March 16, 2016

Winter is definitely back as we got a light dusting of snow last night.

Pretty nice on our run, though.

Gotta love a Ponderosa Sky. There were plenty of clouds later, so it wasn’t all blue sky today.

Smash Burger for dinner…now that hit the spot!

Almost no snow left on Elbow Canyon Road on this day in 2006.

George was quite pleased that the snowstorm of March 12th didn’t hang around.

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March 15, 2016

It’s getting colder, so it sure was nice to have sun on our run.

I’ll woof you that running when it is 29 degrees is a lot better than 60 degrees.

I still have my winter coat, you know.

After a hard day of running and walking and begging for food, it so nice that mom takes care of me.

“A little scratch on the ear there, mom.” Isn’t she a sweetheart?

The GoPro camera came back today. It works! How about that? It’s been a long haul with the GoPro camera. Maybe I’ll be set to video some great Porter action.

Where’s all the snow going?

Hard to believe that George had a foot of snow to go through three days before this March 15, 2006 run on Basset Back Ridge. Snow is easy on the paws, but only when it’s in small doses.

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March 14, 2016

Hey, that’s dad and I!

Yup, quite the nice morning for our run.

While dad took his bath, mom snuggled me in to my bed in her office.

No doubt about it, she does take care of me very well indeed!

Back outside later in the morning the wind was fierce.

Almost as brutal as the wind in Edgemont. Yikes!

We had some of mom’s lasagna for dinner…the best!

All that snow from the big snowstorm of March 12, 2006 was starting to melt and compact. It wasn’t easy running but George had a fine time 10 years ago today.

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March 13, 2016

Yeah, that snowstorm of 2006! George got up in the morning of March 13, 2006 and had a fine run, not far, but very fine. Afterwards he posed for one of dad’s favorite photos of George.

My day was another spring day with lots of sun.

I had a fine run too.

Back at home I rested a bit on my favorite rug.

I had visions of a Burger King breakfast in my head. Thank goodness mom came through on that vision.

Did I bark about spring? Well, look at what I found at Sota’s place.

Yippee! A Pasqueflower! It was the only one, but such a welcome sight.

I brought along the new Sony A6300 to Sota’s place, so I could put it through its paces.

Dad had a clever idea so he could process these photos in DxO Optics: take a hex editor and change the A6300 raw file headers so DxO would think it’s an A6000 raw file. Dog oh dog, the photos look so much better. The Sony A6300 is quite the camera!

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March 12, 2016

Ten years ago today!!!!

Dog oh dog, I just have to keep posting photos of this snowstorm that turned March 2006 into a very memorable month. And George? What a great time he had!

My day was very mellow compared to that day ten years ago.

During our run I was still thinking about…

the Snake River Farms fillet dad cooked up on the grill yesterday evening.

Yup, just about finished. Excuse me while I enjoy the last bites of a really great piece of beef.

This evening we had the Berkshire pork from Snake River Farms…delicious. Mom sure knows how to get the right stuff for this Porter basset!

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March 11, 2016

Darn nice morning for our run.

Would you believe the temperature hit 75 degrees today?

I showed off my running stuff for the Sony A6000.

I had to get ready for the new Sony A6300, which arrived this afternoon. Dog oh dog, does it track well!


Almost every shot was in focus. Not bad.

The only problem is that I have to use the Sony raw converter program, which seriously stinks for sharpening.

The Sony A6300 camera will be one sharp camera once DxO releases a module to support it.

We had some great and mighty tasty filets from Snake River Farms this evening. Dog oh dog, bark about good stuff off the grill!

Yeah, you got that right George. Snow!

I don’t blame him for sticking his tongue out at the stuff. Snow isn’t much fun in March. You know, one gets tired of it.

It was a beautiful morning in 2006, and really the snow looked pretty with its freshness as did the blue sky and the fog in the Cheyenne River valley.

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March 10, 2016

The rear dial on the Sony A7r may not work, but that doesn’t mean one can’t get around it and use the camera.

I set the aperture to f/2.8.

Yup, one can do it without the rear dial. Takes a little more fiddling, but the Sony A7r is not by any means a good camera for action, so one can take one’s time with it.

Hey, I could blow this one up to billboard size and Porter basset would look darn sharp and detailed.

The A7r is going back to the repair shop. They better do it right this time!

As for the beautiful morning…yay! yay!!!!

Yeah, it was a great morning to be outside.

