the frosted grass would look good using the Lensbaby Twist.

I’ll woof to you that it worked somewhat, but not nearly as well as I had hoped.

Matter of fact, the next bunch of photos, it’s hard to tell any twist at all.

At least there was a little blue sky for some color in the photos.

We saw some more blue sky when we went to see Sota, but the clouds never left the area overhead the condo. Good thing mom bought me a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger to keep my spirits up!

The cool thing about us bassets is that we look great standing still.

And fantastic when we’re moving!

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February 01, 2017

Dog oh dog, I sure have been catching the sunrises in the last week.

Guess tomorrow morning will be cloudy, so probably no sunrise to photograph.

Well holy howling bassets, the 30mm macro lens finally showed some lens flare. Still, it’s a tough lens to beat.

So like, construction workers are stomping all over the earth just 100 yards from Porter’s Perch.

I think that I’d better warn them…

WOOF and BARK, do NOT touch Porter’s Perch!!!!!

Ha! I’m sure they got that message loud and clear.

Don’t ya think?

The construction equipment has rolled all over Power Line Trail, leaving tread marks.

I just hope that those guys don’t mow or bulldoze down all the pretty golden grass.

This morning was a good morning to compare the Sony 55mm lens to the Lensbaby 28 Trio set to Sweet.

I snapped this photo with the Sony 55mmm lens set to f/2.8.

It’s pretty obvious which is the Lensbaby lens, cuz it doesn’t show any focus plane…

like the 55mm lens does.

The Lensbaby lens only shows the focus point of my eye as sharp and clear.

The 55mm lens is certainly a better lens optically; sharper, little vignette, almost no chromatic distortion.

But it doesn’t have the creamy surrounding that the Lensbaby 28 Sweet can offer.

Not that I would complain about the Sony 55mm lens, cuz I would take it over the Lensbaby lens if I could only have one lens.

BTW: Since the 55mm lens was set to f/2.8, I had to bump the shutter speed up to 1/6400. Guess I can’t do this on a Sony cropped sensor camera, since the shutter speed won’t go faster than 1/4000.

Now if only I was in Edgemont so I could try out the Lensbaby Twist with more interesting backgrounds.

However, February 1st is usually not a great day for photos because of clouds and snow.

As George would tell you.

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January 31, 2017

Look what mom got me.

It’s a hood to keep my head warm.

I look pretty dashing in it, I must woof.

And the best part…

It’s a Game of Bones hood!

Cool, huh?!!!

Thanks mom!

I really didn’t need a hood today, cuz the temperature was in the 40’s when dad and I went outside to see the sunrise.

It was so warm that the temperature reached 68 degrees today! It goes without woofing that I enjoyed a nap on the patio.

Darn amazing for January 31st!

We got some sun later in the morning.

It was pretty nice resting in the tall grass and watching the clouds.

Darn nice day.

Scenery, scenery, scenery!

George knew where to find the best Edgemont scenery.

Like watching the sun light on Howling Rock traipsing in from the west out of the shadows of the Black Hills…

or watching the wind cast glittering magical moments as the sun rises over Craven Canyon.

So many good memories from so many great spots.

Thanks for the photos, George!

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January 30, 2017

Now it’s the Sony 55mm f/1.8’s turn for the lens flare test. I had to beat the clouds but I did get it done.

Slight flare off to the right.

Wow, now this is pretty darn good.

Yup, very good indeed.

Looks like the 55mm lens is as good as the Sony 30mm macro for controlling lens flare.

That’s a good thing, since the 30mm macro lens isn’t a good lens to put on a full frame Sony camera.

This would be some A7rii photos, which means a lot, a lot of detail.

I should set the lens to f/2 for these photos, since it’s such nice lighting.

I could have compared them better to…

the Lensbaby 28 Trio lens set on Sweet.

Too bad I didn’t think of the f/2, so I’ll enjoy the Lensbaby lens without making the comparison.

Oh yeah, this is what the Lensbaby 28mm Trio lens looks like on the Sony A7.

Strange looking lens, no?

Though my nose continues to bleed even more, I was feeling pretty good, even a little spunky.

Dad was cheering, “Way to go Porter!!!”

60 degrees today! So, even though there wasn’t much sun in the afternoon, I got some patio pooching time.

That’s a good thing, particularly when it’s January 30th.

