July 01, 2016

Sullen morning on our run. The weather folks had forecast a bunch of rain for last night, but that didn’t happen. The run was pretty good except for wet grass.
Today was moving day for Sota. Yeah, Sota’s got a new home. We stopped over at his place to pick him up. I scoped out the wildflowers for one last time.

Then we hauled Sota to his new home. There are more horses in his new home, so that will keep him busy. Mom seemed pleased with his new home. It’s closer too.

We did get a dabble of sun in the early afternoon.

Later on a nasty hail storm pounded downtown Castle Rock. Dog oh dog, it stripped the trees of leaves and dimpled plenty of cars. Thank goodness we were at home and didn’t get any hail at all.

George’s July 2006 started out like June 2006 ended; that would be a run on Basset Back Ridge with a camera documenting the end of the run.

Such a great way to start out the new month.

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June 30, 2016

Darn cloudy day today. Good thing I had the flash along.

While on Porter’s Perch I thought some more about LaMem. I had a brilliant idea!

Mom is so beautiful that I should use a couple of her photos to boost my score.

Here she is with her sunglasses on.

Bark about a memorable photo! .961!

But of course with her beautiful eyes showing I knew that it would be better with the sunglasses off.

WOOF WOOF! WOW-ZOW! .986!!!!!
Glad that the computers recognize how beautiful mom is, because I sure know it. Now if she would just let me take some more photos of her, then I’m sure that I could get that perfect 1.

The last June 2006 photo of George finishing his Basset Back Ridge run.

Mom persuaded dad to let me sleep in again today. How sweet is that? When I did go for my short run, I didn’t look any near as hot as George did.

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June 29, 2016

What a wonderful morning. Mom told dad that he should let me sleep in some. Dad went on part of his run and then he came back to pick me up for the last part of his run. This is the way it should be! I snuggled in with mom for an extra hour of sleep.
On the run I did check out the scarlet gaura along one of the paths.

Later in the morning dad and I took a walk too. I like these walks so I can spend time sniffing around and check out the wildflowers at my leisure. Nice Flax.

This is better than running by them.

Of course the exercise on a run is a darn good thing, but as I get older, I need to slow down some. George slowed down too as he got older. But as we all know, George was in his prime when he was running on those hot Basset Back Ridge runs in June of 2006.

I need to mention that MIT LaMem again.
Dad and I thought that the first photo would do well on LaMem if cropped. Here’s the first crop.

And the score of .859.

So I tweaked the crop some.

Hey, pretty good at .897.

Okay, one last tweak.

Wow zow, now it’s .918!

I wonder if I’ll get a perfect 1 someday?

It’s kind of a bizarre algorithm, I’ll grant you that. I’m not sure if the last photo is THAT memorable compared to many of my favorite photos, but there you have it.

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June 28, 2016

After our run under cloudy skies, it was a good morning to rest on Porter’s Perch in the sun and take stock.

You know, contemplate how to get more treats and good food in my life.

This requires a lot of time, thought, and energy. Don’t ever call me a lazy basset!

You know what? I can only find one, that’s right one, Prairie Cone flower.

Though I imagine they’re not too numerous in Edgemont considering how dry it has been there.

In the evening there were thunderstorms bouncing around, but we didn’t get any rain. Just that darn thunder…sigh…

George sure had a nice sunset in 2007.

Bark about a handsome basset with an alert look!

An interesting thing that MIT has done, a program to rate how memorable a photo is. Well, well, what will computers think of next! So here’s a crop of my first photo.

Wow! .865 on a scale of 0 to 1!

I’m a memorable guy alright!!!!!

You can try out your own photos:

Can you beat a Porter basset?

Now this is all fun, but is it worth something?
Why, yes it is. It gets a guy thinking about how to crop photos for more interest.
For example, George!!! Here’s one of dad’s favorite photos of George.

That one gets a .809. Not bad, not bad.

But crop the photo just right and holy basset!

That gets George a memorable .875!!!

George’s best one is George on his chair with a bit of tongue sticking out.

.876! Who says we bassets aren’t memorable?!!!!!

What’s dad’s best non-basset photo? It’s a cropped photo from Sandwash Basin taken in 2014.

