Sheriff George's Rail Fan Information
The city of Edgemont is a crew change point on the BNSF Gillette, WY to Alliance, NE line, part of the Powder River coal traffic. Over 100 million tons of freight travel through Edgemont, making it one of the heaviest traveled lines in the world.

Numerous photo opportunities and vantage sites present the train buff with exciting rail action. Whether it is standing within ten feet (on public street) of a 20,000 ton coal train starting up in Edgemont or feeling the blast of radiator fans while standing on the bridge at Igloo, the rail fan will find the trip to Edgemont to be well worth the while. And lest you think all the train action is coal trains, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find the Edgemont yard a BNSF freight yard where freight trains are switched and made up.

Maps (click on a map for printable map):

1. Edgemont City Park has shade, water, bathrooms (summer-only), picnic areas, and a great view of train action. Don’t forget to stop in to the museum for Edgemont rail history. There is no admission charge to visit the museum.

2. BNSF Edgemont crew change station. First Ave. on the north side of the crew change station provides an excellent spot to get close to trains stopping and starting. Parking on street.

3. Edgemont Campground next to Edgemont Theatre is a great place to catch train action from a higher vantage point. The campground fees are $15.00 for hookups and $7.00 for tents. Showers are at the campground.

4. Internet access is free at the library. Also, Porter highly recommends breakfast and lunch at Remember When a few steps north of the Edgemont library.

5. Gas and food are available at Fresh Start and PJ’s.

The Igloo bridge crosses the double main of the BNSF. Wide-open vistas and the roar of trains underneath make this a great spot to visit. There is little vehicle traffic on the bridge, so you can easily park next to the bridge.

Another great location for photos of the whole train is on Fiddle Creek Rd. south of Edgemont.