It can take some paw moving time.

But once you get to a good spot…

the Edgemont scenery is doggone worth it!!

I wonder how many paw prints George left in and around Edgemont?

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January 29, 2017

Waiting for the rising sun again.

This time I’m going to see how the lens flare is on the Sony 90mm macro lens.

Here comes the sun now!

To action!
Looking pretty good on that super sharp 90mm lens.

There’s a little green flare.

But, it’s not too bad.

Yeah, the 90mm lens does quite well indeed. Highly recommended by Porter basset.

I need to compare the 90mm lens to the Lensbaby 28mm Sweet. Not a bad background on this photo.

Here’s the Lensbaby 28mm Sweet later in the morning.

I still like the Lensbaby 28mm Sweet, but I need to decrease the DOF on the 90mm lens to see how it does in comparison.

I think that I have the focusing down on the lens.

Here’s pixel peeping from the above photo.

It’s not a super sharp lens, but it ain’t bad considering the dirt cheap price.

Can the 90mm lens get this creamy?

Plus I like the colors on the Lensbaby 28mm Sweet.

I’m liking this Lensbaby lens more and more.

And it does do that circular bokeh, which the Sony 90mm macro lens can never do.


Oh puppy, oh puppy, now this is one seriously BIG bone that mom got me at Chuck & Don’s!

I wonder what she has in mind?

And now the bone’s with Wendy’s triple cheeseburgers!!!!

Ha! Mom calls it a Game of Bones photo shoot, starring Porter Basset!

This is my kind of photography! Delicious!!!!
I’ll be showing more of these photos in the next couple of days.

My first nap of the year on the patio.

Yup, it was warm enough today to enjoy the sun out on the patio. Yippee!

No snow…

or snow…

George knew that Basset1 would always be ready and there for his next hike.

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January 28, 2017

Dad and I were up early, waiting on Porter’s Perch for the sun to rise.

I wanted to see how the Sony 70-200mm lens does with lens flare and the rising sun.

Here comes the sun now, yay!

Whoa, that’s a pretty bad lens flare right underneath my eye.

Okay, if I keep the sun image on the far left of the photo, then the flare moves almost off the composition.

So, I’ll move the camera into a better position.

Well, that’s much better, but too bad I have to have the main subject (me!) be so far from the center of the composition.

Now that I had some pretty decent lighting, dad asked me to give it my all for big basset ears.

Not bad!

I was in an expansive mood this morning, knowing that I would get a Burger King breakfast.

BK breakfast here I come!

The rest of the day was a nice lazy day for me. Clouds did roll in,

but it was decently warm for January. Not bad, not bad at all.

Now, if you’re a basset and you’re out in the cold for much of the day…

howling it up…

and having a good time…

despite the snow and cold,…

well, it sure feels good getting in front of an electric heater and toasting the nose.

(Don’t burn your nose there, George πŸ™‚

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January 27, 2017

Good morning to try out the Sigma 60mm lens on sunrise flares.

Hmmm-m, well it does have flare, much more than the Sony 30mm macro lens. At least it doesn’t cover my eye like the Sony 18-105mm lens. Guess I’ll be using the 30mm lens for sunrises instead of the Sigma 60mm lens.

Okay, now it’s time to try out that Lensbaby Trio 28mm lens.

Gotta get my concentration going here.

I spent more time with focusing the Lensbaby lens while shooting Twist.

But, no matter how well you focus the lens, if my eyes aren’t in the center of the photo then they become blurred by the Twist bokeh.

Try again centering the eyes.

Kinda of a rotten composition with the eyes in the center on this photo.

Hey, the last two photos show the Twist fairly well, and my eyes are in focus. Neat!

Since I was taking my time with the focusing, I gave the Sweet setting another whirl.

The Sweet setting does do a pretty good job of blurring out unwanted background items.

If I really work on the focusing…

I can get nice sharp eyes with a nice softness all about them.

Neat again!

In the evening, mom was keeping me company on the sofa. I was a bit chilly.

Hey, what’s this?

Mom got me a Game of Thrones blanket!!!! Very cool!!!!

Now I’m warm and ready for snoozing.

Thanks and goodnight mom.

Some of the January days are too cold and too cloudy. A basset can spend time outdoors, but it isn’t the best.