It’s not bad at .809, but the basset photos stomp all over it.

Okay, okay, this is just one interpretation of rating photos, and if you have a great landscape photo, you’ll be disappointed when it scores less than .300. Other than the Sandwash Basin photo, dad has no non-basset photos over .800. As for the number of basset photos over .800, well, there are oodles of them. It’s appropriate that dad’s photo catalog is by far and away most memorable for basset photos. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

So what’s my most memorable photo? Dances with Bassets!


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June 27, 2016

Darn good morning for a run, even though I’m finding them harder and harder to do.

I looked like George did in 2006. Hot and tired and proud that I’m a tough basset.

I’d rather do a slow, sniffing walk like we did a little later in the morning. And dog oh dog, the Sweet Clover has sprung up tall and willowy around the Prairie Dog village.

This makes for excellent sniffing around!

We got pizza for dinner this evening. Have I woofed pizza is my favorite? Yeah, I guess that I have.
After our pizza fest the thunderstorms roamed the territory. We didn’t get any rain and very little close thunder; the sky sure was pretty come sunset.

A big paw up to the old Sony DSC-R1 for still taking marvelous sunset photos!

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June 26, 2016

Not a bad morning for a run. The Cow Daisies are giving their full bloom now.

Meanwhile, the Yucca keeps on.

Even better is that mom picked up so I didn’t have to do the whole run.

Over at Sota’s place the Penstemon is starting to fade.

But the Lilies sure look great.

It did get toasty in the afternoon with white puffy clouds. No thunder, thank goodness. Mom made a terrific sirloin stroganoff for dinner, darn tasty!
Up in Edgemont the temperature got down to 45 degrees just before dawn and then hit 102 degrees at 5pm. Wow! That’s a 57 degree difference in one day! You gotta love a place that has such changeable weather.

George was making good time on his Basset Back Ridge run back in 2006.

A basset does get to the end of these June runs with a lot of heat to pant out of his basset body.

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June 25, 2016

Plenty of clouds today. I made it into a Flax wildflower day, you know, bring out the color.

We had breakfast at Pegasus. The weather was just right for eating out on the restaurant’s patio. After that it was a lazy day for me. The temperature wasn’t nearly so hot as it has been; that’s a good thing.

Big basset grin…here’s George again on one of those Basset Back Ridge runs of June 2006.

I asked dad why so many photos of the run that month? He told me that it’s the great memories.

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June 24, 2016

Hey, we stopped at a cool place this morning, Staunton State Park. It’s up in the mountains about 40 miles west of Denver.

It was going to be a hot day in Castle Rock so mom took me to this park before we met Frankie and company for lunch. The trails are easy. The wildflowers were numerous.

How about this Columbine?

Here’s something I’ve not seen before, Sugar Bowl.

The views are pretty darn good too!

We couldn’t spend much time in the park because we were due for lunch, but the little time there was darn nice.
And lunch was great!

When we got back to Castle Rock, a storm had gone through so the temperature had dropped to 62 degrees, very comfortable. And I missed the thunder! Yippee!

Meanwhile in Edgemont, it hit 107 degrees…ouch.

Everyday that June 2006, the run on Basset Back Ridge.

George was a tough basset, no doubt about that!

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June 23, 2016

Dad and I were up early for our run. The skies were typical Colorado clouds and some blue sky.

Lots of Cow Daisies are blooming.

There isn’t much Spiderwort, however.

That’s too bad.

Mom took me out Prairie Dog hunting after breakfast. Yippee!!!!

Not that I caught one.

All I managed to do was get myself all slobbered up from running in the heat.

Nice look, huh?

It’s not so easy to get the stuff off when it’s this heavy.

Thank goodness dad brought some paper towels along to, um, get me looking spic and span again.

Come the late afternoon we had have those darn thunderstorms again. But guess what? I was too tired to care.

We did get this low rainbow after the storm had passed.

I wonder how much slobber George had after his Basset Back Ridge run in 2006?

We bassets are a special breed alright!:-)

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June 22, 2016

Cooler day today compared to yesterday. It wasn’t any cooler on our run, however. But the run was pretty good. I could see that clouds were moving in.