In the afternoon we traveled to the National Western Complex in Denver.

Mom dropped off a framed photo for the Rocky Mountain Horse Show. It’s darn good, so I expect it to sell.
I enjoyed wandering around the hall. Even better was walking to the Cheese Cake Factory!

“Dad, I smell snow, lots of snow coming our way.”

George would soon be seeing plenty of snow for the 2006 March winter blitz. On this morning he enjoyed his run on Basset Back Ridge, knowing what was going to happen in the next couple of days.

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March 09, 2016

George was catching that March Edgemont wind in 2008.

It was a great day to walk out to the Cottonwood bluffs and enjoy the spring weather.

I also had a nice spring day.

The temperature was just below freezing for our run, which is about perfect for me when there is plenty of sun too.

I thought that I should try out the Picture Effects on the A7k, you know, something a bit different. I matched up the color of my brown fur.

I tried post processing with DxO’s Clear View.

It’s a bit too much.

Yeah, I like the normal processing better with Picture Effects.

I switched over to the excellent Sony 90mm lens for our walk.

Dog oh dog, what a great lens!

Then it was time for more Picture Effects. This time I matched my brown fur and a second color, that being the blue sky.

The blue sky color isn’t bad until you get some clouds mixed in.

With the clouds, I think I better just stay with the one color.

Bark about a surprise this afternoon! The Sony A7r came back from its repair. It looked really good, nicely cleaned, until I tried out that rear dial. It still doesn’t work!!!!!! Some repair…

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March 08, 2016

Dad and I were up early to catch the little bit of sun just after sunrise.

The clouds were moving fast and the sun would soon disappear. Look at the difference in lighting of these two photos.

The two photos are 35 minutes apart.

The sky did clear some in the afternoon and turned into a nice popcorn cloud sky. I tried out some time lapse to celebrate. The Sony A6000 does a nice job on the time lapse. On the other hand, the cheap video cam I used in place of the broken GoPro camera didn’t do such a good job, weird pink cast to all the frames.

George got to see the pink, red, and orange colors where they should be on this day in 2009; that would be a sunrise.

Looking darn good there, George!

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March 07, 2016

I had to be out early to enjoy the sun today. Yup, it was a Ponderosa Sky on our run.

Then the clouds started to move in. Goodbye sun.

And there’s rain coming! Run Porter run! Get home before it rains.

I thought it would be rain, but it was more snow then rain. Glad it didn’t do anything but melt when it hit the ground.
Smash Burger this evening! Yeah, it was mighty tasty.

Grand View! What a great place on an early spring day. George loved this late afternoon hike.

March 07, 2006

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March 06, 2016

“See me!”

“Coming out to getch you!”

Okay, okay, I’m a mellow sort of guy, so you need not be frightened of me.

But don’t deny it, I did get you scared, didn’t I?

Darn nice morning for our run.

And a darn nice morning for running at Sota’s place. Then the clouds moved in, but it was another spring like day.

Remember yesterday, how I woofed that some days the photos come easy? Well, George had one of those days in 2007, starting with the sunrise.

And he was very pleased that his Canon 400mm lens worked well with the new Canon Xti camera. How about a train shot looking good?

He found it easy to get shots of all the bambi’s around town.

Yup a great day to have a camera.

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March 05, 2016

Some days the photos come easily…

and that’s something to howl about with joy!

George had one of those days in 2008.

My day started out with the normal jog photo.

Yeah, I look pretty good!

In the late afternoon, wow oh wow, the photos did come easy. Go Porter go!!!!!

Mom was out for this photo shoot with her Nikon 7200, while dad was using the Sony A6000.

Bark about a rampaging Porter Basset showing the right stuff!

Mom was very appreciative of all my efforts. Ah, that’s the right spot mom!

Then came the best part of the photo shoot!

Me catching treats!!!!


I’m damn good at one I do!!!!

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March 04, 2016

Sure. It looks like a bright sunny day on our run.

But, I could see the clouds were going to hang in there and take over the sky.


I did get in a lot of walking today, including an excursion through and around downtown Castle Rock with a stop at the Diary Queen. Pretty good, huh? Too bad the skies were overcast when a train came through Castle Rock.

There would be many more great sunrises to come in 2007, but George was living in the moment of the morning’s sunrise on this 4th of March.

Some years seem to do so well for sunrises; 2007 was one of them.

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March 03, 2016

Dog oh dog, our runs sure have been easy in the last few weeks.

