Kelvin’s Kapers February 22, 2018

No blue sky to see this morning on our walk.

Mornings like this I get blue sky envy…

as I look at Porter’s photos from eight years ago.

Yeah, look at that blue sky behind handsome Porter.

But Porter would have told me that it was sure colder on his morning than on mine.

Yup, you don’t collect snow beards on a mild February day.

And even with sun and blue sky, it could be new and very cold snow, which is rough on my paws.

Holy Bassets, doesn’t Sheriff George handle cold snow with aplomb?

Despite the clouds, I could find spots with no snow, quite nice for my paws.

When we got home, dad gave me a new ball cap.

Snake River Farms! Home to some of the finest steak. “Hey Mom! Every basset loves steak!!!!”

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Kelvin’s Kapers February 21, 2018

Bassets oh bassets, don’t ya just love those February mornings with crisp air, brilliant blue sky, and sparkling snow?

As long as it doesn’t get too cold, the wintery February mornings are pretty grand.

It was cold enough (7 degrees) to get ice on my snout and ears…

but at least it wasn’t the -30 degrees Edgemont had this morning. Um, that’s a little too crisp of air too woof it nicely.

And you know, dad’s quite proud of me for getting out in this colder weather and enjoying it. He’s also proud of me staying in place and then come running when he calls me, so that we can get running shots of me, Kelvin.

Yup, I’ve really learned the ins and outs of action photography.

Porter was enjoying his new hat back on February 21, 2010.

“Hey dad? Don’t I look handsome in this hat?”

Fantastically handsome there Porter!

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Kelvin’s Kapers February 20, 2018

Eight years ago today, Porter was dealing with some cold, gloomy February weather.

“Good thing I had those extra calories at my Porter Party. Huh dad?”

Take note everyone! Us bassets need extra calories (I’m woofing extra TREATS here!) during bitterly cold weather.
When I went out this morning into the -2 degree cold, well, grrr-rrr…

yeah, I wasn’t all that eager to be out in the cold and snow.

But really, the sun was shining and the snow wasn’t deep at all.

Actually, it was a darn beautiful winter morning despite the cold.

So I figured that I could perhaps enjoy it. Running here and there helped me keep warm.

Sure, I collected quite the snow beard.

But, all in all, I did enjoy myself!

Yes siree bassets, I felt as good as Sheriff George when he got hiking in the February cold and snow and sun!


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Kelvin’s Kapers February 19, 2018

Happy Porter Party Day!!!!

Porter woke up to what he thought was a typical Edgemont day, you know, running and hiking and having a great time.

Was he ever surprised when dad told him that there was a party for him, Porter!, at the library today.
“For me?!!!!”

Plenty of the kids in town showed up for Porter’s Party. And the treats, well, weren’t the treats the most scrumptious and beautifully decorated treats ever?!!!

Holy Bassets, what a great way to let Porter know that he was loved by the whole town!

My morning? No Kelvin Party, I’ll woof to you. Heck, all I got were some snowflakes on my head.

Yeah, after our 66 degree day yesterday, it’s turned back to winter.

Definitely was coat weather this morning.

But, you know what? After we get some snow tonight, by Wednesday it should be sunny and bright. With the sun and some snow and warmer temperatures, it will be worth howling about!
You tell’em Sheriff George!


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Kelvin’s Kapers February 18, 2018

Well golly gee bassets…

too many clouds this morning for sun on our early morning walk.

At least the temperature is a balmy 43 degrees.

Makes for easy walking if you know what I’m woofing.

Porter’s February 18th back in 2010 was not at all balmy, rather cold and snow.

After putting 10 miles in the morning, Porter found his afternoon nap under the covers to be just the thing.

Smart basset, very smart basset.

A decade ago, Sheriff George was enjoying the February wind. Hold those basset ears up high!!!!


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Kelvin’s Kapers February 17, 2018

Holy Bassets! Look at that Sheriff George go!

Sheriff George could turn on a dime and give you 9 cents change.
Me? Well, look at my knobby front legs.

But I can and do run (with a little encouragement that is).