I did notice the first of the Trumpet flowers.

After our run it was a quiet day. Dad made up burgers on the grill for dinner. I always like those! All in all, it was a good day to rest up from all the doings of yesterday.

Hey George! Who’s the pretty basset meeting you at Sylvan Lake?

I’ll bet she was impressed with your motorcycle! Lucky dog!
June 22, 2008

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June 21, 2016

Today is the summer solstice. And it’s gonna be a hot one.

Mom had a great idea! She took dad and me into the mountains for cool air on the longest day of the year.
We headed for Mt. Evans.
Along the way we found this beautiful meadow plum full of Golden Pea.

Look at this place! Isn’t it great!

The sky wasn’t all that great, but mom and I took lots of photos anyway.

What a difference from that meadow to the top of Mt. Evans! No flowers here…yet.

I dipped my paws in a cold brook running from the melting snow.

Instead of a 100 degrees in Denver, the temperature at Mt. Evans was a cool 55 degrees.

Bark about a basset on top the world!

Not a bad view, if I do woof so to myself.

Yeah, not a bad spot to be on a hot day.

We had lunch at Echo Lake. Then we walked into the cool pine forest.

A bit different too in the wildflower department.

More wildflowers on the way home as we stopped in that beautiful meadow again.

Most excellent.

The temperature on our patio reached 99 degrees today, and some stations in Denver reported 104 degrees. Lucky us to have a cool day in the mountains.
Barking of hot!!!!!!

That would be Edgemont today. Seriously, 112 degrees?!!!!!! Yikes!

George’s 2007 day wasn’t that hot. And he had a nice sunset.

Looking good there Sheriff George!

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June 20, 2016

Whew! It’s not getting any cooler. I’m looking more like George was ten years ago.

Hot times on our runs.

Though when I had a chance to rest, I felt pretty good in the early morning air.

Wildflowers help.

Got a chance to see some of the wildflowers at Sota’s place too.

We got an inch of rain from a thunderstorm this evening; that bothered me. And tomorrow’s supposed to be hot, hot, hot. Darn weather.

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June 19, 2016

Dog oh dog, it’s gonna be a hot one.

Thank goodness all the green is cool on my paws.

And thank goodness mom picked me up again so I didn’t have to do my whole run.

And thank goodness again that I got to hunt Prairie Dogs after breakfast.

Too bad I didn’t catch one!

The temperature did get to 98 degrees, though that’s not as hot as Edgemont’s 101 degrees.
In the evening we were out, which was a good thing because around the condo a big thunderstorm dumped hail and rain. Once we got home I took a photo of the thunderstorm receding in the distance.

Notice the hail sheets shooting to the ground.

George was on a roll in June 2006!

Lots and lots of photos of him on his Basset Back Ridge run. That’s history, good history.

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June 18, 2016

Hey, can you tell the difference between these two photos?

I can’t either, but seeing me twice isn’t such a bad thing. Well to bark the truth, seeing me twice is a grand thing.
In these photos mom had just pulled up with the Jeep so I didn’t have to do the whole run with dad. Mom then took me to Burger King! Ha, ha, dad.

Kinda toasty out today, so I didn’t do a whole lot. Oh, and Edgemont managed to hit 105 degrees today. Wow, bark about a hot June for Edgemont.

George’s June 2006 wasn’t quite that hot, but it wasn’t cool either. Once again I have to post a photo of George at the end of his Basset Back Ridge run.

So much fun!

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June 18, 2016

With all the rain here in Castle Rock, the Sweet Clover is looking darn good.

Lots of Vetch coming up now too.

You know, it hasn’t rained since we got back to Castle Rock. That’s good. I was expecting all the rain that happened here to continue after we got back. Lucky dog that I am.

Another 2006 photo of George on the last leg of his run on Basset Back Ridge?

You betcha!

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June 16, 2016

So far not nearly as hot as Edgemont, but that’s pretty much the norm. It was good morning for a run, even though the summer heat did start coming on toward the end of the run.
I haven’t taken a photo with the Sony A6000 for awhile; it was nice to have it in the bag (so light!).

