January 29, 2014

Darn good morning and early afternoon for being outside.

Dad sure doesn’t get tired of photos of me with blue sky.

Our run was great. Out at the Cottonwood Bluffs it’s easy running with no snow or ice slipping up my paws.

The hiking on Red Canyon Rim Trail was quite excellent too.
Tomorrow and Friday are going to be not so nice. Some snow at the Wild Horse Sanctuary would be good, however.

George caught a hint of early morning sun on this day five years ago.

Sure looked like winter all over the place.

I tried on George’s cowboy hat in the early morning in 2010.

It didn’t fit too well, my head is too big!

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January 28, 2014

Another beautifully crisp morning.

After our run at the airport we headed to the BHWHS. I got my camera ready.

Naturally Sierra was right there for me. I can’t resist taking pictures of her.

Shoshone was looking darn good today with her amazing forelocks and mane.

I do wonder how she can see sometimes.

She’s not as friendly as Sierra, but she sure is photogenic.

2009 on Red Canyon Rim Trail was windy with blowing snow. George was heading back to the car when the wind really started to pick up.

Within moments, his lee side was covered with snow. Blah!

The big question yet to be answered in 2010 was, would I ride the motorcycle? I looked good in the gear!

Dad never needed to wonder.

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January 27, 2014

It was one of those see for a 100 miles mornings. And the temperature didn’t go down nearly as far as the forecast.

Great morning for running.

Great morning for hiking too. Dad and I went into the Jumbled Arroyos under a taste the azure sky.

And we got Rover’s rear windows fixed. Finally!

George was always one to soak in the heat during the winter. In 2006 George had his nose right in front of the electric heater.

Good way to work off the morning’s chill from the run.

It was darn chilly in 2010 when I caught the rising sun.

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January 26, 2014

Lots of clouds and lots of wind, but the morning had some warm temperatures.

Now it’s getting much, much colder, blah!

Dad keeps scratching his head as to why I never remember to go around the cattle guards and underneath the fence. I dunno it’s a Porter thing, I guess.

I made it this time!

George and dad were in Rapid City eight years ago. George checked out the President statues.

The best part of the trip was lunch where George eyed his share of the pizza.

Wish I had some pizza!

2010 again. I caught the early morning dappled light.

I look quite good in it, don’t you think?

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January 25, 2014

Doggone hard to believe that it was a January day today. It was already warm when dad I went for our jog. I stopped at the intersection of our running path and the skunk path to sniff the weather and to see if any skunks were around (yeah, dad doesn’t like me finding skunks!)

By the time we were done running the temperature was headed to the 50 degree mark.

What a perfect morning for a visit to the Wild Horse Sanctuary! It’s over 50 degrees and I’m in Rover and let’s go!

Sierra and Mariah came running to greet us.

Look at the wind blowing Sierra’s luxurious mane.

What with the great weather the mustangs were in a bouncy mood; highly entertaining to watch.

We even got in some train action.

Can’t beat this day!

George was having a more typical January day back in 2008.

Look at that snow. Guess our winter is coming back to tomorrow…whine!

In 2010 I made my first visit to the Green Ridge.

What a cool place!

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January 24, 2014

It was a warm January day, but it sure was stingy with the sun.

I’m hoping this evening’s sunset means tomorrow will bring more blue sky and much less clouds.

George had a lot of sun on his morning in 2008. There was some fog in the air on Old Hwy 18. George noticed the little sundogs at the edges of the fence line. Makes for a cool shot on a cold morning.

Snow on my morning in 2010. The weight loss program continued!

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January 23, 2014

Bark about a great morning for a run around Mathias Peak.

The temperature was chilly, but not too cold, and the sun helped make for fine running. My jowls did load up with ice because of the cold. Funny guy that I am.

For the first time this year dad and I (finally) hiked to the Gold Rocks.

It’s about time we got there.

What’s depressing is all the burned area on the hike.

This was such a beautiful spot before the fire.

George was putting up with another miserable 2009 day. It wasn’t an easy January by any means.

Though I will woof, George looks good in snow.

And I was looking good in the heavy frost at Red Canyon Overlook on this day in 2010.

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January 22, 2014

Dad wanted to run on Windsong Rise this morning. I was worried.

“Dad, look at all this ice?”

“You’re going to crash and burn just like this, I’m telling ya dad!”

“Look, we could jog on Elbow Canyon Road, and it would be NO ice.”