I’m barking about good temperatures and no mud, snow, or rain. And sometimes we get sun too.

This is the way life should be for me on our morning runs.

Dad and I took our late morning walk. I was having a bad ear morning.

Even worse the Sony A7r rear dial decided to poop out on me. What’s with that?!!! So dad had to get a RMA for the camera and pack it off to be repaired. Geezzzz, kinda depressing. There’s only 2200 shutter activations on the A7r. Shoot, the Sony NEX-7 has 60,000 shutter activations on it and it’s going strong.

George was having a great day and the excitement of trying out a new camera, the Canon XTI, on this day in 2007.

He took the camera to Grand View with the trusty Canon 200mm lens.

Much, much better than the Canon XT.

And the XTI wasn’t the dust bucket like the Canon 5D. Canon finally put in a way to clean the sensor as the camera fired up. Novel then, but standard in today’s lens switchable digital cameras.

George even got to use the new XTI on a partial eclipse of the moon that evening.
Lucky basset!

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March 02, 2016

Pretty darn blustery today.

Though the wind didn’t come up until after my run.

Some rain came around 9:30am. I haven’t seen any of that this year. I keep waiting for winter to return, but so far, no show. That’s good.

Dad muttered and complained as he got a RMA for the GoPro camera. It never had worked right from day one. It’s packed and ready to go out tomorrow. Hope it comes back fixed and working the way it should.

Cube Stone Meadow in 2006. You know, it’s a nice hike to this spot.

George loved it!

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March 01, 2016

Here it is the first day of March and it sure does feel like spring.

Then again, it has felt like spring for three weeks now.

Well, except for that bit of snowfall early last week.

I wonder how long the field next to Tower Road will remain free of houses. As you can see, there’s heavy equipment in the neighborhood making new lots.

It’s kinda scary how fast houses mushroom around here. I’m worried that in a couple of years there will be no Tower Road peace and quiet for my run…sigh.

Imagine stopping on a road around here to take a photo of me on my motorcycle. Yeah, that ain’t going to happen like it did for George on Old Hwy 18 in 2008.

Dog oh dog, it sure was a splendid March 1st day for George and his motorcycle.

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February 29, 2016

Hey, it’s Leap Year, and today is Leap Day. Dog oh dog, that means something special today, right?

We got lunch at Miyo Café! Yeah, that was an unexpected special treat. We ate outside in the sun with a nice warm temperature. I love Leap Day.

And this is special.

Yeah, the Sony A6000 with the Sony 70-200mm lens makes a pretty good combination for action photos.

I’m loving the Sony camera for action now.

George got the Sony DSC-R1 over 10 years ago, and then more Sony mirrorless cameras followed. After all this time, I can finally use one of the darn things for action shots.
That’s a good thing!

I feel good!


Yeah, George was feeling darn good on this Leap Day in 2008. You know the day is going to be grand when the sun rises and tickles your nose.

We should have Leap Day more often.

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February 28, 2016

On our run this morning, I sure had my doubts that the sunny skies in the forecast would be part of my day.

Yay!!! They did show up as the morning wore on and after we had a Burger King breakfast.

With the sun and 60 degree temperature, I figured that I should try out the Sony A6000 for action shots with the Sony 70-200mm lens. You know how I’ve woofed my doubts about the quick focusing of the Sony A6000. I keep reading how good it is supposed to be, while my experience with it has been somewhat miserable. Yup a nice day at Sota’s place…

Time for the experiment.
So here we go!

Well, I’ll be doggone! Look at this pixel peep from the previous photo.

Not bad at all.

And again…

And another pixel peep.

I must woof that the Sony A6000 with the Sony 70-200mm lens did a nice job today. It’s not a Nikon D7200, but it worked better than the Canon 50D.

So I had some fun with the Sony A6000…giddy-up Porter!!!!!

There’s a whole lot of jowl action going on today.
As for the Sony A6000, I put it in zone focus with the continuous auto focus. Definitely gave me some optimism of the camera’s ability to take action shots. As a matter of fact, it actually focuses a little too fast with many photos getting a sharp nose focus instead of my eyes. Every other camera I’ve used lags enough that if the eyes aren’t the main focus, then the focus will be on the back of my head and not up front on my nose. Well, well, maybe the new Sony A6300 will be the equal of the Nikon D7200? Or maybe even better?