Scoping out the Yucca, I’d woof to you that it’s at its finest.

With the macro lens, I could get up close and personal with the Yucca. Check out how much Ladybugs love Yucca.

Oh those luscious June days of 2006! Yeah, it got hot, but the early mornings were great for running on Basset Back Ridge.

Right George?

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June 15, 2016

On our run this morning, dad and I checked out how the wildflowers are doing in Castle Rock.
There’s still some Indian Paintbrush.

The grass is green from all the rain. Guess the Yucca likes all the rain; dog oh dog it’s doing well here.

Over at Sota’s place there are a few Penstemon blooming.

Nice to see them here cuz there weren’t any in Edgemont. Edgemont’s lack of rain has made it a tough year for wildflowers.

Whoa! Look what came in the afternoon!!!!!

Wow! Finest Fetch! And a lot of it!!!!

The bad news is that Finest Fetch is going out of business. Thanks mom for getting this big one last Finest Fetch bonanza.

2006 was a pretty good year for wildflowers. George had plenty of Harebells to appreciate.

Darn fine run on Basset Back Ridge that morning too.

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June 14, 2016

Sigh…we’re leaving Edgemont. And it’s another long ride in the car.

I can’t say as though it was fun ride. Interesting though, as we got closer to Cheyenne I could see that the precipitation has been much greater than what Edgemont has received this year. Lots of Sweet Clover behind me in this photo taken in Wyoming.

We drove into Castle Rock before 5pm. Smash Burger here I come 🙂

Hey, you know that heat in Edgemont that happens a lot? Yeah, George was dealing with it as he finished his run on Basset Back Ridge.

June 14, 2006

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June 13, 2016

Yay! A run on Windsong Rise this morning.

This is one of the best spots in the world!

I kinda felt like George did ten years ago as he finished up his run on Windsong Rise.

That would be exuberance and satisfaction after finishing another great run in the Black Hills National Forest.
Makes a basset’s day, I’ll woof you!

I had to stop for a Bullthistle photo on this beautiful morning.

We were planning on heading to Castle Rock today, but the weather forecast suggested strong thunderstorms over much of the route, so we stayed in Edgemont one more day. And BTW a thunderstorm did drop 1.5″ of rain and hail on Castle Rock in the evening. We got about a quarter inch of rain here in Edgemont and no hail and no wind. Matter of fact, most of the day in Edgemont was darn nice. I even got a ride on my motorcycle.
We stopped to look at the new bridge on Old Hwy 18 crossing the Cheyenne River.

Looking good. There’s even space on the west side of the bridge for the Mickelson Trail riders.

One more evening with Agnes and Gene. I’m a lucky basset!

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June 12, 2016

So much cooler today than yesterday. Up at the airport on our run there were clouds, so I didn’t get overheated.

Mom and I took a look at the Globe Mallow when the sun came out.

I was so tired that I couldn’t keep my eyes open.
Good thing that we had a quiet afternoon so I could rest.

We did go over to see Buckshot and friends later in the afternoon. The Spanish Mustangs were near the Prairie Dog village so you can bet my eyes weren’t on the horses.

What luck! We spent part of the evening again with Agnes and Gene. Yay!!!!

George was finishing up a hot run on Basset Back Ridge ten years ago.

He was on the last part of his run as he came up the hill of Elbow Canyon Road. I know how he feels.

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June 11, 2016

Gonna be a hot one in Edgemont today. Dad didn’t make me run very much, and mom agreed to pick me up at the airport. Dog oh dog, I was eager for my ride!

We headed over to PJ’s for some breakfast sandwiches. I asked mom if she would take me to Igloo bridge. You know, eat breakfast there and get some train action at the same time.
An eastbound train was waiting when we got to the bridge.

We had to wait a little bit for a westbound to clear the single line. The eastbound train got going.

Here comes the tail end of the westbound with 2 DPU’s.

We waited for one more eastbound train.

Then it was time to get out of the heat and pretty much stay indoors.

Here’s the outside temperature at 12:18pm.

Then the temperature got up to a hot, hot, hot 106 degrees at 2:33pm.

Thank goodness for air conditioning!