Ha! With my heavy ears and knobby legs, I guess it’s a wonder that I can run at all…

but, I get’er done!!!

Porter on February 17, 2010 did his superb running, but the cloudy day denied any good photos of his running.
The only sun that day was a smidgen at daybreak.

Who cares about the lack of sun, right Porter? Cuz there are still miles and miles to explore.


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Kelvin’s Kapers February 16, 2018

Running in the snow this crisp, bright morning!

Hey, wait a minute, that’s not me! That’s Sheriff George!

Okay, there’s a reason for Sheriff George and his snow covered face. You see, when you run in the snow, you get snow in the face…and your mouth.


Yeah, that helps get rid of the snow in my mouth.

You know, I’m having a better time with snow as I get more time in the snow.

But, I’ll never be the athlete Porter was. Look at Porter go on February 16, 2010.

All in a morning’s fun!!!!


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Kelvin’s Kapers February 15, 2018

Holy Bassets! Was I ever surprised on my walk this morning.

There I was minding my own business (well, as much as a basset can :-)…

when a big elk herd came running out of the arroyo.

The herd stopped to look at me…

and then continued to run toward Founders Parkway.

Bassets oh bassets, I couldn’t look, thinking of what would happen with the herd on Founders Parkway and all the speeders.

But then I realized I must woof “STOP!” to them, so they wouldn’t get killed.
And you know what? It worked! All the elk stopped!

I then woofed “GO BACK!”
And you know what? It worked! Those elk turned around and ran back to a safer area!

Whew!!! After all the excitement I had to rest and calm down. What a morning!

Porter eight years ago today was checking out Mountain Lion tracks in the snow.

“Hey dad! Let’s go Mountain Lion hunting!”

Dad told Porter that it probably wasn’t a good idea. “How about enjoying some nice warm February sun?”

Porter really wanted to catch that Mountain Lion and rip it to shreds, but being a good guy, he went along with dad’s idea and enjoyed the sun.

And George in February 2007? Ha, he was watching coyotes running in the snow.

Come on all you bassets, don’t ya just love wild critters?!!!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers February 14, 2018

Bassets oh bassets, when you get sun in winter, then that’s the perfect time of the year…
right George?


right Porter?


right Kelvin?

I kinda like the hot sun of summer better.

George and Porter had one advantage, that being the sun streaming through the windows at the Edgemont house. Take for example Porter enjoying the sun on February 14, 2010. Lucky dog!

You see, the Castle Rock condo never has sun streaming inside to warm me up.

Yeah, I could use some inside sunbeams.

I took today’s photos with the A7riii and the Sony 90 macro lens. Wow oh bassets!!!! That is one fantastic combination!!!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers February 13, 2018

The way that I figure it, most folks watch my ears while I’m running…

and giggle, cuz it’s obvious that I have no control over them. Yup, they’re flapping all over the place.

But just between you and me, I don’t have any tail control either when I’m running. Observe the tail…

Come to think of it, what with all my strange body parts, it’s a miracle that I can run at all!

How about Porter back in 2010?

Kinda one of those winter days where you carry a halo with you.

Wait minute. All bassets carry halos with them all the time, cuz we’re heavenly creatures.
Right Sheriff George?

That’s a big Arrhhoo-ooo-oo!!!!!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers February 12, 2018

Hey! Who’s the brains of the operations around here?

Um, well, I guess I don’t know 🙂

Let me take a nap and maybe I’ll come up with it when I wake back up.

Wish that I could woof about a nice sunrise and sun and blue skies.

But I can’t cuz it’s freezing fog outside and only 19 degrees. Blah…

Now Porter had a pretty nice day ten years ago.

Yup, it was a good day to have the sun warming up the back while watching the various critters roaming around Red Canyon.

You ever hear of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Express?

That would be Sheriff George after dad told him, “Let’s head for home and have some chocolate chip cookies!”

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February 11, 2018

Happy King Porter Day!!!!!

A year ago today, Porter posed for this photo, and what a photo it is!

Hey, pretty nice day out for me with sun and fresh snow, quite pretty.