I brought the GoPro 4 along too, you know, some video of Porter Basset racing through the brush.

Go Porter go!!!!

Dog oh dog, did I ever haul basset butt when dad told me to go find Karen. It’s a good video and may be one I’ll post in the future.

It was so nice out this evening that dad cooked up Angus burgers on the grill. Darn nice February day!

George had a darn nice February morning in 2008.

Not nearly as warm as mine, but darn nice!

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February 27, 2016

Darn nice morning!

Dad and I had an excellent run. Then we had an excellent breakfast at Miyo.

I’m woofing you that you MUST try this café. It’s great!

In the afternoon we went to Denver. I enjoyed walking downtown, and I enjoyed eating at Mile High Vienna Stand.

Though, Chicago Vienna is still the best Vienna Beef restaurant.

Mom and dad got some funky things at Whole Foods for dinner. I was kinda hoping for a big, juicy steak, but I didn’t turn down the Cuban rice or the Indian chicken.
It was kinda of food type of day…hey!!!!…that’s GOOD!!!!

George was finishing his run on Basset Back Ridge on this day in 2006.

Look! No snow! What a great morning for a run!

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February 26, 2016

Darn good run this morning!

Dog oh dog, this is the life with sun and cool temperatures and knowing…

that I’ll have a great breakfast coming to me after my run. Yup, it was warm enough for us to sit outside and get a quick breakfast.

Doggone good way to spend the morning!

I got a lot of walking in on this terrific day.

There’s a basset with a destination in mind, that would be George in 2008 as he strutted along The Ponds road.

A lot colder morning than mine, but the morning was fine in Edgemont that year.

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February 25, 2016

I love a good run in the morning when the sky is clear, the temperature is cool but not cold, and the moon is tickling my nose.

It makes for easy running and easy use of a camera.

I told dad that it was about time we opened up the Sony 55mm lens, you know, like setting it to f/2.2.

With the easy conditions for taking photographs the 55mm lens nailed the focusing right on my eye which is where it was supposed to be. That’s great I’ll woof you, cuz too many lenses aren’t spot on with this narrow DOF. I’ve never had this spot on focusing with any Canon lens on a Canon camera.

I had to ponder all this a bit.

Here’s a lens that can’t focus at all in low light, but can be spot focusing with a very small DOF. Sometimes the Sony camera system is a weird world.

Dad suggested that we do the shot again but with manual focusing.
“Enough!” I woofed to dad.

Sometimes one just has to enjoy the day and not worry about photographs all the time.

George was enjoying his splendid February day in 2006.

That is one tough basset guarding his turf.

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February 24, 2016

The 2005-06 winter sure had been a mild one until the middle of February, then winter started to kick up its heels. No mind, George took full advantage of the winter weather for some fun on this day in 2006. Anyone for a snowman with fig bar eyes?

Our snow from Tuesday morning was pretty much gone today.

Yup, blue skies and lots of sun!

I’ll take it!

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February 23, 2016

After all those days of warm weather, one could forget that it’s still winter.

It’s still winter!

It didn’t snow too much this morning, and by the afternoon the sun was coming out and that pesky snow was heading east on the westerly wind.

Mom took me to Duke’s for their wonderfully tasty fillet of tenderloin. I’m drooling thinking about it.
After dinner I took the Sony A6000 out with the Sony 70-200 lens to get a shot of the full moon and Jupiter not too far away in the sky.

Jupiter is the dot in the upper left corner. So you might ask, “Why not use the telescope?” Well, Jupiter was too far from the moon for the high magnification of the telescope.

An early 2009 morning greeted George as he walked on Red Canyon Rim Trail.

That winter was rather cold, but the snow never amounted to too much.

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February 22, 2016

The morning started out cloudy enough. Yeah, no sun on our run.

That changed somewhat by midmorning. I went out to Porter’s Perch for some shots.
First no flash:

Then flash:

Yeah, it makes a difference, I’ll woof to you.

The daylight flash never seems to work as well for me as it did George. My brown fur likes to turn to orange and the flash exacerbates that problem. Still…

Bark about strange colors!!!!

We got the Canon T5i back with its new astro filter on it. Now that’s red!. But it sure will work for deep sky astrophotography.

Of course, I can change the white balance in post processing.

But, it’s not like I’m going to be using the T5i for day to day shots.

It started snowing this evening…sigh.

No snow for jaunty George in 2007.

Bark about an excellent day for wandering around the Cottonwood Bluffs.