In the evening we stopped by to see Agnes and Gene. It was the perfect way to end the day on a darn hot one.

George was having a good time around the Harebells in 2007.

The run on Basset Back Ridge had been spectacular, another beautiful June day.

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June 10, 2016

Don’t tell me we still have over 400 miles to go before getting home…dog oh dog, I’d like to snooze away the car trip.

But I did get up since breakfast was calling.
Before leaving Huron, South Dakota, mom drove us over to the Rapid City, Pierre, and Eastern engine facility. Pretty cool stuff to photograph like this newly painted SD40-3, looking good in the Rapid City, Pierre, and Eastern colors.

Compare it to the old DM&E colors on this SD40-3.

There was a lot of work going on at the locomotive facility. Workers had removed the prime mover from one of the GP38 units, while behind it another engine waits its turn for whatever the RCP&E has planned for it.

Must be tough working on these locos outside particularly when it’s going to be a hot one today.

Looking down the RCP&E mainline I could see the work area as well as a snowplow on the left hand side of the track.

The old roundhouse is still standing, but it’s glory days when Chicago and Northwestern steam engines were here are long gone.

Time to hit the road! We stopped about a couple of hours later by a wheat field.

Now here’s a lesson to be learned. Notice that I am NOT excited by all the wheat behind me. And really have you ever seen a basset hound run to a wheat or corn field and chop on the plants? Of course, you haven’t. So why is it so many dog foods have either wheat or corn or both as the primary ingredient? Give me beef!!!!!

And here’s the mainline of the RCP&E again.

Our next stop was Pierre. Hey, that’s a capital looking Porter basset in front of the capitol!

Dad had me stop by the Fighting Stallions statue.

But I preferred the cool grass underneath the American Elm trees.

American Elm? Yup, that’s right there still are some of these beautiful trees left right here around the capitol building of South Dakota. Awesome!

From Pierre it was the long grind to Rapid City. At least I got to stop for photographs of this RCP&E trundling down the mainline just east of Wall.

That old jointed rail isn’t much good so it’s a ten mph speed limit on the track. Those engines don’t have air conditioning. I’ll bet it was darn hot in the crew cab with the 95 degree heat.

We finally made it to Edgemont in the evening; it’s good to be home.

George was appreciating Edgemont in the morning with a run and then time with Spiderwort and Bullthistle.

In the afternoon, his appreciation of Edgemont was in photographing BNSF trains on the mainline.

What a difference between the mainline of BNSF through Edgemont and the mainline of the RCP&E through the heart of South Dakota!
June 10, 2006

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June 09, 2016

Time to head home! Good thing I got some Chai to help me with the long drive.

We picked mom up and drove out of Maple Grove just before noon. We took the two lane roads for a change of scenery…and to hunt for trains on the old Milwaukee Road mainline through Minnesota. This line doesn’t see much traffic now days, so I was darn lucky to see this train outside of Danube.

The lead locomotive is one of those Cat Powered Biodiesel rebuilds.

Pretty fresh paint on it.

The second one is an old GP10.

The Illinois Central rebuilt this old Geep (born in 1956) into a GP10 back in the 80’s. Now it’s still kicking around 50 years later.

Pretty cool!

What wasn’t so cool was the weather. It was darn toasty getting into the upper 90’s (Edgemont hit 102 degrees today!). Despite the heat we stopped in Marshall, Minnesota, to take some photos of the Minnesota Southwestern University sign.

As you can probably guess the nickname for the school is the Mustangs.

Our final stop before bedding down in Huron, South Dakota, was a visit to the Little House on the Prairie village near De Smet South Dakota.

That’s Ma’s House behind me. I’ll woof to you that being a pioneer dog wouldn’t have been easy! Thank goodness we had air conditioning in the Jeep and at the motel in Huron, South Dakota (not to mention a Subway for food).

George was getting a bit toasty himself as he finished his Basset Back Ridge run ten years ago today.

I’ll woof to you that I can’t wait to get back to Edgemont!

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June 08, 2016

Is that a wild basset in the brush?!!!!

Nope, it’s just Porter basset in Maple Grove.