Only thing wrong was it was kinda cold on my paws.

Yeah, 10 degrees is kinda rough on me.

Even in Castle Rock with all its people the snow looks darn nice.

Of course, compared to Edgemont with freshly fallen snow…

well, Porter would tell you Edgemont is the most beautiful spot in the world…

with fresh snow and a big sky.

Yup, fresh snow and a big sky would get George howling for joy!


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Kelvin’s Kapers February 10, 2018

Hey George, we’ve got snow coming today. What do you think of that?


Hey Porter, we’ve got snow coming today. What do you think of that?


I guess that I keep woofing this, you get some splendid scenery photos during Edgemont’s winter.

Thanks Porter for your February 10, 2010 photo!

Yeah, so like the snow is coming.

Maybe I’ll be running in the snow tomorrow?


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Kelvin’s Kapers February 09, 2018

Dad and I started our early morning walk with the moon shining and the sun starting to rise…and then the fog rolled in and the temperature dropped 14 degrees…brrr.
Good thing the fog went away before 10am, the start of mom’s garage sale.
What’s this on my head? A price tag?!!!! Well, at least it has $1 million written on it.

Do you think this basset is worth $1 million?

You better believe it!!! As a matter of fact, one guy did offer to buy me, but mom said that she couldn’t sell me for any amount of money. Whew!
BTW: Mom’s garage sale was an astounding success.

We have snow in the forecast for tomorrow. Which made me think how beautiful the Edgemont area looked on February 09, 2010.

That Porter sure makes the snowy scenes even better!

How about Sheriff George in the snow?

Only one thing to woof…aaarrrhhhhoooo-ooo-oo!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers February 08, 2018

Hey dad! I’m awake, and I smell a good sunrise.


Let’s just sit here for a moment and enjoy it.

Good way to start the day, I’ll woof to you.

Porter was woofing on February 08, 2010, “We got sun, dad! And fresh snow!!! I’m going to have some fun!”

Big Arrrhhhooo-ooo-oo!!!!!

How about some more basset fun in the snow?!!!
Sheriff George!!!!

My email buddy, Oscar!!!

And me, Kelvin!

Another big Arrrhhhooo-ooo-oo!!!!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers February 07, 2018

Looks like blue sky and sun.

I really like seeing that blue sky.

And the sun is starting to warm me up on this somewhat chilly February morning.

“Give me some of that blue sky, blue sky…”

You know that I finished dad’s top 25 photos of Sheriff George, but he asked me to post some more of his favorites like this one.
Go George, go!!!!!


Barking of winter and snow, well, Porter was just thinking that on February 07, 2010.

Snow flakes falling on my head…

means I’ll make a snowman!

Another arrhhhooo-ooo!!!!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers February 06, 2018

Hey, this isn’t easy at all.

It doesn’t help that I’m all paws!

Whatdya mean it’s not even a film camera?!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t know why this photo is number 25 out of dad’s top 25 photos of George. I mean, it’s just too good for words.

I’ll woof to you that if you ask dad, it’s really right up there in the top five because of the good times George and he had riding the motorcycle.

Cold, snowy, beautiful morning for Porter on February 06, 2010.

When it’s this beautiful you don’t know whether to sit and enjoy the magnificent scenery…

or run…

and have a good time!

How about both? Arrrhhhoo-ooo-o!!!!

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Kelvin’s Kapers February 05, 2018

Too bad King of Bones day fell on a Saturday cuz no one got off work for it. On the other hand, if the feds do the right thing and make it a National Holiday, why people would get today off for King of Bones Holiday.


Another morning for the A7riii, what with the temperature being warm for February and the sky cooperating.

It has no problem focusing with the sun shining in front of the camera.

Dad and I have taken a little over 350 shots with the A7riii, so we’re not experts on the camera.

That being woofed, the camera exhibits all the qualities of a top notch camera, and it is easy to use in the sense that it doesn’t interfere the process of the photo you’re taking.
Best camera he’s ever used is dad’s opinion.