My dad is more stubborn than a basset hound, and he insisted on running on Windsong Rise no matter my advice. He did survive, but bark about taking chances.

No ice for George on this day in 2006.

George and dad did a long walk about town enjoying the nice weather and the great walking.

Fog for me in 2010, but it sure made for a nice backdrop of one very, very handsome basset!

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January 21, 2014

I’m not going to complain about this morning. It was terrific!

Dad and I had a nice run at the Basset Arroyos.

Then we headed over to the Horse Sanctuary, where Mariah has decided we’re alright! She’s willing to have her ears scratched.

Since Mariah has buddied up to Sierra, Mariah has been getting less and less shy of us. She got her first sweet feed out of the bucket today. It was grand watching Mariah and Sierra eating out of the bucket at the same time. “Could I have more?”

George was at the airport in 2009 watching the sunset.

Have I woofed before how many great sunset moments George and dad had?

I was catching the early morning light on Red Canyon Rim Trail in 2010.

I knew that I was in basset heaven!

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January 20, 2014

Hey, I’ve got a windsock growing out of my head! Now how did that happen? Okay, it’s the windsock at the airport, and I wanted to show you that the hallmark of today (as with a number of days this year) was wind.

Made for tough running.

But the sun was out and the temperature was pretty nice, so not a bad morning for us. Even if my ears were a flapping.

In 2006 George was showing the highlights of his run on Windsong Rise and Basset Back Ridge. Gotta howl with joy as he descends Windsong Rise descent.

When the run is over, there’s Basset1 waiting to take George home to fig bars and rest before heading to the library for treats.

Three years later, George remembered those running days of his fondly. His hiking on Red Canyon Rim Trail was nice, but oh, to be young again and run with the wind!

2010 found me on Red Canyon Rim Trail in Ponderosa Thicket. Dad was always grinning that I couldn’t open my eyes wide.

How about a Porter Video?
Porter’s Windy Day Ears

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January 19, 2014

Bark about a non January day!

It got downright toasty for me in my winter coat, though I was fine at the Basset Arroyos for our jog and some hiking.

But after going to Hot Springs for groceries (and Dairy Queen), I’ll woof you that when the sun was shining on me, I got too warm.

Dad loved it, however!

Here comes the oil can train!

The way Rover sucks down gas, there needs to be a lot of these trains.

George had a beautiful morning on Red Canyon Rim Trail in 2009.

But, hold on to your ears, cuz come the afternoon the wind took control.

As for me in 2010, one of dad’s favorite photos of me with the sunrise.

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January 18, 2014

To avoid dad breaking his neck on the ice on Windsong Rise, dad and I ran on our paths at the airport. This time of year, it’s a colorless, drab place. This is about as exciting as it gets.

After our run we hustled over to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. The colors and scenery? Much better!

And arrhhoo-ooo-o! Were the mustangs ever in a feisty mood! But, I’ll show those photos below.

George five years ago was enjoying early morning time on Red Canyon Rim Trail.

LC and Willow would be visiting for a hike on Mathias Peak. George always loved that.

In 2010 I made another journey to the Gold Rocks, where I sat on the Gold Rock Throne.

It was a wild day with the wild mustangs. I stopped to say hi to Sierra and give her some sweet feed. After she was finished, big old Cisco raises his head and then starts to run in panic. Cisco’s big, but he’s not very brave. His running got all the band going!

Kicking up the dust and not stopping.

Dad and I have no idea what got Cisco stirred up. I told the band that I would protect them, but they were too scared for any reassurance.

Down in the Home Pasture, 3 Socks decided it was flirt time with Little Bit.

Little Bit enjoyed the attention and the two had a great time for about 15 minutes.

Excellent matinee show!

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January 17, 2014

When the sun does come out and there’s not wind and the temperature is great…

then watch that Porter Basset…


I’m pretty good at catching air, don’t ya think?

In 2009 George was having a leisurely time on Howling Rock, enjoying the view.

And another 2010 sunrise for me in Edgemont.

I found quickly that Edgemont has a lot of cloudy days, so ya got to snap the photo when the sun shines.

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January 16, 2014

A Ponderosa Sky and lots of wind made the morning an excellent time for a Horse Sanctuary visit.

My favorite mustang, Sierra, had a bit of a chat with me.

She’s such a nice personality. Smart too!

I get a chuckle out of Turtle Rock at the Sanctuary. I’ve jumped on it and gnawed at it, so I can tell ya there’s nothing turtle about it.

George went in for the evening nap in 2008 after a long day of running and hiking.