Dad and I had to drop mom off early for her conference. We got our run in before we did. After breakfast dad and I hung out at a Starbucks near the motel. It was quite pleasant. And to make things even better, there were outdoor sofas so I could get good and comfortable.

After having lunch with mom and then dropping her off for her conference (again! – my poor mom), dad and I headed back to Elk River in hopes the train photos would be happening.
Dog oh dog, they did! It started with an eastbound oil can train.

Then came a westbound intermodal.

How about this local with a newly painted GP28P?

That warrants a closer look.

Then a stack train came.

And finally we got a general freight train.

Highly productive afternoon!

In the evening mom bought us dinner at Panda Express. It had been a hot afternoon, but eating outside was terrific.

Here comes George!!!!

June 08, 2006.

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June 07, 2016

One way Maple Grove is different from Castle Rock are the numerous paved paths winding here and there throughout the city.

There are a lot of ponds and lakes in Maple Grove and the paths circle them too.

It makes for a better pedestrian experience than car loving Castle Rock. Of course, to have all this water you’ve got to have a generous amount of precipitation, which isn’t so great.

It was actually a little chilly on our run this morning, felt good though. I took a look at the various wildflowers around the ponds.

They sure don’t look like Edgemont wildflowers.

Mom had to leave midmorning for her conference, so dad and I had lunch than drove northwest along the Mississippi River.
We stopped in Elk River in hopes of catching some BNSF trains on the BNSF northern mainline.

Only one local came along while we were in town. Not enough to keep our interest, but walking along and over the Mississippi River did.

It’s my first time at the Mississippi River.

We got back and picked up mom and met dad’s friend, Jim. While mom had to go to her conference dinner, dad and I had dinner with Jim. Jim was dad’s best friend when dad lived in New Ulm. They both were young pups way back then. Anyway, we all had a good time and the food at Noodles and Company was good and tasty.

Running in Maple Grove certainly is different than a run on Basset Back Ridge. See any people George?

Other than dad, not a one!
June 07, 2006

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June 06, 2016

It’s my early morning run, and here I am in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

It’s a lot like Castle Rock. All my running will be on sidewalks while we’re here.

The humidity sure is a lot here. Whew! I can see that I’ll be a hot Porter basset over the next few days.

Today wasn’t too bad on our run. It had rained just before our run and the temperature wasn’t too bad.
I was a pooped pup when I got back to the motel.

Please don’t disturb the snoozing Porter basset!

Mom worked in the motel today; tomorrow her conference starts.
After she got out of work, when checked out the town some and then got food from Famous Dave’s. Mom bought me my own dinner of corn dogs! How about that?

And I get to sleep with mom and dad in the king size bed. Nice!

George had a great lunch back in 2006.

The weather was fine, the motorcycle ride was fun, and the Alpine Inn food was delicious!

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June 05, 2016

After a McDonald’s breakfast in Sioux Falls, we hit the road. Once we crossed over the border into Minnesota, I kept my eyes peeled for any sign of activity on the Minnesota Southern.

There isn’t much activity on this little railroad, so I wasn’t surprised not to see a single engine.

North of Worthington, MN, we followed the UP line that goes to Mankato and Minneapolis. No train on it today, but I did see this local switcher for one of the huge grain elevators so common in southern Minnesota.

It’s an ex Conrail switcher, but it will take some time to find out the make and model.

Onward to Sleepy Eye! Here’s where the statue of Linus stands in front of the Sleepy Eye library. George was here in 2008.

Now it’s my turn in 2016.

Linus doesn’t look better for the eight years between.

This is dad’s territory when he was young pup, so we had to stop in his home town, New Ulm, Minnesota. We drove by his old house. It’s amazing that as a kid he had all these thick woods right behind his backyard.

We walked out to Indian Point, which certainly has changed since dad’s young pup days.

He told me there were no benches or groomed trails here when he was wandering here 55 years ago.

Still, the woods look darn beautiful and cool on this hot day.

Over at Herman Heights it was hot but I sure got a good view of the town below the hill.

We stopped by the beautiful New Ulm Post Office.

George stopped by here too in 2008.

It’s no longer the New Ulm Post Office; now it’s a museum. But in dad’s day, well, it was quite the place to go for stamps.