But, if you’re like Sheriff George, you can love it and enjoy it.

Very neat!

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January 26, 2017

I’ll woof to you that I love a good January day.

And today was one of them.

Let’s look at the sunrise first.

Not bad!

Tickled my nose, that’s great!

Bit nippy though, with a temperature of 10 degrees.

Once again I took out the Lensbaby 28mm triple on the A7.

I’m still looking for that perfect Twist background.

What do you think? Not there yet, I would bark.

Of course, I could get carried away with the post processing of the photo πŸ™‚

Maybe I should just stick with pretty light, a great subject (me), and a regular lens?

But, I’m having too much fun with the Lensbaby lens to keep to the straight and narrow.

Hot off the press!!!!!
Mom put together my blog for print!!! Wowie, wowie!!!!

This Daily Drool next to me is the first half of 2016. Is it cool or what?!!! Now I can read my blog without a computer.
My mom is the best!!!! The BEST!!!!!

Okay, all this blogging has worked up a Porter basset appetite!

Gotta go! I’ve got a date with Wendy.

Barking of appetites, well, winter will do that to a basset…work up an appetite that is.

You know having a howling good time in the snow…

and moving those paws.

Yup, good thing there’s plenty of good things to eat for us bassets.

We deserve it!!!

Pizza anyone?

That’s a big negative! This one is for George!

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January 25, 2017

First thing to woof about is I’ve got a bad paw.

Yes, I had to go to the vet AGAIN! The vet is hoping antibiotics will clear up the lump between my toes.
Seriously! Isn’t it bad enough that I have cancer?!!!! Last week it was my eye and this week this. Not fair!

But, the vet was nice enough to say that I’ve defied the odds by living so long with the cancer. And mom did buy me a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger. Those things helped my mood.

Other than my paw, the day was gorgeous! Lots of sparkling areas in the sun.

I used the Sony 50mm f/1.8 for the sunrise.

Heh, heh! The sun tickles my nose. That’s a good thing.

Yup, the lens flare is better on 50mm lens than with the Sony 18-105mm lens.

I also brought along the Sony 30mm macro lens.

Holy bassets! You got to admit this lens is a gem for this type of photo.

You know, the Sony 30mm lens is close to my favorite lens if not my favorite.

And it’s so darn cheap too. What a steal!

I wasn’t done trying out lenses for the day. Ha! Mom bought me a Lensbaby 28mm f/3.5 triple lens. What a strange beast this lens is. It’s manual focus with only one aperture that being the f/3.5. It has three lenses in one: 1) Twist for circular bokeh on the edges, 2) Velvet for that creamy old movie look, 3) Sweet for center sharpness with very soft edges.
I’m going to need some practice with the Twist but here’s a first sample using the A7.

Here’s Twist using the a6000.

So, I’m thinking that the Twist isn’t for the cropped sensor. Mostly I’ll woof to you that I have to find the right backgrounds.

Here’s Velvet with the A7.

Here’s Sweet with the A7.

And finally, here’s Velvet with the a6000.

It’s a difficult lens to use, no doubt about that. But it is darn cool.

Pretty cool how many different lenses can be used with the Sony Emounts.

Now if Sony would release a reasonably priced wildlife lens, I would be an ecstatic basset.

A basset sure burns a lot of calories on a January day. First there’s the snow…

then the cold.

Throw in all the exercise,

and, well…

us bassets need something good to eat…like fig bars!

George would tell that fig bars are the breakfast of basset champions!

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January 24, 2017

Not too far from Porter’s Perch some company has set up a construction command trailer with a gravel parking lot.

The trucks keep bringing in equipment.

Wonder what’s going to happen to the Prairie Dogs?

Dog oh dog, on this cloudy day with snow in the air, I’m going to need a good breakfast.

Mom came through for me!!!!

That, right there, is a Burger King breakfast.

Hey Mom! I love you!!!!

Yeah pretty gloomy day out so I didn’t get as much exercise as I should considering my Wendy’s cheeseburger intake.
Maybe I should lift weights?

Maybe I should wait until tomorrow to start? πŸ™‚

Yeah, this is better than lifting weights!

And when mom says ‘treat’, I’m there for her πŸ™‚

Some snow this evening, so it was great to be inside and stay warm.
Of course, if you are out in the snow…

and being quite active while in the snow…

then don’t forget to get put up your paws in the evening…

for rest and relaxation.