Look at that big basset ear! I’m so jealous!

More sunrise practice for me in 2010. I was definitely getting the hang of it.

It was so windy today that the horses sure had some issues, like Montego Bay. Can’t keep the hair out of the eyes.

Meanwhile, Autumn got a little help from a friend after dust blew into her eye.

Hope we all have a few days without all this wind stuff!

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January 15, 2014

Another day somewhat like yesterday, except no snow. You could be fooled sometimes that it could be a sunny day.

But it wasn’t.

And the ice certainly hasn’t improved on our running trail.

Slip sliding away…Porter in January 2014

Gotta go with this photo of George in 2008. Slippery for him too, but what a basset gorgeous sunrise.

As for me in 2010 and a half month in Edgemont, well, do I look thinner than when I first arrived?

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January 14, 2013

From Edgemont I could see the snow moving into Windsong Rise. Dad made me go running there anyway.

At times it wasn’t bad.

But then another snow squall would come in and when it would leave the wind would plaster snow up my eyes and make it attack my nose.

Not an easy run. I think I deserve more treats!

George had a beautiful 2008 day at Mathias Peak.

He did appreciate the beautiful winter weather.

For me in 2010, it was get up early again for Porter.

Bark about lifestyle change! I was pretty happy as a coach potato while living in Jackson, WY.

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January 13, 2014

Oh sure, it may look decent out on this morning…

but there was that spitting crud coming out of clouds again. Even worse our jogging path is icy and tough to negotiate for dad.

Me? I don’t have any problems with my four paw drive.

Unless I get on the icy spots of Elbow Canyon Road. Look at this stuff!

Wish the ground looked like this when George and dad hiked to George’s Island in the Sky in 2006.

HEY! He’s getting a treat! I want one, too…two?

Elbow Canyon Road? Nary an icy spot.

Another attempt at sunrise photos for me in 2010.

It takes a lot of practice.

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January 12, 2014

Darn ugly day…lots of gray clouds spitting out bits of crap…our running paths are icy and difficult to navigate…and there’s mud everywhere else.
Late in the afternoon my nose sniffed out clearing skies to the northwest, so dad and I headed to Pilger Mountain Road. One of the stretches of the road as about 200 cows hanging around on or near the road. You end up pushing them around some to get then out of the way. Once past them dad and I took a breather.

We then headed to the southern edge of the Orange Area.

With the setting sun and the waxing large moon, it was a great place to be and enjoy.

Dad and I never get tired of this Sheriff George photo.

January 12, 2008

In 2007 George had dealt with those clouds spitting out crap too. It did turn into snow in the evening.

Now that I was getting the hang of photography in 2010, it was time to try my paw at a sunrise and Porter shot.

No where near as good as George’s photo, but not bad for a first time try.

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January 11, 2014

What with all the traffic congestion on Elbow Canyon Road, I thought that I’d fly over it on my way to Windsong Rise. I was revving up the ears preparing for takeoff, when…

“Basset Hound Porter! Queue up!” What the heck?

Edgemont Airport was as congested as Elbow Canyon Road!

And look at the queue I had to wait in!

Air hogging Canada geese! I’m really thinking about moving to LA to get away from all the transportation congestion around Edgemont.

Dad and I found peace and serenity at the Wild Horse Sanctuary this morning. We thought that we should check on Little Red Aster and see how his nose is doing.

The cut is much, much better. Little Red Aster will soon be his handsome self again.

Happy 2008 Gotcha Day for George! There was a big party for George at the library. Here George gets a hug from his good pal, Trynyty.

Look at that cake!

While out hiking that day, George took a photo of his big basset paws and commented, “Lots of miles on these paws, dad, but they’re still going strong.”

Bark about lots of miles! Not even two weeks in Edgemont and I have already gone some 130 miles.

What became my favorite chair was a real friend for this weary Porter back in 2010.

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January 10, 2014

You know those road hogging Elk? Dog oh dog, they’ve been all over our running trail on Windsong Rise.

The nerve!!! It’s MY running path, not theirs.

They even tore up the two track on Robinson Flats.

Road hogs.

Dad and I made a visit to the Orange Area.

Bark about a Ponderosa Sky while there.

Excellent time hiking.

George had excellent hiking at Summit Tree Camp six years ago today.

“Hey dad. Let’s go on to Mathias Peak.”

That they did.

I was exploring Ponderosa Thicket in 2010 under a nice sky.

I sure had fun going to all these places that I had never dreamed even existed.