Mom thought New Ulm was pretty cool. I did too. I even got a shot of these Canadian Pacific engines hanging around the New Ulm rail yard.

That first locomotive is a new GP20C-ECO. It’s an eight cylinder engine putting out 2000 horsepower. It’s built from old CP GP-9’s. The second unit is GP38AC; it’s been kicking around now for almost 40 years.

Once out of New Ulm I snapped a shot of these Red River Valley and Western/ Twin Cities and Western locomotives near the town of Glencoe.

Two bad the grass is so high that one can’t see the wheels. This one is a GP38-2. Nicely painted, I’ll woof to you.

This one is a GP15C Biodiesel. It’s rebuilt from GP-9 parts and doesn’t burn diesel fuel.

The biggest surprise that I had was getting shot of this Bald Eagle out in a soybean field.

When dad was a pup, there weren’t any Bald Eagles to be seen; now they’re almost common.

After a darn long day, we made it to Maple Grove. Mom had a great suite at the Staybridge Suites.

I had already picked out a chair for myself, when I snapped this photo. And the kitchen is right behind me; let’s eat!

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June 04, 2016

Time for a long trip in the Jeep.


At least I got my run in and got to appreciate the Lilies and the Globe Mallow.

Maybe this trip won’t be too bad, since we got to stop for a Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern train on the Rapid City to Crawford track.

I’ll woof to you that the trains are pretty rare on this segment of track. Notice how the engines are still painted in DM&E colors.

Plus those engines are about thirty years old now.

Okay, then the trip got boring until we went across the Missouri River on I90. It was good to get out of the car, and there’s no denying that the view is fantastic.

I’ve never been to the Missouri River before.

Behind me is the old Milwaukee Road rail bridge.

The Milwaukee built this track that went across South Dakota all the way to Rapid City. Of course the Milwaukee Road is history and this track no longer makes it to Rapid City.

Mom enjoyed the view here too. She took a number of photos.

I’ll woof you that she’s even more beautiful than the view here.

Then it was on to a corny tourist attraction in Mitchell, the Corn Palace.

We did get some ice cream, and I was ready to be out of the car again.

Seemed like it took ages to get to Sioux Falls for our stay that night in the Super 8 motel. Dog oh dog, I was so glad to be out of the car and get in the bed.

Awww-ww George. You look so handsome with the Harebells.

June 04, 2006.

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June 03, 2016

Yeah, the Wallflower didn’t do well this year.

It’s too dry for all the wildflowers.

But, it’s not too dry for those rascally Rabbits! You know, you can always find them hiding under cattle guards.

Getting them out from the cattle guard? Now that’s a tough thing to do; I haven’t figured out the how of that one.

I thought that I best take one last shot of BNSF at Edgemont, since we’re heading to Minnesota tomorrow.

Dad and I are hoping that we see some different sort of trains on our trip.

We had another beautiful day. Look at this! A feather in the sky!

That’s what I like so much about Edgemont, the photo opportunities are extensive.

George was taking it easy after his run on Basset Back Ridge in 2006.

He and dad were deciding where they should go for some train photos.

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June 02, 2016

Bark about a great day to be alive and be a basset!!!! Out on Circle Viewpoint I was so elated with the fine weather and time in the woods, well, I just had to have a little stick action.

There isn’t anything better than a happy basset.

The Clover has come out now.

Gotta watch the bubble bees around the Clover, though.

Coming off of Windsong Rise (just like George), I was still in a darn happy mood even after running for four miles.

In the afternoon dad and I took the motorcycle to Igloo Bridge. The trains have been busy all day, but doesn’t it figure that the east bound trains were held up at Igloo Bridge waiting for the west bound trains?

That’s okay cuz I was more that willing to do more motorcycle riding.

Mom tells me that we’re going to Minnesota on Saturday. What’s with that?

George had a hot one down at Igloo Bridge ten years ago today.

Not only was it hot, but the gnats were darn pesky too.

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June 01, 2016

Dog oh dog, is it June already? Well, I’m eager to seize the day with my early morning run.

The sky was darn beautiful at Circle Viewpoint.