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January 23, 2017

Since the Sony 18-105mm lens showed so much flair with a sunrise, I decided to take the A7 along with the Canon 50mm lens. Guess what, the Canon has flair difficulties too.

If I hide the sun with my ear, then no flare, but that’s not a solution at all.

I’m not sure if the 10-105mm is worse.

Maybe it is.

To think that the old Sony DSC-R1 with its Zeiss 14-70mm lens handily beats these two lenses when comparing flare from the rising sun.

But, I always knew that Zeiss 14-70mm lens is a terrific lens.

Guess I should be bringing out the DSC-R1 for the next sunrise shots.

Too bad tomorrow is supposed to cloudy with snow.
Will you look at this great lighting.

Won’t be great lighting tomorrow morning.

I do like the A7 with the Canon 50mm lens, but dad tells me his paws get darn cold with all that manual focusing.

Later in the morning with the bright sunshine, it was time for a good snow bath.

Dog oh dog, it sure feels good to have that cold snow on my nose. Much, much better.

It’s rather difficult to find enough snow to roll in.

Most of it has melted away, but on the north side of the berm there’s still some.

After my snow bath, I let the wind catch my ears to help dry them out.

Wow, I’m feeling great now! Sure would be good to get something fantastic to eat!

Did I woof fantastic to eat?!!! Mom got me a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger.

I love my mom so much!!!!!

Shiver. Yeah, a basset has to put up with snow in January.

But that makes the return of the sun all that much better!

Right, George?

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January 22, 2017

I told dad that we should catch the sunrise, see how the Sony 18-105 does with the sun shining into the lens. I knew that it would be a good morning for it.

I’ll woof to you that the lens is subject to bad lens flare, so it’s not the easiest lens to use with the rising sun.

But, there’s no denying the lens is a good walk about lens, covering a lot of different shots.

And it works well with the flash shots too, particularly since it has optical stabilization built in.

This shot was taken when some clouds were covering the sun. No doubt about it, the flash sure is white compared to the rising sun.

And the lens works pretty well for action shots too.

Though, it would probably work a lot better on the a6500.

All in all, I like the Sony 18-105mm lens.

So like, mom wanted to stop at Tony’s, you know the grocery store, near Miyo. And here’s the thing, we didn’t get anything to eat at Miyo!!!!

What’s with that?

Yeah, I was pretty depressed about no Miyo food, I’ll woof to you.

“What’s that Mom?” “You’ll get me a steak burger at Freddy’s?!!!”

All is forgiven!

Who would guess that some years it’s 45 to 50 degrees with no snow in Edgemont?

Then in another year the temperature drops to -34 degrees….

and the snow will make things difficult, indeed.

Who would guess?

Well, George would not only guess, but he knew darn well everything about Edgemont’s Januarys.

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January 21, 2017

Dog oh dog, I was hoping that this wouldn’t be the bright point of the sun today.

The morning sure was starting off with a lot of clouds.

It would have been nice to have the sun tickling my nose.

The thing of it is, I have to go to the vet today, so some cheery sun would be grand.

Not happening yet…sigh.

Mom came to the rescue! She took me to Burger King for breakfast and then, get this, bought me a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger just before going to the vet!

Thanks mom!!!!!

At the vet I had to go through this stuff (stain I guess) dropped into my eyes. Yuck, nasty looking stuff.

It even came out my nose!

But, you’ll notice we did get some sun! Yay!!!!

For dinner I got more cheeseburger and some steak medallions, so even though the day didn’t start out well, it sure finished great!

After dinner, I decided to compare the Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens to the Nikon 60mm macro lens using the A7.


The Canon came out the sharpest, but that’s because the Canon to Sony adapter I have is so much easier to use than the Nikon to Sony adapter. I’m considering a Lomography Petzval 58mm lens, but it uses a Nikon to Sony adapter. I wonder how difficult it will be to focus? The focus peaking works so much better on the Canon to Sony adapter. But the lens should be worth using no matter the adapter.

Come January, it’s not just action shots. Heck no, George liked to pose for shots to.

Though sometimes it was good to woof ‘enough’ of the cameras for this day!!!

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January 20, 2017

Kind of a gloomy morning.

If you know what I’m woofing.