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January 09, 2014

Oh sure, it may look peaceful and uncrowded on Windsong Rise this morning…

but I’m going to woof to you that the commute was a nightmare of heavy traffic.
Pronghorns speeding!

Elk hogging the road!

Elbow Canyon Road just isn’t made for this much traffic. Maybe LA would have less congestion?

Meanwhile in Edgemont the hoar frost coated the town.

George in 2009 was feeling weighed down by the low, dark clouds.

“Sun would be nice, but not gonna happen today.”

Another 2010 day of dad’s weight loss program for me.

And I was losing it fast, I’ll woof you.

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January 08, 2014

Dad and I ran at the Basset Arroyos for the first time this year.

The day brought plenty more sun than forecast.

And the temperatures were nice and there wasn’t that pesky wind. Dad and I spent a lot of time outdoors. Quite excellent.

I’ve shown some of these photos before, but I sure do admire how George camouflaged himself to capture some wild chocolate chip cookies of the Black Hills in 2008.

This never works for; I’m not patient enough for them to get close to me.

2010! I’m seeing the Gold Rocks for the first time.

What a neat spot!

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January 07, 2014

Can’t woof you that it was a Ponderosa Sky day, though it did happen briefly on Windsong Rise.

All in all, it was a darn nice run on Windsong Rise. The cold temperature was gone and that darn wind was off somewhere else. I could even enjoy the little sun when resting.

It was happy evening howls for George six years ago

George always enjoyed a good sunset.

Puff, puff, pant, pant! Another day of dad’s weight loss program for Porter!

I really was wondering what I had gotten myself into.
January 07, 2010

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January 06, 2014

Another -15 below morning. Bark about cold on Lookout Road.

With the cold and wind, dad and I went over to the Horse Sanctuary to see how the Spanish Mustangs were doing. They know about shelter, yes they do. With the sun shining and the wind opposite coming from the northwest it was a good morning to warmup by the old Ferguson place.

It was warmer by the time dad and I headed to the Sundance band. The posing was much easier than it was on Lookout Road.

I haven’t taken any train shots this year, until today!

The weather hasn’t made it easy.

George at his handsome best on this day in 2008.

George at his alert best on this day in 2008.

Portly Porter working out with his weight loss program that dad put me on in 2010.

Only six days in Edgemont and already the pounds were starting to melt off.

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January 05, 2014

Below zero day today! Sure it looks nice when I’m in Rover.

And it didn’t look that bad at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, if one was smart like the mustangs and kept in the shelter of the Ponderosa pines.

Helps to have hay right there too!

But go into an open field at the Horse Sanctuary!

Cold, wind, blowing snow…yuck!!!! It will probably get to -20 tonight…double yuck!

George didn’t have a cold, windy day in 2009. It wasn’t all that bad at Igloo Bridge, so George and dad caught some train action.

It was my fifth day in Edgemont in 2010; I’ll admit that things were still a wee topsy-turvy, but I was getting used to my new life.

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January 04, 2013

I was sniffing the air this afternoon.

My basset nose told me that cold, cold air is moving in tonight. I hope dad turns up the heat for me!

Good thing I got a DQ lunch today.

I’m going to need the calories to stay warm. Our jog on Windsong Rise wasn’t bad, but dad suspects we won’t be attempting to run there tomorrow morning.

George’s 2009 day had a fine hike around Mathias Peak…

unlike his run on Windsong Rise in 2005! Cold, snow, and wind!

And me in 2010, well I was scoping out my new territory from Howling Rock.

I was finding that I loved Edgemont

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January 03, 2014

Not a bad sunrise this morning…

that led into a cloudy type of day.

Just about every morning at this spot on Elbow Canyon Road, I can look over to the grove of trees to the west and see one or two bald eagles.

They won’t let me get near them, so no photos yet this year.

Somebody else remembered my ‘gotcha’ day! Yup, Ben gave me this squeaky toy.

It’s a great size for playing keep away from dad.

Snow for George on Red Canyon Rim Trail in 2009.

And more snow!

In 2010 on Red Canyon Rim Trail I was learning about hunting down critters, something I didn’t get to do in my previous home.

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January 02, 2014

Great running on Windsong Rise this morning!

Great hiking out to Circle View Point.

You can see Basset Back Ridge in the background.

And a great birthday card from Annee!

If there’s any basset that should be on greeting cards, it is me, however.

Early, early morning for George on Windsong Rise in 2007.