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February 21, 2016

The forecast said mostly sunny.

I’ll woof to you that I sure didn’t see much of that sun until later in the afternoon.

We did go over to Sota’s place where the sun did try to shine through the high clouds.

Most of the time it had a hard time doing so, but I did like the halo around the sun.

You know, angelic Porter.

Still some snow at Sota’s place, but as you can see, there is a lot more snowless ground than otherwise.

Mom and dad worked hard in the afternoon installing a new light in the kitchen. I supervised. I’ll warn you that those flat LED light panels aren’t easy to install. Gotta wonder who designed them for ceiling installation – not the brightest light in the kitchen, I’d woof about that person!

So we did get some food from Outback Steakhouse after our hard work.
Dog oh dog, I was one pooped pooch come evening.

And I should bark that the Sony 55mm lens is absolutely terrible focusing in low light. I’m woofing really, really bad. Dad had to manually focus the camera for this photo. Funny that the much cheaper Sony 28-70mm lens has no trouble taking this same picture as it focuses automatically like a modern lens should.

George sure had the best of times in winter around Windsong Rise.

Rabbit hunting anyone?
February 21, 2006.

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February 20, 2016

Lots and lots of sunshine today!

I put the Sony 55mm lens on the Sony A7.

You know, the more I use the Sony A7, the more I like it. It’s an easy camera to use and so neatly portable.

After a Burger King breakfast, we took a rode trip to Colorado Springs.
The traffic on I25 was awful, but the stop at Palmer Lake was great, since I got a shot of a BNSF ballast train coming up the grade.

This time I had the Sony 70-200mm lens connected to the A7. Bark about a good, sharp lens. I’m gonna like this lens for train photos in Edgemont.

Mom wanted to stop at the map shop in Colorado Springs, which meant that she and dad went into the store while I had to wait in the car.

That’s so unfair!

Mom made up for it by stopping at Cy’s Drive In in Colorado Springs.

Mom and dad didn’t think the food was worth the $10 off coupon we had for the place, but I sure enjoyed it!!!!

Bark about a lot of sunshine. Yeah George had a terrific day in 2006.

Look at that pristine snow; look at that handsome George!

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February 19, 2016

Ten years ago George had cold and snow for his outside experience.

My outside experience was much different, no snow and warm temperatures (hit 66 degrees today).

Hey, watcha think? With early morning sunlight, no flash…

or flash?

Dad always liked the way the flash would catch George’s eyes. Maybe I need that same assistance when the sun is shining.

Smash Burger this evening for dinner. Dog oh dog, I do love a big, juicy burger!

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February 18, 2016

Another warm day, 67 degrees. Sure isn’t winter around here at the moment. It was kinda warm on my run since the temperature was already 50 degrees by 7:30am.

Does it mean all the snow is gone. Well, naa!

But I was plenty hot by the time our run was done. Not only was I hot but with a relative humidity today of 12%, my mouth was bone dry. Where’s some water!

Anyone want basset cute? I’m here to oblige.

I was using the flash for these photos even though the sun was shining. Dad tells me that George used flash a lot in full sun. I think that I blew the highlights. However, it is basset cute! No?

Dog oh dog, does this George photo make we want to be running in the fields of Edgemont!

February 18, 2007
Yeah, I miss all the photo opportunities in Edgemont too.

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February 18, 2016

Once again warm temperatures today (65 degrees) and clouds greeting us on our run.

Yeah, there’s still some snow around.

But the dry wind is drying up the mud. Tower Road was looking pretty good.

On our morning walk ice crystals were forming in the clouds for some pretty cloudbows.

Put a basset in the picture and you’ve got a remarkable photo. Right?

“Vegemite?!!! What’s that?” George was asking in 2006.

George decided he’d stick with the fig bars after tasting some Vegemite.

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February 16, 2016

All the sun today came early on our run. I’ve been using flash a lot for these early morning photos because of the long shadows.

The flash is hard to use when the sun shines on my face, so dad sometimes creates a shadow.

Quite a big of difference between these two photos.

I dusted off the 10 year old Sony DSC-R1. It needed to take some photos.

I hardly use it in Castle Rock, since it needs wide open scenery. I always look forward to taking it to Edgemont, where it really shines.

Blustery with blowing snow and temperatures in the single digits for George on this day in 2006.

The wintery weather didn’t stop George and dad from enjoying the beautiful landscape of an Edgemont frosty day.