You could come out now sun.


Sigh, I guess not for this walk.

Nice to see the sun later in the day.

I even got myself already for some sunbathing.

Hey, wait! The sun is going to hide behind the clouds again?

Gee, I might as well go home and pig out on a Wendy’s cheeseburger.
(That’s what I did:-)

When it’s time for bed I do get to sleep like a king. Look at this bed, nice huh?

King Porter!

I don’t care what anyone woofs; I much rather have a January day like this…

not like this.

Barking of nice January days, George sure got to enjoy a lot of them in Edgemont.

And what’s this? George’s jogging path?

My, my.

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January 19, 2017

On this fine morning it was time to take out the A7rii and the 90mm macro lens, which according to DxO is the sharpest camera/lens combination that I use.

Of course, you can’t tell it in this resized photo, but tests show this lens resolves to 42 megapixels.

Dog oh dog, that’s a lot of detail.

I’m woofing a really, really lot of detail.

But, how much difference does it make?

If I resize the photos to 700 pixels wide for the web, it sure doesn’t make any difference.

And I’ll woof to you that even a 19″x13″ photo isn’t going to show the difference between this camera and a 20 megapixel camera. I guess that I’ve woofed before this megapixel thing is really a lot about bragging rights for most photos.

Barking of bragging rights, tomorrow Trump boy becomes President. Grr-rr! WTT!!!! Looks like the rich white boys have won.

I think about it and then I try my best to rub it out of my head.

Too bad it’s impossible to be rid of this current happening in the U.S.

“Hey dad, can you get me thinking of something else?”

“Oh goodness, goodness, I heard the word ‘breakfast’!”

Gotta go for now!

Later in the morning I showed a bit more bounce in my step.

Too bad my tummy wasn’t feeling all that great. I think that I’m swallowing too much blood from my nose. It’s not pleasant at all.

Mom and dad took good care of me in the afternoon.

They’re very attentive, keeping my nose clean and giving me treats and keeping me warm.
And for dinner I got a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger. That burger felt good in my tummy.

Dog oh dog a January sunrise is a good thing.

You just have to stop to appreciate it.

With a good sunrise, you’ve got renewed energy to seize the day!

No matter what comes your way later in the day.

Thanks for the January memories George!

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January 18, 2017

Another great morning to work off some calories (yes, I’ve gotten darn pudgy).

After working some calories off, dad ask me to pose some for photos. First he asked me to look alert and ready for action.

Then he asked me to give my Porter handsome.

After the shutter stopped dad told me, “Porter, best friend, you are one magnificent guy!”
Aw shucks…that made me blush with pleasure.

“Hey dad! Let’s celebrate with some treats!”

Dad did just that!

Later in the morning, I got out for a snow bath.

Yeah, that’s good.

Then, once again, it was time to work off some calories.

This time I used the old Canon 50D for the photos.

It still works great.

After burning off those calories, I was ready for a good lunch! I’ll admit that during the rest of the day, I took in more calories than what I burned off in the morning:-)

The way it works is you howl a greeting to the early the morning…

Anticipate the great hiking coming your way…

Anticipate the treats of the day…

Put the plan into action and enjoy! “Hello Postermaster Marcia, I’m here for some treats!”

George sure knew how to make the most of any day!

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January 17, 2017

Dog oh dog, you got to love it when there’s fresh snow and the early morning sun brings a glitter to all.

What’s really cool is laying the first tracks in the fresh snow.

I sure get going on this type of morning!


Good thing I have a camera that keeps up with the Porter action.

Wow oh wow!

Later in the morning we traded fast focusing for manual focusing.

A Sony camera sure makes for accurate manual focusing.

Here’s pixel peeping.

Not bad at all for f/3.5.

I’ll woof to you that I’m impressed.

Now back to some fun!

Get up before the rising sun…

enjoy the glow and the morning outdoors…

catch some new BNSF GE units…

and then get ready for some afternoon napping in your favorite chair as the afternoon sun streams through the windows.

Nice day? Huh, George.

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January 16, 2017

Snow last night and is snowing now. I think that I need a good breakfast before going out.

Voila! My magical mom came through for me! Doesn’t this look good?

That’s an egg muffin with bacon. Totally delicious!

After that darn excellent breakfast, I was ready to take on the snow.
First things first, a good snow bath.