Two years later in the evening at the airport, “Look dad. No snow.”

Can’t say the same for this winter.

On this day in 2010, I took my first hike to Grand View.

I was a big boy then!

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January 01, 2014

It snowed on us during part of our run on Windsong Rise on this first day of 2014. Good thing we also got some Ponderosa Sky thrown in to the mix!

Dad and I went to the Orange Area after our run. With the snow the Orange Area isn’t as orange.

We took a hike around Mathias Peak in the afternoon. It’s nice to hike an area that does not have burned out trees.

January 01, 2008 found George hiking Mathias Peak. Some of the trail requires effort, no doubt about that.

George was up to the task!

It was a great way to start out 2008; George let the world know his joy.

January 01, 2010. I had arrived in Edgemont! My new home!

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December 31, 2013

Just like George making the last run of 2006 on Windsong Rise…

I was making the last run of 2013.

We all know this is the day (four years ago) that dad picked me up and saved me from a animal shelter prison, right?

To celebrate dad bought me some chicken strips and then took me over to see Gene and Agnes, who treated me to those chicken strips! Yahoo!!! We even watched the Chick-Fil-A college bowl game. How appropriate. I like my ‘gotcha day’!

Now it’s time to look to 2014.

Happy New Year everyone!

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December 30, 2013

“They went that way over the ridge!”

I love traveling Elbow Canyon Road when suddenly 50 to 100 Pronghorns will be near the road. As soon as dad and I stop, they’re off like a shot. Gets my basset hunting blood boiling!

Barking of hunting, I’m reading Sarum right now.

I’m past the history of the hunters, but dog oh dog, I would love to transport back in time for a good day’s hunt back then. Of course, I’d want to come back home in time for dinner and a warm bed. I’m reading The Old Wives Tale on the Kindle. Got a Brit Isle theme going here.

George was looking down into Basset Bottom Gulch on this day in 2007. It’s a good spot to see elk, which gets the basset hunting blood boiling too!

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December 29, 2013

Cold, crisp morning. How I looked before our run at the airport.

How I looked afterwards.

At least the sun was melting off the ice on my whiskers.

George had pleasant lighting for some nice shots on Red Canyon Rim Trail back in 2008.

Warmer than my day and George sure enjoyed the hike.

Hey, we made another trip to the Horse Sanctuary. Good day for it.
But I have to ask you, what kinda hairdo is this?

Sure stands out in a crowd.

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December 28, 2013

What did I say about every morning it seems like the same thing? “Get up Porter it’s time to go running!” Well, this morning was different cuz dad yelled, “Get up Porter so we can catch the sunrise BEFORE we go running.”

Okay, I’ll woof you that it was a sunrise worth seeing.

Dad and I spent some hours at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. We keep looking for the rescue horses to photograph.

Meet Gabby!

She had a rough go of it before coming to the Horse Sanctuary. Notice the white lower down on her muzzle. That’s where her owner left her halter while Gabby grew causing the halter to grow into the skin and leaving a permanent scar. People sometimes! Double blah to this one.

George had an excellent day on Red Canyon Rim Trail five years ago.

Bark about a happy camper!

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December 27, 2013

Every morning it seems like the same thing, “Get up Porter! It’s time to go running.” Wonder what it would be like to sleep in.

Once the run was finished, I’ll admit that I felt pretty darn good, and the day was picture perfect for running on Windsong Rise.

It’s been warmer than the beginning of the month, but the ice is still thick on the lower pond. It’s not a bad pond for ice fishing, but I don’t know how to catch fish through the ice!

Can’t resist this one again!

George at the airport, December 27, 2007.
“All bassets have halos.”

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December 26, 2013

You gotta admit, our Christmas trees are mighty pretty as we head beyond Christmas.

I figure they should look good all year long. Great basset mind in this Porter Basset.

Darn coyotes are using my running trail on Windsong Rise! The nerve! I guess I could stay vigilant like this for the next 24 hours, you know, catch’em in the act…

but my chair and dinner call me in by evening. Darn coyotes are pretty lucky that I have more important things to do.

Still looking wintery on Elbow Canyon Road even though we’ve had above freezing temperatures.

Meanwhile on Red Canyon Rim Trail the colors sure look wrong.

Barking of colors, dad wrote a RAW converter program for the Sony R1 camera. Dad knew he could get more detail out of the photos. And the converter does pull out more detail. But that bugaboo of colors haunted him again, he just couldn’t get them right.

“Not good colors at all dad. Huh?”

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