It is far and away more cooperative than the other digital full frame cameras dad has used: A7rii, A7ii, A7r, A7, Nikon D800e, Nikon D750, Canon 5DII, and the Canon 5D. The focusing is spot on without worrying about microfocusing when you’re taking photos of a subject less than 4 feet away. The buffer is big, big, so you can keep snapping away without worrying that those big RAW files (88meg!) will slow you down.

Is it more cooperative than a great cropped sensor camera like the Nikon D7200 or Sony A6500? Might very well be for close up shots, cuz though the Nikon D7200 has fantastic focusing, it still has the problems of each lens needing microfocusing adjustment. The Sony A6500 has darn good focusing, but still can miss the plane of focusing even when its focusing lock tells you it has focus (at least, it doesn’t have the microfocusing problems of a DLSR). The big advantage of the cropped sensor cameras is the big DOF, which makes focusing errors less problematic than the full frame sensor cameras. But that hasn’t been a downfall of A7riii (unlike the A7r – awful, awful camera – or the Nikon D800e).

Whew, that was a windy bark session, wasn’t it?
Okay how about Porter on February 05, 2010? It was another day of lots of clouds and snow.

No matter to Porter!

And no matter to the Canon 5DII, which handled the snow and cold with the same aplomb that Porter did (not sure if the A7riii would do as well with the snow and cold).

Oh bassets, oh bassets! Who can ever forget Sheriff George and George’s Pasqueflower patch?!!!!

Dad’s 24th favorite photo of Sheriff George!

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Kelvin’s Kapers February 04, 2018

Dad told me that when he started his early morning run, the temperature was 41 degrees. By the time he got home the wind was blowing hard, the fog had moved in, and the temperature was down to 22 degrees. By the time I got this photo the temperature had dropped even more to 15 degrees.

It wasn’t pleasant out, I’ll woof to you.

Good thing I had my coat on.

Porter didn’t need a coat until the temperature got below 0.

I guess coming from the Jackson area of Wyoming helped him get used to snow.

He was out all morning in the snow and cold back on February 04, 2010. Yet, he still had plenty of energy and was happy enough to do a dance for everyone at the library.

Bark about a special guy!

Well, if we do get snow, I hope there isn’t much and by the time I go out in it the sun will be shiningly warm.

Oh yeah, yesterday I promised to show the detail difference between DxO Pro and Capture One for this photo.

Pixel peeping at my eye 😉
DxO Pro:

Capture One

Yeah, DxO Pro does the better job.

Dad’s 23rd favorite photo of Sheriff George!

May the howls of your favorite basset hound be heard for ever and ever!

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Kelvin’s Kapers February 03, 2018

Happy Game of Bones Day!!!!!

King Porter lives on!!!!

Since the morning had a sunny sky and a mild temperature, dad and I took the Sony A7riii out for a long test of basset portrait photos.

“How do you want to work this, dad?”

“I know! Let’s get down low and up close with the Sony 55mm lens.

“I’ll kinda roll my eyes around.”

“Keep the focus on them dad.”

Okay, here’s what we think of the Sony A7riii: it’s a superb camera for close up shots. The focusing is magnificent with nary any need for adjusting a microfocus for the lens. And, unlike the Sony A7rii, the A7riii handles uncompressed raw files with ease, so you’re not waiting on the camera.
Holy Bassets!!!!
Since we were on a roll with the photo session, we figured it was time to compare the latest Capture One raw converter to DxO Pro, which as you know is our mainstay for raw conversion.
DxO Pro:

Capture One:

Notice that they’re close to each other, but the DxO photo has more red in it, while the Capture One has more color saturation. What I’ll show tomorrow is the detail difference. So far DxO is the clear winner for detail.

Porter was showing his portrait work too, though it was 8 years ago.

Porter sure picked a good spot in Ponderosa Thicket with nice backlighting.

In Castle Rock, I can’t always point the camera in any direction, cuz of manmade stuff filling the background. Porter sure didn’t have my problem.

Turn up the cute, Porter!!!


George was also working on portrait photos for dad’s 22th favorite Sheriff George photo.

A beautiful spring day in Edgemont and wildflowers and Sheriff George!

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