And, of course, I have to shake the snow and dirt off after my snow bath.

Do I look like a clean machine now?

You betcha!

Time to haul ass and show this snow who’s boss.

12 years old and I still have the RIGHT STUFF!

YAY! I love snow!!!

It was good to get home and rest after a killer workout. Dad was quite impressed with my speed and zeal. Good thing I had Wendy’s cheeseburgers to replenish my energy. A day with the right amount of snow is a special day.

I didn’t get the sunrise that George got.

And he had lots of sun to enjoy being outside in the snow.

Most definitely beautiful and wonderful to be in Edgemont!

But like me he was ready for some good napping after a fun day outside.

Too bad he didn’t get the Wendy’s cheeseburgers that I got πŸ™‚

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January 15, 2017

Yup, another dreary day.

Guess we got some snow headed our way too.

Do you think my head will be covered with snow tomorrow?

Probably. Good thing I got a Burger King breakfast!

The photos above were taken with the Sony A7 and the Sony 90mm macro lens. It’s the sharpest lens I have. On the A7rii it is amazing. BUT, when I tried to take a photo in the house, the A7 could NOT focus the lens. I had to do the focusing manually.

That’s pretty bad Sony.

Too make matters worse, the focus peaking and magnification don’t work all that well either for low light situations on the A7.

No problem with the A7rii and the 90mm lens. The auto focus worked just dandy.

Ditto on the NEX-7, which I would think would be worse than the A7, since it’s three years older.

The lens did hunt some for focusing on the NEX-7, but it did work.

You know what worked best? The 30mm macro lens on the NEX-7!

No wonder I’ve always loved that little 30mm macro lens.

It can do things like taking a photo of this 1/8″ snowflake.

Truly wonderful little lens even if it isn’t as sharp as the 90mm macro lens.

So, like the A7r, the A7 isn’t such a great camera for low light focusing.

That’s too bad because I do like the camera for a lot of other reasons.

After all that work testing the cameras, I was ready for food! I hung out in the kitchen while mom cooked.
“Um mom, I’m kinda starving here.”

No matter the snow, Edgemont shines with beauty.
Let George show you.

January was George’s favorite month.

I can see why.

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January 14, 2017

Another gray morning…blah.

When the morning is this, I feel like this.

Hey! How about some sun!

Humph! This is all I got.

Good thing we got in the Jeep and headed for a Burger King breakfast.
Is it ready yet?!!!!

Dog oh dog, this bacon egg cheese croissant is just the thing!

Back at the house, I was still hungry (if you can believe it). So I waited on my Porter pad for lunch.

And waited.

Sure was a long time coming, since mom and dad were full from the Burger King breakfast. These things about mom and dad I don’t understand at all!!!!

So like, what’s this? Yes, a wee bit of sun and blue sky in the afternoon.

I thought that I best take advantage of it, since the forecast isn’t looking like much sun over the next few days.


The cool thing about a camera is that you can make your own light.

But, George and I still prefer sunlight, lots of sunlight.

Of course, a pro photographer will complain about the harsh light of sun. Thank goodness, I’m not one of those.
Even if the photo isn’t as great with the high sunlight, how can you turn down this breathtaking view?

Ha! You can’t! Put’er there George!

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January 13, 2017

Cold fog this morning.

I woofed for the sun.

But it was taking its time to come out.

As for my right eye…

yeah, it’s still bothering me a lot.

Hope it’s going to get better.

After a not so good start to the day, well, well, the afternoon was wonderful! We had sun and warm temperatures.

You know how much I hate the vet! Blah!!!!

But my eye is all better now! The vet found a bit of grass seed right on my cornea. She whisked it right off!
Thanks mom for helping me! I feel so much better now.

And mom got me a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger for my trouble. I LOVE my mom!!!!!

After all that drama I needed a good nap. Here’s my computer room. Yup, this is where all the work happens.
Yeah, I’ve got a few too many computers, and some of them run 24 hours a day (I need to ask dad why?).

As you’ll notice, I wasn’t working very hard in this photo πŸ™‚

Dog oh dog, get in a great sunrise…

give it some happy howls!…

enjoy your hiking…

enjoy the great views…

and come around sunset, get ready for a big dinner!

Ah, the life of George on January 13th days. Great!!!

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