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February 15, 2016

I’ll bark you that it wasn’t looking like a sunny day on our run this morning.

Yup, it was a mostly cloudy day. I was lucky enough to get a bit of sun while at Sota’s place.

The temperature did get into the 50’s, so I had to watch for mud.

Can you believe there is still all this snow at Sota’s place despite the warm temperatures in the last couple of weeks?

Sure worked for a decent snow bath.

Snow. Yeah, there was snow around Mathias Peak on this day in 2007.

George found it highly satisfying and well worth the hiking that day.

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February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day! And what’s this for a Porter basset?

A Valentine’s card and treat from Mom! I’ll grab that treat right away!

Cute card…McCartney has some of the best basset drawings.

What is most special in the card is Mom’s note to me 🙂

Still pretty warm. The snow is melting quickly, but there is a bit of the stuff in the courtyard.

We stopped by to see the D&RG depot in Castle Rock’s downtown.

It’s now the town museum. Probably looks much better now than it did 50 years ago.

George, George, George!

Dad give him a fig bar! He deserves it.
February 14, 2006

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February 13, 2016

Didn’t look like it was going to be the sunniest day today on our jog.

And it wasn’t, but the temperature reached a mild 61 degrees.

Did I go to Burger King for breakfast? You betcha!!!!

Agnes and Gene sent Mom and me a Burger King gift card. It was a combination gift for our birthdays. Is that cool or what?!!!!

And here it is, the telescope Mom received for her birthday.

Yeah, it’s a beast alright. We took it out this evening and snapped a video of the moon. Dog oh dog, do we have a lot to learn; should be fun!

I tried out a Nikon to Sony adapter this evening. I hooked the Nikon 24-120 lens to the Sony A6000.

The sharpness isn’t all that great. Do I try a more expensive Nikon lens? Of course, the Nikon 20-120 lens costs $1100, so it’s not cheap, but the silly Sony kit lens is sharper than what I saw with the Nikon/Sony combination.

Dad and Mom went to Trappers Chophouse for a Valentine’s Day dinner. Okay, they ordered takeout so I wouldn’t miss out. Mom insisted on that. You gotta love her!

“Dad, it’s just after 6am. Why are we going on our jog so early?”

Yeah, I don’t think George was quite ready for his run, but run he did. You can bet that once he got going, he loved every moment of it.
February 13, 2006.

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February 12, 2016

67 degrees today!!! Yikes, that’s darn warm for February. Dad and I had to skirt around the mud on our run.

Yeah, there’s plenty of melting snow…and mud.

Mom took the day off from work. Our first great thing for the day was stopping at Miyo Café for breakfast.

Have I barked before, how much I like this place? And with all the sun and warm air, it was great eating outside.

Dog oh dog, Mom loved this.

She needed gas for the Jeep. Yeah, you read that right, 69.9 cents a gallon. So much for global warming, eh?

We burned some of that gas going downtown Denver. After having a terrific lunch at Chicken Pomidori, dad I took the Sony A7r with the 16-35mm lens and took some shots of 1144 15th Street construction.

It’s a long ways to the 600 foot topping out, but the core has grown appreciably since I took photos of it a couple months ago.

I still like the Clock Tower building. Love that roof on it and the clocks and the doors.

It will be interesting to see how 1144 15th Street looks when finished. I hope it’s better than most of the modern buildings in the Denver area.

Yup, it was a wonderful spring day to be out and about in the middle of winter.

George had a jaunty hike to Mathias Peak in 2009.

He was one happy basset with the winter sun shining brightly and the mud still a ways off in the future.

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February 11, 2016

Dog oh dog, with the current warm weather, it sure is getting muddy around here. Dad and I got out early on our run to beat the thawing.

We did beat the mud, so I had a nice run. That’s good!

Mom played with her new telescope after work. Before we took it outside we stopped at Noodles & Company for dinner. And look at this surprise for me!!!!

I do love my Mom!!!! Don’t these cupcakes look good?!!! And they have little Milk Bones on them. Four of ’em! Yes, four cupcakes for me!!!!

And then there were three…;-)

Anyway, back to the telescope. The clouds weren’t cooperating, but we did take it outside and got a chance to view the moon. Wow zow, you sure could see the moon up close. Hope tomorrow evening is clear.

George and Opus were going over the script for the F Street War story back in 2006.

George was half way through the story, and what a story it was!

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