It did get a tad hot as dad and I finished our run on Windsong Rise. I needed a bit of a break so I figured it was time to be with a Goatsbeard flower again.

All in all it was a beautiful morning.

It was a pretty good afternoon too. I went down to the BNSF crew change station for a shot of this KCS engine.

And a shot of a CEFX lease engine.

I haven’t seen these lease engines too often, but I guess with the upsurge in traffic the railroads are a bit short of motive power again.

Mom took me to the crossing at SD 471 so I could get a shot of the same train barnstorming out of town.

Quite good.

George’s day in 2007 wasn’t nearly as nice as my June 1st day.

He had to put up with clouds and cold northwest wind. But those Prince’s Plume wildflowers…beautiful!

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May 31, 2016

Dog oh dog, we sure are having some great mornings for our run. This morning we took Basset1 up Elbow Canyon Road for our run.

Basset1 is still running like a champ. I like how I can hang my head out the windows so easily on Basset1; plus Basset1 requires no effort to hop into the car.

We’re getting Scarlet Gaura now.

Hey, did you know it’s also called Scarlet Beeblossom? No matter the name, the blossoms are delicate and sweet.

On Windsong Rise I stopped to enjoy the fine weather and the coming back of the Ponderosa Pines.

It’s looking a lot better around Windsong Rise five years after the Coal Canyon fire.

On the way home I snapped a photo of this BNSF train tied down as track work was the order of the day.

The trains have been running hot and heavy again. Nice to see the traffic increase compared to when I was here in early April.

George had a beautiful day ten years ago like I did today.

Looking mighty fine there George.

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May 20, 2016

Another darn nice morning to be up early, in this case a run for dad and me. I checked in on the Wallflowers on Ears to the Wind Ridge.

Past peak but still looking good.

Now the Lilies are coming along quite nicely.

We went into Hot Springs in the afternoon for some supplies. Other than that it was day to hang outside and enjoy the fine weather.

Some thundershowers moved into the area about 7pm, but there was very little thunder (whew!) and less than a tenth of an inch of rain. But oh dog oh dog, we sure got a beautiful rainbow out of the storm. Yeah, I got carried away taking photos of it.

Then it was time for a darn nice sunset.

What a terrific day!

And we all know that George had a rainbow on this day in 2009 with a darn nice sunrise!

I’ll woof to that!

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May 29, 2016

Like yesterday, we were up early to get over to see the horses. While looking for Sierra, I did find some Gromwell to view.

Whew! I missed breakfast again, and I was darn hungry.

I asked mom to help before we photographed horses. Viola! She got out some yogurt. That hit the spot!

Yup, with my energy level back up…

I was ready to find Sierra!


I did find her! Isn’t she looking great?

She’s such a sweetheart and gorgeous mustang.

After stopping by the house we headed out again. This time for lunch at Prairie Berry. My, my, I love this place!

Yeah, that’s desert, chocolate mousse.

In the evening we watched a huge thunderstorm form over Nebraska.

Mom and dad tried to get some good photos, but the storm dissipated about as fast as it formed.

What a day!

George had one of those blissful naps that all us bassets crave after a busy morning running and hunting.

It’s great to have the Lilies watch over you as you nap.
May 29, 2007

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May 28, 2016

The first thing this morning we went over to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Dad needed to take some Mustang of the Month photos. Not that it was all Mustang of the Month. I snapped this shot as the mustangs were just starting to get up and get going.

Since I didn’t go for a run this morning, you can bet that I had plenty of energy to chase Prairie Dogs on the Spanish Mustang turf.

Too bad that I didn’t catch one.

Lulu got a bad paw while we were at the Horse Sanctuary, so we decided to cut things short before her tire got flat. Good deal for me that we stopped to take a hike about Mathias Peak.

Darn pretty morning for it!

And what can I woof about Grand View today other than awesome?!!!!

What luck that I got this hike in on such a fine morning.

The rest of the day was clouds moving in, but we didn’t get any rain. Sure turned out to be a fantastic morning!

George took a break from his run on Basset Back Ridge in 2006.

One has to stop and enjoy the first Spiderwort of the year.

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